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  1. "Because I was born this way, I've got lightning running through my veins."
    ~An Institute for the Extraordinarily Gifted~
    | In Character | Out Of Character |

    "You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor."


    ince our inception, humanity has constantly changed. Constantly evolved. Our way of life as humans is forever adapting to all that surrounds us, shaping to keep up with the world. Society changes and along with it so does our culture. Technology is constantly barreling forward as new devices are being designed every hour of every day. But humanity itself is also changing, in ways mostly unseen to the naked eye but under a microscope there's a very different story.

    After millennia of Earth being routinely doused in what is known as coronal mass ejections, the side effects are starting to show. The coronal mass ejections or CMEs, are a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields being released into space and often directly at Earth. Most often these CMEs also accompany solar flares which release addition energy from the sun into space only for it to collide with Earth. Carried within these events are high energy particles and it is these particles which have began to cause humanity to change and develop new and sometimes unfathomable abilities. Composed primarily of high-energy protons and atomic nuclei, they are of mysterious origin and the limits to their potential remain unknown.

    The resulting effect of the high energy particles is an evolution that was first mistaken for a mutation and coined as the condition 'Viriumosis'. As research continued, it was realized that the mutation was not a temporary condition but the start of a new species as the 'Homo-Virium' was not the result of disease but rather was born with their abilities. The genetic difference became known as the 'Hype-Gene' or 'Hype-Factor' and was most common in families with a long spanning ancestry and history. The 'Hype-Gene' was a culminative result of high energy particles stored within the donating parent's chromosomes which resulted in the creation of the 'Hype-Gene' in their offspring. As such, a human born without a 'Hype-Gene' cannot develop Hyperhuman abilities no matter how many high energy particles they absorb throughout their life, however their offspring may be a Hyperhuman. However, whether one parent is a Hyperhuman or both, the child will also turn out as a Hyperhuman and as such the gene isn't exclusively carried within either sex but is a dominant gene within both. Studies are inconclusive whether powers levels are greater or equal within children who have two Hyperhuman parents. Despite that fact that 'Hype-Gene' takes a dominant role during the embryo's development it's practically undetectable until puberty as it lays in a dormant state until puberty. During puberty, the overwhelming release of hormones awakens the dormant 'Hype-Gene' which then begins to develop super-human abilities within the host.

    Hyperhuman abilities develop in a wide assortment of powers allowing for various displays of power. While these abilities can be drastically different from one individual to the next, there are notable similarities and overlaps which led to the creation of the Hyperhuman Classification system. This system allows the various abilities displayed by Hyperhumans to be broken down and organized to allow for a quick assessment of abilities and threat level.

    As a whole, society is generally wary of Hyperhumans. Made aware of their existence in 1946 in the aftermath of World War II, tensions have remained high as Hyperhumans have fought an uphill battle for acceptance and equal rights to regular humans, otherwise known as Norms. The aftermath of World War II not only brought to the world's attention the horrors committed by Adolf Hitler, but also the experimentation performed on Hyperhumans around the world. These Hyperhumans who for the most part had believed themselves to be one of a kind before the great wars were now aware of the others in the world like them and banded together to make the world aware of their treatment. While the world became aware, they also became paranoid and afraid. Some saw the Hyperhumans as an abomination while others accused them of being aliens masquerading as humans. Laws were passed and mistakes were made as Hyperhumans were forbid from working in the food preparation or medical industry as well as marrying 'Norms.' Lastly, Hyperhumans were outlawed from donating blood, organs or any other bodily substance.

    However, despite the enforced laws, many 'Norms' avoid known Hypes as much as possible. Teachers will refuse to instruct Hyperhumans citing 'personal safety issues' along with safety of their entire class. Employers discriminate against Hyperhumans, refusing to hire them and if they do managed to get hired without being outed, upon discovery many Employers will lay off or outright fire the Hyperhuman employees. Though Hyperhumans and Norms can't legally be married, relationships still happen between them despite the disapproval of society. Those who refuse to end the relationships often become the victims of Anti-Hype Protesters and their extremist sects. These extremists seek out and persecute Hypes, beating them within an inch of life if not downright killing them. Protest plague the world's government and Hyperhuman Identification software is sold on street corners and even the Apple App Store. The validity of this software has yet to be seen but people buy it up like it's going out of style.

    It's for reasons like the above that the enrollment at the Pacific Royal Collegiate and University has only increased since its doors opened. Parents wanting their child to have a fighting chance enlist the help of the Canadian Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection department. H.E.L.P. as it's commonly referred to as is the forefront in Hyperhuman civil rights and has erected a safe asylum for Hyperhumans seeking a place of both employment and education.


    acific Royal Collegiate and University has grown into a globally influential institute, blessed in abundance with a remarkable student body, first-rate teachers and researchers, dedicated staff and engaged alumni. It holds an international reputation for excellence in advanced research and learning, offering innovative undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

    As recently appointed Chancellor, I want to extend a warm welcome to all of you, whether you are already part of the P.R.C.U. family or if, at this moment, you are thinking of including P.R.C.U. in your future educational, formative or professional career plans.

    Leading P.R.C.U. is an honour and a privilege. It is a challenge I embrace wholeheartedly and I am committed to our pursuit of academic excellence in learning, teaching, discovery and innovation. We will meet this mandate in an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and mutually supportive.

    Our community has a responsibility to make sure we give those who study at P.R.C.U. every opportunity for life-long success. I am grateful to our faculty and staff who fulfil this mandate each and every day. There is no better investment we can make as a province and as a country than ensuring our students have the tools to succeed in a rapidly evolving world. At P.R.C.U., we strive to produce critical thinkers with a hunger to give back to their communities. Our institution takes great pride in its community of alumni, who are achieving excellence in all walks of life, engaging in civil debate, and helping to foster success and acceptance in the next generation.

    All of us at P.R.C.U. will continue working together to create an environment that encourages a global perspective across all endeavours. Our campus is a place for open and respectful debate that welcomes diversity in our students, faculty and staff. I encourage you to consider what contributions you can make to P.R.C.U. and look forward to the bold innovations and new thinking you will spark in our shared journey.

    Jonas Lehrer
    Chancellor, Pacific Royal Collegiate and University

    | TIMELINE: |

    | 1916 | - First confirmed finding of a North American Hyperhuman. While the finding is considered by many to simply be Crypto-Zoology, others turn and point to myths of beings who accomplished great feats. Further efforts are put forth to find and locate other specimens for study.

    | 1938 | - Research into Hyperhumans concludes that they are infected and leads to many being quarantined and experimented upon. This is most notable in Germany where Adolf Hitler used the Hyperhuman scare to push his personal agenda forward and exercise his vendetta on the Jewish people, rounding them up into concentration camps and subjecting them to cruel treatments and inhuman experiments.

    | 1945 | - World War II is brought to an end when the Americans dropped Hyperhuman weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These hyperhumans had been coerced into numerous experiments and eventually turned into living weapons. As such no 'atomic bomb' or any 'weapon of mass destruction' was created and instead the world's arms race revolved around the manipulation and experimentation of Hyperhumans whose lives were valued at less than those of the regular human being.

    | 1951 | - Hyperhumans and Humans are seen as separate species with governments becoming hostile towards Hyperhumans, afraid and paranoid of their abilities despite having previously used them to help settle World War II. 'Inter-species' relationships between Homo Sapiens and Homo Virium is outlawed throughout most of North America and Europe as well as all of Asia, South America and Oceania.

    | 1977 | - The Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics & Protection Department better known as H.E.L.P. is founded, a joint creation between the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and the Canadian National Defence.

    | 1979 | - H.E.L.P. creates several small divisions under itself including the special ops, Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce which is abbreviated as S.H.I.F.T. Additionally, the Equality and Rights Division and the Logistics and Research Division are set up.

    | 1986 | - Creation of the Pacific Royal Collegiate in Northern British Columbia, Canada. P.R.C. is meant to be used as a safe school environment for Hyperhumans and welcomes those seeking an education in a non-discriminatory environment. To an extent, the school also serves as an asylum from the world for those who have been persecuted.

    | 1988 | - The Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training or H.E.A.T. program is proposed and created as a joint effort with H.E.L.P. This not only grants P.R.C. the ability to teach hyperhumans but also to help them control their developing abilities. Thanks to H.E.L.P. many of these students could go on to work for the organization including the ops division known as S.H.I.F.T.

    | 1999 | - Pacific Royal Collegiate is expanded to include University becoming Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Construction completed of separate male and female dorms for these students.

    | 2004 | - Construction of A.R.C. begins.

    | 2006 | - Increased enrollment leads to construction of University age Co-Ed dorm.

    | 2012 | - A.R.C. is completed and becomes an integral part of the H.E.A.T. program.

    | 2014 | - Present Day​


    'over; beyond; above' See - "hypernym"
    'excessively; above normal' See - "hypersonic"

    'A human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien.'​

    'An individual who displays or has superhuman abilities or attributes. Specifically an individual belonging to the Homo Virium as opposed to the Homo Sapiens.'​


    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'ATLAS' classifier are those that have abilities that enhance their physical strength and durability. They are often super-strong, invulnerable, or both, but others have heightened reflexes or quickened metabolisms to allow for advanced healing rates - there are even rumours of 'immortal' Atlas-types, Hypes who simply wake up a short time after death. Note that ATLAS-types do not include those whose physical enhancements allow them great speed and no strength or durability; these Hyperhumans are designated under the 'MERCURY' classifer.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'CUPID' classifer are those that have abilities that allow them to influence, produce, or otherwise manipulate emotions in both themselves and others. Often, CUPID-types achieve this through the use of pheromone production, manipulating the hormone levels in the body to stimulate feelings of anger, lust, joy, etc. Most CUPID-types are skilled in manipulating one or two explicit emotions while unable to influence others, but there are stories of CUPID-types with a control over emotions so proficient that it borders on mind control.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'FORTUNA' classifier are those that have abilities that influence synchronicity; in laymans terms, FORTUNA-types tend to be able to subtly push reality one way or another, affecting things, people, or events in a manner many would liken to luck, good or bad. Whether they cause a simple equipment malfunction, quietly set-up an improbable fortune, or set into motion a wide-spanning chain of events, FORTUNA-types that master their abilities often find themselves living extremely easy lives.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'JUNO' classifer are those that can directly tap into the base genetic code of life and alter biological matter as far as their mastery allows. Most JUNO-types are either healers, able to stimulate the body and knit wounds together, or influence their own bodily form to a small degree - but a true, powerful JUNO-type would be able to split skin, incubate horrible plagues, or have complete control over bone and muscle.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'MARS' classifer are perhaps the most diverse. While all MARS-types are energy manipulators, their abilities vary wildly from Hype to Hype - simply because of the sheer amount of energy forms there are in the universe. Some MARS-types can bend light, making themselves invisible to the naked eye, while others have access to electromagnetic or radioactive energy. While some MARS-types are paltry in terms of power, it is widely regarded that they have the most sheer potential.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'MERCURY' classifer are those that possess extra-normal means of travel from wherever they are to wherever they want to be. The more common MERCURY-types have forms of superspeed or flight, often able to move at speeds unmatched by even the fastest forms of vehicular transport. In addition to unrivaled speed, many Mercury types are able to pass through solid objects so as to remain unhindered by obstacles in their path. Lastly, most if not all Mercury types have a degree of control over friction allowing whether to reduce it to accelerate or increase it when slowing down. The power level of a MERCURY-type is often gauged by their ingenuity - or by the number they can transport.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'MINERVA' classifer are often the easiest to label - their abilities deal explicitly with the mind, MINERVA-types being pure psychics. While some read minds, others implant suggestions or project thoughts, and the stronger MINVERA-types can move matter with their thoughts, or simply assume direct control of another person's mind and actions.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'NEPTUNE' classifer are, in their ways, similar to MARS-types. However, NEPTUNE-types do not possess the sheer scope of a MARS-type - instead, their abilities usually focus on one of the four primal elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth), or the secondary offshoots (Ice, Lightning, Nature, etc.). Most NEPTUNE-types weave fire or bring forth boulders, while others manipulate the weather or coax life from the smallest withered seed. NEPTUNE-types with absolute mastery often wield all four elements like they were limbs, and bring the wrath of the most basic components of the universe down upon their enemies.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'ORCUS' classifer are, quite often, the most paranoia-inducing of Hypes. Most are chameleons, able to change their face and become whomever they desire - but others can change more monstrously, taking on bestial aspects, or alien ones. Whatever an ORCUS-type is capable of doing, it is usually safe to refuse what they initially present themselves as.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'SATURN' classifer are, by default, the most powerful, most feared, and most scarce. Their abilities are not as specific as other Hypes, nor are they as wonderful or flashy. Instead, SATURN-types manipulate the very fabric of the cosmos, dipping their hands into the Space/Time Continuum, and molding it to a shape they see favourable. Some SATURN-types bend time, speeding, slowing, and stopping it to their desire, while others simply create matter from thin air, or remove displeasing matter from existence. More commonly, SATURN-types take the form of teleporters, capable of folding space together to travel instantly from one location to another, other create rips in space to bridge together two locations through the use of portals. SATURN-types are few and far between, but given their reputation, most see this as a blessing.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'VULCAN' classifer are often thought to be a mash of many other Hype classification, but all of them are creators, far more than simple artists or sculptors. They compress matter or manipulate energy to form ethereal shapes and objects that they then manipulate either bodily or mentally, throwing up ghostly walls as solid as the thickest steel, or forming fists that hit almost as hard as an ATLAS-type could. Most VULCAN-types are limited only by the scope of their own imagination, and the strongest create what they believe the world is missing.


    he Pacific Royal Collegiate And University is a special institute founded in 1986 and led through associated by the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department. The goal of P.R.C.U. is to train young Hyperhumans to control their abilities and while working with the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department to foster friendly relations between Hyperhumans and the general populous.

    Originally a large Victorian High Gothic style mansion built on Digby Island in British Columbia, Canada, the mansion was built just beyond an old coastal defence built at Frederick Point used as a watch during the Great Wars. The Canadian Government decided to give it to H.E.L.P. who then re-purposed the fort into a base for their own Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce along with another old coastal defence at Dundas Point, while the mansion was converted into an academic building. As enrolment increased, H.E.L.P. commissioned the construction of gender specific dorms. Eventually, the class sizes outgrew the mansion and the construction of a new academic building was completed. P.R.C.U. continued to grow and expand adding the University component in 1999. This lead to the construction of three new dormitories, one of which was the first co-ed dorm on campus, a risky move but necessary to update to modern times.

    Many students choose live on the campus throughout the year as it is the safest place in the for Hyperhumans. Additionally, many of the students have been abandoned by their parents or simply can't return to their homes due to fear for their own safety. As such, the P.R.C.U. employs a large number of Hyperhumans as it constantly seeks out new teachers and advisers for the youth there. Not all the staff are Hyperhumans however. Those who are accepting of "Hypes" are welcomed inside the campus walls as well. The campus also shares the island with S.H.I.F.T.'s main base which was built around the two re-purposed coastal defences. As such, S.H.I.F.T.'s reserves patrol the exterior of the campus to ensure that Pacific Royal Collegiate and University's students are safe.

    Most students at P.R.C.U. are enrolled in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program. H.E.A.T. as it's commonly referred to, is an experimental plan of action run at P.R.C.U. in addition to the usual educational programs. As opposed to the standard educational process of going through high school, then choosing a university major, H.E.A.T. combines a general education complete with a speciality and basic military training. Due to the specialized nature of this program it is overseen exclusively by the Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce. The goal of H.E.A.T. is to prepare its cadets for commissioning into one of H.E.L.P.'s three divisions while also preparing them with a general education degree. This ensures that its candidates have options in all walks of life, but also have the opportunity for immediately employment that will allow them to use all of heir skills and ability. An additional bonus of the H.E.A.T. program is the extra emphasis placed on controlling and using Hyperhuman abilities. While all students get a chance to train with their powers, H.E.A.T. includes daily activities to hone and sharpen these abilities far beyond the standard exercises.



    As the world’s leading institute for Hyperhumans and an advocate for equal freedoms and rights, The Pacific Royal Collegiate and University creates an exceptional learning environment that fosters global citizenship, advances a civil and sustainable society, and supports outstanding research to serve the people of British Columbia, Canada and the world.​

    Academic Freedom
    The Institute is independent and cherishes and defends free inquiry and scholarly responsibility.​

    Advancing and Sharing Knowledge
    The Institute supports scholarly pursuits that contribute to knowledge and understanding within and across disciplines, and seeks every opportunity to share them broadly.​

    The Institute, through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni, strives for excellence and educates students to the highest standards.​

    The Institute acts with integrity, fulfilling promises and ensuring open, respectful relationships.​

    Mutual Respect and Equity
    The Institute values and respects all members of its communities, each of whom individually and collaboratively makes a contribution to create, strengthen, and enrich our learning environment.​



    The Administration Building originally started life as a great mansion built by an eccentric millionaire during the early 1900's. Left unfinished due to the interruption of the Great Wars, it sat empty for numerous decades until the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department came along and bought it both for its size and remote location on Digby Island. For the first couple of years, the school operated solely out of the mansion with H.E.L.P. having finished the building before having it opened. Originally offering rudimentary courses to ensure the students had their basic education before having H.E.L.P. provide them placements through allied companies and workplaces. However as enrolment expanded, additional buildings were commissioned as separate dormitories were constructed and eventually the Academic Quadrangle.

    With these new buildings in place, the Mansion was converted into an Administration building along with housing for the non-military staff employed at Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Despite keeping the historical exterior of the building intact and well maintained, the building's interior has been renovated and updated every few years since the Institute opened. As it stands currently, the interior of the Administration Building is fully update with the latest modern furnishings though styled in a classical manner to match the building's exterior.​


    The Academic Quadrangle is perhaps the most interesting piece of Architecture on the whole P.R.C.U. Campus, if not the most interesting than the most complex one. Suspended above the ground are six floors full of classrooms and learning environments for the students of P.R.C.U. to use. The Quadrangle is built in four long sections which are set up in a perimeter outside of a large courtyard which contains numerous areas to study along with picnic spots and a pond.

    The largest building on campus, the four sides of the Quadrangle are broken into specific categories of class rooms with the science labs and technology making up the Northern Wing. The East and West Wings are divided into various, Language, History, Law, Social and Liberal Art courses. The Library is also found in the West Wing. Lastly the South Wing contains the Math and Science class rooms.​


    Built overlooking the mansion from the North, the front side of the Academic Quadrangle is dedicated to the instruction of technology, communication and the practical application of sciences. Throughout its six floors, all levels of the institutes educational programs are supported at every degree of understanding to ensure that each student can find the material approachable.

    The technology programs are considered to be rather cutting edge in part due to the creations of many Minerva-type Hyperhumans allied with H.E.L.P. which are supplied to the Institute and in many cases used by the creator themselves in the classroom. These cutting edge technologies range from medical, to robotics and even some military grade technology can be found for the students to get hands on experiene with.​


    Built along either side of the Quadrangle are the Wings containing the Liberal Arts including but not limited to English, Linguistics, Theatre, Musical Theory and various Language Courses. These wings contain some of the more popular courses at the Institute and can often be found with numerous students chatting in the hallways between classes. Whilst class is in session, nearly every room is filled to capacity with students either hurriedly taking down notes, acting out classics or simply slacking in the back believing that the arts are low to no effort courses. These course notably contain the most normal human staff in the whole university which some students find slightly unsettling. A school of law is also included in the East Wing which produces some of the foremost fighters for Hyperhuman Equality. Lastly, a large library is included in the West Wing in order to provide the students with all the resources that they need for their studies.​


    While no where near as popular as the Arts, the Math and Science wing are among the more practical disciplines available at P.R.C.U. given that most of the students are 'scientific wonders' themselves. Everything from the most basic to complex calculations and mathematic formulas are imparted into the students' minds. Figuratively across the hall, biology, physics and chemistry are instructed to the eager and even the not so eager students. Medical sciences too are taught in this wing and are especially necessary as new discoveries are constantly being made about the Hyperhuman genetic code and its ever growing array of varieties.​


    Originally a Coastal Defence post built during the first World War, when the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection department took control of the facility they had it renovated and updated, eventually becoming the primary headquarters for their own Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce. With the creation of S.H.I.F.T., H.E.L.P. decided to expand upon their educational offerings at P.R.C.U. and added the Military Academy to S.H.I.F.T.'s headquarters. Students enrolled in the Military Academy portion of P.R.C.U. Have the chance to go on to join the Canadian Armed Forces upon graduation though most decided to sign up with H.E.L.P. and consequently the S.H.I.F.T. Division. Furthermore, the Military Academy is heavily involved in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program which acts as a fast track for students wishing to become H.E.L.P. Agents.​

    MESS HALL (Cafeteria):

    Constructed as the central point between the dorms, Military Academy and Academic Quadrangle, the Mess Hall is the first stop for many every morning. Consisting of several floors each with their own unique style and blend of flavours, the Mess Hall caters to every food taste offering both local and international selections. Aside from the interior dining rooms, the Mess Hall has several designated eating areas outside as well as balconies on each floor. In order to control the flow of traffic, teams are grouped together and given designated meal times to ensure that everyone has a seat from which to enjoy a meal. As such Teams '1' through '10' eat together, '11' through '20' and so on. Not only does this ease the process of getting a meal, but it also allows the various teams to build camaraderie with the other teams outside of classes.​


    Perhaps the most modern building on the P.R.C.U. campus, the Recreational Center is a top of the line fitness buildings. Several highlights include an Olympic sized swimming pool, a climbing wall, a full gymnastics studio and of course a top of the line fitness center. All students are required to spend at least one mandatory hour each day at the gym to ensure they stay in at least moderately fit physical condition. Outside of the Recreational Center lays a couple basketball courts, and a multi-purpose field. This field is used for all manner of sports but the most popular is football, naturally played by the CFL's rules. Removable bleachers are stored in the back of the Rec Center and are set up for the school's Intramural Games since P.R.C.U. can't exactly compete against other schools. ​


    The Collegiate Dorms were built to compensate for the ever growing flux of students that were enrolling at Pacific Royal Collegiate during its early years. Erected in a townhouse style building, the dormitories are contained within one building although separated down the middle by a solid wall, on either side of this wall are the gender specific dorms. Built in a mirrored fashion, both sides of the building are identical and contain four floors, each floor containing one grade, with the freshmen occupying the ground floor while the Seniors habitat the top floor. On the second and fourth floors, are laundry rooms for the students to use while on the first and third floors are two large common rooms which include a kitchen allowing for students to have 'community' meals together. Each room houses two to three students complete with a bed, desk and closet for each, community bathrooms are on each floor to ensure that no dorm has to go too far for a shower.​


    Part of the addition when the Collegiate expanded to include University, the University Age dormitories consist of three separate buildings unlike the Collegiate dormitory. The dorm layout in these buildings are also notable different, with a dorm consisting of four bedrooms, a shared bathroom, shared laundry room and shared kitchen and living room. The first two buildings are gender specific, each consisting of two floors of the above layout, while the third building is a Co-Ed facility, and is actually larger than the other two dorms, having a total of four floors. Another notable difference is that the University Dorms have a shared patio and outdoor pool for the older students to enjoy and relax upon. The University dorms were designed to replicate an apartment as much as possible without totally sacrificing the dormitory design. ​


    The Campus is surrounded by a beautiful forest which acts as a sort of natural barrier between the Institute and the rest of the island. In truth, the forest is not entirely natural but instead was created by the use of Neptune-type abilities to manipulate the native plant life to create the thick bush surrounding the campus. To the North of the campus, there's several trails along the coastal cliffs which can be used for relaxing walks and often the students use them for dates. The rest of the forest however is used for camping trips and wilderness survival training which is supervised by S.H.I.F.T. Agent assigned to School Teams involved. These such trips are often used at the beginning of each academic year as a well of introducing new students to their fellow teammates and to build bonds among the team members.​


    Since the Institute is built on an Island, it's naturally surrounded by water. As such, there are many beaches around Digby Island however the most notable one is the West of the Campus just past the Military Academy. Throughout the summer months, the beach is frequented by many of the students, especially those who live on the Campus full time. A place of constant fun and relaxation, it's not uncommon to come to the beach to find the students using their abilities to manipulate the area with their abilities to create new aquatic sports and games.​

    A.R.C. (Augmented Reality Center):

    The Augmented Reality Center or A.R.C. is one of the largest facilities on the Pacific Royal Collegiate and University campus. A large circular building with approximately a mile radius, the A.R.C. stands close to a hundred feet in height in order to provide a wide range of simulations within. The interior of the A.R.C. appears to made up of many different panels, and each of these panels are attached to a series of columns which can expand and contract to allow the A.R.C.'s arena to change to all manner of shapes and layouts. Coupled with the cutting edge hard light projection technology, the A.R.C. can replicate and simulate all manner of environments and battlefield simulations.

    Participants are needed to wear A.R. Suits which aid in stimulating the other four senses. A.R. Suits also allow for pain simulation in order to fully prepare cadets for battle. A.R. suits are designed to act and feel like Hyperhuman Combat Suits, however they're notable different due to the equipment required to operate with the A.R. Center. These suits are also equipped with glowing LED strips down the suit which can be customized to display team colours. During stealth activities, this feature can be disabled.​

    | DRESS CODE: |

    acific Royal Collegiate and University employs a fairly strict dress code due it's military founding. Over the years, this dress code has become slightly more modern but however is still regarded as strict. Enforced by every instructor on the campus, the dress code goes as follows.

    • Students are expected to wear their uniform to all classes and from 0800hours to 1600hours without exception during the days of Monday through Friday. Casual clothes are permitted after 1600hours outside of the Academic buildings and on the weekends.
    • Students are to keep their uniforms neat and orderly, wearing a clean uniform everyday. As such each student will have to perform their laundry at least twice a week. Uniforms should be ironed and neatly hung up after washing.
    • Students are to ensure they wear the correct uniform for each appropriate environment. As such, one should not show up to a formal event in their Standard Uniform, nor should one attend class in their Dress Uniform. Casual Attire is not appropriate for any event unless specified in advance.

    The Standard Uniform is to be worn a daily basis, Monday through Friday during the Academic from 0800hours to 1600hours. After this time casual attire is acceptable outside of the Academic Quadrangle and so long as another event has not been specified for that evening. Every student receives three sets of their standard uniform which includes the following.
    • A black button-less blazer with Mandarin styled collar. On the shoulder of this blazer are straps which display anywhere from one to four bars. These bards are red for Collegiate students and gold for University students. The number of bars correspondence with your current year, as such a Freshman has one bar on each shoulder, whereas a Senior has four. The blazer has two small pockets, ad over the left breast displays the P.R.C.U. coat of arms. Students may also opt to have their Team insignia attached to on the outside of their right sleeve at the biceps area. For example, members of Team 21 'Blackjack' often have the Ace/Jack insignia placed on their jackets.
    • A Mandarin Collared long sleeved Dress Shirt or Blouse is also included in the Standard Uniform. This shirt is available in four colour varieties, black, white, red or gold. Like the blazer, the shirt is equipped with shoulder straps which are identical to those on the jacket.
    • Included for both genders are a pair of black slacks, while men can opt out for a kilt instead whereas women are offered a pleated skirt. Both the skirt and kilt are done in a tartan style of black, red and gold.
    • Mandatory footwear includes a pair of dress shoes for both genders with men being given a pair of black leather side gusseted loafers. Females are supplied a pair of black leather flats, while both genders are additionally given season appropriate footwear for the winter seasons.
    • While it is optional except under certain circumstances, the only headwear allowed during 0800hours and 1600hours is the supplied black beret.
    • A black peacoat is supplied for the winter months, students have the option of a thigh length peacoat or a knee length version. Peacoats include the school's coat of arms on the left breast and can be customized to include the team insignia on either arm.

    All students are provided with one Dress Uniform, which is reserved for special events. Among these events are Graduation, Formal, Parades or Ceremonial Displays. It's considered an offense to wear the Dress Uniform outside of these events and will lead to discipline.

    • All students are given a black boat cloak complete with a red interior and gold trim around the edges and collar. This garment is to be worn over the rest of the dress uniform.
    • A waist length dress jacket for both genders is included. The jacket is a red colour, with wide black labels and gold trim. The sleeves end in French cuffs, bearing large cufflinks, while the shoulders are adorned with epaulettes, red for Collegiate students and gold for University. Lastly, the right shoulder has an gold Austrian Knot which hangs from it.
    • A black collared dress shirt and gold cummerbund are also included as part of the dress uniform. The dress shirt has a standard collar, as well as standard cuffs so as not to conflict with those on the jacket. A gold tie, or bow tie also generally accompanies this shirt.
    • Both genders have the option of wearing black dress pants while men are also offered the choice of a kilt. Women on the other hand are offered the alternative of a long skirt. All three garments include gold piping along the side.
    • Additional accessories include a peaked cap, leather gloves and leather dress shoes. Men are to wear Oxford styled dress shoes while women are encouraged to wear pumps or heels. Heels are however discouraged from being over four inches.

    May be worn anywhere outside of the academic buildings after 1600hours. Casual wear may be permitted at some social events on campus. Aside from these minor restrictions, there are no further limitations on casual wear at Pacific Royal Collegiate and University, students are free to wear or not wear whatever they wish outside of Academic Periods and other training events.​


    hen Pacific Royal Collegiate first opened, it only had an enrollment of 180 students which lead to the original 22 teams including both the infamous Team 1 'Bulltrue' and Team 21 'Blackjack'. As enrolment increased so too did the number of teams at the school. As of 2014 there are 80 teams of 8 at the school with each team consisting of 8 members of various ages. When the team system was first started a team was made up of two Seniors, two juniors, two sophomores and two freshmen. Each year upon the graduation of the senior members, they were replaced by incoming freshmen. The addition of University changed this and now teams are incredibly variable ranging from teams consisted of one of every education level to teams made up completely of freshmen. Each team is considered a wild card for this reason as students are sorted completely by random.

    The other purpose of these teams is to give those who want to have more traditional athletics a chance. Though it's rare for a full team of eight to actually want to play the same sport, if any, as such teams can usually band together to field a full football team or any other sport. Due to the 'special' nature of the school, the students can't compete with the other Universities or high schools in the area, as such the Intramural Program was implemented to give the students as much of a full experience as possible.


    ounded in 1977, the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics & Protection department seeks to help not only Hyperhumans within Canada, but also offers international aid. Originally a joint creation between the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and the Canadian National Defence. H.E.L.P. eventually grew to the point where it too split into various divisions. Splitting into three divisions, H.E.L.P. dividing itself into the Equality and Rights Division, Logistics and Research Division and the Protection and Enforcement Division.

    The first of these divisions, Equality and Research deals with the social issues that plague Hyperhumans. The employees of this division can constantly be found on Parliament Hill fighting against the rules and limitations placed solely on Hyperhumans. The Logistics and Research Division focuses on further understanding the genetics and development of the Hype-Gene along with numerous technologies which help to protect the average citizen from Hyperhumans who choose to abuse their abilities. Lastly there's the Protection and Enforcement Division who track down and contain those who do in fact abuse their abilities. On the other side of the coin, the Protection and Enforcement Division protect Hyperhumans from those who wish to persecute them.

    With the three divisions established, H.E.L.P. was able to expand its efforts and range within which it was able to help Hyperhumans. These efforts culminated in the purchase of an unfinished mansion on Digby Island in British Columbia. The mansion of course would go on to be developed into the Pacific Royal Collegiate and later University. While H.E.L.P. was originally reliant on government funding, eventually they were joined by a man by the name of Robert Priest who possessed the ability to transmute metals. Nicknamed 'Midas', Priest was able to greatly enhance the revenue that H.E.L.P. had at its disposal while care was taken not to upset the economy. Through Priest's assistance, the Institute grew and flourished to the point where it is today.


    he Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce is a specific team affiliated under H.E.L.P.'s Protection and Enforcement Division. Equipped with specialized gear including the revolutionary Hyperhuman Combat Suits (Affectionately referred to as 'Hammer Pants'), members of S.H.I.F.T. are dispatched when situations become far too dangerous for the military or H.E.L.P. agents to handle directly. S.H.I.F.T. members are trained to resist and avoid even some of the most dangerous Hyperhuman attacks and about 95% are Hyperhumans themselves which naturally grants them an edge in combat. Broken down into squads of eight, all squads are hand-picked by their leader so as they can guarantee what's up their sleeves are only preferred cards.

    S.H.I.F.T. was first established in response to a rising number of vigilantes who were abusing their Hyperhuman abilities. Due to vigilantism being outlawed through all of North America, those who committed it were brought into conflict with law enforcement who more often than not were given permission to use lethal force due to the abilities displayed by those they came up against. S.H.I.F.T. was created to intervene and contain the situation to prevent the loss of life on both sides. As such, standard armament for S.H.I.F.T. Agents includes both lethal and non-lethal weapons such as tasers and tranquilizers. Many students at P.R.C.U. enroll in the H.E.A.T. program in hopes of one day being picked to join S.H.I.F.T.


    • | NAME: |
      Director Winter Caspian​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Connected to elemental powers such as earth or sand manipulation, thus falling into the Neptune-Class, Winter can create, shape and manipulate glass. Glass is defined as an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material that exhibits a glass transition, which is the reversible transition in amorphous materials (or in amorphous regions within semicrystalline materials) from a hard and relatively brittle state into a molten or rubber-like state. Winter can be a deadly foe if necessary due the wide variety of glass available especially in urban environments. Without glass around, Winter can create it provided some of the basic materials are available such as sand.

      Most commonly glass refers to soda-lime glass, but it includes also fulgurite and obsidian, allowing Winter a wide range of materials to manipulate to her will.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "I will not rest until we can be free to demonstrate our abilities the same as you and your kin!"

      The current Director for the Department of Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection, Winter Caspian is a force to be reckoned with. A rare case of a student attending P.R.C.U. before transitioning to another school, Winter did just that completing the collegiate courses as Pacific Royal before attending and graduating with an Honour Bachelors of Law from Queen's University. Following this, she returned to P.R.C.U. and completed a fast track program earning a diploma in Social Relations.

      Winter started her career working in H.E.L.P.'s Equality and Rights Division before eventually advancing to the position of Director in 2013. Aggressive with a take no prisoners attitude, Winter has sat the Prime Minister himself down to fight for equal rights to all Hyperhumans. A feat no previous Director had managed before, leaving Winter with quite the infamous reputation among both the organization and Canada's political system.​
    • | NAME: |
      Isabella 'Belle' Christianson ​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Belle has the ability to connect her mind with any machine or network within a large range. Her brain is specially designed to absorb and process large amounts of information which she acquires through mass downloads. Belle is able to search the internet in a matter of seconds as well as bypass nearly any firewall or security measure to date. Most often, Belle is used to find people through her unique skills and techniques, however her abilities are also useful for maintaining the P.R.C.U.'s campus intranet and servers.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "I've already got it Boss."

      Belle maintains the school's networks and computers as well as ensuring the library is constantly up to date. Originally a hacker before being apprehended and recruited by H.E.L.P. Belle would go on to become an Agent of S.H.I.F.T. often accompanying Commander O'Bran on missions to recruits other Hyperhumans.

      Having put those days behind her now, Belle works within P.R.C.U. doing the best she can to prepare students for the while world while instructing numerous programming courses each year.​
    • | NAME: |
      Theron Orion Demetrios​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Screech Owl​

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Theron possesses a devastating Sonic Scream which he can use to knock opponents off their feet or even completely decimate solid objects. This scream can also be used to propel Theron high into the air with the aid of his modified Hyperhuman Combat Suit. Further more, Theron possesses a larger than usual set of lungs and enhanced ocular abilities granting him macroscopic vision.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "You might want to cover your ears for this."

      Acting as a reserve member of S.H.I.F.T. as well as the current Team Instructor for Team 1 'Bulltrue', Theron Demetrios has a long standing rivalry with Anthony Strum. This rivalry surfaces from their time spent competing during their time at P.R.C.U. and then later when both were assigned to Commander O'Bran's taskforce. Outside of instructing Augmented Reality sessions to Team 1, Theron is an expert in Greek Mythology, Classical Literature and Philosophy, often teaching several courses throughout the year in the Academic Quadrangle.​
    • | NAME: |
      Chancellor, Dr. Jonas Lehrer​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |

      | HISTORY: |
      "I believe in equality for all, no matter their abilities, race, gender or sexuality."

      The recently elected Chancellor of Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Dr. Jonas Lehrer stands as a role model not only to his students but also to all of the Hyperhuman Community. Having been the Chancellor for just over three years, Dr. Lehrer has already make his own unique mark on the University, enrollment further increasing under his new publicity campaign. What was most impressive about it however, was not the effectiveness of the campaign but rather the way which Dr. Lehrer instructed the staff to carry it out, allowing it to escape under the radar of many bigots, keeping the Institute safe from harm.

      Highly regarded, Dr. Lehrer is one of the few staff not to have graduated from P.R.C.U. instead a graduate from McGill University in Montreal Quebec. As such, very little is publically known about Dr. Lehrer including his Hype-Gene abilities. The result of this is a lot of students gossiping about what the Chancellor is truly capable of. Often during the introductory week, students will gather around fires swapping stories about what they may or may not have seen Dr. Lehrer do.​
    • | NAME: |
      Commanding Officer, Killian Seamus O'Bran​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Killian possess an advanced immune system, superhuman senses, enhanced stamina and endurance. However, Killian's most impressive ability is his regenerative and reconstructive healing factor allowing him to recover from even the most grievous of injuries. Though it's never been tested, the lead researcher at the Logistics and Research center believes that Killian may even be able to revive from the dead.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "You can call us S.H.I.F.T."

      The Commanding Officer in charge of the Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce, Commander Killian O'Bran reports directly to the Protection and Enforcement Division and even the Director of the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department herself. As one of the original graduates from P.R.C.U., O'Bran still proudly bears his Team 1 'Bulltrue' insignia on his arm after leading the team to victory over the others in his final year. As such, O'Bran's code name is derived from this and his Irish heritage, the name Tavros coming from a divine bull in Celtic mythology.

      Despite having numerous taskforces under his command, O'Bran still likes to take to the field himself and often hand picks a team for himself under the belief that one should only keep their aces up their sleeves. In further extension of this belief, S.H.I.F.T. Team Leaders are allowed to pick graduates from P.R.C.U. as opposed to having graduates assigned to them.​
    • | NAME: |
      Robert 'Bobby' Priest Jr.​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Like his father, Bobby has the ability to transmute matter. In fact, their abilities are identical including their limitations. Bobby however has more control over his abilities than his father however he lacks the reluctance his father has and often abuses his abilities especially in his romantic conquests.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "So tell me, are diamonds really a girl's best friend?"

      The hotheaded and arrogant son of Robert Priest Sr. Junior, or Bobby as he prefers to go by is vain and utterly full of himself but nonetheless brilliant. Head of P.R.C.U.'s science department, Bobby teaches several classes though he does have a slight penchant for ending up in bed with his grad students, a misdemeanor the school has overlooked due to his and his father's unfortunate value to the both the institute and H.E.L.P. in general. That said, ever since H.E.L.P. came up the leadership of Winter Caspian, Bobby has been under closer surveillance and unable to get away with his usual shenanigans. To no one's surprise, Bobby is the Team Leader for Team 69.​
    • | NAME: |
      Robert William Priest Sr.​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Robot Priest's Hyper-Gene allows him to transmutate matter from one substance to another. Most notably, he prefers to change metals from a lesser alloy into a more valuable one. Robot gained his alias due to his love of turning cheap dining utensils made of stainless steel into solid gold. While this ability comes at many risk's, Robot has managed to avoid turning anyone into gold or stone over the year through his eccentric fear of touching and often ensures his hands are covered by a pair of leather gloves which on more than a few cases have been accidentally transmutated into other materials. Thankfully a glove is rather easy to undo unlike the complex human body. Robot's ability is also only tied to his hands.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "It's all Fool's Gold."

      An eccentric millionaire with the ability to transmutate matter, Robert Priest Sr. built his fortune by turning worthless metals into something new and profitable. His ability allowed him to turn aluminum into titanium, rust into steel or even copper into gold. Found by the Department of Hyperhuman Quality, Logistics and Protection, Priest found himself interested in the group and decided to invest in it while sending his son away to P.R.C.U. Over the years, Priest has been a primary 'investor' in the institute providing near limitless funds to the school while keeping under the radar so as not to upset the economy. For this reason, Robot has to be careful about what he transmutate, as too much of a precious metal or gem could affect the entire world.​
    • | NAME: |
      Anthony Leon Strum​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | SEX: |

      | H-CLASS: |

      | ABILITIES: |
      Anthony has the ability to manipulate and control all forms of weather and also possesses a degree of immunity to the cold because of this. Anthony can summon, thunder, lightning, winds of all speeds and every type of precipitation. His abilities have little effect indoors as he can not create storms, only summon the elements.​

      | HISTORY: |
      "I assure you, lightning will strike twice."

      Originally a trouble child growing up in Eastern Canada, Anthony Strum was found by H.E.L.P. after losing control of his developing abilities and nearly completely destroying his home town. Flying Anthony to P.R.C.U. he was enrolled and placed on Team 21 'Blackjack' proving to be something of a prodigy. With his addition to the team, Blackjack was able to overtake Bulltrue and become school champions in the end of the year tournament.

      Upon graduating, Anthony became a member of S.H.I.F.T. under Commander Killian O'Bran where served for two years before returning to P.R.C.U. Now Anthony serves as the Team Leader for Team 21 as well as teaching various English both the main stream course and as a second language to any international students who require it.​



    [1.01] You can create any superhuman mold you want with tact. All invincible superhumans or obvious imitations of DC or Marvel titles will be judged harshly. If you must make a 'monstrous' character/power, I advise you to make your character dual sided so they may blend with the regular people. Your abilities should also be a secret to anyone outside of the Institute, remember people are afraid of what they don't understand and the Hyperhuman is a new concept to the world. People will not be willing to accept them very quickly.

    [1.02] Character sheets will not be accepted until the GMs have had time to look over the CS thoroughly. This not only ensures that we the GMs have time to read through Character Sheets appropriately but also that you the Player are receiving proper critique as well as a solid community to interact with in the In Character Threads. We appreciate your patience with this.

    [1.03] All Character Sheets must be submitted to the GMs in the provided or similarly laid out format. Character Sheets which do not use an organized skeleton will be rejected and asked to comply to a standard. Displays of impatience towards acceptance will result in an immediate denial. The GMs have lives outside of Iwaku and may have their time restricted during the week and/or weekend. Have patience and a positive attitude and you will receive a response.

    [1.04] Players are allowed one primary character. You allowed to create secondary characters to interact with as well as flesh them out. However do not spend more time on these characters than necessary, they should be more like NPCs than player characters. While you could make them Hyperhumans but they should not be constantly tagging along with your character. Opportunities to have other primary characters may come down the road.​


    [2.01] Respect the Game Masters. The GM's words are law, don't argue or disregard them. If a GM asks you to stop doing something please do it. Likewise if a GM asks you to change something in your post please do it. Failure to adhere to any GM or Moderator requests will result in expulsion from the game.

    [2.02] Respect the other players. Constructive criticism is fine, but flaming or trying to run players off just because you don't like the way they do things is not okay. Remember, it's the GM's job, not yours, to point out if there's a problem. If you feel that there is a problem, then contact a GM directly.

    [2.03] Likewise any quarrels will be dealt with by the GMs. Don't take them out in the OOC, arguments should be dealt with between the two parties through private messaging. If the involved parties truly can't solve their issues a GM can act as an arbiter upon request.

    [2.04] No GIF Wars. This is a thread for discussion of the Roleplay, its characters and plots. This is not a Spam Thread. Chat is allowed and encouraged but within reason, please try not to fill the OOC with numerous pages that have little to nothing to do with the roleplay itself. An active OOC generally means an active Roleplay so feel free to chat up your teammates and fellow players about characters and events in the RP.​


    [3.01]You are your character, so act like them. Create or portray their mannerisms, powers, and ideals to how they have been established in the game. BE the character, not just yourself with the character's powers. The notes section of your CS has been provided for such a reason, use it to help yourself remain consistant in character portrayals.

    [3.02] Writing expectations for this roleplay are at least a two (2) paragraph minimum per post. Three (3) to five (5) paragraph posts however would be awesome so long as you're not simply chewng the scenary. Proper spelling and grammar is also expected but small mistakes here and there are understandable. Blatant offenses will be called out.

    [3.03] You are encouraged to post at least once per week. If there are any outside factors as to why you aren't able to post, please let the GMs know. If you find yourself in a plot with another player and they disappear, do your best to move on without them and quickly finish the arc to the best of your ability, or ask for the help of a GM. If you stop posting for two (2) weeks without a message in the OOC, your character will be listed as 'inactive', and after a further week of inactivity, your characters will be expelled, and dealt with as necessary in the IC, whether killed or used as needed and then discarded.

    [3.04] No God-Modding or metagaming. This refers to controlling or manipulating another player's character in way that is completely self beneficial and not pre-approved by the other player. This also includes being untouchable against NPC characters as well as being all knowing. Keep your character humanized or risk being expelled from the RP.

    [3.05] PC's are not to be killed without permission. Nameless NPC's are fine, but PC's or important NPC's will require authorization by their creator.

    [B[3.06][/B] This is a Character Driven RP, and as such you are encouraged and expected to take charge of your character's sub-plots and storylines. That said, there will be a heavy emphasis on collaborative acetifies and team building as well. The GMs will leading the RP in the traditional sense with a driving plot and will ensure the RP keeps moving however we do want to see you develop your characters.

    [3.07] Absolutely no 'OOC' chatter in the In Character Thread. If you have a question or anything to explain there is an Out Of Character Thread provided. You have no excuse to make an 'OOC' comment in the IC and if done it will be heavily frowned upon.​


    his is a school-type RP and I realize that relationships are a part of this. While I have no problem with this I do want it kept a specific way to avoid breaking any rules. Iwaku's standard is as follows:

    "Iwaku allows roleplays and stories to develop naturally, and that will occasionally include mature content. When you are posting a scene, story, or image outside of the Mature areas, please use the (spoiler) code to hide it with a content warning. That way people will be prepared. If you are running a roleplay that is purely filled with mature content, it must be posted in the Mature section."

    If you don't want to use Spoilers, then you may use the standard fade-to-black technique if you desire and that will be fine, just keep it PG-13/14A (May contain: violence, coarse language and/or sexually suggestive scenes.) both leading and following up. I implore you to keep within the age restrictions set up already by administration. As such, lets keep it simple, ages 14-17 can have relationships with each other and likewise for 18-22. Obviously there's some grey area in there and I'd understand 16-18 should also be a range but please just use your common sense if you're going to seek a relationship within the RP. You have been warned of my expectations on this matter and should you fail to follow through you will be asked to leave the roleplay and reported for breaking site rules.​

    | TEAM 21 'Blackjack' DOSSIER TEMPLATE: |

    DOSSIER CODE (open)
    [tabs][tab=| BASICS |][IMGA=right]A headshot of your character is preferred[/IMGA][B]| NAME: |[/B]

    [B]| ALIAS(ES): |[/B]

    [B]| PLACE OF BIRTH: |[/B]

    [B]| NATIONALITY: |[/B]

    [B]| D.O.B. |[/B]

    [B]| AGE: |[/B]

    [B]| SEX: |[/B]

    [B]| SEXUALITY: |[/B]

    [B]| HEIGHT: |[/B]

    [B]| BUILD: |[/B]

    [B]| WEIGHT: |[/B]

    [B]| EYES: |[/B]

    [B]| HAIR: |[/B]

    [B]| H-CLASS: |[/B]
    [tab=| ABILITIES |][B]| ABILITIES: |[/B]

    [B]| LIMITATIONS: |[/B]

    [B]| WEAKNESSES: |[/B]

    [B]| APPLICATIONS: |[/B]
    [tab=| HISTORY |][B]| HISTORY |[/B]
    [tab=| EXAMINATION |]
    [tab=| NOTES |]
    [tab=| ASSOCIATES |]

    • | NAME: |
      Your full name as written on your birth certificate or driver's license.​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Any names your parents, relatives or friends call you. This should NOT be a 'superhero alias'. Codenames are earned in the IC.​

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Where were you born? If possible include City/Town, State/Province and Country.​

      | NATIONALITY: |
      Nationality/Ethnicity EG. Canadian/Caucasian Note: The Pacific Royal Collegiate and University accepts applicants from all over the world knowing that not every country is as tolerant as Canada is towards hyperhumans.​

      | D.O.B. |

      | AGE: |
      14-22 preferably. Age 14 is always going to be a new entry where as the older ages have either been attending the school previously or are an older student who was only recently admitted.​

      | SEX: |
      Preferably your biological gender, if you prefer not go by a gender specific pronoun please note that in your Biography or Notes. Please do not answer 'yes'.​

      | SEXUALITY: |
      *Optional, if you'd wish to note it you may. If you have no interest in having it known or any other reason there's not need to put.​

      | HEIGHT: |
      How tall are you? Imperial or Metric.​

      | BUILD: |
      Single word that best describes your build.​

      | WEIGHT: |
      How much do you weigh? Imperial or Metric.​

      | EYES: |
      Eye Colour​

      | HAIR: |
      Hair Colour​

      | H-CLASS: |
      Your Hyperhuman Classification. If you're having trouble let me know and I can tell you which category you likely belong under.​
    • | ABILITIES: |
      What superhuman powers do you possess?​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      What are the limits of these powers? EG As an Atlas type, what is the maximum you can lift?​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Do these powers give you any exploitable weaknesses? Maybe a Mercury type who flies has a more fragile bone structure.​

      List some practical applications of your powers, include at least one combat application.​
    • | HISTORY |
      This is your backstory from the time you were born until the start of the RP. If you want to keep certain details vague so as to reveal them in the IC, skim over them for the time being or be subtle about them. But please avoid too many clichés, we're all familiar with the orphan who swears to fight for justice because of the death of his parents.

      Note there's about three possible ways you came to P.R.C.U., either you applied, you were recruited by H.E.L.P. or you were rescued by S.H.I.F.T.​

    • Please include a two paragraph sample written as the character you're applying from. This sample can come from anywhere but I would prefer if it was specifically written for this sheet and not pasted from somewhere else. I also prefer writers to use the third person perspective but I will consider first person as well, but as I said I prefer third person.​

    • *Optional, any additional notes you wanted to add that weren't covered by the above sections. This can be either kept for yourself or submitted for everyone to see. This would also be the place to include any NPCs you intend on using, just note that while NPCs are welcome they will not be part of the PC hyperhuman squad. As such, NPCs will not be welcome on missions but they may partake in A.R.C. exercises and classes.​
    • ~This is the relationship page, this is to be filled out after other players have been accepted as well. Talk with each other and decide if you'd be friends, rivals etc. I'm hoping that by doing this we'll build a more collaborative and interactive RP. For additional players, just C+P the template.~

      | [CHARACTER NAME] | [IMPRESSION (EG Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [RELATIONSHIP(EG Friend, Rival, Crush, etc)] | [BRIEF SUMMARY OF RELATIONSHIP (EG, Met Joey at a party, had a couple drinks and a few laughs, now we hang out almost every day.)] |

    | TEAM 21 'Blackjack' ROSTER: |

    Kendall, Victoria as portrayed by PlayingMonster

    Knight, David as portrayed by PastaSentient

    Naaktgeboren, Emma as portrayed by Olissa

    Ripole, Minavita as portrayed by Roman

    Roth, Aiden as portrayed by Lord Wraith [GM]

    Vostrum, Erika as portrayed by Stein

    Welles, Hunter as portrayed by Shroud


    Is this an original universe superhero RP?
    Yes it is.

    Can I make an original character?
    Yes you may.

    How many players are you looking for?
    I am looking for an additional seven players plus myself to make a team of eight within the IC that will become Team 21 'Blackjack'. If enough interest is gathered, I'd be willing to try and rework the RP for two teams of eight.

    What kind of powers am I allowed to use?
    Preferably powers which fit into one of the above listed 'Hyperhuman Classifications.' Almost any power will work for this RP but note there's an emphasis on choosing one power as opposed to choosing a powerset in the vein of 'Superman'. Since this is a team RP you need to realize you'll have teammates to make up for your short comings so don't try to be well rounded, let yourself have weaknesses and take damage.

    Can my character use magic, be a vampire/werewolf/god/alien etc?
    No. The characters for this RP are all to be humans who have the 'Hype-Gene'. A case can be made for a regular human but within this universe superpowers only come from the 'Hype-Gene'.

    Can I have more than one character?
    To a certain extent. Within this RP you are allowed one primary character who will be part of 'Blackjack' however you may also create a secondary character or NPCs. The catch is that the secondary character may not be part of 'Blackjack' and as such will not be allowed on missions unless the mission entails a team up with another squad. Likewise the same rules go for NPCs.

    Can my character be bad/evil?
    You character may be or have delinquent tendencies about him, but the idea of the RP is to keep all the players together on a team. That doesn't mean you have to be a goody-goody two shoes but you also won't be siding with the antagonists.

    Can I play a staff member instead of a student?
    [/I]If you wish, you may ask for your secondary character to be a staff member. However all primary characters must be a member of 'Blackjack'.[/I]​

    Can my secondary character be evil?
    At this time, the GM has all the antagonists he needs. If an opportunity to submit an antagonist arises, you will be notified within the OOC.

    What's the plot going to be like?
    The plot is going to play out in a linear episodic manner alternating between school and field missions. School episodes can vary between classes, social activities and use of the A.R.C. while field missions will including rescuing other Hyperhumans, stopping rogue Hyperhumans or tracking down any enemies of H.E.L.P.

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    -The Game Is Currently Closed To New Players


    eam 21 'Blackjack' have officially kicked off their fall semester after enjoying one last day at the beach. Embarking on the annual camping trip, the team has engaged in a three team game of 'Capture The Flag' along with their rivals Team 1 'Bulltrue' and Team 69 'Libra'.

    Elsewhere, S.H.I.F.T. has begun investigating a break in at the Royal Canadian Mint which has raised some concerns among H.E.L.P. as it seems to have been committed by rogue Hyperhumans. To make matters worse, one of these culprits could have been Anthony Strum, the team mentor to 'Blackjack' whose fingerprints were discovered all over the primary vault.​


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    • | NAME: |
      Aiden Gabriel Roth​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada​

      | NATIONALITY: |
      Canadian Caucasian​

      | D.O.B. |
      February 21, 1994​

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | HEIGHT: |

      | BUILD: |

      | WEIGHT: |
      164 lbs​

      | EYES: |

      | HAIR: |

      | H-CLASS: |
    • | ABILITIES: |

      Aiden has the ability to create and project thermal energy from his eyes. This thermal energy can be ejected from the eyes in one of two ways, as concussive blasts or as a powerful continuous beam.

      When fired as a concussive blast, Aiden can either fire these blasts singularly or in rapid succession. The size and speed can all be controlled, with Aiden gaining more skill with his abilities each year. The temperature of his ability is variable with the hottest temperature reaching 1510 degrees Celsius (2750°F) which is even capable melting through solid steel. While Aiden can't force his ability burn any hotter than the above number, extended exposure would eventually raise the temperature of the target higher than the above numbers.

      Like the temperature, Aiden controls the force behind each concussive blast. He can simply radiate heat from his eyes or, Aiden can put up to enough force to easily lift a man over two hundred pounds off his feet, as maximum Aiden has even managed to offset a thrown car. That said, due to the strain Aiden can't keep consistently manage that much force. Likewise as with anything, the width and diameter of Aiden's blasts and beams have an effect, a focused narrow beam is more likely to cut through a target where as a wide blast will push back or knock down a target. As with the temperature and pressure, Aiden can control the size of his beams whether they're small precision blasts or wide, large blast for a maximum area of effect. While Aiden's optic blasts can be fired anywhere within his vision's range, the solid beams can actually be bent and curved by his own will as opposed to reflecting and refracting off of mirrored surfaces. To this extent, Aiden can literally chase a target with his optic beams as long as they are within eye sight.

      Due to the heat and force behind his vision powers, Aiden has slightly improved durability primarily in heat resistance. Additionally his balance is enhanced in order to be able to stand against his own concussive force.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      While powerful, Aiden has several notable limitation that come with his abilities. First and foremost, his energy levels are not finite and overuse will leave Aiden complete drained, possibly even unconscious. In order to recharge his optic powers, Aiden requires rest and sustenance. Abuse requires substantially longer to recover from.

      Furthermore, despite being resistant to the heat produced by his own abilities, Aiden can't handle the heat from his optic blast if he were to completely drain it at maximum temperature in one continuous beam. This would likely leave him with severe burns to his body as well as permanently blinded.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |

      Aiden's abilities tend to hinder his vision while in use, each blast he fires is a moment when the world is completely distort in a burst of brilliant colour, likewise while emitting a beam attack, his vision is almost completely obstructed leaving his open to attacks. This is particularly exploitable when you realize that Aiden's own attacks can be redirected back at him and are completely able to injure him though to a lesser extent than the intended target due to Aiden's resistance.

      His attacks are however difficult to reflect but certain mirrored surfaces are capable of doing so, some glass structures too are capable of refracting his attacks and altering their path. Lastly and perhaps most notable, Aiden's body is only a small step above that of a regular human, his skin is no more resistant to knives and gunfire than a Norm making him fairly easy to kill if unprepared and unarmored.​


      Aiden's optical powers have a wide variety of uses outside of the obvious combat ones. For instance, a low heat beam can be used to help bring of the body heat of a teammate on the verge of hypothermia. Likewise, his abilities could also be used as a signal flare or to start a fire.

      A blast or beam with a very low to no heat level could be used to push a teammate who's out of arm's' reach in the case they were in danger or didn't see an incoming threat. A focused high heat beam could be used to cut with surgical precision if given training, further more it would also cauterize the wound. High level heat beams can also be used to weld or cut through metal and other materials. Wide beams can be used for a maximum range of effect, such as evaporating snow, ice or even water.​
    • | HISTORY |
      "Want to look me in the eye and tell me that?"

      Born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Aiden Gabriel Roth grew up under the careful watch of his parents David and Regina Roth. Working as a Structural Engineer, his father brought home quite the income, which ensured that his family had everything they needed. As Aiden grew older, his mother was able to return to her career as a caterer, using her love of cooking and baking to bring joy to many varieties of special events. Living in Toronto ensured that Aiden had everything he ever needed at his fingertips, the Canadian Metropolis provided all sorts of services, occasions, shopping and some of the finest schools in the province. However in his early years, Aiden was plagued by health issues and spent most of his time inside SickKids Hospital. Born with a weak immune system, Aiden's body seemed to pick up every bug he came in contact with and as a result, his parents kept him at home whenever they could to reduce his risk to exposure. Due to this, Aiden was homeschooled for the early years of his life and finally introduced to the public system at the age of 12.

      During puberty, Aiden's Hype-Gene emerged as his eyes discharged during his first Sexual Education Class. The blast of heat was low enough not to appear visible to the naked eye, it was still hot enough to singe the hair of several classmates in front of him which caused their hair to catch fire setting off the school's sprinkler system and smoke alarms. The result of this development led to his parents playing the blame game with each other, accusing one another of creating a monster. Deciding to take a family holiday together, the trio drove out of the city and headed for their cottage. The vacation was going well until Aiden decided to try and trigger his abilities, first lighting a campfire with his eyes and then attempting to roast a marshmallow with them. His parents became so afraid that Aiden was eventually abandoned as his parents snuck out of the cottage during the night, leaving Aiden to fend for himself. Despite abandoning their child, the damage was already done, guilt tearing the couple apart and David and Regina eventualy divorced soon after.

      Left in the middle of the Muskoka woods at the age of fourteen, Aiden was forced to fend for himself, eventually finding his way into a small nearby town. Starving and with no money, the boy tried to steal a chocolate bar, only to be caught by the shop owner. The owner naturally called the local authorities after the boy refused to give the shopkeeper his parent's contact information. Picked up by the police, his Hyperhuman status was soon discovered by the OPP who thankfully put a call to the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Division. H.E.L.P. tracked down Aiden's parents and took legal guardianship over for Aiden, flying the young boy out to British Columbia so he could begin anew. Landing in the city of Prince Rupert, Aiden was put aboard a ferry as he journeyed towards his new home. Finding himself awestruck by the campus, Aiden could scarcely believe his ears when he was informed that he was now a student and resident of Pacific Royal Collegiate and University.

      It took Aiden awhile to adjust to living with other Hyperhumans, living with other kids his age was also a challenge which led to many sleepless nights as Aiden learned the mischievous ways of practical jokes. Living now at the school for almost six years, Aiden is one of the longest running members of Team '21', and has seen many teammates come and go as they graduate. Though despite all the positive in his life, Aiden still struggles with teammates leaving thanks to the damage the abandonment of his parents left on that fourteen year old boy. Training hard with Blackjack and in the A.R.C., Aiden has learned to develop control over his abilities, honing his skills with them and adapting his abilities to a wide variety of applications. Now enrolled in the University system, Aiden is training to be an agent of the Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce through the H.E.A.T. program. Aiden has a goal to one day being able to assist H.E.L.P. in order to display his gratitude towards them after the way they were able to help him.​

    • T
      he smell of dirt overwhelmed Aiden's as his face was forced down into the ground, the taste of grass overpowering his mouth as the small green blades pushed through his lips and in between his teeth. As the weight of the other body got off of him, Aiden pushed himself up with his arms, another student coming over to grab the football as Aiden silently cursed to himself, spitting out the grass from his mouth as he stood up. Blinking back his glowing red eyes, he gave his head a shake in disbelief for the fact he just tried to outrun a Mercury-type Hype.

      "Shouldn't have tried that Roth!" A playful voice yelled as Aiden looked over at voice responsible for tackling him.

      "I dare you to get the ball next Zippy, I'll knock you on your ass from halfway across the field." Aiden laughed as he returned to his team's line up. Hyperball was one of his favourite past times at P.R.C.U., it was football but with powers. Naturally that made for a much more interesting game.

      "Roth get in here!" Bruce, Aiden's team's quarterback ordered. Like Aiden, he was a Mars type Hype, however his abilities were quite different as he was able to charge the potential energy in an object, releasing it in a large kinetic burst. It made him ideal for a Hail-Mary play. "Alright so here's the plan, Zippy over there has the ground covered so we need to somehow get past him if we want to win this game. This is our final down and we can't afford to blow it."

      "Why don't you run the ball? Charge your own potential energy and launch across the field?" Aiden suggested as the other teammates murmured their agreement.

      "Alright, I'll try it, but I'm counting on you to blast that speedster Roth. Everyone else, stick with your man. We've got this! Break!" Bruce yelled as the team turned around and ran to the line. Within seconds, the ball had snapped and the two teams were clashing until suddenly Bruce went barreling through, his explosion of energy propelling him almost as fast as Zippy could move. Running as fast he could, Aiden tried not to fall behind, and suddenly felt a 'WHOOSH' as Zippy passed him. Narrowing his eyes, Aiden slide to a stop and let loose a crimson concussive blast, narrowly missing, he cursed as Zippy closed in on Bruce. Breathing in deeply, Aiden focused and instead of Zippy aimed at Bruce as he suddenly dropped to his knees and aimed upwards as he unleashed a beam of energy from his eyes. A cry arose from both of the players as Zippy tackled Bruce just as the beam collided with them, raising both into the air as they continued to fly forward. With a thud, they suddenly dropped to the ground as Aiden stood and cheered. Rubbing his head as he too stood up, Bruce suddenly slammed the ball to the ground and joined in with Aiden's cheering as the team followed suit. Aiden's quick thinking had boosted Bruce into the endzone allowing the team their winning touch down.

      "Told you I'd blast you Zippy!" Aiden called as the other teen shook his head and smiled.

      "Good game Hotshot, we'll get you next time."

      Scoffing, Aiden laughed as he turned back to the Speedster. "Don't count on it." He said with a wink as he headed towards the mess hall, a celebratory slice of pie was in order.​
      • Has trouble getting close to people, afraid they're just going to leave.

      • To a degree has difficulty with the opposite sex due to a fear of incinerating them if he were aroused. As such, Aiden is relatively chaste.

      • Despite all of the above, Aiden is outgoing and enjoys being sociable especially when it comes to sports. Aiden enjoys football/hyperball above all others though, second to that is naturally hockey.

      • His favourite teams are the Calgary Stampeders and the Calgary Flames, despite having never actually been to Alberta, let alone Calgary.

      • Hands down his favourite food is anything off a barbeque, whether a burger, pizza, steak or pork chop. As long as it has been cooked on a grill, he's going to enjoy it. For dessert however, he has a soft spot for pie, particularly Key Lime.

      • Not a big fan of video games as he claims they make his eyes hurt.

      • He loves rock music with his favourite band being Thousand Foot Krutch, although he has a guilty pleasure for Taylor Swift.

      • Despite his aspirations to being a S.H.I.F.T. Agent, Aiden is attracted to the idea of teaching and would love to one day work at P.R.C.U.
    • | Kendall, Victoria | Positive | Crush |
      "I like to think Tory, or rather Victory as I like to call her are in fact close. I might even stretch and say there's mutual flirting between us, but that might be just me. Tory is kind of my weakness, but I'm okay with that. That said I definitely need to work on staying focused and flirt during more appropriate times. Tory could be a great leader one day, she's confident and demands equality. I always look forward to working with her in the A.R.C. and seeing how she'll use her powers next."

      | Knight, David | Positive | Friend |
      "Before Hunter came along, David was our youngest. However that said, he's grown into a fairly seasoned student. I have high hopes for David, him and I get along quite well and he's almost like having a brother around. Though David does have his weaknesses, his mind isn't a focused as it could be due to the nature of his abilities and that's something we're going to need to work on this year especially if we want to beat Bulltrue."

      | Naaktgeboren, Emma | Apathetic | Teammate |
      "I suppose every team has a weak link and I'm definitely worried Emma is ours. Don't get me wrong, her power is incredibly useful but it's her mind I'm worried about. Somedays it seems like Emma isn't all there, she's a bit of what you'd call a ditz. Heck if her head wasn't screwed on, I'd imagine she'd need to use her powers to retrieve it. Additionally there's friction between her and Minnie that could cause issues. That's not to say I'm favouring Minnie but I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for it."

      | Ripole, Minavita | Positive | Friend |
      "Minnie has been a good friend to me for quite some time now, naturally when she first arrived I was uneasy towards her but between her constant attempts at friendship and Puggles, we eventually became close. I consider Minnie like the sister I never had and I would never want anything to screw that relationship up. I do however feel guilty that I was given the position of team captain over her and I hope that hasn't done anything to make her feel hostile towards me."

      | Vostrum, Erika | Uneasy | Rival |
      "Don't get me wrong, I like Erika it's definitely good to know she has my back when we're doing team events. That said when it's just Blackjack I feel like Erika could go for my throat. The girl is driven and intense, if she wants something accomplished I have no doubt that she'll get it done. Makes me wonder though why Strum chose me for Captain over her, and I'm sure she's wondered the same thing too considering Minnie was passed up so it had to be between her and I. I just hope that she does accept the fact Strum promotoed me to Captain and she doesn't cause too much friction between myself and the team."

      | Welles, Hunter | Neutral | Uncertain |
      "Hunter has only been on campus a couple months and the only impression I've got of him so far is that he's afraid to make an impression. Not that I don't understand, he's a lot like me six years ago and so I can relate towards that. That said as Captain I feel it's my job to help push him out of his shell like my friends did for me. The kid has got quite the ability too and I have a feeling he may end up proving key to winning quite a few A.R.C. matches down the road provided we can get Hunter to open up and work with the rest of the team."
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  3. So much information!
    *goes to read the awesomeness*
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    • | NAME: |
      Victoria Marie Kendall​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Tory, Kendall​

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      London, England​

      | NATIONALITY: |
      American Caucasian​

      | D.O.B. |

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | HEIGHT: |

      | BUILD: |

      | WEIGHT: |
      140 pounds​

      | EYES: |

      | HAIR: |
      Dark brown​

      | H-CLASS: |
    • | ABILITIES: |
      Victoria, or Tory as she prefers to be known, can phase through solid objects. She instinctively phases her whole body, but with a certain level of concentration, she can phase only parts. For example, she can shove her hand through a wall, but when it reaches the elbow, it will stop. This will prevent her from being pulled through the wall, or from falling through it. She finds it easier to have built up a little speed before phasing- for instance, running through a wall as opposed to walking through it, or shoving her hand through a wall as opposed to just letting it slide through. She can phase through animate objects if needs be, but would rather not to. Her clothes and any items on her person phase with her, meaning she could pass through a wall while wearing a backpack without problems.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Phasing just one part of her body requires considerable concentration on her part. If someone tried to pull her through the object when only one part of her body was phased, it causes her excruciating pain, which usually causes her power to react and she falls through the object. The thicker the object, the more energy phasing takes. The denser the object, the harder it is to phase through. Her power doesn't transfer to other people- if she was holding somebody's hand and ran through a wall, they'd meet solid concrete, while she passed straight trough.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Tory's vision blurs while she is phasing her whole body. The longer she phases, the worse it gets. Once her power shuts off, it returns to normal after a second or two. If something has entered her body, she cannot phase through it. If she was shot, for example, she would not be able to phase to stop the bullet doing more damage once it hit her. Phasing isolated parts of her body requires a huge amount of energy, and sustaining it drains her incredibly fast.​

      Tory's ability is a relatively simple one, but it does have a number of applications. If she was being shot at, providing her reflexes were fast enough to prevent her from being shot in the first place, she could let the bullets pass straight through her. Obviously she can run through walls and other solid objects. She would make an excellent thief, as once the walls weren't made of solid mercury or anything similar, she'd be able to pass straight through them.​
    • | HISTORY |
      "You say "like a girl" like it's an insult."

      Tory was born to a relatively high class family in England. However, she was barely a year old when her mother walked out with her. Her father had been cheating on her since before Tory was born. Her mother had dual citizenship as her father had been American, so that's where they went. Growing up, Tory always had a little bit of an accent, but not enough for her to get bullied. It soon became clear that Tory would not have been cut out for the high class life. She wasn't going to let herself be pushed around by anyone. She had manners and could be ladylike, but if she had to do so for longer than an hour or so, her irritation levels would slowly start to rise. She never had any problem with wearing skirts, and adored wearing heels and makeup. But she didn't see why that meant she had to be a pushover. Her mother raised her by herself, balancing a full time job with being a good mother perfectly. Having such a strong female in her life meant that Tory grew up strong. She never understood the idea that girls couldn't be strong or the same as boys, and challenged it daily. She didn't understand why these ideals meant that people were surprised to see her in a dress and enjoying it.

      Her power kicked in the moment she hit puberty. She discovered that her body would just fall straight through things or pass straight through them. She was terrified at first. Her mother didn't know what to do, so she tried to cover it up. Tried to hide it. But it got harder and harder. But Tory's mother never left her daughter. She stuck with her. Even when Tory's ability kicked in in front of the whole school at the age of thirteen, she didn't feel ashamed of her daughter.

      However, Tory started to get bullied for this. And as strong as she tried to be, being called a freak every day got to her. So her mother did some research, hoping that somebody could help her fourteen year old daughter before it was too late. It took a while, but she eventually got in contact with H.E.L.P. They in turn ensured that she went to P.R.C.U.

      And Tory was home. Nobody looked twice at her. She was normal. Even her mix between an American and British accent didn't single her out. She learned to control her ability somewhat and regained all of the confidence she had lost. Going through her teens surrounded by people like her meant that she wasn't afraid of self expression. She found her love in skinny jeans, heels and dark red lipstick. She wasn't afraid to be edgy, but she could do pretty and floral like the next girl. And she always made a point of proving that anything a guy could do, she could do in heels- within reason. For instance, she wasn't going to try and play football with them in heels, but wasn't afraid to try in gym shoes.

    • Somebody wolf-whistled as she walked past. She grinned. She knew that she did look great, and wasn't going to try and hide that fact. Her new boots made her legs look fabulous, and teamed with skinny jeans, she knew that she looked fabulous. Her heels were within acceptable levels, standing at three inches. But people were staring, wondering why she was in them just to wander around campus. Why? Because she felt fabulous. Her hair was lying perfectly. She hadn't stuck her eyeliner in her eye in weeks. She'd found her favourite lipstick. And hell, even if it was only the university, she was going to rock all of it. She had one of her text books and highlighters thrown into her satchel, and was fully intending on doing some studying outside. She stopped to watch a game of hyperball that was in progress, smirking a little as she remembered the time that one of them had made the mistake of talking down to her because she was a girl. Anyone who had known her had advised him to step away, but he'd accepted her challenge to try and tackle her. Her power had made it next to impossible for him, and she'd then managed to knock his sorry ass to the ground when he was off guard.

      She straightened up and kept walking, heading for one of her favourite spots to study in. People left her alone there, able to see that she was busy. It was sheltered too, meaning she didn't get burned. Admittedly, it took a decent amount of exposure for her to burn, but she never tanned either. Climbing the slight incline had been a challenge at first, but she was more than used to traversing it in heels. It was just as well she wasn't allowed to wear them as a part of uniform, otherwise she'd end up ruining her feet and back. She adored wearing heels, because they made her feel great. Simple as. She wasn't short in flats, but her height never really bothered her. Same with her weight. She mightn't have had the perfect figure that guys seemed to lust after, but she was slim, and while she did weigh more than an average girl her height, she knew that it was mostly due to the fact that she had minimal fat and a lot of muscle.

      She sat down under the tree, pulling out her book and a highlighter. It was already marked with the fluorescent ink on several chapters, and she flicked to one that was practically untouched. She started reading, highlighting lines as she went. Really, there were worse places and things to study. She was happy.​

      • She's usually in heels when she's not in uniform.
      • When she's not in uniform or heels, she's running or in the gym to keep herself in shape.
      • Despite her father being absent, she doesn't harbour any ill will or thoughts towards men. She gets along well with them, thanks to having male friends as a kid.
      • She's extremely confident.
      • She will eat pretty much anything you give to her, although Chinese food is her favourite.
      • She enrolled in the H.E.A.T program in the hope of becoming a S.H.I.F.T. agent. This is part of the reason why she makes sure she is in good shape.
      • She has a huge sweet tooth.
      • She regularly listens to rock music, but will listen to anything that's on the radio.

    • | Graham, Warren | Positive | Friends |
      He came to the academy a year after I did. I like him. His power is interesting, and he's kinda cute. We're just friends, though.
      | Naaktgeboren, Emma | Positive | Friendly |
      I like Emma. She hasn't been here all that long, but she's sweet. I haven't exactly had any in depth conversations with her, but you could definitely hang out with worse people.

      | Knight, David | Positive | Friendly |
      He's a few years below me, so I don't really know him that well. His ability is pretty damn cool, I have to say. It's interesting to see him in the ARC sessions, to see how he adapts.

      | Roth, Aiden | Positive | Friends |
      I like Aiden. We've known each other for five years now, and he's awesome to hang around with. He's great to work with as well.

      | Ripole, Minavita | Positive | Friendly |
      She used to be in a punk band, and that's awesome. She seemed to be a pretty cool person, and her power is just kickass. I don't know all that much about her, though.
      | Vostrum, Erika | Neutral | Acquaintance/Friendly |
      I don't really know her all that well. But she's definitely not the worst person on this campus, and I do enjoy talking to her. Her power is pretty interesting as well!
      | Welles, Hunter | Neutral | Acquaintance |
      He's the newest member of Team Blackjack. I don't know him all that well, but he seems like a good enough kid. Although the thoughts of someone being able to read my thoughts is a little weird, I have to say.
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  4. Awesome sheet! Only thing I noticed out of place was in the History you had a small typo where the P and R in P.R.C.U. were flipped. That aside awesome sheet so obviously accepted.

    Just so I know for Aiden's associates page, how long has she been at the school/how old was she when admitted?
    • | NAME: |
      Minavita Ripole​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      'Minnie Ripper'
      H.E.L.P. Agent Fieldname: Not yet given

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Portland, Oregon​

      | NATIONALITY: |
      American, Caucasian/African American. Possesses duel citizenship with Canada.​

      | D.O.B. |
      5th April, 1992​

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | HEIGHT: |

      | BUILD: |

      | WEIGHT: |

      | EYES: |

      | HAIR: |

      | H-CLASS: |
    • | ABILITIES: |
      Minnie possesses the ability to manipulate the biology of certain animals - at this point, dogs and some birds - and induce mutation, forcing them to become larger, more monstrous, and allowing their aggressiveness to surge. This mutation is temporary, but with concentration, also allows Minnie to have complete psychic control over their actions and behavior.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Minnie needs extended, uninterrupted contact with the animal she has chosen to induce, and inducing multiple Monsters requires more time and harder concentration - attempting to induce too many animals too quickly will exhaust Minnie, and can cause collapse or even coma. Her psychic command over Monsters also grows weaker and more difficult to maintain the more Monsters she is attempting to control. The inducement of a Monster only lasts for a certain time, directly related to the amount of concentration and effort put into both the inducement and the psychic link.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Obviously, Minnie's ability has little use outside of a combat scenario, and Minnie herself has little self-defense capabilities without her Monsters - and having her Monsters further depends on animal presence. If Minnie has her Monsters, she still requires concentration and strength to make and maintain the psychic command - and a sufficient distraction will loose the Monsters on friend, foe, and Minnie alike until their inducement wears off.​

      Minnie's most obvious application of her ability is the sheer combat power it affords her, allowing her to savage her enemies with Monsters and beasts. However, her psychic command allows Minnie to use her Monsters for more than just aggression - smaller Monsters can scout a building through vents or cracked walls, while others can use their mutations to form cover or smash through obstacles to gain access to restricted areas. As Minnie's command grows stronger, her Monsters will also allow her to have multiple self-presence over large areas, fetching objects, people, lending aid, and performing recon.
    • | HISTORY |
      "Just be glad 'boogeyman' isn't a classifier."

      Born in the beginning of April, 1992, to Martha and Joseph Ripole, the unfortunately named (in her opinion) Minavita Ripole came into the world screaming but burning with passion, arriving in Portland, Oregon, just south of the Canadian border - and, unknown to both her parents the child herself, a member of an emerging new species: Homo Viruim, or Hyperhuman. It wouldn't be until Minavita grew to 19 years old that anyone would know what she really was.

      Martha Ripole died in 1997, when Minnie was 5. The family - Mother, Father, Daughter - were in the family car, heading to the beach on a warm and lazy June weekend, when they were caught in a head-on collision caused by a Hype incident. Martha, who had been unbuckled, turned around in her seat to entertain Minnie with silly faces, was thrown against the windshield, smashing her head and causing internal bleeding in the brain. She died three days later in hospital, and Joe became a single dad.

      Minnie's father was good to her. He loved her and supported her, and though they lived in a small house with little luxuries - Joe's job as a tradesman offered little in the way of exorbitant wealth - they lived happily. Minnie missed her mother and Joe missed his wife but they were content with each other. Joe put Minnie through school, and she made friends easily, keeping herself upbeat and friendly, not allowing the maternal gulf in her life to define her. Instead, she became a maternal figure herself, taking on a sense of responsibility far beyond her years - she looked after her friends, and the animals that she found herself increasingly drawn to.

      Minnie graduated high school at 18, a punk girl for the last three years - she'd fallen for the sound and the aesthetic, appreciating that both were things even she could comfortably afford, and she was drawn to the core concepts that Punk stood for - acceptance and freedom, regardless of creed, race, or in Minnie's case, financial situation. She lost herself in the gritty, dirty riffs, the chaotic drum beats. There was something near-natural about the music to hear, animalistic and instinctual. She sang along where she could, and wrote her own lyrics, filling up notepads - pads she shared with her friends, who immediately span dreams of bands and stardom. A punk-band pipe-dream, but one the group held on to throughout their adolescence nonetheless.

      After graduation she quickly moved out to a shared apartment with several of the friends she'd made in high school. Her father let her go with his blessing, both anxious about her stepping out into the world, but both happy that she'd made it. She found a job and paid her rent, enjoying her new life, her new home, and her new housemates. They drank, and joked, and jammed, and one night, when the two were done in unison, formed the punk band they'd always talked about but never acted on, hoping to spur the dying music into a second life. They called themselves Calling Jupiter, and began to write and play.

      Calling Jupiter didn't allow the resurrection they'd hoped for, but it did give them freedom, and paved Minnie's path. They didn't tour, but played in grimy pubs and bars and small halls, making small amounts of money. They had fun, and were happy with that - after all, fun, not monetary gain, was the point of Punk. And then it all collapsed.

      Minnie was the band's frontman, the lead vocals and personality of Calling Jupiter, strutting about the stage and belting words with ferocity and power. She had her own stage name, 'Minnie Ripper', and she wore it like a badge, transforming into an idealistic version of herself, becoming on-stage who she could never be off it. She was attractive and filled with passion and attitude, suggestive and aloof, a wry smirk and a cocked eyebrow. She was admired. She was desired. And when the guitarist's advances were first ignored and then rejected, Minnie was nearly raped. That was when she performed her first inducement, a stray dog mutating into a fanged, spiked-skinned Monster and tearing her attempted-rapist's throat out. That was when she found out she was a Hype. That was when she fled to Canada.

      Canada didn't seem like the obvious choice, but it was Canada that was known best for its tolerant attitude toward Hypes, Canada that had a fledgling academy dedicated to the shelter and education of Hypes, Canada that was close enough to use to flee from murder charges. Minnie was found by a SHIFT strike team, and given safe harbour and enrollment in PRCU. She fought off the charges levied against her with self-defense as her main case, and secondary manslaughter as her back up - thankfully, the first stuck. No longer needing the safety of a border between her and the law, Minnie's father invited her home - but, as much to her own surprise as her fathers, she elected to stay at PRCU, studying and training. They had been a home to her to a time of crisis, and she felt safe - something she was in desperate need of now.

      Now, Minnie is 22, the punk aesthetic gone but not forgotten, shed in favour of something that doesn't remind her of that night. She exchanges letters with her father and practices her abilities, accepting of her inclusion in this new, emergent species, but a little less pleased with her status as a monster maker. Right now, there are staff that are eager to push her into SHIFT, as her abilities make her a serious contender as a SHIFT enforcer if harnessed properly - but frankly, she's fine with not using them. Doesn't mean she doesn't practice, though. She does see something cute in her creations.​
    • There was a rustling, a thump, a grunt, another rustle, and then hot, wet breath on her nose and in her eyes as Poggles woke Minnie up with licks and panting, and then moved her to side, flumped down, and scrabbled with his paws to nestle into her. Minnie smiled slightly and stretched as best she could without jostling him, and then lazily scratched him behind the ear as she opened her eyes and watched as her vision swam, aligned, and then focused on her alarm clock. The red LED lights blared 11:23 at her. She moved her gaze from the alarm clock to the window, sunlight streaming into the room through the curtains. She sighed, looked at Poggles, and got up. He stirred a little and opened his eyes to watch her, but didn't move.

      She walked to the window, opening the curtains wide and taking a look out of her dorms onto the academy campus, the only place she had to call home. She'd been doing so for the last three years. Her mind flitted backwards for a second, but she brushed it off before getting caught in it. She looked at Poggles again, but didn't see the fat little pug dog that he was. She turned back, and spotted some students playing Hyperball. A fun sport to watch. She'd played once, turning up to the field prepared. She'd gotten tackled and lost concentration, and the pigeon she'd induced and brought with her had pecked deep holes into half the players. Lucky that the campus matron was a pretty decent Juno. She hadn't played since. She thought she recognized Aiden, but turned to get changed before any of them spotted her back. She was only in a nightie, after all.

      "You hungry, mister?" Minnie asked as she attached some earrings, sneakers already laced and shorts buttoned, a loose, dark top hanging from her shoulders over her not-inconsiderable bust and exposing a small amount of stomach, which grumbled in sync with Poggles' mild whine as he looked up and cocked his head. "Yeah. Me too." She walked to the door, setting a hand on the knob and patting herself down for phone, purse, keys. She opened the door and Poggles excitedly jumped up and off the bed, trotting out ahead of her. Minnie smiled again and followed him, locking her dorm room behind her. She stooped and lifted Poggles, holding him over her shoulder. He panted happily and licked her ear. "Come on then. Let's go get some brunch." She murmured to him, laughing when he barked back in gleeful response.
      Joseph Ripole:

      Minnie's father, a kind and aging soul, ever-grieving for the loss of his wife but dipping in such immense joy for the life of his daughter. Despite a Hype incident causing Martha's death, he strives not to harbour resentment or hatred, and his efforts towards tolerance were only bolstered by his daughter's public entrance into the Homo Virium species. Joe Ripole is a simple man with a simple job, but he is warm, open-minded, and enjoys a cold can of beer after a hard day's work.
      Martha Ripole:

      Minnie's mother, sadly torn from the world after being caught in a pile-up that was caused by an unfortunate Hype incident. Her death left an irreparable hole in the lives of Minnie and Joseph, but neither allowed their grief to consume them; Joseph allowed his love of his daughter to save him, while Minnie herself became the maternal figure she would have otherwise missed.
      Rudy Foster:

      Drummer of Calling Jupiter, Minnie's post-high school punk band. Tall, strong, and well aware of both, he was nonetheless friendly, and almost gentle, if a tad clumsy. He drinks a lot but rarely feels it, and smokes a lot and always feels it. He's been a good confidant to Minnie, although there are some secrets she likes to keep.
      Henry Jones:

      Guitarist of Calling Jupiter. An arrogant, short-tempered man, but with an absorbing confidence and an aura of fun that made him engaging and approachable. He was Minnie's go-to-guy for a good time, and often the life of what little 'after-party' there was after a Calling Jupiter pseudo-gig - but his illusion was brought down after his romantic intentions upon Minnie were ultimately rejected, and he sought to force his desires upon her. Fortunately for Minnie and Earth at large, her Hype status awakened, and Henry was soon de-throated by a monstrous was-dog. He was Minnie's traumatic entry into her true heritage, and the nightmarish beginning of her new life.

      A pug assigned to Minnie after her initial arrival at PRCU as a therapy dog during her follow-up treatment after being targeted in an attempted rape. Greatly adored by Minnie, he soon seized a fast loyalty to her, helped no end by multiple inducements and psychic connections due to Minnie's innate abilities. Despite her therapy being two years behind her, Poggles remains distinctly Minnie's dog, and stands steadfast beside her, protecting her, comforting her, and becoming a vicious, six-legged, many-fanged monster when Minnie needs slight more protection.​

    • | Aiden Roth | Positive | Friend |
      I met Aiden in class, and we had some ARC sessions together. Guy means well. Had a rough life. Seems to be here because there's little else better for him out there. I know I can relate. I just hope we both find somewhere real to belong eventually. Can't go to school forever.
      | David Knight | Neutral | Friendly |
      David's got a decent heart but not a great head. Still, he does what he can. He's a fan of Calling Jupiter which I try to appreciate, but honestly it just takes me places I don't want to go anymore. His ability has such potential, but his mind is a bit cluttered. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if physical training is really what he should be focusing on.
      | Victoria Kendall | Positive | Admirer |
      Victoria Kendall...Tory has a strength that I used to have. Or that 'Minnie Ripper' used to have, one that I could co-opt for 40 minutes two nights a week. She's righteous, empowered, and there's something noble in her attitude. I've not yet met another person that's as much themselves as Tory is. Honestly, it's admirable, and almost...compelling.
      | Erika Vostrum | Neutral | On-the-fence |
      Erika comes from a military family and...it shows. Everything to do with Erika is strict, lined, organized, anything undesired molded and channeled into a means to an end. She trains well, studies well, practices her abilities well...but she might be missing out on a lot of the more important things for it. Her fixation on revenge is one that will destroy her if she lets it - and if it's not revenge, it's a complete cut off. I'm just not sure how comfortable I am having to rely on someone like Erika how we're expected to. I'm not sure if I can trust her. We'll see.
      | Emma Naaktgeboren | Neutral | Psuedo-Rival |
      Pretty Emma from Holland, everything on hand without any thought or preparation. Christ, it's petty, I know, but between her attractiveness and her over-use of her ability I can't help but feel jealous and semi-antagonistic. Even when she's trying to be helpful I just see it as either letting people use her or just flaunting her power. She's a nice girl and I try hard not to be nasty. I've just got to curb my personal issues and not let them get in the way of inter-team relations. Like I said, she is a nice girl.
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