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  1. In Long Beach, California, a new boarding school has opened up, dedicated to the betterment of understanding between magical beings and humans. Will there be peace and happiness, or will differences prove to be too much to overcome? There's only one way to find out...

    Setting Details
    The magical community has only been out in the open for a couple of months, so no cases of Muggles having been aware for years.

    Grammar and spelling don't have to be perfect, but they do have to be understandable
    Fade to black for anything above kissing. This ain't libertine.
    Don't take any OOC stuff into the IC.

    Student character sheet:
    Age (13-18):
    Sexual Orientation:
    Normal human, supernatural human, or non-human (If non-human give species)
    If not normal human, powers:
    Appearance (picture or description):

    Teacher character sheet: Same as above, except age must be over 21 and you need to give a subject.
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  2. Dude if you let me shove in a Marshall Lee wanna-be chara I can have a CS up right when you give me the get go.
  3. As long as it's a wanna-be, fine. No actual fandom characters, please.
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  4. Name: Sydney Jones

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Normal human, supernatural human, or non-human: Werewolf

    If not normal human, powers:
    - super strength
    - super speed
    - super smelling
    - shapeshift into a werewolf

    Appearance (picture or description): ((I wasn't sure if you liked real or anime pictures both, so here if both!))
    5953268.jpg (Except darker eyes!)(Anime)
    istock_000007350508xsmall.jpg (Realistic)

    Bio: Sydney's a very shy girl, and she doesn't talk to many people unless they talk to her first or she just gets a random urge or feeling she should talk to them. She is very strong willed and stubborn, and she likes to stand up for what she believes in. She doesn't take crap from anyway, and she'll put them in their place if they need to be, but she's usually very polite and sweet. She is very protective of what's hers, and she will do anything in her power to make sure no one she knows gets hurt, and she would sacrifice herself in a heartbeat to protect the people she loves. Since her father ran out on her when she was a child, Sydney lives just with her mother, older brother, and younger sister. She is very bright and intelligent and is in advanced classes all through her school life. She is very social inside and outside of school as much as she can, doing quite a few sports and a few clubs.

    --How many characters are you allowing us to make for this!? I really love this idea!!!--

  5. Name:
    Lane Avraham

    Age (13-18):


    Sexual Orientation:
    Asexual panromantic

    Normal human, supernatural human, or non-human

    If not normal human, powers:

    Appearance (picture or description):
    Her mother had a severe mental disorder, and her father was never there, so, at seven, she moved in with her grandmother. She never missed her mother- her time with her was filled with screaming and yelling and then making up for it with toys and hugs. It was... Complex, but slowly she forgot. Her father was a wizard- her mother never knew, but her grandmother, somehow did (she claimed it was because her ex-husband's childhood best friend was one of them, but she's not so sure). She's simply eager to get out of the long, echoing halls of the marble mansion, and to someone that just may feel like home.
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  6. @Alison accepted, and welcome!

    @Grace Tesla Just one tiny problem with your CS: This is the school's first year. Change that, and you'll be accepted.
  7. Better? :)
  8. Yay! Awesome! Thanks!!
  9. @Grace Tesla

    You're accepted. Oh, and if either of you could make up a banner, that would be great.
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  10. Name: Alexander 'Lex' (surname Lost)
    Age (13-18): 17
    Gender: male (?)
    Sexual Orientation: Straight (?)
    Non Human - Shape Shifter (Also called DoppleGanger, but he can do way more than just humans)
    If not normal human, powers: The Powers of whatever he shifts in to, but primarily shape changing.
    Appearance (picture or description):
    He NORMALLY looks like this;
    but it can change at will.
    Alexander grew up using his shape shifting power to keep out of trouble but still survive by stealing what he could, hearing about the school he thaught it'd be a good way to keep himself from getting in to much trouble as it was. it also would hopefully feed him. Personality wise Alexander is warm, talkative, and when he's opened up to someone happy to use his powers for them, If you get close enough to him he might just become a fluffy puppy for you to cuddle if you wanted. though he is also capable of using his powers to great destructive effect if you annoy him, Imagine waking up to your worst nightmare standing over you, to have terrifying creatures appear in front of you from nowhere. or to feel a tap on the shoulder only to see nothing there. But thats only if you make a enemy out of him.
  11. @EddiEddi



    Didn't see your part about a character limit, and I don't have one :bsmile:

    Now, for my character...

    Name: Gwendolyn "Gwen" Black

    Age: 13



    Supernatural Human (Witch, to be specific)

    Powers: Shadow manipulation, minor necromancy and blood magic

    Appearance: Tall and lanky, with a blonde ponytail and green eyes. As for clothing, she's more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl than the skirt and dress type.

    Bio: The Blacks were an utterly normal family, until Gwen's magic started showing up around the age of six. Her parents were shocked that she could manipulate her shadows, but there was no way for her to learn more about magic until Pendragon opened up. Now, she's begun reading what books she can about her powers, and she's eager to master them. With her one-eared black cat familiar (Named Lucky, of course), she's ready to take on the world.

    We'll start as soon as somebody posts a teacher.
  12. Awesome! I'm going yo make a couple more characters then if that's alright! I should have my sheets up within the next hour and if I feel like it, I may post a teacher but I'm not into the whole teaching thing!
  13. ~gives the thread a prod~ this it? just kinda given up
  14. Like I said, just waiting on a teacher. If one's not up by noon tomorrow, I'll do it myself.
  15. Soo interested!

    I can do a teacher! What kind of teacher do you want in the RP first?
  16. @Doc_Halladay Looking for anything at this point, magic or muggle. Could you have a CS up tonight?
  17. I hope it's alright that I made two characters! One of them is a teacher, though.

    Name: Lorna Rachel Chaudry
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Homoromantic demisexual
    Normal human, supernatural human, or non-human: Supernatural human
    If not normal human, powers: Can see the history of objects if she touches them
    Appearance: Lorna has dark brown skin and short black hair. Her eyes are black. She's a little on the short side and dresses for practicality rather than fashionably. There's a small scar on the left side of her mouth. Perpetually covered in scrapes and scratches. Probably has bags under her eyes a lot of the time.
    Bio: Lorna was adopted by a rich family when she was very young. She's close with those in her immediate family, though she was always very close to her paternal grandfather, who filled her head with war stories. Since then, she'd had a love for history and exploration. Her room is filled with antiques and old maps covered in pins detailing various battles. She's very jittery and finds it difficult to sit still, always moving at least one part of her body. In fact, she is usually tapping her fingers or clicking a pen or taking something apart absentmindedly during classes. When she isn't in school, Lorna is always out and about, looking through old, abandoned buildings and tunnels. She has a natural curiosity and is always willing to take risks for adventure. She tends to isolate herself from other people, since she prefers to explore on her own. Her greatest skill is her ability to slip away while someone is distracted in order to avoid conversation or confrontation. She is deathly afraid of cats. Lorna prefers older media and is behind on modern slang.

    Name: Rosalia Carminio
    Age: 25
    Occupation: English Teacher
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Normal human, supernatural human, or non-human: Supernatural human
    If not normal human, powers: Pyrokinesis
    Appearance: Rosalia is a woman of average height, but she's muscular due to her diligent training. Her hair is auburn and she has olive skin. Her eyes are yellow. Her default expression is a scowl. She is always dressed nicely.
    Bio: Rosalia was born into a lower middle class family. After seeing how hard her parents worked to provide for her and her 3 siblings, she became determined to make sure their hard work wasn't in vain. She loved all her family intensely and passionately. When her mother, a cashier, was gunned down during a robbery, Rosalia became a more distant person. She started taking on as many jobs as she could to better support her family and to forget her loss. Nowadays, she's a highly diligent person who puts emphasis on timeliness and etiquette. One step out of line, and she's at your throat. She's extremely hot-blooded and impatient, though she cares for her students more than she cares for herself, even if she doesn't tend to show it. Typically, she uses anger to cover up her real feelings. Rosalia likes to exercise or tidy things up to relieve stress. She grows attached to people rather easily, and she's willing to put her life on the line for them. She likes writing more than anything else, but art is another one of her passions. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does.
  18. That's fine, and I'll get the IC up right now!
  19. 2 on the fly questions; dorm mates? and am I the only guy?!