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  1. OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Pathfinder: Arena

    -Realm of the Mammoth Lords-

    The barbaric cold nestled into the caravan's bones. It was matched only by the crunch of the frostbitten grass and the snow that lay upon it. Of course, being next to the Gullik River only made it that much colder. Hopefully, anyone in the area was smart enough to dress for the journey. At least then when your body is found you don't look like a greenhorn.

    It isearly morning of the fourth day since the wagons left town. Camp had been packed up easily enough, and those leading the group were in pretty good spirits. Dibs, Bimi, and Zarzuth Unthis were a loud bunch, but this life suited them well. Always on the move, and never bored, which is very important considering they are past the point of not having to worry about the bleaching. Despite their family resemblance, it was easy to tell them apart and where to find them. Dibs is the shortest and is always on the lead wagon. He is the one who had to keep the other two in line. Bimi always keeps things in his beard and has the second wagon. Zarzuth has the third wagon and was either lighting or smoking a pipe. They did hire a few guards but ended getting more help than they imagined in the form of random tagalongs. "More mouths to feeds!" Dibs said in an argument between the three. They at least decided to tell you their destination of Tian Xia and managed to lead you away any potential Kellid or Ulfen encounters. These guys have done this before.

    Bringing up the caboose, we have a slightly smaller wagon that the borderline freight carts that the brothers that were being brought along by hulking horses built for the cold. Kadin Borode and his twin daughters sought to hook onto this caravan as it the only one available. He has been a bit standoffish, but Cayla and Koraline made an effort to have fun and keep everyone in high spirits. However, when moving, they tend to stay in their wagon with Kadin as they are still a little young to be traversing just a dangerous land.

    But further they all tracked along the river. The next stop being across the river. They just needed to get to the ferry and make it into Iceshore. A small fishing village that they could restock on food and other essentials. Then they would head further north, but for now, they just needed to get downriver.
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  2. Kagé shivered slightly despite the heat trapped by his armor. As the caravan made their way through the cold, he longed for the warmth of his fur. He held his human form, and suspected that he would remain in it for quite some time to come. He didn't want to expose himself as a Voidkin just yet. Not until he knew that he could be comfortable around them, and not pitied. His bloodline had been cursed, punished for angering some powerful entity in ages long forgotten, and thus were torn from their shadows.

    The kitsune drifted closer to the wagons, moving further into the party as he allowed himself to drift in these thoughts, his mind escaping the elements.

  3. Alyssia hummed under her breath as Spirit kept pace with the caravan. It wasn’t nearly as big of a group as she’d thought it was going to be. The redhead looked down at the book in her lap, she’d read the spellbook a dozen or more times that morning alone. A squeak at her shoulder had her attention bouncing up to the mongoose now perched there. His little ears twisting this way and that while his nose twitched in synch as he looked around for whatever had caught his attention enough to pull him from the depths of her cloak. A grin broke over her face.

    Watcha smell, Pip?” She asked quietly, not expecting much of a response from the curious creature. Her smile widened a bit as she watched him scramble down her body, and then to the lowest strap of the saddle, before taking a leap to the ground and beginning to scuttle towards a bush not too far away as he braved the cold. A tinge of worry hit her, before fading away, for his size, he was pretty hardy. She’d learned to stop worrying every time he scrambled off on an adventure. Or so she told herself as she forced her gaze away from the bush he’d disappeared into.

    Her gaze turned instead to look around at the caravan. Most everyone kept to themselves, or in small groups. How dull. Although, to be fair it was fun watching the twin girls play whenever they came to a stop; and the three brothers where fun to observe as well. Small thing in general seemed to be interesting to watch. At least so far.

    A shiver raced up her spine and Alyssia pulled the cloak around herself tighter. She was almost thankful for the cold. While her features weren’t obviously demonic at a glance, the cloak helped conceal her more alarming characteristics. Speaking of, she turned in her saddle to look back at one of the individuals who was there with them. The floppy ears had her turning back around to hide her grin, hopefully before the other female saw her. Excitement bubbled in her chest. She hadn’t met another tiefling in her life, ever. But surely that’s what the other woman was? Alyssia was determined that she’d talk to her before this journey was over. But for now, she left her and her companion be.

    Something hitting her foot had her eyes dropping down to the ground as Pip shook his head from where he’d fallen back into the snow after trying to jump to her foot. Her small smile soon turned into an amused smirk as she watched the furry creature go about attempting to jump back up enough to grab purchase and climb back up. She watched for several moments before she took pity on the familiar and stopped Spirit. Dismounting partially, she let one of her feet touch the ground, after that the mongoose did the rest himself. Soon, there was a cold body nestling itself into the heat of her neck underneath the thick emerald cloth. A small laugh bubbled to her lips before she pulled herself back up into the saddle and readjusted. She paused for a moment, twisting around to be sure that everything was as it should be, while she was at it she slipped her spellbook into her backpack, before she flicked one of the reins and clicked her tongue to usher the obedient steed back into motion. A squirming cold spot nestled even closer to her own warm flesh.

    As did you get cold?” She teased the furball, “next time maybe you should just stay put.”

  4. The back of any gathering had always been Liandra's preference. It had the advantage of meaning there was a defender ready if anyone dared to attacked from the very back like cowards. It meant that there was always someone aware of anything going on behind the party. And the real reason that brushed aside all other excuses -- it was barely occupied. Yes, most were far more interested in staring upon the horizon towards their destination and while she was no different this was just... easier. For everyone involved.

    The dark haired young woman's paranoia was beyond unreasonable, even she knew that, but it was better than getting burnt again. Greengold had been an open minded city, especially for one in the elven regions, but it didn't stop her from getting looks or hearing whispers from time to time and her youth in Rahadoum was surely something to stay scarred in her memories for ages to come. She was certain she would have happily stayed in the back room of some quiet little goods store for the rest of her life if she hadn't been given a new faith in her teachings and a new purpose by her lord. Speaking of which.

    She found her orange red gaze settling over her shoulder for the first time in an age. She was no investigator but she was almost positive that the woman she was looking for was part of this caravan. Joining on with them was easy enough -- she had her own gear, her own weapon and they weren't picky who they brought along as long as they weren't a burden -- but actually picking through people was hard. When you didn't talk to people normally. Not to mention she had only a rough idea what she may look like, a difficulty discerning a half elf from a human, a time limit before they reached their destination and came back...

    A huff of refreshingly warm if not particularly pleasant to smell air hit her on the cheek, snapping her back to reality with something of a jolt. She found herself blinking dumbly at the big, wooly face of the maturing elk who was trotting behind the last cart. Before she could think of anything to say the big lug leaned in to lick her nose, making her inadvertently giggle as she pushed his muzzle away. "Carus, stop! I'm here, I'm here!" she told him, her bubbly inner self coming to the surface with the one familiar comfort she had in her lift. He huffed at her in response as he nuzzled into the hand pushing him away and in a heartbeat she'd began patting him on the nose. "You always know just what to say," she told him softly, her eyes lighting up a bit until she noticed her forearm poking out of her tunic.

    With a sigh she pulled her hand back and pushed down the sleeve. "Sorry, boy. Need to stay warm..." A blatant lie. One would think twenty years in the same body would help one get comfortable with it but those same years were spent trying to hide them, especially in the presence of company. Not that she could ever pass for human short of walking around with a blanket thrown over her head. She'd spotted the black scales that creeped up in patched up and down her arms and it immediately made her painfully aware of all the other oddities of her form. The black spaded tail that now idly tapped on the wooden floor of the cart, the sad little half torn wings fluttering idly beneath her tunic, the silly, floppy ears that stuck out from either side of her dusty hair. She didn't even want to think the more subtle details. Especially after she saw the... other one...

    In her entire life Liandra had only met two tieflings -- her father, a long faded memory and this woman she hadn't so much as talked to otherwise confirmed her species -- but she was confident she was much the same. Sure, she wore a cloak most of the time and sure this was her first time going out into the big, wide, dangerous world alone so projecting a familiar trait onto a complete stranger would be comforting if not unlikely but still! She was at least 60% positive. She found herself glancing back a bit again, spotting that very cloak not too far away and watching her messing with that silly little furry thing she'd brought along with her. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a friend... after she was done with the mission.
  5. These regions were not what he was used to; the cold wasn’t something that was common within the Lastwall. There was barely a night or a day he could ever consider cold... And yet, these temperatures were making Jeremias slightly uncomfortable at first. Luckily, he had adapted quickly to this environment, now up front with the caravan leader. He seemed like a chatter, and Jeremias could always appreciate the company of someone who could speak.

    The caravan, as he knew, had strange people following in them. It was not that they looked very different or acted oddly; it was simply because they had only tagged along for the road to a new place or some kind of thing like that. Strange, but he could understand. Really, Jeremias hadn’t really talked to the other folks; only to the ones leading the expedition... Though, he wanted to give his thanks to the twins who were trying to bring some fire to these cold parts.

    He remained in front, doing as he was asked to do; guard the caravan, help load and unload.
  6. It was like traveling trough a world of glass. With each step there was a crack, each breath drawn clawed and sliced the lungs, and even upon exhale the resulting cloud of white broke the clear air like a knife. Such a brittle world, strange really when the mud of warmer lands had still been wet upon the hem of her cloak when she first felt the bitter frost creeping in on the caravan. These days she praised the craftsmanship of the clothes her sister had sowed for her, and even though she had grumbled heartily at the price she was glad she had spent the extra coin on the heavy winter boats that now protected her feet. It was easy to tell those who had gotten the proper boots from those who had skimped, at every stop the latter clustered around the fires, warming their heels against flames. It did not help that most rode the day away, in this cold such stillness set a horrid frost in the joints and bones. To this end Dara had spent much of the last four days on her feet. Most often she could be found walking along the flank of the caravan, bright eyes painted violet by her elven heritage, keeping watch on the animals, or scouting the near horizon.

    The three dwarven brothers that led this caravan were seasoned travelers. Dangers lurked in these cold and untamed lands, but they had navigated around all with a practiced ease. It was strange, she had been so eager to leave her family's caravan, find a path elsewhere at the edge of the world. Yet the steady creak of wagons, the tired breathing of the horses, the quiet chatting of the travelers themselves was an all to familiar lullaby. At times the lullaby became a sad hymn, in the early hours of morning when Dara could have sworn she was back home and she would be dragged from bed by the twins already awake and loudly insisting she take them riding. Her brother would look up from counting stock and laugh, her sister would smirk knowingly at her loom, but when she crawled free of her tent she saw only strange faces that had not gotten much more familiar these past few days. Indeed the only ones that had managed to tease a smile out of her were the twin girls, Cayla and Koraline. It could be said that there were times when the stone faced half-elf softened, but smiles were not easily earned.

    "What ya get yourself into now?" Dara said aloud as she picked up her pace to a jog and swung in close to one of the Unthis brother's wagons. Tied to the back was a small herd of horses. Most were the drafts, big bodied creatures with thick hides and thicker coats to protect them from the chill, but here and there a lighter breed could be spotted. The one that held Dara's attention was a particularly rabbit eared mule that she had bought to pass through the lower mountains when she couldn't find a caravan to bring her over. Taking hold of the animal's bridle she walked at arms length, practiced eyes watching its feet.

    "Come on." She said with a sigh, untying her mount and pulling it off to the side, out of the way of the slowly lumbering wagons. Taking a knee she picked up the mule's front right foot and quickly spotted the problem. Out here where your animals were what kept you and your livelihood alive an injury could be debilitating. To that end the slight tenderness with which the mule used its front foot was not something Dara was going to remain untended.

    "Stand still you blasted animal. You go lame an' its your own damn fault." Dara swore venomously as she adjusted her grip and dug her thumb into the base of small chunk of ice. Rough hands quickly turned white from the bite of the air, her nerves snapping angry at her for the offense, but she persisted and with a final frustrated grunt the bit of ice that had defied her popped free. Releasing the mule's foot back to it Dara made to straighten up when she paused. Her head tilted first one way and then the other and she reached out to touch the distinct patterning in the snow, a frown deepening on her face.

    Jogging back to the caravan Dara made quick work of the buckles and straps that held the packs to her mule revealing the saddle that had been buried underneath, then with a practiced flick she tossed the reins over the mule's head, and jumped up into the saddle. At a steady canter she quickly over took the caravan, ignoring the questioning looks she got as she rode quite a ways off in front of the caravan she slowed down to a trot, zigzagging from one side of the trail to the other. Finally she slowed down to a walk and dismounted, something catching her eye in the snow. Though she was some distance off those that watched could see her crouch down, hands extended, standing up she walked with her back hunched and eyes to the snow for a little ways further down the path. With a sudden snap she straightened up and with a few long strides grabbed hold of the mule's reins and swung herself back up into the saddle. The steady canter she had used to get out in front of the caravan was traded for a stride that neared a gallop. Pulling to a stop next to the lead caravan Dara directed the Mule in as close as she dared, slowing down so that she kept equal pace. Her movements had not gone unnoticed and Dibs raised an eyebrow questioningly at her as he waited for her to speak.

    "Another caravan traveled this way." Dara said with a nod towards the road ahead. "Couldn't have been more than a week ago."

    This news was answered with a bored sort of snort from Dibs; what sort of news was this. He thought this half-elf would have had something interesting to say.

    "It looks like they were followed." Now she had his attention again. "Looks like golblins, must have been eight or ten of them. We should be on alert."
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  7. Kagé drifted throughout the caravan, occasionally stopping to talk with others here and there. He tried to see if he could gather any information; where they had been, where they were going, what they knew about those places. In a caravan with so many people, the kitsune had no doubt that there would be no shortage of this information.

    As he drew towards the front of the caravan, he caught sight of someone riding up to Dibs. He pressed a little closer, his ears perking up as he listened in to the news being shared. Goblins? Interesting. He made his way towards the head of the caravan, standing towards the front of the group and keeping his senses peeled for any signs of danger.
  8. It wasn’t but at the words of goblins that Jeremias seemed to turn to look at the people near the front of the caravan. They spoke of the small creatures with little strength, but swarm tactics rivalling the absurd. Those small humanoids were capable of great damage if their numbers were high. It was, after all, how they survived. Never, or very rarely, would you see a goblin by his own self. Worse was when they decided that they could ‘work’ with the orcs. Truly, Jeremias has seen things done that no other would think could be done. Thankfully, he had the blessings of the God of Battle to carry him through combat.

    The giant of a man looked to the two on the lead of the caravan, an inquisitive look upon him. “Could you tell how many were traveling?” Asked the warrior, a great axe hoisted over his shoulder. “An approximate might tell us a little more of what they want; if it’s raids or anything above it.” The various numbers meant various reasons, though most of them time, it was for supplies to live longer, especially if you live within these harsh conditions. Oddly enough, the man had put his hair in a tight ponytail, which e was not used to doing, but had to in this cold.
  9. "Blasted bastards. It was probably a hunting party. We get harassed by them time to time. It's why we hire extra hands." Dibs responds to Dara, his expression turning sour. He stood up and pulled out a little bell. Ringing it twice brought the carts to a slow stop. "Ey, what's the big idea?" "Yeah, like why have we stopped?" "Shut your bearded faces and listin'. This little tracker......person have found tracks that resemble those goobleens that like to travel around these parts. Keep your heads out of your asses and we should be fine." "BAH!" Said the other two brothers. Kadin takes a deep breath, as Coraline pops her head out of the wagon. "What did he say, Da?" "Just that we should stay calm and be on the lookout for danger, my little love." The little girl nodded and went back inside to tell her napping sister.

    The curiously fast talking kitsune was met with your average small talk of the area and a hello from at least the two friendlier of the two brothers. Kadin just seemed too distracted to even talk to him. His head kept peeking around to try and hear Dibs. Zarzuth blinked as he approached, as if the gnome was suffocating before starting to the cough otu a cloud of smelly plant smoke. "Woo wee, this is some tasty leaf." Bimi smiled and pulled a bottle of applejack from his beard.

    Dibs sat back down and squinted at the human asking him of the information. "Weren't you listin'? I say get your head out of your arse. He said about 10. Now get moving, or we will all die from your thankfully upwind stench." The disgruntled gnome rang the bell and the carts started to move again. For the most part everyone seemed to be on a higher guard, except for Zarzuth who seemed to go deeper into the pipe.

    As they made more progress, a tired Cayla poked her head out and throws a piece of bread out at their bodyguard in the back. She giggled and throws more, smiling at the Tiefling.

    As danger potentially looms, the caravan carries on through the steady chill. Around mid-afternoon, the sky was starting to get more cloudy and the shine coming off the snow dimmed. Food was beginning to be distributed among the caravaners. Bits of bread, salted beef, assorted vegetables, and a few fruits as "treats", we all passed from cart to cart. "Eat up! It could be your last meal Dibs." shouted Bimi. "Oy, you shut up!"
  10. Collab with @Shadow

    News traveled like electricity down the spine of the caravan. It set everyone's hair on end and made the animals snort nervously. As of yet they had been lucky, the Unthis brothers knew this route well and while everyone remained on alert they settled back into the routine of travel without to much trouble. However Dara could not shake the prickling that traced up and down her arms, and the mule danced uneasily under her in response. The rolling hills sparkled under the early sun, an illusion of clarity. For Dara knew, better than some, that the hills could hide any number of creatures just over the next crest.

    With a heavy breath she sent a cloud of white curing from her lips. Checking that her knife had not frozen to its hilt with a short tug, and feeling the taunt bowstring that was hung across her chest she gritted her teeth against doubt.

    "Stop thinking girl, it doesn't suit us." The words echoed in her mind, spoken many years ago by a grim faced, one eyed ranger. He had been the closest thing to a mentor that she had had. A surly man who had barely tolerated her presence during the best of times, but a wise man if there ever was one. And much to her displeasure, a man who was far to often right.

    The sharp poke of her heels startled the mule and he shot forward towards the front of the caravan, nearly over taking them before Dara managed to rein him in.

    "Dib, I am going to scout ahead. I would rather know if there is trouble ahead before we walk headlong into it." She said with a nod towards the white expanse that stretched before them, her voice carrying clearing to those trodding along at the front of the caravan.

    Kagé slipped through the crowd upon hearing the half-elf state her intentions. He emerged at her side, speaking up softly but with calm seriousness in his voice. "I'll go with you. Only a fool would go alone, especially when we know there's danger nearby." Then he smiled, and his tone became joking. "And besides; even if she can handle herself, it just wouldn't do to let a lady go on alone." His smile broadened to a care-free grin, and he tipped her a wink.

    "A lone fool oft' makes less noise than a pack of soldiers." Dara said, her brow deeply furrowed at Kage's approach. When he continued speaking there was the briefest twitch of her eye, a light snarl pulling at the corner of her mouth as she prepared to lash at him with a barbed tongue, but she didn't. Cold as she was Dara could see the harmlessness in Kage's easy smile, and the playful wink he cast her way. So she shook any ill intent from her face with a heavy sigh.

    "Hmph." She snorted. "If ya can keep up ya can come, but I ain't in the mood to babysit."

    There was a glance that could have almost been mistaken for a playful smile that accompanied her words before her deep violet eyes turned back to Dibs.

    "Well, I don't have a mount, but I can certainly do my best to keep up, and if my training serves me well, draw less attention than the lone fool while doing it,~" he replied. He got the immediate impression that she was colder than he had expected, and it caught him off guard. But he rolled with it. He might have even lost a little steam, if he hadn't thought he'd caught a hint of a smile as she turned her head away.

    There was a soft click of her tongue as Dara caught the impression that she might have damaged Kage's spirits a hair. If so the man was doing a good job of hiding it.

    "As easy as it might be to ride ahead, we will be traveling by foot. So you should be....fine." If she was going to say something less encouraging she swallowed the words in exchange for some nicer ones.

    A noise from Dibs drew her attention back and Dara realized that Dibs had named another to join in their scouting mission. The man was standing awkwardly to one side watching Dara and Kage talk. Or at least that is what she assumed, the half-plate armor accompanied by a large helm made it very hard to see much of anything on the man's face.

    "As I was saying." Dibs said with a very pointed look at Dara and then Kage. "since some of you extras didn't want to eat lunch Civlir will go as well."
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  11. Alyssia drew closer as they came to a stop and listened in on the conversation quietly, Pips ears twitching from where he hid under her cloak. Goblins? Oh, how exciting! A small smile lit over her lips as she tried to recall anything she'd read about the creatures. Her mind searched, but couldn't focus as she squirmed in her seat. Feeling antsy, she slid down from her horses back and decided to walk for a bit. AFter a moment, she to drew up towards the half-elf.

    "If it wouldn't be a hassle, I'd like to accompany the both of you as well." She volunteered, moving her hood back just enough to give the two of them a smile. "three heads are surely better than two?"
  12. "Four it is then." Dara said with an ever deepening sigh. Better leave now before the entire party decided to join in. A smaller group would at least give them some semblance of stealth. It was a fine line, to little and run the risk of being easily taken out, to many and they are more likely to be spotted. Especially in these barren hills, cover was far more sparse and far less forgiving.

    "We will scout the path ahead see if anything lies ahead." she said aloud gesturing to the four volunteers. She wondered if she should mention that they did know there, at the very least, had been goblins in the area so they would have to keep their eyes out, but she decided that that kind of went without saying. A quick nod of her head beckoned the rest of the group to follow as she started off at a brisk jog. Her stride was steady and it she moved to a steady rhythm, her eyes tracking the path of the caravan that had traveled ahead of them, only occasionally breaking away to scan the horizon.

    "Keep your eyes up, be mindful of movement." She said, the quiet of their approach even wearing on her a little. "Goblins are not the only thing that hunts these path."
  13. Kagé followed in kind, watching the environment around them. He focused a little less on the path. Such an obvious approach would be spotted by the rest of the party regardless. Instead, he concentrated on the places that would seem to provide more cover, and all the while, he kept his vulpine senses tuned.
  14. Alyssia kept her smile and followed the two in front of her, looking around and trying to be useful by spotting anything around them.[Perception 10] Pip stuck his face out on occasion to look around before popping back beneath her hood. Although not sure if it would be of any help, she cast detect magic as they moved. She wan'so sure she would be the best of help to other two figures with her, but spellwork she could do.
  15. After what seemed like forever, the group followed said tracks for about a mile. Civlir had moved up front with the half-elf scout, but had not spoken a word to them. His armor clanked with every crunch of snow they all stepped on in this cold afternoon. About 45ft forward, magic could be detected by the tiefling within her cone of detection. The caravan bodyguard got off his horse, at the sight in front of him. "That's odd. The tracks just disappear."

    Stepping forward, the male moved curiously towards the end of the tracks. Hands on his hips, a shrug could be seen. "It's like they just stopped and began flying. Which, anything that destructive being given the ability to get off the ground is rather...unsettling."

    "Do any of you kn--AH!" He moved ahead a few more steps only to find that the ground was not all snow. It collapsed underneath the weight of his full plate.

    Something was then shouted and five white, hairy creatures pop up out of the snow. They squeal and growl, before beginning to attack.

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  16. Alyssia frowned as she tried to peer close to the point where she sensed magic radiating from. But she was distracted by the sudden yelp. Alyssia stiffened as she saw the man fall down and then a group of white five white figures emerge. Well, it wasn't hard to figure what happened next. She moved forward a step and pulled things from her belt pouch in a blur, tossing this and that into a vial before stoppering it up and giving it a hard shape.

    "Watch your ears!" She warned before she flung the vial at one of the white figures and took off away from them, she knew her strengths and limits. She didn't handle getting hit so well. As she came to a stop, she turned to survey the damage the blast had left, and a smile slid over her lips to see one of the figures down and charred to a nice crisp.

    "Do you think this is all of them?" She called out the question as her eyes scanned the remaining four.
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  17. "I don't like this, Goblins don't just disap-" Dara started as the guard vanished with a crash and cry. Five goblins popped out of the snow bank to their left, their shrieks suddenly breaking the silence that persisted in this snowy landscape. Caught with her hand off her bow, an arrow only partially nocked, she was not ready when the blast of a bomb went off in front of her, knocking one of the goblins down and turning him into a nice crisp.

    "Shit." She swore under her breath as her arrow shot high and buried itself in the snow somewhere behind the pack of goblins.

    "Let's hope so." She said grimly, one hand already reaching to draw another arrow from her quiver, her feet shuffling through the snow to put a bit more distance between herself and the attackers.
  18. Kagé broke into a sprint, keeping low as he observed their opponents. The bomb made an excellent distraction, giving him just the opening he needed. He hooked around the edge of the fray and came up behind the goblin on the end, unnoticed. As he did, he reached for his sword, and slashed from his hip as he drew it. He misjudged the distance as he slid to a stop behind his target, his blade swinging clear without so much as coming close to the furry white beast.
  19. It didn't take long before the little monsters sprung into action. With child like screeches they started to attack, with exception to the lucky one that received and explosion to the face. The eager roguish man received the worst of their intentions as one of them moved in behind Kage. With with damn nearly deadly precision, the crude short sword was plunged into the cloak and side after the previous attack missed his friend. The two others took a shot at Dara and Alyssia, both hitting their marks.


    The sound of thunder rang out, as one of the monsters squealed with its blood starting to stain the snow.

    All the while the action was going on, a voice broke out from where the armored warrior fell.


    Roll Initiative for Next Round
  20. With a solid thud an arrow found its mark and Dara recoiled as the force knocked the wind from her lungs. Adrenaline howling in her ears the only pain she felt was a dull ache like being hit with a mallet. So it was with a strange curiosity that Dara regarded the arrow that protruded out two hands width, just above her hip.

    A snarl curled her lips as a poisoned fury closed an icy hand on her heart. Another arrow flitted out to rest on her bow, its point eager to hit its mark. Unfortunately at the height of her draw Dara brushed the shaft of the arrow in her side and not even the thrill of adrenaline could mask the jolt of pain that reverberated through her. The arrow, while true to its target did not hit as true as she lost her focus and her aim went wide.

    "HELP!" There was no time for pause, fighting the pain that dug its claws deeper and deeper into her side Dara moved down the road to where their companion had once been standing, glancing down to see the dangling figure barely hanging on. She hoped that the other could manage without her, if she did not act quick they would most certainly lose their party member.
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