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I'm in search of partners for some roleplays, but first let me provide the basics.

My name is Kara, though you can refer to me as Levie if you prefer, and I have roughly seven years of
roleplay experience. After a year or so long hiatus, I'm eager to get back into the swing of things. My most
explored genres are Scifi and Fantasy, and I occasionally do fandom-based roleplays. I write in first
person, novella format. Also I am easily adaptable to post lengths -- in other words, if you give me a few paragraph
response then I will, too. Plot is really essential in a roleplay to me, and I love discussing it.

  • Someone my age or older (18+)​
  • Possesses at least intermediate writing skills​
  • Can do more than a paragraph or two if needed
  • Willing to discuss plot and direct it if needed (in other words someone who has both a passive/aggressive style)​
  • Doesn't require romance (further explained on profile, I like it but prefer it not to be the main theme)​
Since I do not have any plots readily available at this time, I'm open to any suggestions you have for a roleplay. However, I do not do pairing-based roleplays. If you don't have any ideas, we can come up with a plot together! Here are some genres we can work with:​
  • Sci-fi​
  • Fantasy​
  • Post-Apoctalyptic/Dystopian​
  • Medieval​
  • Mystery​
  • Supernatural​
  • Horror​
  • Steampunk​
  • Victorian​
Before you comment or PM, be sure to check out my Roleplay Resume so you know exactly what you're getting. As a side note I am willing to roleplay via e-mail, private messaging, or thread if you want to. I look forward to roleplaying with you all! c:​

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I would love to discuss something with you. If you would like I can send you a pm.


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Supernatural, magical, yuri, fantasy, medieval. I'm also pretty much up for anything new.
I would love to roleplay with you. Let's talk more through PM?


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I am a pretty big fantasy fan myself and would love to roleplay some of my ideas with you. The only thing is that I prefer to write in third person. Is that okay?
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