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  1. !!! "Do you, Alexandria Thomas, take this man, Sam Fitzgerald, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, to love, honor and obey, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto him for as long as you both shall live?"

    !!! "I....... I-"

    !!! "Wadawadawadawada owowowow."

    !!! All the guests, as well as the bride and groom themselves, turned their heads towards the source of the noise. There, in the leftmost chair of the third row, sat none other than Nona Millis.

    !!! "Gosh dangit! I was so close!"

    !!! She didn't care. Nona didn't even know the two people who were getting married. They were a friend of a friend of a friend of an ex-friend's grandmother, or something like that. She had only come because she had been forced, once again, by an unknown assailant. That seemed to be the story of her life nowadays. Nona couldn't remember the last time any of her friends had directly asked her out anywhere. She couldn't remember the last time she had friends, for that matter.

    !!! Perhaps this was why.

    !!! Realizing that the ceremony simply wasn't going to go until she did something about the loud noise, Nona stood up and began heading towards the door. The whole way, glares of absolute hatred followed her feet, along with the occasional mumbling "No wonder they didn't want to invite her". A slight frown appeared on Nona's face. 'Well then, why did they?' She wanted to say, along with some other, less socially acceptable things. Instead Nona simply kept her mouth shut, and entered the building's many halls.

    !!! It wasn't long before a small click-clack of heels could be heard speeding up after her. She didn't even want to know who this overly-concerned stranger was. As soon as Nona came to the hallway's first major intersection, she took a right, and made a swift change into her newest form.

    !!! "Hey! Get back here!"
    Gypsy watched as a scrawny girl, dolled up in a gothic-based mermaid gown, zipped right down the central corridors. Nope, she didn't know her. Gypsy didn't even remember seeing her at the wedding. Of course, her gameboy might have had something to do with that... maybe. Gypsy decided to turn around and began putting all her focus on getting back home.

    !!! That much brain power, it turned out, was going to be required. Try as she might, Gypsy couldn't pinpoint any differences between one spot and another. Even the doors appeared as if they were all just copied and pasted from one single design. The only way she had even found her way to the wedding, she started to recall, was by following the large crowd of people. Come to think of it, that may have not even been the right wedding after all. Oops!

    !!! It wasn't until Gypsy had exhausted just about every bone in her body that she decided to try a door. While at first she was worried she would end up in the exact place she left off, at this point, it didn't matter. Truly, it didn't. Reluctantly, but left with no other options, Gypsy turned the knob and gave it a firm push.
    Inside, Gyspy was greeted by a strange gentleman with neon green hair. This definitely was not the exit.

    !!! "Ah! What do you think your doing?"

    !!! Gypsy bowed her head in an instant apology. It was amazing what the change of her outer form could do. She turned around and started to leave when the strange figure grabbed her hand.

    !!! "You can't let Brandon see you before the wedding starts! Stupid woman..."

    !!! Before Gypsy could get a complete grasp of what was happening, Gypsy found herself shoved into a room full of mirrors and make up. It was her worst nightmare.

    !!! "Wait- no! I'm not-"
    No one wanted to listen. One of the younger ladies walked up to her and began forcing on an expensive set of fake eyelashes.

    !!! "Hey, hey... It's going to be alright. Everyone has a small case pre-wedding jitters."

    !!! "HELP!"​
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  2. Rylouth walked down the road with his hands in his pockets. Another day, another look, another life. Do to his multiple forms he found that having a stable job was actually quite hard. Most of the money he had, which was still a lot, was made from online hacking. It was a great job technically, since he could be any appearance he wanted since his appearance was never known online. He was thinking about maybe making his online name more known when something out the corner of his eye caught his attention.

    Right next to him, on a large building was a large sign that gave the names of many different people and their weddings that were happening. Several of which were also open invitation, meaning that really anyone could come in at any point of the wedding to watch, eat, dance, or really, do whatever. Seeing as how he had nothing else planned for the day, he walked in through the doors and begin the long navigation of the mazes of the doors.
  3. It was of no use for Gypsy to cry. Try as she might, there was just no way of getting through to any of the people in the room. They were all too excited to be reasoned with. Before she knew it, she was being dragged out by the apparent father of the bride to a place she most certainly did not want to go.

    "Surely you... you'd know your daughter when you saw her, yes?"

    "Of course, sweetheart."

    That was the most terrifying thing. It was now clear that there was no one, or no thing, that could possibly stop this ceremony from concluding. Noma - and Gyspy- were too young to get married! There was still so much in life to see. She especially couldn't get married to a stranger. One last thread of hope ran through her as she faced the husband-to-be.

    "You! Look at me. Do you recongize me?"

    Gypsy's eyes were dazzling hopefully, almost close to tears.

    "Hahahaha... you're too funny! Dad said I would like you!"

  4. Rylouth took found a pair of doors that had windows in them and he simply watched what was happening on the inside through the windows. There was a groom and a bride at the stage. Though something was off, even though he couldn't hear what was going on, from what it looked like the bride was upset about something. Maybe that had forgotten something and she was a bridezilla. Maybe she was just so happy that it seemed like something was wrong. Either way he just continued to watch through the glass window in the door. Mainly waiting to see what would happen.
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