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    • Λ .Overlords and Guardians; Age of Antagonism. Ω


      It has been an age of peace and prosperity for most of the nations of the world for nearly a thousand years unharried by war or large scale conflict. An age that has ended abruptly and violently with the appearance of Maynen's Comet. A triple tailed comet considered the aspect of unwelcome change.

      Magic, previously held in trickles and shackles has come unbound with the appearance of the comet shattering the world and opening up wild portals that flucuate and subside like the coming of the tides, at one point allowing transit to another known portal if the power was there, but destroyed all who ventured near.

      The nations of the world all returned to angering over ancient disputes and centuries of issues have resurfaced overnight with the appearance of the comet.

      And with it arose something older, something newer, and something altogether more powerful than many could possibly expect.

      The first to rise were the Overlords, a symptom? Or a catalyst? Powerful in many ways they were unmatched without the might of entire nation's armies, and just when some were about to be defeated they would vanish into portals they created themselves to their Lairs.

      The first overlord was killed when the first 'Guardian of Good' rose. Her charisma and dedication bringing a large number of loyal followers to her banner and she finally slew the first Overlord, the Wurm Gyrdon was slain in single combat, a battle that also too the life of Mya, the first Guardian of good.

      But now many have risen where none seemed to exist before. Each inhabiting ancient and powerful Lair or Sanctuary. Each possessing the magical ability to use the portals that they have visited before or even create small ones to escape themselves.

    • Gods of Auraxia

      The Gods of Auraxia are distant beings connected to the Infernal and Celestial planes but not wholly of either. And their notice of the world is sparse but when it is felt the consequences are far-reaching and not to be sneered at. For theirs isn't a touch of creation but of raw power. Each 'pantheon' is a triumvirate of powers, or a trio of aspects representing a single overwhelming power depending on who you speak to.

      Celestial Gods.

      Ailuna; The Goddess of Spring, The Dawn of Light, The Earthmother. Ailuna is called many things and is often regarded as a symbol of fertility and virility by those who follow her most closely. A goddess of passions, she is restrained by her brothers who are more restrained and cautious to limit her impulsive need to aid those who need it most desperately, for her power is significant.

      Broseidon; The God of Honour, The Gleaming Knight, Brother War. Broseidon is a stiff-necked and recalcitrant god who gives his gifts more sparingly than any other god in any pantheon. Believing that if one desires help they first need to help themselves... with the addendum that if they can help themselves they obviously have no need of his gifts. However, it is the warlike Celestials which worship him so deeply that are most likely to seek out the appropriate Guardians with the appropriate gift of magic to help in their quests against evil. And so Broseidon has more of a reputation for interference than he could possibly ever deserve.

      Remintog: The World Tree, Thorns of Blossom, The Evergreen. Remintog typically depicts himself as a great tree and it's believed that he is solely responsible for the creation of the Dryads and the Treemen. He's typically regarded as the pillar on which all life depends, and what Ailuna creates he nutures and should anything happen to him the world would wither and die with him. He serves as a staunch branch between his brother and sister while Ailuna would be too free with her gifts and Broseidon too recalcitrant it is Remintog that in the end provides the most aid to the world.. though his gifts sometimes take longer to happen than the asker might want.

      Infernal Gods

      Ashzlan; The Infernal, Heart of Fire, The Rage God. Ashzlan is a god of fire, brimstone and bottomless hate and rage. He is the chosen deity of bezerkers everywhere. And many of the more martial overlords follow him with a doubtless inspiration. Ashzlan gives his gifts to those who prove themselves above and beyond on the battlefield rewarding the rage, bloodthirst and bodies slain in his name.

      Nabra Chabaal; The Dead God, Bonewalker, Totem of Unlife. Nabra Chabaal is a god that has never lived. Never died and exists somewhere between. While the other Infernal Gods typically attract the daemonic Nabra Chabaal is regarded as the Allfather of Necromancy, his realm as dead as his servants and devoid of even the slightest shred of life. Many Overlords who dabble in Necromancy know and venerate him.

      Khaelesh; Daemonic God of Evil, The Darkness, The Black Breach. Khaelesh shares a unique distinction of the Infernal Gods, neither Ashzlan nor Nabra Chabaal are held to be inherently evil per se. However Khaelesh is regarded to be a god of the purest evil that good things wither in his passage and the most holy quail and avail themselves of depredation and perversion in his wake. Many Overlords who swear by Khaelesh consider him the over-god of all evil and they are not far wrong. Even the greatest of the Daemon Kings and Emperors quail as a small child might before him and his form always seems steepled in nightmare. Those who have beheld his visage have never slept a whole nights sleep again. The hardest of all the Infernal Gods to seek the favour of the rewards he grants are far greater in return... but the consequences of displeasing him are far worse than any mortal mind can conceive...

      Of Gods.
      The gods, infernal or celestial, are of course not nearly so narrowly defined as the mortal realms often try to narrow them down. None of them have anything so clearly defined as gender, indeed, they do not regard themselves as male or female or anything so mundane.

      Their appearances vary vastly, very few perceive them in the same manner as anyone else. The Celestial Gods often appear to resemble whatever the Guardian might expect them to look like should they deign to answer a request, Ailuna might appear as a fatherly figure to a young female Guardian looking for Guidance or Broseidon might look like a warrior woman (if Broseidon ever answers anyone..)

      The Infernal Gods meanwhile are even less easily described. Though Ashzlan would always appear as a warrior the daemonic appearance makes any guess as to gender impossible, Nabra Chabaal meanwhile always appears as a skeletal amalgam of who knows what beast, many only appellate the masculine title due to his deep voice, resonating as if from every grave ever dug. Khaelesh is even less definable, his form changing so far beyond the pale almost exactly tailored to the witnesses nightmares. Even those Overlords who have sought his favour quail before him.​

    • Name: (What is your character's name, or at least the one they choose to use.)
      Gender: (If you need this explained you're in trouble :p)
      Appearance: (Picture or description allowed.)
      Bio: (History, some insight into their character and mindset, demeanor etc.)
      Preferred Equipment: (Note; May not begin with magical equipment without special permission.)


      Each player is allowed up to 2 special custom traits they've designed for themselves. Specific magical items ARE allowed as a Special Trait if approved by the GM (Me) Note; ALL special traits must be approved. If specials have to be knocked back multiple times the right to have special traits may be revoked.

      Lands: (These are the lands that you call your own.)

      Lair or Sanctuary: (if you're an Overlord it's a Lair, if you're a Guardian it's a Sanctuary.)
      Lair/Sanctuary Portal Heart; ALL Lairs and Sanctuaries have a portal heart that the Overlord or Guardian can always elect to return to at any time so long as they have enough forewarning. Other players (or powers) cannot transit to a Portal Heart of a Lair and Sanctuary without the Overlord or Guardian's direct consent. They are the safest and most secure parts of a Lair or Sanctuary, and even if the Lair or Sanctuary is otherwise completely destroyed, so long as the Overlord or Guardian lives, and the Portal Heart remains intact, it can rebuild itself to its former glory... eventually.

      Command Minions/Allies: (Command Minions/Allies may be named, given small bio's and roles in your forces etc. They're effectively your subordinates and may be given any order you wish that they'll obey ... almost... without question.)

      NOTE: You may have a maximum of 10 Command Minions/Allies or 2'000 Gold worth. Whichever comes first. Note; You do require the requisite race traits for races that require traits.

      Armies: The army you have bought to support your Overlord or Guardian.

    • You have 30 points to spend on your "Stats" any given stat may only begin with a maximum 10 and a minimum of 1. However there are other issues. The Opposites.

      Physical: If you have an 9 in physical you can have a maximum of 2 in magic. If you have 10 physical you may only have 1 in magic. (This limitation only applies to new characters.)
      Magic: If you have an 9 in magic you can have a maximum of 2 in physical. If you have 10 magic you may only have 1 in physical. (This limitation only applies to new characters.)

      This also applies to the following pairs.


      Once you have spent your points in your stats you may now buy "traits"

      Each trait costs 1 point unless otherwise specified. Your stat value is how many points you have to spend in that category.

      Eg: Physical 5 would equal 5 points to spend on physical traits. Magic 8 would equal 8 points to spend on magic traits and so on.

      Evil Overlords; The traits and rules for Evil Overlords.

      Guardians of Good; The traits and rules for Guardians of Good.

      General Rules:
      1. No God Modding/God-Moding or similar behaviour.
      2. No (serious) arguments with people! If you have an issue with someone be polite and talk it through like an adult, if a dispute flares up and threatens the RP's continuance I will not tolerate it. If you can't be civil you can't be here. (Arguments held in good fun, and obviously in good fun and jest, are ok. OOC banter that is "seemingly in-character" is also ok. Eg; There is no problem with telling an Evil Overlord how you're going to smite him so hard his ancestors will turn good :p Or telling a Guardian of Good that you're going to take their children and have them drawn and quartered by Dire Snails.)
      3. The Dice gods are the only deity we recognise in the OOC. Fail to provide them with proper observances and the RNG is likely to be extremely unforgiving :p
      4. No autohits, no auto-kills or anything resembling them against another player or prominent NPCs. There is no issue with killing off a small towns villagers, but if you attack a major city you're going to have your hands full depend.
      5. Maturity is required. This RP has a lot of adult themes, and even some disturbing ones.
      6. There are SOME standards. NO paedophile or child molestation is to be seen or shown at any time, if you must it can certainly be implied. But it is never to be seen or shown.
      7. You must include the line phrase 'the gods are never appeased' in your sheet somewhere to prove you read the rules.

      Note: There are several types of penalties for breaking the rules. The first and most common, and my preferred, is that the penalties will be effected IC. Your character will suffer for breaking the rules. (The severity of the event reflecting the severity of the breach. If you have your character "ascend to godhood" in the first post your character will suffer a fate so horrible that your ancestors will shudder involuntarily for example.)

      The second type of penalty is, funnily enough, the least common. It will include the first way, plus a PM from me being kind, but giving a warning that certain behaviours won't be allowed or tolerated. The uncommon nature of this penalty is that most players recognise their mistakes and I don't have to explain in detail to them.

      The third type of penalty is the second most common. It is only used for the most egregious of troublemakers. In this case the character, their holdings etc will all be wiped out and the player booted from the RP permanently, and odds are, from all other RPs I GM in future as well.

      SPECIAL NOTE!: Nemesis

      In an experiment for the first time in Overlords and Guardians i'm going to trial a new idea. Each player (or specifically character for those allowed more than one) may ask another player to elect to be their 'nemesis' each character may only have one elected nemesis. They may develop rivals, but only one character can ever be their nemesis.

      If both players agree then their characters are considered to be each others nemesis. There will be bonuses and penalties for interactions between one another and such encounters may even be more "epic" in what happens than normal.

      NOTE 2: MAP

      The map will take a little longer than this part. Be patient :p

    • Active Players/Characters/Links to Profiles.
      If your character is in this list you're both active and!!!! haven't been horribly murderised by a terrible mistake or the fickle fickle hand of fate.
      KadaeuxKalahadra "The Small King"OverlordThráin the Scholar, son of Náin.Ahokan Plains
      HerzinthEren FeliseOverlordElysiane the RadiantElucidar
      TempestRowyn HildeGuardianMarcas LutairVale
      Kae'os DaemonSothriar EmikasOverlordNadria the White She-wolfPoidos
      AlphakokaKaulallrOverlord Scarazar
      SarzuThráin the Scholar, son of Náin.GuardianKalahadra "The Small King"Ahokan Plains
      AndreaGennevë, Mistress of Ravens.OverlordMarik AureliaIlmorow
      GatMarcas LutairOverlordRowyn HildeVale
      MaximZehi'n, The Desert GeneralGuardianAsmodeusRahn
      FubukiAsmodeusOverlordZehi'n, The Desert GeneralRahn
      JorickCeregor White-EyesGuardianDianth VexelMoorstear
      LimeypandaMarik AureliaGuardianGennevë, Mistress of Ravens.Ilmorow
      SelviNadria the White She-wolfGuardianSothriar EmikasPoidos
      HolmshireGraim Sinercus.Guardian Peaks Eternal
      OrionGratten O'TarGuardian Oro
      AzathothElysiane the RadiantGuardianEren FeliseElucidar
      KestrelMeinirOverlord Drahakan Empire
      TempestDianth VexelOverlordCeregor White-EyesMoorstear
      OmegaArlaw GrellockOverlord Laekuria
      FoxxieMacaria AyselOverlord Solfsheim
      BrovoTurios "F" Phohios.Overlord Quelth Kingdom
      Herzius56Eradicate the "Titan of Demise"Overlord Lognom Plains

    • [​IMG]

      Western Continent (open)
      The Spire Kingdoms:
      The spire kingdoms are a collective of many smaller kingdoms, well over two hundred of them, that have long since formed a peace and nominated a high king to lead them, the high king is elected to his position through the 'casting of the stones' in which all the kingdoms nominate four candidate kings (or more rarely, queens) and then each king or queen casts a stone in favour of their candidate.

      Should the stones come up evenly those candidates with the tied votes are expected to share their rule for 10 years instead of independently. The spire kingdoms earn their name though through their favourite architectural style. The castles and citadels of the land all feature high soaring spires and towers. Many races inhabit this nation and all in all it is a peaceful nation of people who believe in co-operating with one another.

      The Ahokan Plains:
      These lands are the 'property' of the typically nomadic barbarian Ahokan peoples, predominantly human steppe nomads they guard their lands jealously against the Torosag and Drahakan Empire while maintaining cordial trade with the Spire Kingdoms and the Lyrisian City-States. They have little familiarity with magic only the rare shamans who advise the tribes ever demonstrating any talent.

      The Ahokan Plains however are riddled with ruins and darker places that the nomads avoid as if plague-infected, and the mountains are considered to be evil places where no thing of honour ever lurks. The Ahokans believe that the mythical dragon gate can be found within the mountains, and should it ever be discovered the doom of all mortal races are assured.

      City States of Lyris:
      The Lyrisians are a merchantile people bordering the Ahokan Plains and the Vale with the threatening presence of the Drahakan Empire's navy always in reach, using bribery and valuable trade to keep the Imperial ambitions from looking too closely. The Lyrisians are an unusual folk, a nation of men, elves and more enterprising goblin-folk. They disdain combat and typically maintain forces of mercenaries to protect their borders and bribe pirates to keep their waters clear.

      Vale is a heavily forested land that has been encroached on more and more since the age of aggression began populated by elves, dryads and treefolk predominantly it is a shrinking dying land fighting to stay afload in a world going increasingly mad. Their only main trade is highly valuable healing herbs and concoctions as well as a rare most valuable substance called 'coffee'.

      A land of rough and aggressive folk, the most common being humans and ogres in large numbers it's a clannish nation and the clan is valued above ALL other considerations, if a man must kill and eat his wife and children for the good of the clan he would do so without hesitation, or be cast out and exiled. The Torosagens covet the rich lands of the Ahokan plains and have begun to make overtures for conquest meanwhile trying to force Ruemina to supply and fund their aggressions.

      It's believed that Torosag has militaristic ties with the Drahakan Empire but no proof has ever been found and the clans staunchly deny anything like that is even possible.

      A marshland nation it's people are secretive and reclusive loathe to be drawn into the affairs of those they perceive as 'lesser nations' indeed, they do not suffer trespass over their borders lightly, and while they have felt more than a little pressure from the Torosag and Drahakan Empire the... delegates... of both have enough of a habit of disappearing that assignment as a diplomat there is considered a deathwish.

      Drahakan Empire:
      A harsh Empire ruled for the greater good it holds its own standards as those by which the entire world should live. Their knightly orders have great reputation for virtue... and pushing around anyone they consider commoners.Considering the people of the Vale foul heathens (an event that come about after the Emperor was offered some of Vales "coffee" and assumed that its bitter taste was an assassination attempt.
      Regardless, the nation is famous for its militaristic overtures towards its neighbours and it's high and mighty manner, though it seems to fear the people of Ronterrion.

      The Ronterese are a dangerous folk that few have ever had the chance to really get to know. Travellers are free to travel through their lands along the highways and spend a single night at any of the waystations along its highways. But they are made well aware that it is law that they not leave the highways nor are they to spend more than a single night in any of the waystations.

      Those who fail to obey those 'simple' laws are almost never seen again. And those who are aren't... really... there anymore.

      Moorstear is an isolated nation, boxed in by the enigmatic Ronterrion to the north and the razorhead reefs surrounding most of the nation. And yet still it remains a nation of cordial polite folk which believe greatly in hospitality and sharing what they have. And so despite their isolation and the difficulty of getting ships to trade with them, the Moorsteari are a prosperous people.

      Naedan Kingdom:
      A monarchy ruled purely through the patriarchal line, women are entirely subservient in their society. Though possessed of an uncommon chivalry their nation is a nation of hard laws, hard men, and women little better than in shackles. They are not well liked by their neighbours though trade between the nations does take place.

      An Imperial Monarchy, this small nation is somewhat oriental in its nature and beliefs are somewhat restrained. It's people are conservative and near painfully polite, and this has often lead people to mistake them for good. The people of Oro however are not believers in good or evil as separate constructs but both part of all people. That both sides need to be served for a person to be whole.

      Their navy is their pride and they are the only nation on the continent known to have contact with the Black Empire of Scarazar and Quelth Kingdom.

      Lognom Plains:
      Though a large land it is not very populous infested as it is with wild monsters. The clannish peoples are as varied as colour and have little in common with one another. It has long been said that the only reason that the Lognom cannot be conquered is that clans ever at war with one another will set aside all conflicts to crush any other who try to intervene.

      A small monarchy that has been the victim of the Forbidden Reach since its dawn, the monsters and wild clans of the Reach have plundered and pillaged the nation of 'Pil'lage'. Indeed, when one visits the nation of Pil'lage they find only run-down villages, charred towns and cities that are half ruin. Even those defensive fortifications resemble little more than half-collapsed piles of rubble.

      The people of Pil'lage are a terrified bunch resembling nothing so much as a clique of frightened rabbits who scatter at the passage of any group of strangers larger than a dozen or so people. Though it is said that they are much more vicious with smaller groups and that lone travellers vanish swiftly for fear they're scouts of some enemy agency.

      A predominantly naval nation it holds appreciable amounts of territory though almost all its cities are coastal and housing great shipyards. It has suffered little the predations Pil'lage has and trades regularly with Moorstear, the Spear and the Marshland. The Poidans are commonly regarded as rude and nasty people, yet those who have dealt with them on any regular basis realise it's simply a cultural oddity and not actual attempts to be rude or nasty.

      A Meritocracy, the Marshlands are a gloomy land of marsh's and tributary rivers. It's people move around by boat more than road and they are the worlds premier supplier of 'entertaining substances' from mushrooms that'd take you to strange places to other drugs and reageants.

      Entreem Collective:
      A relatively pacifist nation it avoids its neighbours in military confrontation sitting quietly hoping to go unnoticed as it traded with all three of its neighbours. The Entreemi are inherently cowardly and it's almost impossible to force them to fight... but if you somehow cross that line you're in for an animalistic bezerker fury.

      Autocracy of Rahn:
      The Autocracy is a powerful military force that attempts to keep the relative peace across the region with... well bluntly little effect. Despite their power they're plagued by raiders, bandits and pirates from Laekuria and the Joakan Empire and the Rahnese have proven to have an almost complete lack of ability to do anything about it.

      The Laekurian nation is a collection of city-states united by the lines of communication established... by its bandit clans. It's even been unofficially declared a 'crimeocracy' with people who actually pay for things being considered the unofficial 'poor people' lacking the talent to live on a good five-fingered discount. It's favourite raiding grounds the Rahn to the north though like all sane beings it avoids the Forbidden Reach.

      Joakan Empire:
      An unusual nation actually ruled by an Ogre Emperor and his... 'harem' of Elf wives. (A few are even willing) The Joakan's are often referred to as Pirate Kings and Bandit Lords and they, like their Laekurian neighbours, live up the reputation. Though the Emperor has been showing himself to be more ambitious of late with interest in expanding his borders a little more directly into the Autocracy.

      The Spear:
      A people isolated by more distance and the horrors of the reach their only reliable trading partners are found in the Marshland and even then it's not without risk due to Joakan Pirates. Many believe the Spear to be the homelands of the Werewolves.

      Northern Continent (open)
      The Icing:
      This tundra nation is quiet, reclusive and sometimes shockingly violent. The people who inhabit it simply refer to themselves as the Frostwyr. A barbarian peoples with a number of races from Humans and Dwarves to Dragon Ogres they're exceptionally private and twice as mistrustful of strangers. Few can survive the harsh lands of the Icing or the Frostwyr who inhabit it.

      Ilmorow is believed to be a contraction of illmorrow. It's a land of bad luck, foul temperered people and constant cold sweeping down from the north. There is little reason for cheer in Ilmorow and its people seem keenly aware of it, the sole bright light in their existence being the great distance between them and Scarazar.

      Lunis Trad:
      The proximity of Lunis Trad across the ocean to Torosag makes them natural trading partners, though their differing philosophies tend to keep them always somewhat at odd. Lunis Trad is obsessed with knowledge of any sort, though of late has almost exclusively begun concentrating on trying to find sources of magic to hold the Black Empire of Scarazar at bay should it find a way to breach the Kingdom of Wall. It's wealth predominantly coming from trade and 'leasing' access to its libraries to anyone who can pay well enough.

      Though it's said if you try and remove a book from one of the libraries they'll burn you at the stake.

      Quelth Kingdom:
      A great trading kingdom it's a nation of powerful people and armies, and so it has to be, it's treaty with Wall ensuring that tens of thousands of its troops are sent to help 'man the wall' annually. Though it spends most of its time trading it, like the wall, lives in eternal and great fear of the nation of Scarazar.

      Quelth is also the only nation to date that seems to know the secrets of how to build Airships.

      The Kingdom of Wall:
      Many question whether this can really be called a nation at all instead of a very large nation-sized military camp. Indeed, the entire nation's existence, once part of the Quelth Kingdom, has changed in the last eighty years as Scarazar stirred to life once more. Now the nation is named for the literal wall that runs from the north coast to the south built half with magic, half with old fashioned physical labour.

      It's population struggling to man such a vast defensive fortification they do it unquestioningly despite the difficulties, for to resist the advances of Scarazar is every citizens single most important duty.

      Depthless Despayre:
      Once part of a nation called "Na'vi" it was destroyed by one of Scarazar's most powerful necromancer forty years ago when he sought the favour of the God Nabra Chabaal and the deathly god granted it. The entire nation was consumed in an orgy of necromantic energy and it's people were destroyed. But despite the success of the plan the long-term consequences were unplanned for the land, now the Depthless Despayre, is a land of eternal undead. From the very ground and trees to the corpses that once inhabited the land as living creatures. The Depthless Despayre is an enemy of the living and is not easily thwarted. It is said that now a Lich rules over it and it's undead Na'vi.

      The Black Empire of Scarazar:
      If ever a nation were a poster-boy of evil the nation of Scarazar is it. Maintaining vast armies and scores of necromancers it is said that the entire nation receives the favour of Khaelesh. And the stories that reach other lands are score full of horror. From the claim that the first born to every household is sacrificed to Khaelesh and the skull of the newborn used to shore up city or town walls to the story of the now extinct Karminite people, whose torture to death was part of the culinary preferences of the predominantly human Scarazaran peoples.

      And it has expanded massively since its resurgence. The people of Last Retreat being the refugees and survivors of a half dozen nations destroyed by Scarazar in its quest for power.

      Last Retreat:
      This was a nation called Ynamor, but it became flooded with refugees from Scarazar's advance, a flood it could not prevent and its morals caused it to avoid even attempting. It's natives being of good hard, hospitality was paramount to them, for a price, but still, after a too short time Ynamor simply lost its national identity and became called "Last Retreat" now it finds itself squarely in the eyes of Scarazars Emperor for the crime of 'harbouring' its enemies.

      The Last Retreat may not be long for this world.

      The Peaks Eternal:
      A nation of mountain-dwelling folks spared the worst depredations of Scarazar by simply geography. The cold and mountainous terrain didn't favour the heavily armoured Legionnaires of Scarazar or its undead menace and the tenacity of the Dwarves, Trolls, Ogres and Men that make up the majority of the population are able to hold back the tide with the help of the great Rocs that circle it's skies, the giant birds unable to tolerate the tresspass of such a great evil.

      A naval nation of viking-like folk they ply and raid the seas, though they find themselves having to contend with Scarazaran vessels more and more of late the once quiet and private people now seeking more substantial alliances and agreements with the Peaks Eternal, Elucidar and Greenholm for a mutual defence against Scarazaran aggression.

      Elucidar has so far managed not to trigger Scarazani aggression, both turning away refugees and keeping its border closed except to maintain polite diplomatic ties. But it is not so foolish as to believe that state of affairs will last forever.

      Elucidar is pursuing diplomatic contact with Solfsheim, the Peaks Eternal and Greenholm for a more concerted military defence.

      Greenholm is one of the few good nations and has been resisting action about Scarazar fearful of drawing the giant upon itself. A nation of boundless forests and a small mountain range it has found itself increasingly drawn into talks with its nearest neighbours. Though rumours are ever growing that the Elf rulers are building fleets of ships from living wood to fleet from this part of the world for parts unknown.

    • Recruiting fresh bodies is an important step in an Overlord or Guardian's career. Without it they'll run out of people to throw in front of incoming lethal blows sooner than later.
      • Step A: You go to the place you plan on recruiting from (or send a Captain with the Leader or similar trait) and make your speech, threats, sacrifices etc.
      • Step B: The GM does a covert roll to see how many troops are available of what type.
      • Step C: Player can spend gold to secure the services for the base price. If the player used a Captain the troops cost 2x.
      In general there are some limitations.
      • A Village will normally have a draw of up to 20 humanoids, or 40 small race, or 10 large, or 5 Huge.
      • A Town will normally have a draw of up to 100 humanoids, or 200 small race, or 50 large, or 30 Huge.
      • A City will normally have a draw of up to 1'000 humanoids, or 2'000 small race, or 500 large, or 330 Huge.
        • GM NOTE: These are UPPER limits. It is entirely possible, (and even probable knowing the dice gods) that the figure will be lower than this. It will, for the sake of our heads, generally be rounded to the nearest unit :p
      Towns and cities may end up with mixed races being available at the GM's discretion, additionally, it is possible to "overdraw" when recruiting. When you overdraw you are significantly degrading the village, town or city depriving it of skilled labour typically. When you "overdraw" up to twice as many people may be drawn from the recruitment. But it will not be possible to recruit from that location for quite some time afterwards.

      Additionally, doing multiple recruitments from the same place in a relatively short span of time will have the same effect as overdrawing.

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  1. I will make a CS for this tonight.

    What are your thoughts on temporary minions? I am thinking of a necromancer, in this case. Will I require a higher command in order to use more and better monstrous minions?
  2. While you can secure temporary services IC, the points spent is exclusively on permanent attachements to the Overlord or Guardian. (Of course, if you just mean minions that'll get killed sooner than later, I can arrange that too :p)

    In general you should not require a higher command for the better and more monstrous minions. Eg: If you have "Command 1" you could still take Dragon Ogres for example. But doing so would limit you heavily in your choices of forces as only "Humans" are a universal choice.

    Anyone can buy humans, but only someone who can secure the loyalty of other races (through the appropriate trait) can get others.
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  3. Looks neat. I'll work up a rough draft CS probably tonight, maybe tomorrow if I get distracted.
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  4. Most interesting. I shall continue to browse traits in the meantime, although I am, as of yet, not set on the Lichdom-seeking neophyte.
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  5. Ugh.....Contemplating on joining or not....
  6. Scrapped CS (open)

    Name: Ceregor the Shining Bulwark
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: WIP
    Bio: WIP
    Preferred Equipment: Heavy Mithril plate armor, Mithril shield, and a warhammer (alternatively, magical maul if special trait is accepted)

    Physical: 9
    Magic: 1
    Command: 2
    Wealth: 8
    Influence: 2
    Dedication: 8

    Physical (open)
    Bulwark: Your might is a wall against evil, and none shall pass while you guard the bridge! (or gate, or whatever.) Basically, if you can channel the enemy into a narrow approach towards you, you are very skilled at holding them off.

    Wing’ed: You are blessed with the wings of an angel, and can soar to great heights and fast speeds.

    Arm Of Justice: You have the upper body strength of a god! Well, not literally, but seriously man, how did you get those guns without steroids?

    Weapons Master: You have been raised or trained with practically every weapon under the sun, and are at the very least proficient with them, if not a total master, which in some cases, you are. This can be taken up to three times. Taken once, with total mastery of war hammer and maul usage if I can specify that much.

    Grace of the Panther: Simply put, you are a solid fighter, your body toned while not looking overly muscular, and probably look really good with oiled skin and a loincloth. This counts for intimidation as well as pure fighting talent.

    Might of the Bear: Wether you look like it or not, you have so much power built up inside you that you could squeeze a man in plate armour with a bear hug and crush him like a tin can.

    Armour Expert: Defence should never be overlooked, and you are defiantly not one of those people who has a very impressive looking and totally useless metal bra. Unless its covered by a full suit of plate and chain mail. And you know how to move around effectively inside such a heavy suit. Shields and their uses are also no mystery to you; in fact, you may use your shield more for offence then your actual weapon!

    High Metabolism: You stay fit with no real effort, and recover from alcohol and non-lethal poisons faster then other people. You also have a slightly higher reaction rate and reflex speed, although not by much.

    Celestine: You are born of the heavens and mortal both, a bridge between the worlds of light and mortal hearts. You are a beacon of hope for the future, stronger and more powerful than any normal mortal.

    Magic (open)
    Holy Aura: A projected aura of light that gives hope and energy to the pure of heart and damages those corrupted with wickedness.

    Command (open)
    Hero’s War Cry: Wether a mighty shout to the heavens, a war horn that summons your allies, or those bagpipes you insist on bringing with you everywhere, you are able to make a loud noise that inspires all around you to cry out as well and charge the enemy!

    Paladin: Men of purest of souls. They are followers of a faith that leaves them undoubtedly the most beloved of goods human servants. Though powerless their sheer faith leaves them immune to trickery of the mind.

    Wealth (open)
    Leather: You can afford the best in leather goods, mostly for armour.

    Iron: Iron can be bought in enough quantity and quality for you to use it in most your equipment, both armour and weapons. (Requires Leather)

    Steel: Steel can be bought in enough quantity and quality for you to use it in most your equipment, both armour and weapons. (Requires Leather and Iron)

    Damascus Steel: Damascus Steel, even stronger then regular steel, can be bought in enough quantity and quality for you to use it in most your equipment, both armour and weapons. (Requires Leather, Iron, and Steel)

    Mithril: Mithril, the best of metals available to the Guardians, and the most powerful, can be bought in enough quantity and quality for you to use it in most your equipment, both armour and weapons. (Requires Leather, Iron, Steel, and Damascus Steel.)

    Small Lands: You own 80 square km worth of land.

    Normal Lands: You own 120 square km worth of land. (Requires Small Lands, and you have ONLY 120 square km, these traits are non-cumulative.)

    Gold Mine: (REQUIRES: Wealth 6) You have a larger gold mine than most.

    Influence (open)
    Beacon of Hope: The people look up to you, some worship you as a hero, and the talk of the town is that you are going to save the world. So you can often find a free bed for the night and a warm meal, along with any tales that your hosts might have picked up that could contain useful information.

    Knight Templar: One of your contacts is a little... extreme in his methods, and you might not agree with some of the things he does in the name of the gods, but he sure is effective. You don‟t like being near him, though, for fear that his fanaticism might wear off on you.

    Dedication (open)
    Dreaded by Evil: As your presence becomes known, wherever there are evil forces, they will start to quake in their boots at the thought of meeting you face to face.

    Incorruptible: Your mind simply cannot comprehend evil, any attempt to put your closest Lieutenants under mind control will almost always fail due to the strength of their faith in you.

    Undead-Killer: Your reputation for scouring the lands from corruption and exorcising the undead has caused a great uprising in anti-undead followers, and people follow you just to see your good works to their finish.

    Hero Worship: You inspire this in the younger men in the army, and they will follow your every command just to earn a „thanks‟ from you. Even some of the older veterans deeply respect you.

    Righteous Power: Evil is usually fighting only for itself, and is inherently self destructive eventually. Whereas good has the benefit of being wholly constructive in nature. If you are defending something innocent, then you are under the influence of Righteous Power, and you and your men will fight twice as hard to defend what is pure in the world, no matter the cost. If you succeed, then the thing you were just defending will no doubt become a major part of things to come. (Requires Dedication 8)

    Karma Coordinator: When karma needs to hit evil in the face, you are the one that provides the fist to do it with. Making sure that punishment equals the crime committed is one of the best things that you are good at. Those rapists better say their prayers...

    Self-Sufficient: Your Guardian is dedicated to a “do it well, do it yourself, attitude. Rarely will they leave seemingly insignificant matters to an ally, and they will never ask a greater power for help even when it would be sensible. As such your people are better at being self-sufficient.

    Celestial Service: (Requires: Celestine) You desire so very much to be part of the celestial realms as one of the holy host. This desire and ambition and need for the holy realms endear you to the angels of the heavens and they are more likely to listen to you and take your word as fact.

    Magical Maul (to be named later): A shining golden maul etched with silver runes that are not from any known mortal language, head and shaft made fully of metal with a white leather grip. It is just as large as the mauls that normal mortals wield, but through a combination of it being lighter than so much metal has any right to be and Ceregor being so bloody strong, he wields it with one hand just as easily as a war hammer sized for one handed use. Either by composition or enchantment (Ceregor isn't sure which since he wasn't given all the technical details when he got it), the metal is so strong that not even a Mithril blade will put a scratch on it. Aside from the weight and resilience, it's just a big damn hammer that's really good at crushing heads and caving in breastplates.

    Holy Order: Rather than building up a large army to combat the forces of evil, Ceregor instead heads a small order of paladins who are dedicated to the holy cause of eradicating evil, men who are very well trained and very well equipped in this regard. Atop normal army units, Ceregor has the following two available to him: a single highly trained and experienced Damascus Steel armed paladin for 50 gold; a single highly trained and experienced Mithril armed paladin for 100 gold; creating captains of these units costs 500 gold atop their purchase cost and are of course even more badass than the normal guys commensurate with that cost. Note: this is very much based on the idea that the Wealth traits for these armors only allow my Guardian to be decked out in the stuff. If that's not the case then this will be scrapped and replaced.

    WIP space saver (open)

    Lair or Sanctuary: (if you're an Overlord it's a Lair, if you're a Guardian it's a Sanctuary.)
    Lair/Sanctuary Portal Heart; ALL Lairs and Sanctuaries have a portal heart that the Overlord or Guardian can always elect to return to at any time so long as they have enough forewarning. Other players (or powers) cannot transit to a Portal Heart of a Lair and Sanctuary without the Overlord or Guardian's direct consent. They are the safest and most secure parts of a Lair or Sanctuary, and even if the Lair or Sanctuary is otherwise completely destroyed, so long as the Overlord or Guardian lives, and the Portal Heart remains intact, it can rebuild itself to its former glory... eventually.

    Command Minions/Allies: (Command Minions/Allies may be named, given small bio's and roles in your forces etc. They're effectively your subordinates and may be given any order you wish that they'll obey ... almost... without question.)

    NOTE: You may have a maximum of 10 Command Minions/Allies or 2'000 Gold worth. Whichever comes first. Note; You do require the requisite race traits for races that require traits.

    Armies: The army you have bought to support your Overlord or Guardian.
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    Due to some differences in the files I have to post the rules corrections here.

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    • Name: Kalahadrad the 'Small King'
      Gender: Male
      Bio: Kalahadrad, more commonly called the 'Small King' by those who have had dealings with him (but never to his face) is a Goblin, older and far wiser than most of his kind he has survived long past the typical life expectancy of a Goblin and the mark of the comet adorns his chest as a birth mark.

      He is a relatively powerful Overlord for a being of such small stature, a power that can be pretty much directly tacked onto the vast force of small races folk he can hurl into the fray when he so chooses. Though many speak of the dark magics eating at the minds of his enemies and the horrific ways in which his enemies tend to die from the poisons he plays with.

      Terribly smart, cunning and unapologetically sarcastic he knows that discretion is the better part of valour. Though his adventures against a certain dwarf netted him the mans brother who was then brought back to his Underworld, shaved, made a eunuch and dressed up as a court jester for his own amusement. Something he forced his new jester to write a letter about which he promptly had mailed to the dwarf whose brother he'd taken.

      Preferred Equipment: Daggers, poisons, an army of small races to do his bidding etc :p
    • Stats:
      Physical: 3​
      Magic: 6​
      Command: 6​
      Wealth: 8​
      Influence: 5​
      Dedication: 2​
      Dirty Trickster​
      Night Sight​
      Weapon Mastery 1​
      Shivering Whisper​
      Something in the Dark​
      Fire Magic​
      Earth Magic​
      Curse Magic​
      Mental Lash​
      Telepathic Command​
      Drums of War​
      Gem Mine​
      Red Gold​
      Goblin Iron​
      Small Lands​
      Normal Lands​
      Bandit Clan​
      Twisted Form​
      Information Broker​
      Master Thief​
      Wiser than he looks.​
      Doubtless Loyalty​
      Goblin Invention; Kalahadrad is not a typical Overlord. He's not some big human or a more monstrous creature, he's a goblin and his servants are mostly of the small races. As such it's not uncommon to see strange inventions in his army, from Goblins wearing fake wings thrown off catapults to swinging around massive balls on a chain or even more bizarre.​

      Of Little Notice; Goblins and other small races, even if not trusted, tend to go relatively unnoticed. They're just beneath others attention. Those races, being too busy looking with their noses in the air often fail to recognise the difference between a simple goblin going about their day, and one plotting to take and burn their town that very night.​

      Treasury: 20'000 Gold Marks
    • Lands: Mountainous Forests

      Walled City: "The Blightholm"
      5x Advanced Farms
      2x Great Mines
      2x Advanced Farms
      3x Logging Camps
      Dirt and Cobblebone Roads
      2x Towns "Keigan" and "Eltrogs"
      2x Advanced Farms
      4x Race Specific Villages
      2x Advanced Farms

      Lair: The Black Krag.
      Underworld (Good Quality)
      4x Expanded Barracks
      1x Meat Stores
      1x Well
      1x Dungeon
      1x Torture Chambers
      2x Escape Tunnels
      1x Armoury
      1x Large Smithy
      1x Alchemical Laboratory
      Lair Portal Heart
    • Command Minions/Allies: (Command Minions/Allies may be named, given small bio's and roles in your forces etc. They're effectively your subordinates and may be given any order you wish that they'll obey ... almost... without question.)
      Rakash (open)

      Goblin Captain: Rakash;
      Rakash is a Goblin Shaman who desperately wants to apprentice under his great king. He is a vile, sneaky, cruel and unpleasant little bastard who'll do anything to get ahead. If told his advancement would require he molest a thousand goats he'd organise trips out to goat farms daily.
      Traits; Fire Magic, Air Magic, Curse Magic.

      Blooblud Skratchpanz (open)

      Goblin Captain: Blooblud Skratchpanz
      Blooblud is a cunning little bastard of a Goblin commander with a taste for poison and more than a few accidents that lead to his promotion. He generally serves as one of the 'Small King's generals.
      Traits: Weapon Mastery 2, Tactician

      Rakanishu (open)
      Skaven Captain: Rakanishu
      Rakanishu is a skaven commander with some talent for the job AND a little more spine than is common for these ratfolk as well as a near fanatical loyalty to Kalahadrad
      Leader 1
      Bezerker Fury
      Weapon Mastery 1

      Mikkey da Mowse (open)
      Skaven Captain: Mikkey da Mowse.
      Mikkey is one of Kalahadrad's favoured assassins. Quiet as the night. Swift as a shadow. They say light is the fastest thing in the universe. They are wrong. For no matter how fast it is it finds that the shadow got their first and is waiting for it. And Mikkey is Kalahadrad's deadly deadly shadow.
      Assassin 2

      Thagash (open)
      Kobold Captain: Thagash
      Thagash is a leader of Kobolds and typically in charge of handling Kalahadrad's Kobold Contingents. A brave little bastard, tenacious and a bite to shame a crocodile with a side-order of just the right amount of boot-licking.
      Weapon Mastery 2
      Leader 1

      Lorog (open)
      Kobold Captain: Lorog
      Lorog is an unusually scholarly type and serves more as an advisor and bookworm than as a commander of well anything, though he can teach a Kobold to make a rather nice cup of tea he has yet to share that talent with anyone.
      Scholar 1
      Advisor 1
      Educator 1

      Sheeba (open)
      Harpy Captain: Sheeba
      Sheeba is known to be a right bitch with those who cross her and sychophantically loyal to Kalahadrad, it is well known that she has offered, on multiple occasions, to share his bed though the Goblin has consistently turned down her offers he still values her power and insight.
      Air Magic
      Eagle Eyes
      Seduction 1

      Nakai (open)
      Harpy Captain: Nakai
      Nakai serves more often than just about any of Kalahadrad's Captains in ranging duties, from going to make arrangements with others, loyal as she is she makes no complaints about the work and prefers leading her harpy sisters into battle.
      Leader 1
      Weapon Mastery 1
      Diplomacy 1

    • Armies:
      150 Units of Goblin Spearmen (3000)
      150 Units of Goblin Blades (3000)
      50 Units of Goblin Tunnelers (1000)
      110 Units of Goblin Archers (2200)
      20 Units of Goblin Spider Riders (400)
      50 Units of Skavenslaves (5000)
      10 Units of Skaven Engineers (200)
      40 Units of Skaven Clanrats (1600)
      10 Units of Skaven Tunnelers (400)
      140 Units of Kobold Warriors (1400)
      20 Units of Kobold Raiders (400)
      17 Units of Kobold Scouts (170)
      30 Units of Harpy Hunters (300)
      10 Units of Harpy Raiders (200)

      9600 Goblins
      7200 Skaven
      1970 Kobolds
      500 Harpies
    Nakai (open)
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  8. Fuck it all, WIP sheet and whatever:

    • Name: Kaulallr
      Gender: M
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      Bio: Despite being an Overlord, Kaulallr preferred to avoid conflict, even against the Guardians. When he got involved in a combat, he preferred to harass his opponent, hitting their supplies before retreating while in the background, he would spread false information and message to sow as much chaos as he could.

      Preferred Equipment: Light equipments, Hidden Weapons, Poison, Blackmail

    • Physical: 3
      Magic: 7
      Command: 4
      Wealth: 6
      Influence: 5
      Dedication: 5

      • Weapon Mastery
      • Dirty Trickster
      • Compelling Voice


      • Curse Magic
      • Air Magic
      • Brutal Obedience
      • Mental Leash
      • Shivering Whispers
      • Raise Corpse
      • Raise Skeleton

      • Nightmares
      • Minion
      • Moredhel
      • Duergar
      • Assassins
      • Spymaster
      • Blackmailers
      • Small Lands
      • Furs
      • Goblin Iron
      • Rule 92
      • Information Broker
      • Dark Loremaster
      • Local Lords Favour
      • Spy Guild Master
      • Stare of Fate
      • Doubtless Loyalty
      • Dark Harvest
      • Self Sufficient
      • Wiser than He Looks
      -The Sinner's Virtue: The Shivering Whisper reaches deeper into the target's subconscious and causes them to act solely based on one of the 7 Deadly Sins or the 7 Heavenly Virtues.
      -Hidden Evil: Kaulallr had spent disproportionate amount of time in making sure that his spider web of information can't be tracked back to him. Plans regarding intelligence or assassination, or most behind the curtains plots took longer to formulate and pull, but no one else will ever know that he's the one pulling the strings.

      • Library Tower
        Black Tower (100)
        Good (100)
        2 Expanded Barracks (50)
        Library (25)
        Wells (50)
        Meat Stores (75)
        Armoury (25)
        Treasure Vault (50)
        Lair Portal Heart

      • Types: Plains & Forest
        2 Foresters (20)
        2 Trappers (40)
        4 Advanced Farms (120)
        Port City (110): Lacksawall
        Mines (20)
        Dirt Roads (10)
        Move 75 to Lair (75)
        Unused 5 (Extra 5k gold)

      • Knurl, the Minion Elder is the oldest Minion working under Kaulallr and act as the de facto leader of the minions. He lacks the physical abilities of the other captains or even the younger minions, but he makes it with accumulated wisdom and pragmatism. Under the Overlord's banner, Knurl mainly put himself as an advisor of sort, suggesting targets of opportunity, escape routes and also responsible for gathering new blackmails materials. (75)
      • Spot might not be the brightest tool in the bunch, but he made a distinction by his knack of spotting precious treasures and the ability to do his order without getting distracted....much. That said job usually involve clubbing his fellow minions to fall in line probably helps though. Slightly larger and slightly stronger than other Browns, Spot rides into battle at the helm of all the minion riders on the top of his trusty wolf, Lupus. Named so for the book that puts the wolf's picture in it and the words C. Lupus underneath it. (75)
      • (200)[​IMG]
        Leader of the Grimm Archers and Blademasters that guards the Tower. The gods are never appeased.
      • (200)[​IMG]
        Leader of the Black Horsemen and Knights.
      • (100)
        Archers Leader
      • (100)
        Primer Engineer of Moredhel Mechanics
      • (100)
        Duergar Deep Strike
      • (100)
        Gassli had always been fond of construction even since his childhood, especially when it involves toppling and destroying them. The vibrations caused by the explosive and the rumble as the stone, wood and metal fell down felt exhilarating to him. It was this love that fueled his ambition and decision of being an engineer. His construction style reflect his twisted love, making them sturdier and thicker in such a way so that when he does have a chance to destroy them, it would involve the biggest explosion and the most rumble he could experience. It's to be expected that his construction are expensive and he needed the fund to create the biggest and sturdiest building he could sap, it didn't take him long to join the nearest Overlord. It turns out that said Overlord apparently share Gassli's love as his first order was none other than for Gassli to map and design plan to topple everything to allow an army through, from a town and up to the Wall. And Gassli loves him for it, even more if only he got the chance to actually do the plans he has concocted.
      • (50)
        Hank was a royal guard captain-turned-mercenary for a warlord that had his territory absorbed into the resurging Scarazar Empire. The surviving soldiers that were not caught to be sold as slave or absorbed into the ranks of the Empire's army banded together into a mercenary force selling their service and experience to the lords of Scarazar. Despite their mastery of various weaponry, Hank and his band found themselves training recruits to acceptable standards during most of their mercenary jobs. The cycle repeats until he runs into Kaulallr who hired him permanently. At first he was wary of the contract, expecting the Overlord to almost immediately sending his group to their death. That line of thought was not proven as Hank found himself back into drilling the Overlord's soldiers while occasionally sent out to lead raiding parties. He still has reservations about it though as while the Minions are amusing and hardy bunch to abuse, he still has to put up with the unnerving Nightmares.
      • (50)
        Skylie is the owner of a travelling merchant caravan. Her caravan travels following profit, even against the tension between the Kingdoms, Guardians and Overlords. Her kind and polite demeanor makes her seem trustworthy and oftentimes makes her an apparent easy prey for thieves and the like. However, those that tried would usually found their entire possession had been burned down to ashes soon after while Skylie left the area with what she has left and a satisfied smile. For having dealt with the pest that annoyed her, often quietly and personally.

        She is still employed under Kaulallr and gladly use her caravan's reputation for other dealings, such as smuggling items or people. All those dealings are second only to her main concern, gathering supplies and wealth for her Overlord.
    • 10k default + 3k Wealth -1050
      500 Archers (1000)
      100 Horse Archers (400)
      200 Black Knights (1000)
      500 Dark Cavalry (2000)
      1000 Brown (1000)
      100 Red (400)
      200 Green (300)
      100 Blue (500)
      200 Wolf Riders (800)
      50 Salamanders (300)
      100 Spider Riders (500)
      200 Pike Infantry (500)
      50 Repeater Crossbowmen (300)
      200 Siege Engineer (500)
      100 Warriors (200)
      100 Crossbowmen (250)
      100 Siege Engineers (500)
      100 Blademasters (400)
      100 Black Horsemen (600)
      100 Grim Archers (500)

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  9. Eugh, expect something from me... When I'm not dying.

    • Name: Thráin the Scholar, son of Náin.
      Gender: Male
      Treasury Contents: 5'000
      Preferred Equipment: Suit of Armour (Chainmail with overcoat), Warhammer, pocket version of grudges (clan version), pipe with pipeweed, etc.

      The Book of Grudges: The Dwarves of Gorgond Dahr have always had this book, containing all the slights, dishonours and evil deed done to their kind. When the Dwarf Lord Nain became a Guardian it became so much more. Together with the humans and the Glamredhel clans they build a hold to maintain peace and stability in the region and their grudges became his. If this massive tome is carried into battle against a foe whose name is listed in the Book of Grudges and read aloud by the current Dwarf Lord it will inspire the troops with greater zeal to fight their foes and strike the grudge from the book by exacting swift justice.
      One name in particular has a whole page dedicated to his vile deeds. The Goblin Kalahadrad, also known as the 'Small King', 'The Green Spawn of Evil' and 'Gobbo Arsewipe'. When the book of grudges is brought forth in a battle against him or his forces and his name is read aloud the Dwarves of Gorgond almost reach berserker levels of rage for the vile atrocities he has committed to their people.

      Darn Good Dwarf Miners: The Dwarves who call the mountains of Gorgond home have always had a love for mining, or perhaps more aptly said a love for the minerals they dig up. They are no different, eager to work the mines and have perhaps a higher chance than most to dig up new ore deposits that can be used for weapons and armour. Or dig tunnels during sieges or other times a tunnel is required. The downside... well Dwarves have a tendency to dig too deep and awaken or attract the attention of whatever lurks in the darkest of places...

      Physical 3Magic 5Command 6Wealth 8Influence 5Dedication 3
      Weapon Mastery 1SMITE EVIL!Hero's WarcrySteel (3)Kindness CountsIngenuous
      Armour ExpertTunnel of TravelTactical RetreatGold MinePolicing PowerSelf-Sufficient
      Voice of HonestyHoly AuraWise TacticianGem MineExplorersHero Worship
       Earth MagicDwarvesBig Lands (3)Good Loremasters 
       Air MagicPaladins Scholar 
      Being the son of the great Dwarf Lord Náin who was the first guardian of the Mountain Reach under the protection of the Gorgond Dwarves, he was meant for great things. He was ever the scholar first however and preferred to travel, study and learn. His older brother meant to become the next great Guardian and protect the people. This did not mean that Thráin did not avoid battle or adventure, far from it. He often journeyed together with his elder brother Gromnir to cleanse the lands of evil and protect those under the care of the Dwarves of Gorgond. On several of those occasions they had to battle with the forces of a Goblin King named Kalahadrad. His brother dealt with the numerous hordes under the command of this Goblin chief and sorcerer but it was Thráin who traded blows the most with the Goblin himself.

      After delivering a particular crushing defeat to the hordes of the Goblin they heard nothing of him for years and it was believed he had perished or had simply retreated to never return. The arrogance and stubbornness of Dwarves often doom themselves as it saves them however. Mines were attacked by vile beasts while Thráin was away, his brother led a force to clear the mines... and never returned. It was later they received word, a letter written by lord Gromnir but with added gloating remarks from the Small King of what happened to their liege lord. Thráin rage and grief knew no bounds, the mantle of leadership was brought on his shoulders and his first act was to write down Kalahadrads name in the Book of Grudges, swearing vengeance and retribution for the acts he committed and still does and will do to any son or daughter of Gorgond or its allies.

      The scholar part still remains and Thráin is eager for any kind of knowledge and will collect any materials to increase his already impressive library while at the same time wielding a hammer in the defense of innocents against whatever evil may lurk in the world.

    • Lands:
      Dominant Terrain Types:
      Mountains & Forrests
      Common Land Marks: Paved Roads

      • Walled City Morian. Originally a Dwarf mining town but it expanded when contact with the humans and glamredhel clans became more than just trading partners. Now it is a great city made of Dwarves, Humans and even a few odd Glamredhel. The mines flourish still and its miners dug deep for the riches the ground contains.

        Town of Nijvar. A dominant human town though the other races are present in lesser numbers. Hard working humans have long made a profit on producing lumber for the region even prized by the Dwarves that some of the manlings know who to spot a good tree that will provide decent planks.

        Dwarf Village Karak Forge. Rumoured to have been founded by Dwarf refugees from Karak Un in severa lgenerations most Dwarves migrate to Morian or even Dawngate though a dedicated core of a hadnful of small clans remain to tend to the mines near the village.

        Glamredhel Village Snow Peak. A village of the Glamredhel in the mountains, where most of their mountain rangers and hunters hail from who are able to hunt down prized mountain goats and deer venison. More so it was rangers from Snow Peak who found a critically injured Dwarf called Náin who was the sole survivor of a hunting party and nursed him back to health.

        10 Advanced Farms
        3 Logging Camps
        2 Trappers
        1 Forester Lodge
        2 Great Mines
        3 Mines

      • Coastal Walled City Dawngate. Home of the Dawn Guardians Paladin order. The original settlement was only 500 souls large and besieged by fierce orc tribes for generations but it had held for a long time thanks to the presence of a chapterhouse of a paladin order. Their doom was at hand however but then several generations back a neighbouring Dwarf lord suddenly rallied forth with his Dwarf clans and marched to the aid of the manlings of the Dawngate fishing town driving the orcs out of the forests and mountains. A alliance of men and dwarves was formed that day and later on with the Glamredhel as well. Since that time Dawngate has grown to the grand city it is today.

        Town of Úden. The Dwarves of Gorgond have a high esteem for the humans of Úden, the humans of this town were the first the ycalled 'Dwarf Friends'. Originally the Dwarves kept to themselves, occasionaly trading with outsiders but otherwise lived in isolation. So when vile skaven invaded their homes and slaughtered their families and kin and saw them in some of the darkest days of their history the appearance of a ragtag force of humans from Úden suddenly coming to the aid of the Dwarves was as surprising to the Dwarves as it was to the Skaven and together both Dwarf and Man drove them out. Laying the foundation for Dwarf Lord Náin to swear to protect his fellow Dwarves of Gorgond, the Humans near the mountains and even the Glamredhel.

        Glamredhel Village Shadow Glade. The first Glamredhel settlement in the region and it has never grown, by design. The Glamredhel living there preferring to keep their surroundings pristine and rely on the natural defenses of the forest hiding their settlement. Knowing that large numbers of their kind reside in the cities and towns shared with the humans and dwarves.

        Ruins of Karak Un. Not much is known about these perilous mountain ruins at the highest peak of the mountain range but it was rumoured to ahve once been a ancestral home of the Dwarves of Gordon. If that is the case nothing but that legend is part of it's history and no expedition to discern the true tale of the ruins have been launched. Perhaps that will change under Dwarf Lord Thráin, the Scholar.

        7 Advanced Farms
        4 Logging Camps
        1 Trapper
        1 Forester Lodge
        1 Great Mine
        2 Mines

      • [​IMG]
        Pristine Citadel, the Dwarven Citadel of Gorgond Dahr, on the surface it is all defensive fortifications, walls and towers. The real city is beneath the surface which the Dwarf clans of the Gorgond have been calling home for generations. Under the surface they make their lives and work their crafts, making sure the defenses on the surface remain ever vigilant to protect their home and well maintained that make the citadel look as if it was build yesterday.
        Sanctuary Upgrades:
        Pristine CitadelTheatre1 Well
        4 Expanded Barracks (Human, Dwarf, Glamredhel & Paladin)Library1 Meat Store
        2 ArmouriesArmoured TreasuryAdvanced Siege Engines
        1 Large SmithyPrison 
        Lair/Sanctuary Portal Heart; ALL Lairs and Sanctuaries have a portal heart that the Overlord or Guardian can always elect to return to at any time so long as they have enough forewarning. Other players (or powers) cannot transit to a Portal Heart of a Lair and Sanctuary without the Overlord or Guardian's direct consent. They are the safest and most secure parts of a Lair or Sanctuary, and even if the Lair or Sanctuary is otherwise completely destroyed, so long as the Overlord or Guardian lives, and the Portal Heart remains intact, it can rebuild itself to its former glory... eventually.

      • Always found at the vanguard of any mission or force, a Dwarf Ranger and scout who is the first to enter a battle and the last to leave. Though engaging a foe is not what he does most of the time, he exists to scout ahead the main force and spot threats along the way and when called upon to lead the vanguard into battle with his trusty axe and throwing axes.

        He has a particular grievance against the Skaven who he witnessed slaughtering most of his clanhold as a child and is ever eager to wet the thirst of his axe with Skaven Blood when he can.

        Weapon Mastery 2
        Hatred 1 (Skaven)

      • A captain of Gorgond who is often leading the underground expeditions to make sure the tunnels and mines of the Dwarves of Gorgond are ever clear of whatever infestations might be present. Be it beast or creature Grimbold is the Dwarf for the task. His family long been in service to Gorgond in it's military to defend the Dwarf clan holds. A history he and the rest of his family take great pride in.

        Weapon Mastery 1
        Mountaineer 1
        Guide 1

      • Personal bodyguard of Lord Thráin, Gotrek is never far to be found from his liege and his friend. The two of them sharing a passion for knowledge and scholarly deeds. Thought Gotrek's expertise is more concerned the Dwarf Ancestors of Gorgond and their gods, often calling out war cries in their name when they enter battle. He values and is honoured by the friendship he has with his lord but he knows that if he is required to sacrifice himself to save Thráin, he will do so without any hint of hesitation.

        Weapon Mastery 2
        Gotrek is the heart of any defensive line. Where the fighting is thickest, hardest and most bloody it will be Gotrek holding the tide and keeping the morale of his men up

      • The current chapter master, or in this case mistress, of the Dawngate paladins, she is a recognized champion of the land and commander obeying lord Thráins directives and guidance. Her family have always send their firstborn to the Dawngate Paladins, that in her generation it was a daughter made no difference. Trained in code of chivalry and be a champion for the innocent. She was molded to be the instrument, the weapon and shield against the forces of darkness in any of its forms.

        She rose through the ranks swiftly and as its current chapter mistress she leads the Dawngate paladins, though currently most paladins are assigned to patrol the borders of the land or serve as guardians or judges in the nearby settlements. In times of battle or war she calls upon her fellow brothers and sisters of the Dawngate to rally to her and together they ride out and be a force of justice. Her rank among her peers is that of Protector of Dawngate.

        Darksense; Mirelia can literally sense evil should her gaze come upon it, there is no fooling her sense. Though this does have its downsides. Anything too evil and she can barely stand to be anywhere near it. And close encounters with depthless evils like Greater Daemons, the higher Undead or Tax Collectors leaves her just a little more unhinged each time. One cannot look into the abyss without it looking into them... and leaving its mark.
        Weapon Mastery 1
        Magic Trait - Holy Magic

      • Eric is the current leader of the human clan Úden from the similarly named town he hails from. His ancestors were some of the first 'Dwarf Friends' and he also strives to hold true to that honoured title the Dwarves of Gorgond have given his ancestors and town. A seasoned warrior and commander who prefers the company of troops from his own clan and town. Even though he is called upon to fight with or lead troops from the other settlements, it does not phase him much but he can often be heard that he values a shield brother or sister from Úden more than a warrior from Dawngate or any other settlement.

        He is the Protector of Úden.

        Weapon Mastery 1
        Siege Engineer
        Leader of Men

      • Captain Marietta hails from Morian where her family has served in its town guard for three generations, she decided to take a step further and joined the ranks of the Realm Protectors. The standing army of Dwarves, Humans and Glamredhel that are united under one banner. Excelling in leadership capabilities, able to command her fellow humans and inspire even Dwarves and Glamredhel to work together as a united front saw her earn the respect and recognition of lord Thráin himself.

        Earning her the title of Protector of Morian and privy to attend the council of Gorgond.

        Weapon Mastery 2
        Eagle Eye

      • Ranger commander Sallain is not often seen in the civilized parts of the lands, often on his own or leading ranger bands in the wilds, keeping the land clean and safe as well as honing his skill to remain ever vigilant against whatever darkness might creep into the land.

        He is a quiet man who only speaks his mind when he feels there is a need for it, preferring to make observations first before acting but when he does act it is with determination and he will see his decision through to the end.

        Weapon Mastery 1
        Stalking 1
        Ambush 1

      • More found on the back of her horse than on foot she and her mounted rangers are stationed at Dawngate ready to respond at a moments notice. Impulsive and quick to follow up on a lead or rumour of danger that might require the attention and expertise of her people to resolve before it becomes a true threat to the land and its people.

        Magic Trait - Fire Magic
        Eagle Eye
        Weapon Mastery 1

    • Dwarf ContingentHuman ContingentGlamredhel Contingent
      250 Tunnelers400 Paladins (Cavalry)150 Horse Archers
      360 Axe-Dwarves200 Swordsmen300 Longbowmen
      330 Hammer-Dwarves
      200 Axemen
      100 Dwarf-Boar Cavalry
      300 Spearmen
       400 Archers 
       200 Crossbowmen 
       200 Siege Engineers 
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  10. Dammit, I can't make a final decision for the Command traits. :(
  11. I'm still debating which of four ideas to go for.

    Edit: Actually, because I always value feedback...Here are the four ideas as they currently stand.

    1. Lidina, the eyes of Judgement-A Overlord-turned-Guardian characterised by her staunch military might, pursuit of self-betterment and legend-weaving good looks. It is said that somewhere down the line, her heritage must include a Succubi or Incubi.
    2. Ugruuk, The Warbringer-A Dragon-Ogre Warrior who leads a band of warriors on a quest to pillage, steal and ravage the land, so as to appease the demons he holds in contract.
    3. Kel'uu'naa, The Necromancer-A Moredhel who has mastered Necromancy and longs to prolong his life beyond infinity by ascending to Lich-dom. Despite being an Overlord, he is surprisingly Well-loved in his Under-Kingdom, and is sometimes described named 'The Lord in the Marsh'
    4. Imreal, Centaur Gladiator-A Guardian who has unshackled himself from the bondage of slavery and who leads a crusade against all Slavers. His army is known for its cavalry prowess, anti-slavery stance and throwing the fiercest of parties. He is a theatrical man-pony, after all.
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    • Name: Gennevë, Mistress of Ravens.
      Gender: Female

      Gold Remaining: 9'125
      Preferred Equipment: Black Ornate Staff with a sapphire on it's top adorned with a small circle of smaller rubies to channel her magical power through and ornate robes with leather padding.

      Vampire Coven, to further her ambitions she created and also attracted the attention of a small number of vampire to serve her. Promising them whatever they desire, be it a fresh staple of 'cattle' to drink from, power or other temptations. (Can have 1 vampire per 2 magic traits)

      Dance Macabre, Gennevë has experimented with undead for a long time now and has developed a ritual, a chant to be precise that is the accumulation of years of research. As the need call for it she can suddenly begin chanting, singing arcane words like a funeral dirge. Some might look odd at her for doing so but the effects of this chant on her undead... weapons are hold firmer, the witchlights in their eyes shine brighter as her animated dead suddenly move faster than normal, their blows stronger than before as the chant invigorates them, enhancing the necromantic energies used in their creation. The drawback is that she need to concentrate on her chanting and cannot move or use other magic as she performs this feat of magic.
      Physical 1Magic 10Command 3Wealth 8Influence 5Dedication 3Trinkets/Artefacts:
      Compelling Voice
      Raise Corpse
      Telepathic CommandGoblin Iron (2)Master SpyDoubtless LoyaltyA Blue Shard of Sin Khaelesh affiliated, must be shattered in a place 'worthy of sin'.
       Raise SkeletonMoredhelBigger Lands (4)Spy Guild MasterYou Can't Kill the Messiah 
       Raise WightDridersGem MineRule 92Wiser than She Looks 
       Raise Undead Horsemen Gold MineDark Loremasters  
       Raise Vampire  Public Executions  
       Water Magic     
       Air Magic     
       Something in the Dark     
       Plagues Eternal     

      She was born as the youngest daughter of lesser known noble family of the city of Sanguinus and in her youth she had always been a inquisitive and curious child, eager to devour entire books and tomes and study whatever subject she fancies at the time.

      Her parents indulged her, for a time but as she got of age to be married off they started to pressure her to search a suitor. She would have none of that, seeing the marriage her parents wished to force upon her like they were treating her like she was just some kind of bargaining or piece of merchandise to be sold off. No she planned to escape and she knew exactly where to, the Ravens Perch. A dark tower in the middle of the city whose legends she had heard and read about... not to mention that the last few weeks it felt as if the tower was calling to her, whispering in her dreams, promising a wealth of knowledge and power.

      So she set out, boldly claiming to enter the tower and reside there for a time, her parents tried to stop her, her father cornering her in his office, shouting and raging and then he simply froze, a tendril of darkness had creeped into the room and a low whisper in a arcane, forgotten tongue was murmuring. She did not know what was happened but she knew what or whoever it was helped her to escape her family mansion and head to the tower. The doors opened at her approach and closed immediately after she stepped inside.

      The next years were filled with wonder, she was guided towards the heart of the tower, a pulsing energy that sang to her it seemed like, filling her with power. Next she discovered a library, the tomes that were there instructing her, teaching her how to use magic... how to create and control undead. A ability she could experiment with as she discovered a series of catacombs filled wtih corpses and as her first undead minions stirred to life her ambition was born. She had a army now, and magic powers.

      The city of Sanguinus had not been at war for generations and against this foe the inhabitants had no defense, undead marched silently out of the tower, slaying the few citywatch which could be a minor obstacle. She claimed herself a queen, a overduchess who would now rule, enablign obedience by eliminating key nobles with public executions using her magic.

      With time she gained new allies and new territories and it was all just the beginning...

      In the early days of consolidating her power she had her vampires take a town by force, executing the nobility. Receiving word that they had executed their task and awaited new orders she herself went to the town to inspect and praise her children on their accomplishment. When she arrived she was horrified, entering the abode her vampires were supposed to stay she instead found interlopers, one of which claiming to have saved her and her people from a undead threat. She became enraged, unleashing her magic and sending in her vampire entourage. In the end she watched as her handmaidens feasted upon the elder of the two, leaving her with the youngling he had come with. She glanced at his wings and growled, ordering them to tear off his wings and leave him in the marshes to suffer a agonizing, slow death.

      None would kill her children, her pets... without retribution. It is a promise she will keep for a long time and one she has reminded herself off daily as she traces her fingers over the black dyed feathers of the torn wings she incorporated in her dress.

      • The Raven Perch, nobody knows for how long this enormous tower has stood in its place, it is however the home of many a legend about spellcasters, both good and evil, residing within its walls. And as a city was erected and grew around its base it was also the home of the mayor or governor, but they all would go mad and fling themselves from the parapets. So for generations it stood empty, until a local noblewoman made the bold claim to reside in the tower. She went in and did not come out, so most believed she had died within its depths, but then, years later the doors opened and out did she march but she was no longer the same. She had changed, learned secrets and powers that were now hers to command. And over time she expanded her influence, carving out a dominion of her own to rule from her seat of power.

        Condition and Upgrades:
        Pristine Tower of the Overlord
        Human Expanded Barracks
        Moredhel Expanded Barracks
        Drider Expanded Barracks
        Torture Chambers
        Dungeon, no moths or giant eagles allowed.
        Unholy Dungeons, where else will we put those silly do-gooders?
        Harem, also known as the fountain of life as the vampire coven loyal to her is allowed to sate their 'need' in here.
        1x Well
        1x Meat Store
        Armoured Treasure Vault
        2x Catacombs
        Alchemical Laboratories
        Escape Tunnel
        3x Armoury
        2x Large Smithy
        Siege Engines (Regular kind)

      • Walled City Sanguinus, place of birth of lady Gennevë and home to the giant black tower of The Raven Perch in the middle of the city. It's people know they are under the rule of Gennevë but since she is content to have them live out their lives and only has her people venture out to collect tithes and the odd occasion something or someone specific strikes her fancy they are content enough to serve and make a fuss. The presence of patrolling undead not something to be scared or surprised about even.

        Sanguinus' Subsidiary Settlements:

        • Coastal Town of Haven, when she marched her army of men, moredhel and undead out, the town of Haven resisted her rule, notable among the resistance where the priests of the church and their small order militant. So Gennevë paid the town a personal visit, alone and swore that all inhabitants would die for their resistance. As she left the plagues she had brought with her remained and in short order, blood streaming from their orifices the people died and those who tried to flee cut down by the cordon of undead around the doomed town or fled over the sea, spreading those plagues elsewhere. Recently she has allowed people to inhabit the town once more, making sure they owe their fealty to her naturally.
        • Moredhel Village Knives Talons, a patch of land she granted close to Sanguinus to her Moredhel allies for their service and loyalty. Handpicking the Moredhel for her Raven Guard from this village.
        • Drider Village The Spider Abyss, this village is more a like a enormous hole in the ground with the Drider homes placed on the sides of the entire length of the walls where its inhabitants can be seen skittering and skulking on their business.
        • Drider Village Webbs Creek, The Driders of this village hidden in the marshes have long been responsible for capturing hunters and lone woodsmen in the surrounding area they were easily swayed by Gennevë to join her with the promises of fresh meat.
        Sanguinus' Holdings:
        Cobblebone Roads
        9 Advanced Farms
        2 Poison/Alchemical Farms
        4 Mines
        5 Logging Camps
        3 Trappers
        3 Foresters
        2 Bogs

      • Coastal Walled City Hemoacre, in her initial expansion to dominate the areas close to Sanguinus the city of Hemoacre resisted, fiercely so. And she had to resort to more subtler means to gain dominance. When she gained her small coven of vampires she send them to infiltrate the city, to spy and then ultimately assassinate its leaders so she could assume control without any leadership remaining with the opposition within. Ruled by a council loyal to her, the city prospers and pays it's customary tithes to her.

        Hemoacre's Subsidiary Settlements:

        • Coastal Town of Everglow, known for its breweries it was annexed by her forces quite easily, the local population eager to show their fealty and not suffer at the hands of their new overduchess or any of her troops.
        • Village of Duskn, a village in the middle of the marshes consisting of a people of what most other settlements referred to as 'marsh barbarians' she easily recruited with the promise of plunder and a good fight if they served her. Sometimes barbarians make excellent shock troops after all, especially when easily swayed to her promises.
        • Moredhel Village Flayed Visage, a prime tourist destination, if tourists like to end up on the giant pole in the center of the village displaying the flayed faces of those the Moredhel who reside within its confines have captured and made sport off.
        • Coastal Moredhel Village Forlorn Destiny, the only destiny you can find here are the cruel and malicious eyes of the Moredhel watching you pass by as they sharpen their knives.

        Hemoacre's Holdings:
        Cobblebone Roads
        9 Advanced Farms
        6 Mines
        3 Logging Camps
        3 Trappers
        3 Foresters
        1 Bog
      The Ravens Domain Swamps and Plains Territory

    • Vampire Allies:
      Innate Vampiric Traits:
      Hypnotic Gaze
      , able to mesmerize and hypnotize people with eye contact.
      Blood Drinker, able to heal wounds rapidly when feasting or gorged upon blood, if this is not done with serious injuries vampires can die like regular mortals.
      Vampiric Superhuman, vampires are slightly stronger and faster than regular humans/mortals.
      Sun Dial, able to sense when the sun is about to appear and therefore knwo when to hide in the dark for fear to be turned to ash.
      Bat Transformation, able to transform into a giant bat or swarm of smaller bats.
      Spell Immunity, immune to spells designed to destroy regular undead. Fire and other magics, etc still hurts them, a lot.
      Control over Undead, innate control over undead, able to lead and command undead forces.

      • The first Vampire Gennevë 'created' as her understanding of necromancy reached a never before realized peak. Count Gregorian was a loyal supporter of hers, a ambitious one at that. So when she promised him immortality he greedily accepted, not knowing what he would get himself into. The transformation... was not gentle on the good count. As the necromantic energies surged through him and in essence killed him for him to be reborn as a vampire it changed his features as well.

        His skin colour changed and his facial features became more bat-like. Giving him a more bestial visage that neither he, or even lady Gennevë could alter since then. It did not deter him however and he serves the lady in this new form, having acquired quite a taste for blood. Both in battle, reveling in his vampiric power to enhance his fighting abilities and blood as to sustain him.

        Bestial, Gregorians appearance is so bestial that it gives opponents pause who face him in battle, giving him a small chance for a opening to strike. It also works wonders for intimidation.

      • It was during a battle with some elements of 'rebels' in the marsh lands that Sylvanna suddenly appeared on the battlefield, riding a nightmarish looking destrier charging into the fray, her sword cutting and cleaving through humans, leaving corpses in her wake. At the end of battle she confidently strode towards Gennevë's pavillion, ignoring her guards and swore fealty and loyalty to the necromancer queen, revealing herself to be a vampire who had been wandering in a neighbouring land and heard of the undead exploits.

        Since then she has been seen the most riding at the head of a score of undead cavalry or black knights who sweep into settlements at night to collect the tithes owed to the mistress of ravens.

        Leader 1

      • Another ally of Gennevë from the early days who she tempted with the reward of immortality, his transformation was much smoother however, with no hint of bestial features. A superb swordsman, or so he likes to think, and also often described as a devil with a silver tongue. Able to convince anyone with a mere whisper of just a few words into the ears of any who is foolish to listen and give him a window to be manipulated by.

        Often send as Gennevë's spy or emissary to infiltrate the inner circles of the highborn and learn of their secrets and desires that can be exploited or otherwise used.

        Compelling Voice

      • Once the Mistress of Crows had two handmaidens, twins even, that she had groomed herself to serve and attend her needs but when during a plague outbreak they fell deadly ill and she was unable to return them to health. Even going as far to bring foreign doctors to treat them, only to hear that there was nothing they could do. So she was supposed to let them die, however for their service to her she did not want to accept such words, that and she was eager to experiment more. So turning her two sickly handmaiden into immortal blood sucking vampires seemed like a excellent idea at the time and to this day she still regrets it not.

        Dusks transformation to a vampire did not change much, she was still loyal to her lady and kept her calm, logical behavior remained the same. She became more graceful and quiet however, fading into the shadows and stealthily making her way where ever she goes now. A perfect spy and eavesdropper Gennevë uses her as such when able.

        She is also her chosen instrument to deal with people within her domain who have greatly 'displeased' her.

        (M) Something in the Dark

      • Gloom was changed a great deal after her transformation, when she and her sister had become vampires and their mistress allowed them to take up training with the blade she was rather eager to take up a dagger and rapier and learn how to wield them. Once they were set against mortal foes with real blades she was bit too... zealous in causing her sparring partner to bleed and then at the end instead of delivering a finishing blow she dove in, tearing at his skin and then drank him dry.

        Her thirst for blood is almost unequaled among the other vampires in the coven and she seems always eager to fight at her mistress' command. So Gloom is send whenever she needs to make statement that requires the presence of mutilated corpses.

        Hatred Fury

    • Commanders:

      • As the Mistress of Ravens was consolidating her power in Sanguinus a small force of Moredhel marched on the city, thinking she was about to face a enemy who had smelled opportunity she rallied forth her undead minions to engage them. It surprised her therefore when the Moredhel leader approached her undead army, holding aloft a white flag, indicating they were here to talk, not to fight.

        That is how she met the Deathwalker, a local Moredhel leader and priestess who had been told that a necromancer would rise and grow to power within the walls of the Ravens Perch and now it had happened she and her people had come to offer their service. Gennevë happily accepted the service of Deathwalker and her people. Whose service to her have been a great boon, the warrior priestess rallying the Moredhel and striking fear into the hearts of any mortal foe when she wades into battle swinging her blade around to end lives like a reaper in the flesh.

        Deathwalker, carrying the bleached skulls of those she has slain into battle combined with her eyes that promise death and ruin to any who gaze upon them your captain strikes terror and fear in many mortal folk wherever she walks.
        Weapon Mastery 1
        (M) Air Magic

      • A Moredhel who caught Gennevë's attention, Sasha was originally a torturer assistant but her mistress thought she felt a spark inside the young Moredhel woman and took her under her wing. Instructing her in the ways of magic to see if that spark could grow into a understanding of magic and make Sasha her apprentice.

        So far it seems she has definitely taken up a interest and practice of water and air magic, freezing or electrocuting poor test subjects culled from prisoners but not yet practices against a real opponent in a real battle.

        Scholar 1, When seeking information, from your own library or others, Sasha provides a advantage in finding it in a reasonable timeframe.
        (M) Water Magic
        (M) Air Magic

      • One of the Moredhel she installed as a lord of Sanguinus and representative of the Moredhel quarter of the city that was created at her ascension. Not only a lord of the city and its council but also lord commander of the Raven Guard, a force of Moredhel stationed within and around the Tower to guard and protect it. A position he serves dutifully, though it is known he dislikes the undead, especially the vampire coven who seem to be closer in status and prestige than any of his Raven Guard Moredhel.

        Weapon Mastery 1
        Leader 1
        Tactician 1

      • She started out as a warrior in the ranks and then came the sacking of Hemoacre once its gates were opened by the vampires Gennevë send to infiltrate the city. Her troops poured in and began to sack the city, a group of survivors of the local lords that escaped the massacre performed by the vampires tried to flee and a group of Moredhel stood in their path.

        The offered the commanding officer a large amount of gold to let them pass, the Moredhel captain accepted the bribe, which caused said captain to suffer a severe case of losing his head as a Moredhel warrior named Serena decapitated him and then ordered the nobles to be captured and brought before the mistress of ravens as their former captain should have done.

        For her service she was given the rank of the former captain she killed and has served dutifully since, showing leadership capabilities in her new role since acquiring it.

        Weapon Mastery 2
        Telepathic Command

      • Gennevë was one night studying a tome in her library when she felt the sense she was being observed, looking around she saw none except a pair of wights on guard who stood silent like sentinels. The feeling remained however and finally she looked in the one direction she hadn't turned to and saw a large drider attached to the ceiling, silently studying her, not looking alarmed in the slightest that she had been discovered by the Mistress of Ravens. Gennevë in return did not alert the guards, simply observing the intruder herself.

        Finally, reaching some kind of conclusion from her observation the drider scuttled down quietly, moving with the grace of a dancer and the silence of the dead to stand in front of the necromancer, hovering over her to speak in soft whispers that she had come to serve, introducing herself as Mother Malice. Gennevë asked what she could offer to her, the answer surprised the mistress of ravens. "Council, advice, tactics and dread to your enemies and allies alike."

        She has not regretting accepting the offer of Mother Malice since that time.

        Advisor, Mother Malice is a strong advisor and intelligent drider. She may even end up being used as a conduit by the GM to pass along intuition that can help... or hinder if you have no luck.
        Compelling Scent
        Compelling Voice
        Dirty Trickster
        Leader 1
        Tactician 2

      • A matriarch commander which Gennevë singled out as she observed Arachna fighting a rival to the death for leadership of their clan. Fighting fiercely while rallying her supporters to decimate those allied with her rival and then closing in to kill her rival with her bare hands and rip out the rivals beating heart from her chest.

        Such prowess alone would have convinced Gennevë but Arachna proved to be a practical being as well, upon her rivals death she ordered her supporters to stand down and have the remaining supporters of her late rival keep alive to swell her own ranks. Using the leaderless troops to swell her own ranks, makign sure none remained to hold a grudge of course.

        Weapon Mastery 1
        Leader 2
        Telepathic Command
        (M) Earth Magic
        (M) Raise Corpse,
        captain level can only summon half of what a overlord can per magic point (100 zombies)

      • Recruited from the ranks of a spy guild operating within the borders of her domain, Mortaria showed a great deal of promise, responsible for gathering information and evidence on landowners and lesser nobles who were not paying the amount of taxes they should. She even found out the hiding place of a surviving priest of Haven and revealed its location to Gennevë who showed her gratitude by taking her in her own circle to keep use of her talents close at hand.

        Assassin 2
        Weapon Mastery 1

      • One of the few human lords Gennevë trusts in her inner circle and to actually command troops in her name. The reason that lord Rottehn was granted this privilege was due to the fact he charged his own father and elder brother with treason for making plans to betray the Mistress of Ravens with a revolt of peasants and other lower and middle class citizens, backed by some disgruntled nobles.

        Weapon Mastery 2
        Armour Expert

    • Forces of the Raven

      Army of the Raven
      Raven Guard: Undead:Human:Moredhel:Drider: Recent Recruits Sanguinus (21-10-14):Recent Recruits Hemoacre (19-11-14)
      100 Moredhel Warriors2200 Zombies100 Swordsmen200 Siege Engineers200 Drider Warriors6 Drider Matriarchs - 300g100 Human Dark Cavalry -400g
      100 Moredhel Repeater Crossbowmen1000 Skeletons100 Axemen300 Repeater Crossbowmen200 Drider Marksmen20 Drider Marksmen - 280g100 Human Horse Archer -400g
      4 Drider Matriarchs500 Wights200 Spearmen300 Warriors10 Matriarchs200 Moredhel Siege Engineers - 500g100 Human Crossbowmen -250g
       200 Undead Horsemen400 Crossbowmen200 Pike Infantry 50 Moredhel Warriors - 100g50 Moredhel Warriors -100g
        200 Horse Archers  100 Moredhel Repeater Crossbowmen - 600g50 Moredhel Pikemen -125g
        200 Black Knights  50 Human Swordsmen - 50g100 Moredhel Repeater Crossbowmen -600g
           50 Human Axemen - 50g80 Drider Marksmen -1120g
           100 Human Dark Cavalry - 400g50 Drider Warriors -600g
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  12. I would say ideas 2 and 4 are the most promising ideas, from my perspective at least.
  13. I'm actually going to go for idea #1, on the basis that #4 may end up getting fairly stale, quite quickly and I imagine that there will be an Overlord-leaning-discrepancy between the two factions.

    Edit: Also, #3 lost a lot of weight after you posted the Queen of Ravens. She does everything he does, but a bit sexier.
  14. lol sorry Limey, dont discard the idea entirely, thought. It will depend on some answers to questions I have if I keep the undead.

    Otherwise I am going for a demon cult thing.
  15. To be fair, the idea was fairly weak anyway. I sort of realised that the objective I sought (Lich-dom, being the case here) would be completely anti-fun, since I could simply plop the Phylactery inside the Sanctum-sanctorum that is the Portal Heart.

    Ladina seems like a fun character, anyway: assuming I write her well enough to not be a melodramatic 'Oh-woe is me!' sort of deal-ee-o.
  16. It's a trait under Physical called "Therianthropy" it requires Physical 5 and can be taken up to 3 times, each time taken allowing 1 extra form to shapeshift into (subject to approval)

    2 and 4 are my favourite from that list.
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