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  1. Miyuki sighed as she tapped her pencil onto her desk. It was the last class of the day, and time was ticking down. However the boys behind her seemed determined to make her life miserable. Every few seconds she could feel the thud of a piece of lead hitting her head, or maybe an eraser. Sometimes the person next to here even jabbed her hand with the pointy object.

    She let out a groan as another stabbing pain went though her hand, and she glanced at the person next to her. She couldn't see though her dark bangs but she was sure it was a football jockey, considering his lettermen's jacket. She let out a sigh and tried to move his pencil from hurting her hand. "Can you please move this?" She said firmly, her hand grasping the pencil as it dug into her flesh. Soon she could feel a warm trickle of blood start to pool around the cut.

    "In your dreams maggot!" He hissed back as a response, only leaving her with a small pool of blood that was growing on her hand. She sighed and let the blood run as the man took out his pencil, wiping it off and using it to write. She sighed and hid her hand from view, doing one last sleeve check. Her scars where covered, and she was all good, well, as far as a kid who thought they didn't belong could be.

    As the bell rang, Miyuki began to pack up her things, putting her notebooks into her arms so she could carry them better. She slowly made her way out of the classroom as she pushed up her glassed, looking around. As she walked down the center of the hall, she felt strong hands shove her from behind, sending her flying towards the ground. Her glasses popped off and scattered across the floor, and she hit the pair of lockers with a groan. She sighed and searched around for her glasses, finally finding them and sliding them on. "Stay down glasses!" The boy called from afar, laughing at his joke as he walked away, leaving poor Miyuki on the floor. This was actually fairly normal for her. People thought of her as a tool to use for anything they wanted. Some pushed her, others would tie her to the flagpole, and she couldn't fight back. She heaved a hearty sigh as she picked up her books, leaving the now empty hallways.
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  2. It had been yet another one of those days, the days were everyone decided to get on Leon's nerves. The brown headed male was flung into a brick wall, his glasses falling down on the pavement to only get crushed underneath a pair of black sneakers. The green eyes pierced through the gang of guys that had gathered around him, how brave of them. They all decided to gang up on him, they weren't even brave enough to fight him alone. Leon might be different, but at the very least he was not a wimp like these guys were. It disgusted him, but he needed to keep himself calm and under control, he needed to not fight back. "What's up with you Dog?!" The guys around him asked as Leon was not fighting against it, he took every single punch they gave him, every single kick... every single insult they could throw at him. At this point he had gotten used to it, there was little facing him anymore.

    "Can't you even fight?!" Another one of them shouted in his direction, once more their words fell on deaf ears. "This is probably why your parents abandoned you! Who wants a useless pet?!" One of them laughed, and Leon felt the words sting in his chest. It wasn't the hits or the kicks that hurt, it was the insults and the words.


    What was that sound...? It came from deep within his chest, he could hear it so clearly... What was going on? Thump. There it was again, no! Leon needed to keep himself together! The green eyes of Leon changed to a yellow color, and thin black lines as the guys got what they wanted. They wanted to see a beast? They would get it. Leon slowly crawled up from where he had previously been curling on the ground, and his entire form changed. His body grew white fur with golden lines on it, his face changed and he grew fangs along with ears and a long tail. His back would get large white wings with golden feathers. With the beat of his wing the guys flew into the building close by, almost knocking one of them into the wall, before Leon pounced after them, and his fangs were placed over one of the guy's necks, staring at him as he was just waiting for the moment he would beg, and then bite over the neck to make him quiet.
  3. Miyuki let out a sigh as she clutched her books close to her chest as she walked down the hall towards the doors. She was exhausted, since she had barely eaten anything today, but what was new? This was her life, wallowing in the shadows of the hallways, eating in the girls bathroom, leaving scars on her body, that was all her life was. It was a sick twisted vortex of agony, she could never make it stop. And it seemed like she might not have been the only one.

    As she rounded the corner, she heard whimpers, that turned into a menacing growl, causing her to leap back. What she saw before her was a beast, a large beast that was towering over one of the bullies, almost as if he wished to devour him. She snorted a little at the face of the jock, as seeing his pure terror delighted her. They deserved what had come to them, yet there was something off. The other jocks where backing up and reaching for something, almost like they had planned for this, or worse. One pulled out a metal club and started racing towards the wolf man, only for Miyuki to run forwards, which used up almost all her energy, and clasp the bat, her arms shaking as she tried to hold him off.

    "Don't hurt him!" she called, her arms shaking as she tried to push him away, her weak arms doing little to nothing. "Get away Maggot!" He yelled, throwing her off his bat and back to the floor. She let out a cry as she hit the floor, her head smacking on the wall as she hit it with a thud. She started wheezing for breath, her lungs not used to the exercise she had just preformed.
  4. Leon listened to the whimpers underneath him, and despite it not being visible on his current appearance, he was smirking at the mere sounds of the scared jock underneath him. Suddenly he heard the sounds of others approaching and was about to react, but before he managed someone else did. It was a girl, a fragile looking one, that had 'come to his rescue' so to say, though he was glad to be warned about the metal bats they had decided to bring. He growled before he bit over the neck of the one underneath him, silencing his pathetic whimpers, as blood was running down his mouth and tainting the white fur around his fangs. There were no words that came out of Leon's mouth, there were only growls and snarls, but they increased once the girl was knocked to the side.

    It wasn't her fight! She had nothing to do with it, and these guys were certainly not dragging her into it. Leon ran over to the one with the metal bat and dodged a hit, clawing at the guy to leave four marks down his face, and hear him scream in pain. He was lucky enough to not die like the other one, Leon's attention was grabbed by more approaching, and he ended up spreading his wings to knock them all away with a powerful gust of wind, and then he pounced all of the jocks, one after the other, either killing them or badly injured them, but in the end the ones left alive whimpered off and the dead bodies were left behind.

    The white fur had been tainted by their disgusting red blood, and the wolf would disappear into the normal Leon once more, his eyes returning to a green color. It took him a few moments to realize what he had done, but... in the end he did. The bodies and the blood, the fresh taste of blood in his mouth... His green eyes darted over to the girl that was there, and he instantly pulled himself away from her, what if he hadn't regained control? What if she had been the next one on his list. Leon was terrified as he looked at the girl, not for her, but for himself, and backed up away from her. He was a monster, a beast... He wasn't supposed to kill them, but once he transformed... stopping was a lot harder than he thought it was... There were a reason why his kind was hunted down, and if Leon couldn't keep himself in control then he would die next.
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  5. Miyuki could do nothing but watch as the huge wolf clawed and bit at the bullies, causing the foul stench of fresh blood to flood her nose, causing her to gag. She tried to cover her nose, but the stench was everywhere. She held back her vomit as she looked at him finish up the bullies, her bile rising by the minute.

    She stared as the wolf started to form back into a man, and she gulped down her spit. She waited for him to transform back, only for him to jump at the sight of her. She was already terrified of him hurting her, but it some way, he intrigued her. He was, scared of her? That was not something that you see a lot. She let out a sigh as she stared at him for a bit, still wheezing and shaking from being thrown at the wall.

    "Who ... are you?" She asked softly, narrowing her eyes as she looked at him. But as she uncovered her nose, she gagged again, covering her nose. "But whoever you are, we need to get out of here." She said to him. "I don't think they are going to like seeing either of us, in this." She said, slowly but shakily getting off the floor.
  6. Leon looked over to the terrified girl as she clearly was not 'enjoying' the show he had put up. He wasn't even enjoying it himself, the blood taste in his mouth made him want to vomit, but thankfully he had not swallowed anything. "Yes, we do," Leon said as he stood up and wiped some blood off the corner of his lips and spit on the pavement to remove more of the blood taste. That was until his ears suddenly popped up from on top of his head and bent backwards, they caught the sound of the sirens in the distant, someone had called the police and they would shoot Leon down if they saw the sight of him near the bodies, they knew far too well what he was. He had a collar around his neck, it was the mark of what all crossbreeds needed to wear if they wanted to be in the society.

    "Quickly!" Leon said as he grabbed the girl's hand gently in his own, and began pulling her away from the sirens and towards somewhere they could hide. He ran as fast as he could, pulling her behind him, as he did not think about holding her hand so firmly in his larger one, before he suddenly stopped and pulled her into an alleyway, his hand gently placed over her lips to make sure she was quiet, as his ears were still perking up to listen after the sounds of the sirens, but it seemed as they managed to escape the police. "We got away..." He said with a relieved sigh as he removed his hand, and then blushed as he realized that he was holding the girl so close. She must be terrified... she was running away with a murderer who killed the jocks in front of her eyes.

    "So sorry!" Leon apologized as he pushed himself away from her, and his ears flopped down against the side of his head. "You must... be terrified..." Leon said as the tone in his voice grew sad, and he shook his head. She had all the right reasons to be scared. "I won't hurt you... I promise... I- I'll go," He explained to her as he looked around to try and see if there was somewhere he could go peacefully without being too much trouble, though for a beast like him... that was hard.
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  7. Miyuki was about to ask him more about his life when the sounds of loud sirens could be heard. Out of instinct, she began to tremble again, shivering in fear at the thought of being captured. She was not some animal, but he clearly was, and if she was less of a coward, she would have done something already. But he seemed to come too earlier than she had, taking her hand and beginning to drag her though the streets. She let out a yelp as his palm squeezed hers tight, almost like a vice grip. She couldn't break free of it, but she didn't really want to anyway.

    They ran for block after block, and even though she wasn't telling herself to run, she was about ready to collapse. Her lungs where heaving, her heart racing as they tried to escape. 'Why me? I mean, I already have a hard enough time just staying like this, and no one likes me anyway. Can't you just eat me now?' She thought, her muscles soon giving up. But just as she was about to fall, she was dragged into an alley and pushed against the wall by the man, causing her to close her eyes and let out a whimper of pain. She watched as her world became fuzzy and without warning, she fainted on the spot.
  8. Leon looked at the girl as he saw how she was trembling and struggling to catch her breath, he seemed somewhat concerned, but he figured that her difficulties breathing was because she was scared, mostly scared because of what she had seen due to him. He already knew that, but he wanted to calm her down or at the very least not make her vomit from all the blood. "Are you... okay?" He asked as he pulled himself away from her, far enough away from her to run away without Leon catching up to her. If she wanted to go and alert the police about where he was then that was okay with him, since by then he would be able to fly away quickly. "You didn't... need to do that," Leon said as he hinted towards her panting and how her limbs seemed weak.

    He took a step back as he knew she had to be afraid of him, and decided to stay in the shadows to hide the black leather collar around his neck, it was the mark of the beast. Any non-human creature that wanted to live in the society needed to wear one, the ones who did not wear one and was found to be a non-human creature would be shot down on the spot, that was one of the rules of living among the humans. The collar had a chip inside of it, and the police had the chance to shock him, but the problem was how close they needed to be to not shock them all.

    That was until he suddenly watched the girl collapse, and quickly walked over to her to catch her before she hit the ground. He could hear her breathing, and then looked around himself. There was no one around, and she needed to rest somewhere... safe. He spread the wings on his back, before he flew up into the sky and all the way over to the 'bad' part of town, the part were everything was barely standing up. He entered his apartment and gently put her down on the floor, as he turned into his wolf form, and let her use him as a mattress, wrapping his wings around her protectively before falling asleep himself.
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  9. Miyuki didn't wake up for a few hours, but when she did, she could already notice something was wrong. For one, it smelled like dust, like no one had lived in this place for a long long time, though there might be some signs of life. Two, there was some sort of cover attached to her pillow that curved over her like a dome, and it seemed to have a light feathery and bony sort of feel to it. And third, her pillow was breathing.

    She wanted to squirm out of whoevers grasp she was in, but it was too strong. She ended up sitting there, having a mini panic attack for a bit, wondering where she was. Her breaths began to calm a bit as she realized that it should be better than risking it at school, or out and about. She let out a sort sigh, pressing her face into the soft fluffy breathing pillow that she had found, curling into it as she began to hum softly. As she shifted around, her fingers brushed something leather, and thick, and she snaked her bony fingers around it. "Hmm, leather?" She questioned softly, sliding her thumb over it softly.
  10. Leon was still sleeping as he felt something moving on top of him, and his wings gave a small twitch as a warning of him waking up, and he opened his eyes to feel someone stroking over the collar around his neck. The golden eyes looked over to the side to meet the girl's darker ones, seeing as he was too tired to really do anything. He had taken a beating out of those guys, and it hurt his body from forcefully transforming as he had done, for now it would be better if he just relaxed. His head nuzzled a bit into her hand, as his tongue sneaked out to lick at her hand gently, sort of telling her she was safe, as he was unable to use his voice once he fully transformed. There was no way he could talk right now, and he was clearly tired.

    'I'll let her leave whenever she want to... I don't have much, but I hope she's okay with what I have....' Leon thought to himself as his head dropped over his paws once more, and the wing stayed protectively over the girl, but did allow for the girl to move around, or even move the wing if she wanted to go ahead and explore the completely broken down apartment that Leon had barely managed to afford with the little money he managed to earn from his thousands of different part-time jobs. It was hard to do anything with the collar around his neck, but if he tried to take it off then they would know right away, and he was already hunted down enough as he was.
  11. Miyuki let out a squeak as she felt a warm muzzle move over her hand, looking down at the thing that had brushed her. Her pulse jumped as she realized it was the man from earlier, who was sitting underneath her, and who she was using as a pillow. She flushed a deep shade of crimson, rolling into him a little more as he licked her fingers. She giggled softly, humming lightly. "That tickles you know." she said lightly, almost as if they where friends. She had always liked wolves, and cats, so she figured he was pretty much like a dog.

    Miyuki slowly lifted a hand to his head, placing her open palm on top and rubbing his head softly. "Hmm, you are tired aren't you?" she asked him softly, feeling relaxed with him around. His playful licks had clearly meant to show a sign of comfort, though she had absolutely no idea why she even knew that in the first place. She shifted herself a bit so she could pull herself a little closer to his head, but she didn't bother to get up. The apartment didn't look very clean, or hygienic, so she figured that he didn't have much to hide.
  12. About half an hour passed like this, though Leon decided to pick up his head and the wing disappeared along with the large wolf body and in the end it was only Leon laying on the floor curled up with a pair of white ears and a long white tail attached to him along with a leather collar that looked at the girl. "Are you... feeling good?" Leon asked as he ruffled through his own brown hair and, and looked a bit nervously over at the girl that had come to his home. There was nothing in his house, literally, and he could not help, but to feel a bit nervous about the girl being in his home, and her knowing what he was... or rather what he was capable of doing.

    "I can bring you some water... or a blanket... I don't really have any food..." Leon said as he looked over to her and realized he had yet to introduced himself, but he wasn't even sure if he wanted to at this point. He just wanted her to stop thinking about what she had seen, it wasn't the real real him. It was just a part of him he could not control anymore.
  13. Miyuki blushed a bit as the wolf, or rather man underneath her spoke up, and she realized that she was wrapped in his arms, on his chest. She flushed darkly, coughing a bit as she turned to look up at him. The thought of food, or even water nauseated her, and she shook her head. "I am just fine." She said to him, staring down at her now very interesting fingers. She flipped the boney skin over and over in front of her, a frown set on her face, which was an odd mix with her bright cheeks.

    She tried to keep herself distracted so she wouldn't think about certain things, like the bloodshed that had occurred earlier. Miyuki was quite a soft and squishy being, as far as her stomach went. She couldn't stand seeing so much blood at once, unless it came from her, unless it was washed out by pain. She sighed and pulled on her sleeves before looking up at him. "So, mysterious stranger, who are you?" She asked softly, her curious eyes blinking up at him harmlessly.
  14. Leon looked at her as she reassured him that he was fine, and let out a relieved sigh before he looked at her again and then the question about his name popped up, this time he couldn't avoid it without coming off as rude. "I am... Leon..." Leon introduced himself as he brushed the back of his head a bit nervously and then felt the ears and tails still being out so he made them disappear to look like a normal human, except the collar around his neck. "I know the apartment isn't much to brag about, but... you suddenly fainted..." Leon said as he had really no good excuse for the living conditions he was living in, but the main reason why he was living there was just to have a place to go to whenever he needed to.

    Most of the time Leon slept outside, but there were times he wanted to sleep with a roof over his head too. "What about you...? Who are you...?" Leon asked as he wanted to know a little bit about this girl he had brought home, she was brave enough to stay despite what she saw, and she had tried to protect him back when the jocks attacked him. Who in the world was this girl?
  15. Miyuki smiled softly, looking up at him. So he was a human, as she could see that he was concerned for her. She pursed her lips as he brought up her fainting, and she let out a short sigh, looking down. She didn't think it would be right to burden someone she had just meet. He was a curious fellow, kind of like her, but it wasn't the same. She poked her nose into things she shouldn't and it was a bad habit she had been trying to break for a while. She silenced that part of her for a while, so as to avoid making him uncomfortable.

    "My name is Miyuki." She said softly, looking up at him though her lashes. She could tell that he didn't have much of an... income. She pressed her fingers together, being mindful of how much of her skin she was showing, being conservative about her skin and bones body. She was probably poking into him with her elbow, and she still wasn't skinny enough to be one of the crowd. She frowned at her thoughts, trying to shake them before she ended up being depressed again.
  16. "Um... I know this will sound strange, but..." Leon didn't move as he felt it was strange just sitting here talking to a girl who knew what he was and what he had done, why in the world was she still around? Leon hadn't threatened her in her sleep or anything? No impossible, while he was in his wolf form he was unable to speak the human language, there should be no words said. "... it's nice to meet you Miyuki..." He said a bit awkwardly, before he cleared his throat and decided to stand up. He could still smell the scent of blood, but he was unsure if that was from her or if it was from him. She didn't seem injured... so he figured what it had to be.

    Judging by how she avoid his earlier question, he decided to not ask again. It wasn't as if it was any of his business and he had just sort of pulled her along, he was just scared that she would be blamed for something she had not done. After all, she would be surrounded by a coupe of corpses, and human or beast, that definitely did not look good. "Want me to walk you back to school... or back home or anything?" Leon asked as he wanted to know she could leave whenever she felt for it. Leon might have the body of a beast, but he didn't have the mind of one. He also needed to get himself a pair of new glasses since his was destroyed underneath a sneaker.
  17. Miyuki smiled as he greeted her warmly, and she shifted a bit, her arms trying to move so she wouldn't stab him with her elbow. He kept offering her things though, and it kind of made her sad. She didn't want to burden him, she didn't want to take what wasn't hers. She barely even knew him, and putting any sort of lasting impression of greed was the last thing she wanted. She shook her head, keeping a more neutral expression on her face as she looked at him. "I don't really want to go anywhere." She said, pressing a hand to her forehead. "I am still a little dizzy." She said softly, looking at the ground.

    She let out a soft sigh as she prodded her fingers, feeling nothing but brittle bone underneath her skin. She was lucky enough that he had caught her during that run, or else she could have fractured something, and then have to find a way to heal on her own again, in the most painful traumatic way possible. She let out a sigh as she stared upwards, glad that she wasn't shaking anymore, and that he hadn't pressed about any of these issues she had.
  18. Leon was almost a bit surprised at the smile that was sent his way, he had seen few people smiling to him. Who was this girl? There was so many things he didn't understand about her, sure there were more things than just Miyuki he was questioning, but right now she was the biggest mystery to him. "Then lie down," Leon said to her with a smile as well, and stood up, wincing a bit at his entire body being in pain from the kicks and hits. "I need to get these treated before I get an infection," Leon said as he disappeared for a short while into a door on the side, that gave off the loudest creak when he opened it, and walked back out with a first aid kit. So far the only thing that looked decent in his entire apartment from where they had been laying down.

    "I can smell blood coming from you too," Leon said as he hinted towards her hand, it wasn't a strong scent, but it was still there. "You should treat it too to avoid it getting any infections," He advised her before he grabbed a small ball of cotton and handed it to her, along with some disinfectant. After doing such he began treating his own wounds, patting the bruises as he sometimes growled at hos much the disinfectant burned into his skin. It was almost worse treating the wounds than getting them, honestly it was all silly.
  19. Miyuki watched him as he moved towards the other room, cringing at the sound of the door opening. It sounded awful to her ears, and it was no surprise that it did so. She was now sitting on the floor surrounded by dust and dirt. She coughed as she kicked up a little of the mixture, sucking it into her lungs painfully. She coughed more as her lungs tried to get rid of the substance, and by the time he had gotten back, she was back to breathing right, well sort of right. She smiled at him, rubbing her eyes a little bit to get rid of the sleepiness inside of it.

    She watched him pull out things from the box, like bandages and disinfectant. What surprised her was when he gave her one, and she looked at it a bit. She kept it resting in between her fingers as she stared at it. If she tried to clean her wounds, he would see her arms and think she was a burden. But it would squelch the burning sensation that lead up her arms, that kept her head pounding. She still couldn't decide, so she just sat there.
  20. Leon was treating his own wounds when he realized that Miyuki had yet to begin. "Want me to... look away...?" He asked with a slight blush on his face. Who knew where the blood scent was coming from? He just knew it was coming from her, but she could have injuries on more... embarrassing areas and it would be strange if Leon was to look while she was treating them. He turned his back on her and continued working on his arms, watching the red angry marks as he growled out to the stupid disinfectant that was making Leon wish he wanted infections instead, but getting treated in the hospital was impossible without the risk of becoming some scientist's personal test subject, and Leon had no plans of that.

    A small sigh escaped him as he wondered if he had anything in the fridge he could offer Miyuki, or if they even had something they could talk about. What was he supposed to say to her anyway? 'Hello! Yes I am a beast that happened to kill and injure a bunch of guys of guys in front of your face, but I promise I'm actually a nice guy!' That didn't sound really promising did it?
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