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  1. This is just another one of your average high school rps, so don't be intimidated by the name! You can have as many or as few characters as you want and if you want a quick description of name, personality, etc., that's fine, just make it small though.


    Name: Jessica
    Personality: Jessica is bubbly, but shy at first. She is athletic and quite smart as well.
    Status: Single

    Name: Reiner
    Personality: Reiner is athletic and outgoing. He is a very sweet boy to whomever he meats unless they cause trouble first.
    Status: Single


    Jessica walked around the campus with her brother, Reiner, by her side. The sun was shining high in the sky as she carried her books to her locker. She turned the lock to the combination that she has come to know very well and once it was unlocked, she opened her locker and tossed her books in. She turned around and leaned on the lockers next to hers, sighing. "I wonder if there will be any new students this year.." She said to Reiner.

    Reiner followed his sister, but was in his own head more than he listened to her speak. Once he heard the last of his sisters words, he snapped out of it. "Huh?" He said, scratching his head.
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  2. name: logan lockharte
    personality: logan is sweet and kind. he is very outgoing and athletic
    status: single

    Logan was walking out of the main office he was just handed his schedule. he looked around lost. he saw 2 people standing by the lockers. he walked over to them. "hi im logan could you tell me where this class is." he holds out his schedule.
  3. Jess peered down at the paper then back up at the boy. "Yeah, I'm actually going to that class next if you want to follow?" She smiled.

    Reiner saw that Jess was handling the problem and he decided to walk off to his next class, book bag slung over his shoulder. He walked down the halls, still completely lost in his mind.
  4. "thank you and that would be nice" he put the schedule away "i never caught your name"
  5. Jess nodded then smiled, sticking out her hand. "I'm Jessica, nice to meet you..uh...?"
  6. logan reached out and took jess's hand "nice to meet you jess, im logan lockharte"
  7. Jess smiled and nodded again then started to walk. "So are you new here? I don't think I've seen you around before, unless I'm just completely oblivious." She laughed a bit then looked over at Logan as they walked to class.

    Reiner sat down in his seat as he waited for the bell to ring.
  8. "today is my first day here" in his head logan was thinking about how cute she was. "who was that guy earlier"
  9. Jess moved a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear, "That's cool. Well I hope you like it here!" She smiled and shrugged, "Oh don't mind him, that was just my brother, Reiner. He's not normally rude like that but he's been in his head a lot lately; not really sure what is wrong." Once they walked into the class, Jess dropped her book bag by her desk, placed her binder and books on the desk, and sat down in the chair.
  10. logan sat in the desk next to her. he pulled iut his books and notebook for the class. "play any sports."
  11. Jess nodded, "Oh you have no idea. Sports are like my life." She leaned back in her chair and started to name off all the sports she does. "Let's see... There's football, soccer, basketball, softball, track and field, volleyball, tennis, dance, and figure skating. And I suppose you could count skateboarding but I just do that for fun." She turned to look at him, her bright blue eyes shining. "What about you?"
  12. logan looked jessica. "wow thats quite a lot of sports. i play football, basketball, baseball, swimming, golf, wrestling, if you count it as a sport competetive weight lifting, and track and field."
  13. Jess smiled, "That's cool! What events in track and field?" She looked up at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring for school to be dismissed.
  14. "i do most off the throwing events, but i also run the 400 and do high jump. what about you?"
  15. "I do the 100, long jump, high jump and pole vault." She smiled as the bell rung. She stood up and gathered her stuff.
  16. logan did the same. "so whats next?"
  17. "Well school's out, so I'm gonna go to the skate park if you wanna join," Jess stated.

    Reiner walked home from the school.
  18. "i wouldn't mind joining you. but can we stop by my house so i can get my bike."
  19. Jess nodded as they started to walk out. "Sure, lead the way!"
  20. logan walked out of the school. "alright" logan lead jess to his 1 bed room house. he unlocked the door and held it open. "its small i know, but it fits me."
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