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Maxine coughed as she was suddenly sprayed with the red mist, the smell making her gag slightly before she was able to get past it and look up at the doctor like he was crazy. She wasn't completely happy with the idea of running into Migrant filled territory, whether she smelled edible or not. She grimaced at the idea of heading into North London for other reason's as well. She was an informant, meaning she did bad things to get the info the she needed. She had proably made an enemy out of one or more rich people up in North London, though they most likely didn't know who she was. However, it never hurt to be weary when her life was at risk.

"Alright," She started out, shuffling in her chair a bit as she waved the red mist out of her face to look at the doctor more clearly. "So let's say me get past the Mirgrants, get to the airship yard in one piece and find out who gave us these "gifts" and got the Mayor's panties in a bunch. What do we do then? Where do we go from that point? I don't know about you but I'm not all that comfortable with walking all the way back through Migrants, especially if that mist is only temporary." She said before she finally stood up.

"On top of that, what about my home? or myself for that matter? I'm more than likely wanted by the house guard now that they've found my collection, more than one of those guns were gathered under...less than legal circumstances. I'm a bright flashing light to not only get us caught but to get myself thrown into jail or worse, knowing that crazy loon of a mayor we have.


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"I believe that I might be able to help us in that situation, Miss Brewer." Quincy's lips twisted into something resembling a smile as he continued, "I've got friends in high places and low, and I think we'll be able to make use of both groups of friends in our present predicament.

"I don't always bring legal hardware into London, so I have a contact with the customs authority. Vampire, dear friend of mine. Ate dinner with him and his wife just a week ago. I keep him well paid in gold and Tennessee whiskey, and in return I hold a few secrets of his and he mine. We have a dead-drop series to get letters to one another, if I could send a letter to him, he'd probably our best hope for clearing our names legally.

"I highly doubt that we would be able stay at his mansion, but that is where my other friends come in. I'm sure that I can find someone who owes me to let us stay at a safehouse near the docks.

"And don't feel so self-concious, Miss Brewer," Quincy's smile took on a darkly humorous look, "You only owned illegal firearms, I've been selling them for years. This is too unfocused to be a real police effort, but I'm sure they'd love any real excuse to pin something on me and have it stick."

He looked from Pennyblood to Maxine and back again as he pulled his coat tighter around his body, forcing himself to not react overmuch to the scent of the Migrant repellent. "That is what I can offer, what do you think?"