Pancakes vs Waffles

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  3. Pancakes are the true lie here

  4. Waffle = the unpancake


  6. Eww, pancakes/waffles!

  7. As long as it is smothered in syrup, I'll eat it

  8. Whichever has more blueberries/chocolate/other in it

  9. "other" pancakes - Crepes, etc.

  10. Ew to both, I prefer other item of breakfast

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  1. [rainbow]PANCAKES VS WAFFLES!![/rainbow]
    This might have been done before BUT I'M DOING IT AGAIN anyway!

    Which do you prefer: Waffles or pancakes? Why?

    And consider other factors too! Sauce works best on which one? Butter? Does one work better with bacon/eggs/toast/massive yummy breakfast combo?

    Is it a relationship reason? A history reason? Were you given a lovely waffle maker as a kid and now only eat waffles?

    I prefer pancakes most of the time because they're easier to make but waffles sometimes get that crisp texture that is so desirable. I don't like syrup so it's really not a helpful thing to have the little wells, as they catch too much butter, but I kind of want a waffle now that I'm talking about it O__O

    In a big breakfast meal, I sometimes prefer waffles because they're bigger and have a nice texture and they don't drip butter onto my eggs (personal ick?) but if it's fried eggs and you spear them the yolk gets into the wells and I don't like that either because egg yolk belongs to toast...

    So my personal verdict is
  2. In Sweden, this is what we call pancakes:


    The rest of the world might know them as crepes. Either way, imo they beat the crap out of American pancakes. Waffles are also good, but not quite as good.

    Pancakes (but really they're crepes) all the way.
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    Trumps both Pancakes and Waffles. There is no better breakfast food. Or dinner food, depending on what you pair it with.
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  4. Why not bo-



    U WOT M8
  5. Pancake sandwiches with waffles as the bread.

    There, I just saved you hours, possible days, worth of worry and anguish. You're welcome.
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  7. Pancakes.

    For the simple fact that you don't need no fancy ass waffle iron to make them.

    How do I like them? Just syrup. Preferably real maple syrup which is beastly. No butter. Keep butter off of my pancakes and waffles, OR I WILL CUT YOU!
  8. Always wanted to make crepes, afraid I would mess the shit out of them X_X
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  10. Crepes and French toast are the only acceptable answers.
  11. I too prefer both of those, in that order.

    When it comes to pancakes and waffles, my family actually uses the exact same recipe for both, so they're the same thing to me. Both of them are rather bland, feels like the kind of food I eat a ton of so I won't need to worry about eating lunch.

    All except crepes, however, I dislike eating without maple syrup. Especially French Toast, actually. But crepes, so long as they are buttery enough, I enjoy by themselves.
  12. If it exists, I will consume it. Especially if it's covered in maple syrup, a divine delicacy where I live.
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  13. I prefer pancakes due to how easy they are to make, but I'm down for either. Crepes, french toast, and other breakfast goodies are fine too. I'm a breakfast egalitarian.
    Ugh, how are we supposed to make Canadian stereotype jokes about you when you do it yourself? Depriving others of that joy isn't very polite, you moosejockey.
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  14. I'm sorry, eh'?
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  15. Belgian waffles.
    I eat them both.
    At the same time.
    With syrup.
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  16. I like both, and most other types of breakfast so long as it is neither deepfried nor ungloriously oversoaked in oilythings. But I thought I ought to share, just for the heck of it.
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  17. I love crepes better than waffles and pancakes. Pancakes look and taste too sweet. On the other hand, if crepes aren't available, I will always go for waffles.
  18. Grab your toque and jersey that hoser, right on.
  19. In Berlin, a pancake is a Berliner, which is a jam filled doughnut. It doesn't get much better than that (even if it is confusing as a tourist to find one). I wouldn't be a true 'Murican if I didn't side with the ball of fried dough with sugary fruit preserves in the middle.
  20. [2]

    Provided that French toast is actually French and not just named after France for no good reason, like French fries or the French horn, crepes and French toast are the two best things to ever come out of France.