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  1. Lore (open)


    The world was created on a whim by two very powerful beings. One was a man and the other was a woman. The world was their thoughts and dreams made into one thing, an earth where life was able to roam with happiness upon each and every one of their brows. Many years past as they watched the world grow and kingdoms expand, so they had children. 4 stars were born from the mother’s womb and they became their children. Their names are Findarious, Genuity, Shanali, and Terra. They were a family, almost perfect except for the mother’s disappearances. The father was not suspicious because he knew that she was loyal and was a great wife. Her leavings became more frequent after a short while then she disappeared. The father began to panic and he asked his children to help, some suggested that he watch over the earth while they find her and some told him to wait for her. He couldn’t take it, so he left the world to his 4 children and went off searching for his wife.

    While the father went off to find his wife the four gods had a meeting. They argued over what they should do with the earth that sat there and did nothing. So they decided that they would place new life on the planet, each god became the patron of something. Findarious became the patron of Life and Death, Genuity became the patron of Good and Peace, Shanali became the patron of Magic and Knowledge and finally Terra became the patron of Evil and War. The people of the western kingdoms pray to these gods when they have requests. If they wish to have someone healed they would pray to Finarious for the blessing of healing upon who they wish. Many pick a god they prefer and ask that all of their whims be carried out by them.

    Our world is composed of many kingdoms and cities. There are seven kingdoms in the western part of the world, with tall towers and vast strongholds. While in the 8 eastern kingdoms there are spanning villages with outposts, and gargantuan castles reaching to the sky. To the north, the 5 kingdoms span far from each other and are in peace, the cold eases the pains of war so easily. Finally, the 3 southern kingdoms have worked so hard together to gain control of the Terdark islands, and they are soon to form a treaty that will bring all of the kingdoms in the one.

    Our story takes place in the western kingdom of Arendanna which recently has exited a war between a couple of the seven kingdoms. Recooperating, the king decided to take as much land as he can to be able to go fight the good fight. So many of the towns, and cities have sent out various mercenaries/guardsmen to take back land by sticking a flag in it's soil.

    There are several kingdoms within the world currently and many of the kingdoms are struggling for the remaining land in the world. Your kingdom Arendanna is gaining a small bit of land by reviving an area destroyed by war. Your group shall travel to this area, and look through the wreckage of the land, seeing if it is still fit for population. The only information you gain about this land is that it was destroyed in a previous war, and not many people have been to this area, so who knows what you will find there. You shall start in the town of Biltmore, which is owned by the kingdom of Arendanna. There is no magic in this land, and the only race of people are humans.

    Plot (open)


    King is seeking land, and he needs all the land he can get his hands on. This doesn't matter if the land is destroyed by previous wars, or is unable to be farmed upon. More land means more people and the only way to be able to stand a chance against these other kingdoms is if he gets people. You will be traveling to the ransacked town of Dulemar, it used to be a small farming village that Biltmore traded with for some time. After Arendanna withdrew from the war, this was on of the places that was ransacked. Lord Biltmore has promised great reward for the reclaiming of the this land. As one of the select few who have been chosen to go to Dulemar.

    Arendanna (open)


    Arendanna is a strong thriving kingdom, that tries to search for answers. The king of Arendanna, King Harlaw, was a very studious and intelligent man. He has ruled the kingdom since he was 18. While having many criticisms and disapprovals, Harlaw has made quite the name for himself. He has searched the western world for the knowledge it holds and then he presents it to his people. Now that he has withdrawn from the war he wishes to gain back some of his land and hopefully have more men join the army.


    Arendanna's capital is the city of Stonegate. Known for it's tall towers and wonderful architecture, it draws much attention from the other kingdoms. Many of enemy kings and queens have sought to take over this maginificant piece of land. Over time King Harlaw has bolstered the defenses to ensure that no one will be able to take over Stonegate. This even means putting the people of Stonegate at risk.

    Biltmore (open)



    Biltmore was discovered by Lord William Biltmore. William from a young age was poor and never had anything valuable. His parent's worked hard, but never made ends meat for their six children. As a young boy William always strived to become apart of the Stonegate Army, and when he turned 16 he did. From recruit to captain he worked hard days and nights to be able to prove himself. After many years of hard work he was sent out for battle to claim land. When his troop won the area from the eastern warriors, he presented the land to the king. Astounded by the work that Biltmore had done, he gave the land to the Biltmore and made him into a lord. From them on Biltmore would be a respected name and a hero of the common folk.

    Biltmore was built along the side of the Groltounge Mountain. This mining town is one of the main exports of iron and silver. Every week there is a caravan of merchants who comes through and purchases these goods and sells them to cities such as Stonegate, or Blackhold.


    1: Main gate
    2: Tailor
    3: General Store
    4: Greenfoot Inn
    5: Arendannian commerce
    6: Guard tower/ Guard HQ
    7: Mine
    8: Living Area
    9: Blacksmith

    CS (open)

    The layout for the character sheet.

    [center][size=7][glow]ENTER NAME HERE(In caps please.)[/center][/glow][/size]

    [B]APPEARANCE:[/B] And any physical things we should know about.
    PERSONALITY:[/B] How will you get on with others in this adventuring group?
    [b]SKILLS:[/b] Preferably 3 or less. (EX: Swordsmanship, Persuasion, Archery)
    [b]BACK STORY:[/b] Your characters back story.
    [b]RELATIONSHIPS:[/b] Any link you have to other characters.

    NOTES (open)

    There is no magic within this world yet, so you cannot use it.
    You are allowed to have multiple characters.
    You need to post once per week, if you don't your character will be made into an NPC.
    Posts should ideally be two paragraphs, but it's up to you.
    There will be no smut in this RP, PG 13 romance is acceptable. You can do a fade-to-black or continue in messages if you wish.
    There will be no God-moding, Meta-gaming, or Power Gaming.
    UltimaCircuit and Eternalfire61 are GM's

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  2. I am intrigued, I will make a CS soon
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    APPEARANCE: The sack on his left side holds various artifacts and treasures that he has gained from other lands on his travels across the world.


    Teran is a man of wisdom and kindness. He does not take lightly to fighting and will try to end any strife between two people who are arguing. He is also willing to help anyone as long as they come to him nicely and ask politely. Teran does not like those who act shady or those who keep to themselves.

    SKILLS: Swordsmanship, Archaeology, Cartography

    Teran was born the noble Arklar family, a family known for their dominance in the fields of archaeology and cartography. This noble family of Arendanna was sent out into the lands of the western kingdoms long ago, making maps and taking note of the extraordinary features of the landscape. Teran’s father, Lance, was a member of a group of people sent out to make notes and maps of the southern lands. This was the first time that the southern lands would be taken note of. The trip was a long one, one that lasted a month. Upon the group's arrival in the southern lands, they came across the Kingdom of Caeviel. At the gates of the capital city, Barien, the guards told them to halt and state their business. They explained that they were sent out by the king of Arendanna, King Addington, and that they were a group of archaeologists and cartographers. Seeing as they were not a threat, the group was welcomed with open arms into Barien. Barien turned out to be a land of southern trade and commerce.

    The group stayed in the city for a week, and during this week, Lance had met his first love, Rhia. Lance and Rhia would constantly meet at the local tavern during his stay, and Lance would describe the western lands to her. Rhia, being a barmaid, was not the one to travel, but she was willing to drop her life and travel with Lance if she was allowed. Seeing no harm in the matter, Lance agreed, and the group of travelers went back to their homeland with a new member. Upon arrival in Stonegate, Lance learned that his kingly friend, Addington, was bedridden by an unknown illness, one which had no cure. Many tears were shed during the meeting, before Lance described the success of their trip, and of how they learned that Barien was a city of trade. Addington described that later he would have to send a caravan out to Barien, and start the two kingdoms out on friendly terms. Addington’s last words to Lance, were that he may be the next king of Arendanna, and that he should not the mistake he did of not having an heir. Lance agreed, and nodded to the king before heading out of the room, saying his goodbyes. A month later, Rhia and Lance would get married. During the eighth month of Rhias pregnancy, King Addington had passed. A letter was given to Lance by one of the royal guardsmen. Signed by Addington himself, it stated that the Harlaws would be the next to rule Arendanna instead of the Arklars. Addington wanted the Arklars to continue being the leaders of archaeology and cartography. Lance gave a sigh of relief, knowing that he was not fit to rule. In the coming month, Rhia would give birth to their son, Teran.

    Teran’s early life was composed of heavy lectures in archaeology and map-making. In the night, Teran would sneak out to watch the guards train, and actually be incorporated into the drills himself. He was given a wooden sword, and trained by the royal guards. They told him that he would eventually need to know the way of the sword, and that there would come a time where he would need to defend himself. His life continued on like this, while the Harlaws ruled valiantly.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Son to Lance and Rhia Arklar and friend of King Harlaw.

    One day while studying in the royal archives, Teran would be notified that the king would wish to speak to him. Hurrying there, he pushed opened the doors of the throne room. He was briefly told that he would be traveling to the mining town of Biltmore, where he would meet a ‘special’ group. This group would travel to Dulemar and scope out the lands, before planting the Arendannian flag.
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  4. Captain Jonathan O'Daniel

    APPEARANCE: Jonathan is slim in figure, but looks strong enough to be able to handle himself in battle. He was white hair with a white beard, and his eyes are a light hazel.
    AGE: 56
    PERSONALITY: Jonathan has a different personality than most. When he speaks he shatters silence, and when he gives an order it is done without question. He is a man you do not want to question. After enduring many wars throughout his life he has been hardened. If you see him interact with people it seems like he really cares about them, but in the way as he is trying to protect everyone.
    SKILLS: Leading, teaching, swordsmanship
    Jonathan was born to Renold O'Daniel and Gretta Herron. He grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Arendanna and the border of Gehen. His parents were loyalists of Arendanna, even though they were offers from warriors of Gehen to buy their land. Jonathan learned at an early age to fight and to be able to take care of himself. His brother and sister were also taught to be able to fight too. and by the time they were thirteen all of them knew how to use an assortment of weapons. The reason their father did this is because he knew of the impending fights between Gehen and Arendanna. It took many years for Gehen and Arendanna to finally war over their lands. This was the first war against them and would continue on for ten years. While this war went on, the O'Daniel family fled to Stonegate to be able to assist in battle. Jonathan's older brother and sister, along with their father went out to war. Within a couple of months their troop came back. Renold was one of the first to die in the battle while his brother and sister were injured. This made Jonathan angry at this issue and he decided to join the ranks when he was old enough. Once the war ended Jonathan had become a corporal in the Stonegate Guard. He worked hard for several years after that and then was shipped off to Biltmore.

    Once he arrived Biltmore he became friends quickly, because they were distant cousins. They both worked hard to be able to make the small mining town of Biltmore into the center of mining it should have been. Jonathan and William worked on laws, and helped keep the moral of the miners up. After a couple of years of service, Biltmore requested that Jonathan should stay to become the head of the guards. Jonathan took the job immediately and found a home in Biltmore. From then on he took care, and protected him new found home.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Renold O'Daniel (Deceased), Gretta O'Daniel (Alive), Agatha O'Daniel (Deceased) Peter O'Daniel (Alive).

    Jonathan is the leader of the leader of the group heading to Dulemar. Lord Biltmore has chosen him since he is the captain of the guard, and has shown loyalty to the throne. In addition to that he is the second cousin of Lord Biltmore. ​
  5. Gonna make a CS
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  6. *Raises Hand*
    Harlaw is seems familiar, where did you get that from?
  7. This is based off a minecraft server called Overture, which we took and messed around with to our pleasing. The server went on for a couple years so it's possible you saw it on one of the minecraft forums.

    Edit: Also it's a name from GOT after looking into it.
  8. xD Thats right, GOT....Still working on that CS
  9. I'm trying to get a couple more people, but it all depends on who gets their CS done.

    Standing at a rather indimidating 6'2'', his black sullen curtian-like hair and beard would definitely single him out as someone to not piss off. The moment he would get up or walk to threaten someone however, it'd be fairly obvious that this man was once crippled. His right leg is favored heavily, and never quite bends right at the knee. His often soot-covered appearance would only just barely hide some gray hairs poking through. He's maintained his muscles through his work, but he's clearly a man past his prime, and aging fast. His hazel eyes always seem hard, a edge to them that never seems to go away.

    Gruff and often abrasive to all, and enjoys his drink, often becoming sullen, angry, or violent after drinking.
    Blacksmithing, drinking.
    Aben used to be a proud man, and a fierce one. He once served in the military, climbing high on his ability to inspire courage, or at least fear in those around and under him, friend or foe. He'd often find himself in the center of any battle he could get into, a simple bar fight, or large scale skirmish. One day he found himself in the center of the wrong one, one that would be ignored by either sides higher ups, even flat out denied by a few. He and his friends set upon a caravan, which had few to no real soldiers guarding it. They took it with ease, nobody escaping, and only those who fought were killed or maimed. It wasn't Aben's favorite type of battle, but it was necessary. Only hours later however, Aben would become a crippled and broken man. He had raised a toast to his friends, his comrades of the group, and then struggled to bring his hammer up in time as the much larger military response came in, the survivors had gone for help, and Aben found his right leg limp below the knee. He lay in the dirt, mud and dead of the skirmish for two days before he felt his knee realign itself with a snap. It would take the better part of that day for him to find his own hammer to lift himself to his feet, and crutch towards the next town.

    The fact that the skirmish happened was never acknowledged by his commanding officers, his knee dislocation deemed to have happened off duty, and therefore he would not receive compensation for having been wounded in action. He was allowed to keep his warhammer, the only thing he had left at the time. He somehow found work as a blacksmith, found a wife, and even had a daughter. Not too many years into having his wife he found her unfaithful, and didn't even have time to try to file any sort of divorce before she left with some other man. He turned to drinking, his daughter fourteen at the time. Within three years, she'd stolen enough money behind his back to vanish as well, not even a note to say goodbye. He drank heavier and heavier, his workmanship fine, but the coin all going to food, and drinking. Eventually he somehow came to have a orphan at his doorstep, a boy, freshly no longer in need of his mothers milk judging by the size of him. He nearly shut the door, before something stopped him. He could never tell anyone what, but he took in the boy. Raising him while giving the boy full knowledge he was a orphan, sometimes referring to him as "The four's cruel joke.". He'd raise him like a apprentice, as bitter as he was about it, now at a point in his life where he just wishes he could die with some amount of glory left to him still.
    RELATIONSHIPS: May have started a bar fight with other characters, or worked on anything needing a good smith for them, up to the other participants. Ezekul Smith (Adopted Son) Anna Smith (Estranged and divorced wife) Eve Smith (Estranged daughter)
    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Likely brought along just for his smithing ability, secretly hoping he'd find some way out there to experience one last rush of glory.


    APPEARANCE: Blonde, and almost girlish in appearance, mostly skin and bones with a soft face, keeping just enough muscle on him somehow to continue to at least perform blacksmithing at a apprentice level, but never seeming able to put on any more than that. Often keeps himself much cleaner than his adoptive father keeps himself, with a large scar or birthmark on the back of his right hand, a circular tear (Not the crying tear) shape to it. He has soft blue eyes.
    Always looking for something new to experience, his positive demeanor and want to learn is almost infectious, some times even getting him into trouble.
    SKILLS: Surprisingly well learned. Climbing up some buildings is still a favorite past-time of his.
    BACK STORY: Found on Aben's doorstep with the mark on his hand already in place. Raised by Aben in full knowledge of his unknown heritage, he never quite outcast himself from other children, but something never felt quite complete to him. This feeling would eventually drive him to befriend some of the children of servants in Biltmore's employ, eventually somehow managing to consistently get himself into the library of the Lord. He wasn't always found, and once spent a entire day and night in the library before leaving unnoticed, not through stealth, but purely through seeming like he belonged, and some luck. He was seen around the castle enough that most of the guards figured he was a servant's child or a servant himself. He would eventually be seen a few times as he aged, and subsequently chased out, but he almost enjoyed it more than the reading.

    He'd continue this throughout his adolescence, a few guards eventually beginning to catch on, but never any taking him seriously enough to warrant more than throwing him out, some guards even fearing his presence would reflect badly on them. His apprenticeship hasn't gone well however, never properly seeming to know how to hit the metal, or even the anvil consistently. When he works on a project for his adoptive father, he often only ends up working on the bits that dont matter how bad they look, or how bad they end up hammered, his work often having to see his father's hammer before it goes out. He's never felt complete, as if a part of him was always missing, making him off-balance in what seemed like a very spiritual manner. When taking care of his father after drunken incidents, dragging him home, or just making sure he kept his brooding to himself and his son, he'd attribute this to just the lack of knowing his true parents. However, sitting atop the rooftops at night, he'd wonder to himself what he could possibly be missing, the moon giving him poor company, and no answers.
    RELATIONSHIPS: Ezekul may have met any of the other children who were in the Lord's estate or area, and more. He also may have met anyone who had worked as a guard for him, for better or worse, but never being in true trouble. Aben Smith(Adoptive father.)
    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Ezekul volunteered the moment that he found Aben was going, and refused to take no for a answer, no matter if he was sent officially or not. As much as it is to try and still look out for his adoptive father, he's hoping just as much he finds whatever it is he feels he's missing, whatever the source of his restlessness was.

    If anything doesnt look like it'd fit or belong, let me know, I'm interested in this and I'd like to put forth characters sooner than later.
  11. I really like your apps, and the backstories as well. You're accepted!
  12. Alright, thanks, any clue when the RP would actually start? One of my friends might try to hop in as well.
  13. It's all up to how many players we have. So far there are four characters, if we get at least two more we can start.
  14. Debating, but maybe after some research for a character idea, I think I might join in. 86% sure I will.

    Will chew out a CS soon if I do.
  15. Rydia Kroegar


    APPEARANCE: Has a matching red hat with a yellow feather on the end of it. (I have no idea what they're really called, but they're like those caps you see on the Green Arrow or Robin Hood even.) Also has a small hand-axe/hatchet and dagger carried with her on the sides of her belt.

    AGE: 21

    Prefers to work alone but is no stranger to teams. To some she may come off as cold and calculating, often during a job or even a skirmish. To some, neutral or emotionless during casual hours and to a rare select few, a somewhat joyful side where her usually intimidating glare is replaced with a soft gaze and eased brows.

    SKILLS: Archery, Persuasion, Stealth(/Recon?) (would this include things such as acrobatics, agility, etc?)

    BACK STORY: Not much is known about Rydia to others, but for some that knew, her life was a good one, if not cruel later on. Her father, Eren Kroegar, was a ranger often taking part of reconnaissance or flanking teams in battle. She had a good childhood with her parents, her father teaching her to use a bow when she was 12. Five years of that went over well for her. 17 of age, she would be old enough to possibly prove herself to join the military as did her father, albeit it would be a rough road to walk. She knew there would be bias towards her for just being a woman, especially as someone who many would see better as a housewife. She had her mother's figure, looks and her father's eyes. But she wasn't going to let that stop her. So, intent on her decision and ready to go, she set off to the next town over where they had their enlistments camped.

    A week had passed and she was finally able to prove to them she would be worthy to join and train under them. She was overjoyed and wanted to rush back home, but then news had hit the town she was in. Her home town was attacked and half of it was burned to the ground, the roads closed off to prevent civilians from heading towards trouble but taking in those fleeing. Now worried, all she could think of was to head back home and see what happened. It wasn't easy but she had managed to slip past the checkpoint guards far enough for them to not go after her, and it took her atleast two hours on foot to reach her town, smoke clear in sight the whole way. When she arrived, her fears were met. Most of the fires were out, but the damage was great. The area that burned included that of her own home, so she rushed through the charred roads to find her father on the ground in a pool of his own blood, his clothes ripped and tattered infront of their home. Her mother nowhere in sight and her father inches from death, Rydia falls to her knees beside Eren, his glossed eyes weakly shifting to her. With news of her mother being taken away and his final words given to her, Rydia promised her father that she wouldn't let her dreams go for nothing, to continue on with her newly earned training and prove his family name could be carried on from his daughter.

    Four years have passed now and from then on, loyalty still intact, she had eventually split off from the military between then and now and works as a mercenary of sort, doing things her own way, pay or not. Still not knowing what could have been of her mother, she hopes to find clues from her travels, but is prepared for it to lead to a permanent cold trail.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Eren Kroegar (Father, Deceased), Olivia Kroegar (Mother, Missing, Could be Deceased)

    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Likely volunteered if not hired, she'd be travelling through the local towns that had news about or enlisters for the job.


    And of course, if there's anything you do not like about this or would like me to change, let me know and I'll work it out ASAP.​
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  16. Whooaaa.

    I'll be making a CS hopefully soon!
  17. Pretty hot app you posted Detective! ACCEPTED!

    APPEARANCE: In simple words, he's an ugly man.
    AGE: 30
    PERSONALITY:[/B] Tends to not like meeting new people most of the time. He is quick to judge but just as quick to alter that judgement, Grey is a man who constantly tests his own hidden theories in the real world. A thinker, he occasionally advises those around him to better course of action based on reason and logic. Unfortunately, he does not always explain said reason and logic, which leaves him sometimes appearing eccentric and odd. He is also known to believe in the less mundane -once you get to know him.
    SKILLS: Rougecraft, Archery, Alchemy
    BACK STORY: Greyson M. Moristen was raised in the ruffle and trough of a merchant's life. For most of his childhood was spent as a member of a caravan that travelled from land to land, peddling their luxurious and exotic wares when not wandering the roads. Gypsies, they were sometimes called.

    But when they arrived in Arrendana, many simply settled and made their lives here. The place seemed better than most, at least they were not immediately drafted to some sort of labour just because they were outsiders. They had their own skills and it helped the community. But there was just one thing, inevitable, that no one wanted an extra mouth to feed. Greyson, or, Grey, was no one's kin. Not uncommon in the troupe that a person had no family, but Grey did not make any friends either. He was always keeping to himself or rather, manages to step on the foot of most of them one way or another. To be honest, he had no idea what was the exact reason but they left him anyway.

    So what was someone to do in such a situation? The youngster had already lost his trust in people by then. So he left the hustle and bustle of town and lived in the countryside where he made a living of medicine and hunting. The wilds had their challenges, as did the unsavoury characters that sometimes crossed it. Especially wolves. The townsfolk soon found out that when gold crossed his palms, he could kill entire packs by himself, sometimes without even knocking a single arrow. One way or another, they simply die. The stranger kept his methods secret, of course. In time, having honed his skills and tricks Greyson had made a slight name for himself as a Hunter. But with this fame, came equal infamy. There are those who do not know, who out of petty reasons, will rather blame than seek to understand.

    Blame, for all sorts of things like poor weather. Milk turning sour, beastial sounds in the middle of the night. The cabin in the woods always had a finger or two pointed at it when the country folk spoke of such things. Perhaps eventually, someone will have the guts to try and set his house on fire.

    until then, when the wilds no longer keep them at bay and they do not need him, he remains safe. But such a time might come soon as the surburbs have started becoming more populated and Greyson M. Moristen has no intention of remaining "The Witch-Beast of WestWood" when it arrives. That poor sob might just have the worst day of his life.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Any link you have to other characters.
    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Reccomendation. When there was a request with that exact description, Greyson M. Moristen was pointed out as one of the viable candidates, not for his combat or experience with leading a band (to which he has none), but for his way of telling things like if crops could grow on a piece of land or when rain might fall. He was a hunter of beasts with uncommon knowledge, though somewhat mistrusted by those who suspect him of sorcery -those few were more than eager to see him gone from this town.

    [[Hi there, this is a scaffold of the character. It's not complete by any means. I simply wanted to write down my ideas. It's getting lat----early? ...Hmm ...It's getting 4.00am. I noticed that the skillset might sound similar to another character, but it's not, I think. Darn coincidences!]
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  19. Great, glad to join in on this. Also, nice sig, I love deadpool but I don't really get to see much of him out there.

    APPEARANCE: Tiamo is well toned and quite agile. She's extremely flexible as well, capable of bending backwards completely and various twist and splits. The sword and scabbard she wears are used simultaneously, the scabbard in her off-hand.

    AGE: 24

    Considering her circumstances, Tiamo can be considered quite the antagonist, ironic considering her name. Concerning those who she dislikes she can be rather snide and selfish. She's argumentative and rebellious by nature and her sarcasm is extremely apparent in her speech patterns. Tiamo warms up to people slowly and often burns too quickly.

    SKILLS: Thievery, Espionage, Acrobatics

    BACK STORY: Tiamo's past is a sad tale of bad circumstances. The product of a quick hookup of a skimpy traveling dancer and some irresponsible knight, her life was already complicated before her official birth. When she did come into the world, she was left without a father and raised in a group of nomadic bards and entertainers. With strained relationships with her licentious and alcoholic mother, Tiamo grew undesirable traits. The only time she wasn't stealing from the troupe members, Tiamo eventually turned to outlets like dancing and singing. Though desiring not to become like her mother she shelved her skills and turned back to thievery.

    It was around her sixteenth year when the sudden drop in finances were finally pinpointed on the "whore's daughter) And the troupe voted to leave her behind. Tiamo's mother obviously on their side. The saddest part was that Tiamo wasn't surprised in anyway. So at the next city, they dropped her, without money or support she was in a whole new world.

    Tiamo then grew to learn the ways of the corrupt world before her. Her thieving abilities sharpening throughout the years, it wasn't a surprise she became a local legend among some towns. After six years on her own she's become a seasoned pro and took her first big job, planning a raid on some noble caravan. Though things hadn't turned out like she wanted.

    It was supposed to be an easy job, some corrupt noble family were running away with their tail tucked behind their legs after a big scandal. She was supposed to swoop in while they were weak, rob them, and then leave them to deal with their problems. But when she hijacked their carriage, she did not expect to see two sobbing toddlers, a pregnant noblewoman, and an injured nobleman. They pleaded with their eyes to leave them alone and for the first time Tiamo felt something significant.

    So she helped them. Confused by her sudden compassion, she defended them against different mercenaries while ferrying them to a neutral land. She used her skills in concealment and espionage to keep them safe. As they neared their destination a well placed ambush eventually led to her fending off the mercs while they continued on. Obviously out-numbered and only but a thief, Tiamo lost. Arrested for treason she was sent to Arrendana to be executed. However an intrigued general later saved her life by assigning her to an expedition. And having her sign an agreement that she would continue on expeditions for the next ten years, not matter the risks. It wasn't exactly a way out of death but it was much better then being hanged.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Tiamo is a new arrival so she hasn't met anyone as of yet.

    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Arriving at Arrendana in shackles, Tiamo was thrown into a dungeon whilst waiting for her turn at the noose. She cursed her sudden weakness, after all it was because she helped those people now she would die. Tears were muffled in her dark damp cell.

    Then a man, a man of great stature and blood judging from his diction and presentation came to her. He was nice, warm and surprising likeable. He offered Tiamo a way out. Impressed by a simple thief capable of fending off trained soldiers he had her become an expedition regular in exchange for her life. Tiamo didn't really have a choice.​
    There! Haha. I hope its okay. I may or may not make the general as my second character, but its kinda up in the air right now. Tell me if I need to change anything and I'll get on it real quick~
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