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  1. Six Months Ago...

    Approximately thirty young, recently conscripted American soldiers stood or sat in a briefing room located in Fort Hood, the lights dimmed. They'd just barely gotten through their shortened boot camps; designed to spit out fresh blood as fast as possible against an unrelenting enemy. An enemy that has assaulted humanity in a war lasting nearly two years thus far. It is 2024, and Humanity has entered a staring contest with Death. Yet these new conscripts were not immediately thrown into the line of fire. But for what reason, they wondered?

    The answer walked into the room in the form of a grey-haired veteran of multiple wars, his army combat uniform perfectly maintained. He approached a podium at the front of the room and addressed the crowd with an unusually quiet voice, "Welcome, conscripts. You are the lucky few who passed certain tests we gave you back in basic training, designed to test your intelligence, reflexes, and ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. You are unhindered by prior experience; soldiers whose eyes and beliefs are not stuck in the past. Because of that, we believe you are the future of this war. Humanity is fighting a losing battle, but I believe we are losing due to our tactics. We are fighting a new war with old weapons, much like our predecessors always have. I believe it is time we adapted." The veteran clicked something in his hand, causing a projector to turn on and cast an image onto the briefing room's wall.
    He continued speaking, "Our engineers are calling it a 'Gunsuit,' a new weapon platform designed to combat the infestation. This is the Mark I, and if you are lucky, you will pass our training and be the first to pilot these new machines of war. You will be our retribution against these alien sons'a'bitches!"

    Our Retribution

    Welcome to the OOC of Our Retribution, a RP about a close-knit team of pilots who are attempting to survive an incredibly lethal, unknown, apparently alien menace humanity has never faced before, one that is constantly evolving and adapting to humanity's tactics. This RP is not for the faint of heart or mind, as swearing is entirely acceptable and will be used quite a bit by NPCs; gruesome, bloody deaths will be commonplace among NPCs; PCs may endure death, dismemberment, or injury in the event that things go horribly wrong or stupid actions are undertaken; and the enemy will use all means it has available to kill humanity. There is no glory in war, nor is there any here.

    This RP is rooted in realism; insane actions are likely to get your character killed, just as they would in real life. The Gunsuits are nowhere near invulnerable and it is not recommended to get into close combat with the enemy. All equipment is standard-issue, including the Gunsuits. The military does not have the time or energy to customize anything for any one pilot, and every pilot has a role.

    Military grooming policies apply, meaning no beards, short-cut male hair, and tightly bound women's hair. All pilots wear ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms) when on duty as well as ballistic helmets and vests when in combat, meaning they look like this guy. Your characters should also refer to one another and other characters by rank and last name if you're not on a first name basis with them, like Private White or Major Thompson. If you don't know U.S. Army ranks and who outranks who, take a look at a graph. Officers always outrank Enlisted as well, meaning a "lowly" 2nd Lieutenant (the lowest Officer rank) technically outranks a Master Sergeant (one of the higher Enlisted ranks) despite enormously different amounts of time in service.

    This is quite close to modern day, and the militaries of the world have ultimately been forced to fall back on older technology, even if they made advances in the decade that has passed since today, due to supply shortages. So expect to see things like M4 carbines or potentially older weapons, even weapons scavenged from the civilian population to supplement military reserves. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    With all that said, there are some other rules, some of which should be common sense:

    1. Follow Iwaku's Rules.

    2. A single well-written paragraph post is the minimum. The more you can write, the better. It would also be good for characters to develop and change over time.

    3. No first-person writing.

    4. Your characters are not insanely intelligent bad asses. They are above average people chosen for their somewhat above average intelligence, reflexes, ability to adapt, and psychological stability, who have not yet seen live combat yet.

    5. No God-modding. Every fight is a fight for survival. Your NPC buddies will probably die horrible deaths, it's to be expected. PCs have a certain amount of plot armor, but as said before, will get injured/dismembered/brutally splattered if things go to shit or they do stupid stuff.

    6. It should be clear that this is a pretty hardcore, brutal, mature RP, but sexual acts are not to be written here as per Iwaku rules. Follow Iwaku rules if this kind of thing develops.

    7. GM's word is law, 'nuff said. Differing opinions can be given and I will consider them if you're nice about it.

    8. Don't bicker in the OOC. Your characters can certainly hate each others guts IC, but I doubt that will happen when all they have is each other.

    9. One character at a time per player. In the event of character death or permanent knock-out, a player can submit a replacement and receives priority over players who want their slot but were not already a part of the RP, assuming their character died for RP reasons and not because of some OOC action.

    10. Player knowledge does not equal character knowledge.

    11. You should try to post at least every two to three days or at least keep us informed of when you might get around to it. Players who suddenly go AWOL for an extended time period will have their characters either dragged along, killed, or dealt with in some other way. I would like to keep the RP moving at a steady clip, please.

    I will be assembling accepted characters into a roster.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Last, First

    Age: (From 20 to 26, older people are considered too set in their ways or slow for becoming Gunsuit pilots, and the too young are considered too immature to handle the Gunsuits.)

    Gender: (Male or female doesn't matter; the military achieved full gender equality in most roles a number of years before the war broke out.)

    Rank: (You are all Privates [PVT] initially. Promotions will be handed out based on time in service and exemplary performance.)

    Role: Assault (Jack of All Trades, Multiples Allowed), Suppression (More Dakka, Only One!), Designated Marksman (Long-Range, Only One!)

    Description: (Appearance goes here, if you use a photo, try to have it be a real person, and add to it beyond the photo)

    Personality: (Obvious.)

    History: (Keep in mind all new characters are Americans and were recently conscripted and have spent only seven months in service; one month in basic training as well as six passing through the Gunsuit pilot course. Everything else before conscription is fair game.)

    Equipment: (Command has seen fit to allow Gunsuit pilots to have a sidearm of their choice in case they have to abandon the Gunsuit. If they do not have a personal one, they may be issued an old M9 or M11 pistol. Unfortunately 9mm ammo tends to be damn near useless against most forms of the enemy. Other equipment is allowed according to GM discretion but keep in mind pilots are extremely cramped in Gunsuit cockpits.)

    Gunsuit Model: (Leave this blank initially, you'll be issued a Gunsuit if accepted. This is more for others to keep track of, and will change as the RP goes on.)​
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  2. Player Roster

    Muirgen - Private Marcos, Beatrice A. - Mark IX (Armament TBD)

    BKenScout - Private Lyons, Trent J. - Mark IX (Armament TBD)

    Zombehs - Private Aftov, Markus - Mark IX (Armament TBD)

    Frosted Camel - Private Jonathan, Tae - Mark IX (Armament TBD)

    NPC Roster (Alive) (open)

    Colonel Jeremy Hotchkiss

    A 44-year old man who has led troops in the conflicts of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the short-lived invasion of Iran (the invasion began not long before the general public became aware of the enemy), Colonel Hotchkiss is a grey-haired, blue-eyed, caucasion, six foot tall, surprisingly soft-spoken officer. Wrinkles cover his aged face, and exhaustion can be seen in his eyes, yet there is also a ferocity and a demand for vengeance hiding within them. He possesses a fairly average build for a member of the military, mainly because he spends far less time in the gym than he does in planning and preparation. Given the mission of leading what is supposed to become a brigade of Gunsuits, Hotchkiss recognized from experience just how often the military fails to adapt quickly to unprecedented circumstances long ago, and is one of the few who truly believes the Gunsuits are the key to survival.

    Private Samantha "Sam" Cary

    An energetic 21-year old woman of Irish descent with lengthy raven-black hair and green eyes, Sam functions as one of the squad's Assault Gunsuits. She possesses a surprisingly bubbly personality and endeavors to get along with damn near anyone. Standing only 5'3", she's also damn near one of the shortest pilots and possesses a rather flimsy body to match her stature. Sam also has a reputation as a bit of a flirt, and, rumor has it, a bit of a sleezy woman. The later she will deny vehemently, though the former is obviously true.

    Private Alex Van

    A surprisingly young girl of only 19 who received special permission from the Colonel to participate in the Gunsuit program, and it's clear why when she takes control of a Gunsuit. One of the premier pilots, Alex is 5'6" with shoulder-length brown hair and grey eyes, and can usually be found reading at her bunk or training in her Gunsuit. Her habits have earned her the nickname "Weird Al" by some of the other pilots, as she tends to brush a lot of people off unless they have something important to say.

    NPC Roster (Dead) (open)

    No deaths so far.

    Current Gunsuit Models

    The Mark I (open)


    The Mark I is humanity's first technological answer to the enemy, a machine that will hopefully revolutionize warfare and turn the tide. With a height of approximately twelve feet, it towers over regular infantry, allowing it to provide supporting fire while being unlikely to cause friendly casualties. Armored to withstand a .50 caliber armor piercing round, its magnetic drive sphere system allows it to reach speeds of up to 40 mph in any surface direction, though care must be taken not to cause the machine to trip over debris or other objects. If the drive spheres fail, or it encounters rough terrain, it is capable of walking.

    Pilots are equipped with a helmet that displays a HUD that reveals the gunsuit's surroundings, using cameras built onto the outside of the suit. By moving their helmet, the feed is altered, allowing them to see 360 degrees around the Mark I. In terms of armament, this gunsuit has two arm-mounts, allowing it to use a variety of weapons. However, nothing it uses is equipped for close combat, so it is highly recommended that pilots use the speed and maneuverability of the Mark I to keep the enemy at range.

    Possible Armament

    20mm A-13 Cannon - The A-13 20mm cannon is designed to spit rounds at a steady 30 rpm and takes the place of both arm hardpoints, the cannon itself being mounted on the right arm, with ammunition pulled from a box on the left arm, giving the gunsuit it is mounted on a total ammo count of 150 rounds, enough to last five minutes of continuous fire if necessary. The rounds that it throws can vary, though current protocol dictates that high explosives (HE) be used, as the enemy has used only soft, organic targets so far.

    37mm S-10 Cannon - Designed primarily for use by the marksman of a gunsuit squad, the S-10 37mm cannon can hurl a high-velocity round the enormous distance of five kilometers with pinpoint accuracy, though it is unlikely such distances will be needed anytime soon. The S-10, much like the A-13, takes the place of both hardpoints on a Mark I, and can fire at 10 rpm if necessary, pulling from a total ammo count of 200 rounds. Current protocol also dictates that the S-10 use HE rounds as well.

    Dual .50 cal M-720 Machineguns - Combined into a dual format, these weapons can throw metal death at a steady 100 rpm and pull from an ammunition stockpile of 1000 rounds for each gun, allowing consistent fire to be maintained for ten minutes. Two sets of dual .50 cals are mounted on the suppression gunsuits, allowing them to put out 400 .50 cal rounds every minute, shredding the enemy. Of course, ammunition is precious and not to squandered unnecessarily. As before, these are also currently loaded to use HE rounds.

    With that out of the way, the current method for displaying what type of gunsuit your character has is this:

    Marksmen receive a Mark I [1x 37mm S-10 Cannon]
    Suppression receives a Mark I [2x Dual .50 cal M-720 Machineguns]
    Assaults receive a Mark I [1x 20mm A-13 Cannon]

    Later gunsuits may potentially become more varied and customizable, I'll have to see how it goes.
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  3. I'm going to post here as my own placeholder, and will fill out a CS later today.
  4. Alright, but without more interest, I can't really launch this. It has been pretty much dead since day one unfortunately. :blah:
  5. Cool, sounds like some good fun if this takes off.
  6. ((Of course Ascendant, but nothing to be done but show that interest now ;) This looks like fun! ))

    Name: Marcos, Beatrice A.

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Rank: PVT

    Role: Marksman

    Beatrice Marcos (open)

    BeeBee stands at a solid 5'8" tall, dark brown hair and eyes with a lithe, muscular build. She has no tattoos [yet] to mar her olive skin, though she does have a several smaller, light scars on her arms and hands from a lifetime of outdoor living.

    Personality: By all appearances BeeBee seems a lovely, easygoing woman, quick with a smile, a joke, and even a gentle laugh. In most every way, she is a true Southern belle in the image of her delicately beautiful and golden debutante mother - except, of course, where her soul follows her father hunting into the backwoods of Arkansas and Louisiana, and even further abroad to Alaska and the African savannas. And though the brilliance she shows is not so far from the truth of her, she has also learned a certain cunning at her father's knee, listening far more than she ever speaks, quickly determining and then attaining the best vantage point and the high ground in any given situation.

    History: BeeBee was born a child of privilege, enduring a great number of those perennial Southern child beauty pageant rituals that all inexorably led to a true debutante "coming out" of her own into fashionable and fabulously wealthy society. By the time 2222 finally rolled around, her life seemed on as set a course as any young woman of her status, though her mother's prayer for a suitable suitor for her daughter was not exactly forthcoming. Still, BeeBee graduated from Tulane with a business degree, and went to work with her father at his newly-opened Honda manufacturing plant near Baton Rouge - which of course gave the pair, still thick as thieves, the chance to duck out at any time they really wanted for some well-earned hunting time.

    And then the entire world was torn apart.

    Like every American - like every human being - she raged at what was done to her beloved home, and welcomed conscription with open arms.

    Equipment: S&W .500 Mag mounted with a Leupold VX-3 handgun scope and carried in a modified nylon tactical drop leg holster (loaded for hunting, of course... )

    Gunsuit Model: TBD
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  7. I should modify the CS, you're free to use a picture or describe your characters. Should've put that in.

    There, modified the CS so that should be good.
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  8. @Ascendant - I've modified and updated my CS with a short description and picture for appearance - hope it works!
  9. I like her, kind of reminds me of the women around where I live. I'll probably write the specs of the first model gunsuit later today. The only thing I see is probably just a typo, the war would've started in 2022, but that's minor and probably an accident.
  10. Alright, I've listed the gunsuit loadouts and specified what the Mark I is like in the second post for others to see.
  11. I'm so glad you like BeeBee - she's an amalgamation of not-a-few real Southern women I know. And those gunsuits look fantastic; I'm certainly just looking forward to the chance for BeeBee to go play with her new toys *grins*
  12. I'm highly interested. However, I have work tomorrow. I'll try to have a sheet done shortly after arriving home. ^_^ It's been a long time since I found an interesting group RP with real action to develop a gritty character in.

    Edit: @Ascendant will you have a character too? :o or will you be GM'ing the NPCs and whatnot?
  13. Well, the NPCs basically are my characters. I'll probably have special listings for more important NPCs such as the squad leader, and maybe a normal character among the pilots.
  14. That's good to know. ^_^ I can't sleep, but I've still got some posting to do, so I still might not work on this character until tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it though! :D
  15. Name: Lyons, Trent Jacob

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Rank: PVT

    Role: Assault


    PVT Lyons (open)

    6' and about 210lbs of lean muscle, Trent has an intimidating form. His grip is strong and his hands are thick, making him an excellent fighter in CQC and significantly bolstering his grappling abilities. Along his right shoulder blade, stretching from his upper shoulder to the center of his back, is a scar he attained from a motocross accident. During his brief time as a motocrosser, he fell off a bike and landed on a stone the wrong way. He didn't sustain any major injuries, but the scar remained and he wears it as a badge of honor. After basic training, before departing for the six-month course on piloting a gunsuit, he got a tattoo on his left arm of an eagle flying over a flag. Cliché? Definitely, but he's young and it looks cool anyway.

    Personality: Private Lyons is an incredibly cocky bastard despite his inexperience on the battlefield. He holds himself with a confidence which often reassures those with doubts who surround him, even when it’s not based in reality. He’s always been good at just about everything he tried, but he’s never been great. Even in training, he was a hotshot; his ability to draw a pistol and fire with accuracy without wasting even half a second was the first sign of his reflex. Long-term strategy was not a strong suit for him, of that he was always sure, but his reaction time was astonishing. Whenever the simulated fit hit the shan, he was always the first one to spring into action. Naturally, this only further inflated his ego. He was raised with a rather narrow thought process, so his definition of masculinity is significantly archaic nowadays. While he isn’t misogynistic, Trent has a tendency to patronize women, even those in the force.

    History: Lyons grew up in North Eastern America. More specifically, he was an Ohioan in childhood before his family moved to New York for his last few years of High School. Boring was the most apt word for his childhood, really. He did lots of things, did them well, but never found anything he truly exceled at. Trent moved along to college because that’s what you’re supposed to do after high school, right? The stress was too much, though; the boy was always a master at handling pressure, so his parents were baffled by it. The problem turned out to be how much thought university required. In high school, he coasted along without needing study or any kind of real effort, but that only bit him in the ass afterward. After losing his status as a “student,” Trent was thrown in line for conscription and his call to arms didn’t take long. He was thrown into the streamlined Basic Training and he blew through it with flying colours. It was good to be king again, that was for sure. The pressure was on again, but it was the perfect environment for the guy, he needed that.

    Equipment: On his hip, Private Lyons carries a SIG Sauer P227 TACOPS loaded with 14 rounds of .45ACP ammunition in each extended magazine. Apart from that, there was little he could fit on his person while inside the suit apart from his typical combat gear. The knife that he wears with his ACU is a Cold SteelSRK with a fixed blade.

    Gunsuit Model: Pending…
  16. Not bad, we'll see if he can maintain such attitude after his first battle. I think the minimum to launch would probably be at least one more person but I'll think about it. Not sure if another will show soon.
  17. I'm interested to see it too. I love breaking my characters!! :D
  18. Alright, I've created the NPC list and the player roster, which has the type of gunsuit you have and armament clearly listed. I'll probably go ahead and make the IC today, we may have to just have three players including myself.
  19. I've sent the link to a couple of people, but I wouldn't hold my breath, they're not big sci-fi people. ^^"
  20. Still around, just trying to deal with the appearance section (dun like photos). I'll try and get it up when I get back later in like 10 hours or so.
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