Ouran High School Host Club RP 4 (Smell_The_Roses and Jessica Stansell)

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  1. Chika is at the Ouran Academy Middle School building. The school day had ended a couple of hours ago but he just wanted to hang out in the Middle School's gymnasium, not knowing that his older brother Honey has been waiting for him over at the High School building in the host club room sense school let out and is starting to get concerned. Chika himself has been deep in thought about a younger friend of his the entire day and has hardly been able to focus on his school class assignments due to that.

    The younger friend of Chika's in question is over at the Elementary School building. Report Cards had just come out for them that day. The young boy had made nearly all A's, only one of his class grades being a B letter grade, but a high B nonetheless. The boy is dreading about showing his report card to his parents, especially to his father. This is because of the boy being the youngest of his father's four male children and his father's expectations reguarding the academic levels, the fact of the boy's father expecting the younger of his male children to surpass the male child that came before them in the family in academic level performance as well as business success in any job once the child gets old enough to work, especially the fact of the way his father punishes him.

    Honey, having been watching the clock while also tending to his female guests, is pacing around and saying to himself ~ "What is keeping my younger brother Chika so long? His school ended 2 and a half hours ago."~
  2. Haruhi was in her man suit as she was talking to the ladies. It was so hard to act like a guy since it has been a few months now. But she had to keep her female self in there. She kept glancing as Honey who was talking. The ladies blushed, before Haruhi glanced at the twins and sighed. She knew that she was starting to crush on Tamaki, but she shouldn't want to make things awkward, plus she hasn't let anyone know that she was a girl.
  3. Tamaki was tending to his guests over near a window view seat.

    Kaoru and Hikaru look at Haruhi hearing her sigh and then they look at eachother.
  4. Haruhi sighed only because she had so much on her plate, there was one more final and that was the next day coming up, tomorrow. She but her lower lip as she heard the guests, she nodded and continued to speak to them. She had a smile, she was great at acting. She also had to worry about her friends who were getting hurt by something but they didn't want to explain to her, she noticed the twins do their usual look at each other. She smiled seeing the time, she was glad it was almost over. She was still worrying about her friends, father... She closed her eyes softly thinking about this before remembering what was happening and went to continue speaking. She had little sleep in her as she tried to figure out what her father and herself was going to do, they were going to lose their place, and she has to sign up for some things that will help with rent and all that, plus she has to work to try to get enough money. It was just too much work to think about.
  5. Over at the Ouran Academy Middle School gymnasium, Chika having just been hanging out beside himself for the last few hours since his school classes let out, glances over at the clock not realizing just how late he was at getting over to the High School building to meet up with his brother. When he sees the time, he blinks his eyes and then rubs them saying to himself "Four hours past the time I got out of school. My brother is probably worried sick by now. Oh man.." Chika sighs and rubs his head, having a bit of a headache. He then gets up off the bleachers and goes to get his books and stuff from his locker that he'll need to do his homework that night.

    Over at the High School building, Honey glances at the time again, the guests having left when the club activities ended. He sees what the clock shows and says "Four hours and Chika's still not here? What's going on? He's never been this late."
  6. Haruhi looked over at the guests letting them leave but she didn't move, she stayed there as she had been thinking. She felt like a bad friend. She covered her face, she was still in her own little world. If she was to tell them... what would they think? She shook her head before she stood up and ran out after hearing her name. It was her friends, they were twins. " I am so glad you called me out." She said to them. The two girls smiled and nodded. She then glanced around before trying to see Chika, but she was still worried and sad.
  7. Chika arrives at the High School building a few minutes later, enters through the doors, and then starts to ascend the stairs. He rubs his head again as he reaches the top and looks ahead of him to see Haruhi with the twin girls.
  8. Haruhi blinked as she looked over at him and smiled. " Chika, your brother is very worried for you." She gulped nervously, she looked at her friends.
  9. Chika nods with his hand still on his forehead and says "I guessed he would be. I'm sorry. I was hanging out in the gymnasium at the middle school thinking about something and I lost track of the time."
  10. Haruhi smiled lightly, " Right, I know the feeling. " She looked at him and said, " you know you can come to us if you need help right?" She asked. She then said, " And you should go in to stop his worries," She giggled slightly.
  11. Chika shuts his eyes as he answers Haruhi while his hand is still on his forehead "Yeah I know." He then rubs his head again and opens his eyes as he walks past them and goes up to the club door. He then knocks and opens it saying "I'm here now Honey. Sorry I'm so late brother."

    Honey looks over and says "Where were you Chika?"

    Chika says as he rubs his head "I was in the gym over at my school." He then sets his school stuff down at the doorway to the room of the club and goes over to the water fountain and starts to drink from it.

    Honey comes to the doorway seeing Chika walk away from it and looks to see him drinking from the water fountain. He then looks to Haruhi.
  12. Haruhi leaned against the wall hearing one of the girls speak to her. " Haruhi, are you okay?" Haruhi was just looking down, " hmm? Yeah of course I am, Rosie." She glanced at her thinking. She then closed her eyes softly. Rosie and her twin looked at each other. they knew something was wrong, they went on both sides of her. " Haruhi? Whats wrong?" Haruhi glanced up as the two were looking at her. She then looked down at her phone before looking at the window. " Whoop looks like I got to go!" She then grabbed her stuff before running past Tamaki to go out the doors to the car. She was still hiding herself.
  13. Tamaki having just seen Haruhi rush past him as fast as she could feels confused.

    Chika sees these actions from Haruhi after getting back into the room. He wonders what she ran out like that for. He looks to his older brother Honey, and then back to Haruhi, her having not answered her friends, knowing they're concerned. He starts to feel a bit dizzy from his headache and somewhat nauseated but quickly follows after Haruhi. When he reaches her, Chika's complection having become a little pale, he says "Haruhi? Is there something you don't want the others to find out? You sure ran out of there in a hurry."
  14. Haruhi blinked as she looked at her father's face who was confused. She then glanced over at Chika and shrugged. " I don't know." She looked down, " maybe" She looked at Chika and smiled. " I got to go Chika.." She paused " Are you okay? Chika?" She asked softly. She didn't know if she should tell Chika her problem.
  15. Chika, hearing Haruhi ask that, says as he rubs his head again and blinks his eyes a couple of times. "I don't feel so good."
  16. Haruhi frowned, " Do you want to go and get checked?" She was worried for him. She fixed the hat. She tilted her head as she watched him. She wanted him to be safe. " Here let's get you inside." Her heart raced a bit.. She didn't want to face them, in which her friends that were twins. Rosie just stood there confused. Rosie looked at her sister, " We need to figure out whats wrong." The other nodded, " You got that right."
  17. Chika nods to Haruhi slightly and follows her back into the high school building. While on their way down the hall to the nurses office, Chika, feeling like he's about to hurl, puts one of his hands to the wall and his other hand to his mouth, and tries to breathe in and out slowly.
  18. Haruhi looked over at Chika. She didn't know what to do. She noticed that they were near the nurses office. She gulped and grabbed him dragging him to the nurses office " He doesn't feel good and is about to barf!!" She gulped getting nauseous from the sound. " Here I'll go get everyone..." She then heard her friend Rosie, " oh my goodness, he does need to lay down!" Her twin gasped and ran towards them.
  19. Honey, having heard Rosie as he reached the bottom of the stairs, quickly hands his and Chika's school things to Mori and then goes down the hallway to the nurses office to see what's going on. Once Honey reaches the door, he looks inside to see his younger brother bent over the trash can throwing up. He gulps in shock at the sight and says "Ch..Chika?"
  20. Haruhi put her hand over her mouth. She had easy gage reflexes. The twin girls, Rosie and Rachel both put their hands on their mouths. Haruhi shook her head softly. She didn't know what to do. She glanced over at the two siblings.
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