Perfect normal innocent moments that could be turned EPIC with a change of perspective (and silly de

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  1. I just finished reading this story, which was an amusing "What -really- would have happened, but not really" sort of story. It reminded me of us roleplayers and our ability to turn what is a perfectly normal everyday situation into something over dramatic. XD

    I challenge you now, oh ye members of Iwaku. Tell us about a normal moment you had. And then tells us the "REAL" story of that moment. XD Over dramatics included!
  2. There was no escape, or so I thought! The two beasts looked at me, watched me, waited for that one fatale mistake. If I moved too slowly I would face my doom. The smaller one was less skilled, yet more unpredictable because of it. I had only one shot so with all my might I hurled the object. Success! The furred fiends went after it and I was safe, but only for a moment...

    Don't you love throwing mousies for kittens?
  3. I eyed my adversary with cold, steely determination as he approached the table. I knew from the moment he came in the room he was after what I had been thinking about the entire evening. I hated him at that moment, wanted him dead. My eyes shot across the room to the array of knives sitting on the counter. If I could only make my move before he did, it could be mine.....The last piece of pizza.