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Fandom for right now, or something more mature.
hi there! 33 | she/her | est time zone

been rping for sixteen years now, if that matters to you. some info before getting to the good stuff~
  • only looking for partners 18+.
  • gdocs, email, and discord all work for me. discord's preferred for ooc, but it's not necessary. please note i do not write here on-site.
  • i'm not really a rapid-fire poster; please don't expect that of me. i can offer ~3-5 posts per week and would appreciate that in return. at the very least i'm looking for 1 post a week.
  • longer posts are great! 4+ paragraphs is my sweet spot, and i'm happy to delve into novella too. not looking for one-liners or super short paragraph replies!
  • depending on what we write, i'm absolutely open to doubling! i'm also potentially open to writing multiple characters, casts, and/or poly.
  • open to pairings of all types! i'm mainly looking for m// and m/f (and to maybe include an intersex character or two), though if we double i'm cool with f//. nb, trans, and characters who don't fall in the binary are all good too!
  • many of my original ideas are, admittedly, smut-focused. not looking to fade to black, though i want a plot too (otherwise the smut gets super boring and redundant...). i'm happy to discuss limits and kinks!
as for the specs of what i'm looking for:

original m// ideas

all my ideas, tropes, limits/kinks and such can be found in the link above. i won't exclusively write tops for your bottoms, though!


you'll find the laundry-list of my fandoms in the link above. expect an amalgamation of canon/canon and canon/oc with a smattering of poly/polycules. to avoid wasting anybody's time, tho, here's the quicklist of fandoms i'm looking for:
  • star trek: the next generation + star trek: deep space nine
  • final fantasy vii + its associated media [cc, ac, doc]
  • fire emblem: three houses
  • hakuoki [yes, the otome]
  • the wayhaven chronicles
  • touchstarved [yes, the vn that hasn't even been released yet]
  • maybe persona 5
  • maybe the soul stone war
  • maybe fallen hero: rebirth + retribution
if you're interested or have any questions, pls feel free to reach out! you're welcome to add me on discord (Resoan#4408) or to send me an

please do not comment here in-thread or try to send me a pm!