Pentagram: ENNEA (Minovsky Sci-Fi/High Fantasy)

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A student eats lunch with a view of the private research centre, Marble Citadel, in District i.

"In 2016, our civilisation saw aliens for the first time.

In 2024, they came back, and they brought magic. War broke out within days.

In 2025, a city was built, a sanctuary of knowledge, in which magic could be understood.

In 2026, it ended in disaster. The strongest mages, mad with power, sought to eradicate each other and claim their throne as omnipotent. Only four survived.

In 2029, a war waged in the shadows against gods and angels came to a close.

It is 2048. 19 years later, all is quiet.

As if anyone is going to stand for that kind of crap. Psh. 'All is quiet,' they say.

Let me tell you, this is exactly the kind of bullshit that gave them the idea to resurrect the Level 9 mages from 2026 to begin with. 20 years quiet, next thing you get a goddamn stegosaurus flying up and down downtown North 3rd Street with a fucking lightsaber in the name of science."

-Cpt Blaze Thompson

Pentagram: Ennea is an anime science-fantasy roleplay, set in 2048.

There is a heavy amount of both magic and technology, along with three different worlds, each with its own races, magic system, and concerns.

There is also a large-scale game of wits being played in the shadows, which the Seven Gifts of God, clones of the 2026 Level 9 mages, are tied into inexorably.

Which pretty much everyone would see coming, since the originals were nigh-untouchable engines of destruction.

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