Original and Fandom plots (gay and straight couples)

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What would you rather RP?

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  2. Tomb Raider

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  3. Trigun

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  5. Kingdom Hearts

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  1. I'm looking for a partner in a whole range of different plots using both OC/OC, Canon/Canon, Canon/Oc. As for sex, I would like to be using either only M/F or M/M pairings. Pairings in the original plot lines will have the genders discussed later. For originals, I play mostly submissive but can be dominant.

    Hoping to find partners that post at least every couple of days.
    You can be any species in the original plots.
    Just leave a comment about which plot you want to try.

    Original Plots (open)

    1: (Warnings/theme: slave, tentacles, possible dude on dude)
    An adventurer (M or F) stumbles upon a mystical temple where a sacred elf-like creature (M) resides. This creature is an offer from the profit to the person who stumbles upon the temple. The creature is to become that person's slave and bring them pleasure, it is also to guide them to the treasure hidden deep within the temple. All the inner doors of the temple have magical locks that require sexual fluids from the slave.
    (Warnings: slave, tentacles, possible dude on dude)

    2: (warnings/theme: Slave, rape)
    There are special and very rare creatures called Lunacorns. They have a unicorn's horn and a tail but look human. All females not seen as good enough to be wifes (despite still looking lovely) are taken to breeding camps and locked up there. Once there, they are shackled to a wall in stalls where males of any species pay to come and rape the them. The females are bred repeatedly in this manner. One day a male comes to breed a female and falls in love. They keep coming to breed her until they are allowed to take her home and own her.

    3: (warnings/Theme: slave, rape, sexual experimentation, possible tentacles,)
    A young scientist has manipulated and evolved his humanoid creatures. he finds one (M or F) that he really likes and decides to test its responses to sexual stimulation to different area and it levels of stamina for sex.

    4: Human x Tribal elf
    Theme: Meet in ancient ruins

    5: Explorer x Ancient tribal human or elf

    6: Vampire x Dragonboy

    7: Young human x Were-dragon

    8: City Teen x Werewolf

    9: Queen x Apothecary/Alchemist

    10: Horror creature x Young modern teenage boy

    11: Vampire x Werewolf.
    One is captured by the opposite's people, turtured, then the opposite saves them.

    12: Heavily abused older foster kid x Well taken care of kid they meet in a park

    13: Werewolf with tentacles x Lost human in woods

    14: Open your suggestions

    Fandom Plots (open)

    Tomb Raider (open)

    1: (warning/theme: Coaxed into sex, knotting, tentacles, possible DP, porn without real plot)
    Lara (classic, legend, or reborn) stumbles upon an old protected by a dog-god guardian (m). In order to pass into the ruin that it is hiding, she must fulfil its sexual need.

    Trigun (open)

    1: (warnings/theme: rape, hurt/comfort, lovingly coaxed into sex, anime version themed, dude on dude, fluff)
    Vash has finally been caught but the men after his bounty are also after something else from the sweetheart gunman. It takes a bit but Wolfwood comes to the rescue and finds his friend raped and even more mentally broken. He takes him home to the inn he's staying in. He cleans him up and helps him heal, making Vash slowly grow attracted to him.

    2: (Warnings/theme: thank you sex, coaxed into sex, porn without real plot)
    While exploring a strange cave, Vash discovers something amazing. There's a creature of plant origin and it knows all the hard work Vash has done for the other plants and wants to reward him.

    3: Vash and Wolfwood

    4:Vash and Meryl

    5:Wolfwood and Millie

    Legend of Zelda (open)

    1: (warnings/theme: thank you sex, OoT)
    Teenage Zelda leads Teenage Link to the forest temple where she lovingly gives him her true thanks.

    Kingdom Hearts (open)

    1: (warnings/theme: hurt/comfort, takes place after KH2 and before the games after that)
    Riku has been acting strangely as of late. He feels as if there's something he is missing but cannot figure it out. he feels cold and alone at school, it's just too hard going back. As he struggles with this, the image of a short girl with dark hair and wears a black organization robe haunts his dreams. Can he find her to stop her from plaguing him?

    Final Fantasy VII (open)

    1: (warnings/theme: age gap)
    The ordeals with Sephiroth have ended for now and all have gone back to their respective homes. But Yuffie's welcome back to Wutai has gone amiss and she must leave. She goes to live with the first person that pops into her head and lands on Vincent's mansion doorstep. Now she must deal with growing feelings for the demon man.

    2: (warnings/theme: dude on dude, lost, confused fillings and sex-inducing plants)
    Vincent and Cid get lost in a cave while on a mission. The vegetation begins to mess with their emotions.

    League of Legends (open)

    1: (warnings/theme: dub-con, horny ice witch, submissive male, invasive ice play)
    Jayce has found information on a crystal with great power and it's somewhere deep in the Freljord. He sets out on a search for it and ends up in Lissandra's icy citadel. he politely asks the evil witch for the crystal but she wants payment. the payment comes in the form of sexual play. Jayce is a bit creeped out but agrees and ends up enjoying himself.

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  2. I would love to do the Vincent/Yuffie plot xD
  3. Hey, that'd be great. Who would you like to play?
  4. If it's okay with you I will have to go with Yuffie:3
  5. I'm interested in your original ideas, pm me to talk!
  6. I would love to do your Kingdom Hearts plot with you! ^-^
  7. Wonderful! ^^ On a thread or conversation?
  8. Either is fine with me ^-^
  9. alright. ^^ I'll make a thread. who would you like to play?
  10. The female if that's fine by you? ^-^

    Also I see your a tomb raider fan want to hear a tomb raider plot crossed over with Far Cry 3?? ^-^
  11. I can deal with that. ^^

    I've never played Far Cry 3 but sure. ^^
  12. ^-^ Awesome!

    Well I'll link you to my storyline for it later XP
  13. Still looking for partners
  14. I'd be up for that Legend of Zelda rp. Sounds fun enough.
  15. Trigun! Oh my Goddess, I love that anime! :D
  16. I'm up for the second idea. ^_^ Could we potentially add a plot to it, though?
  17. ^^ I can work with that. I prefer things with plot but my brain was kinda short on ideas for the time.
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