Ordinis Sancti Percute: A True Accounting of World War Two

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      Most know that World War 2 began with the invasion of Poland in 1939 on September first. The history of World War 2 is in fact fairly well documented. The rise of Nazi aggression and power to their eventual fall. But this isn't the story of that well known tale. No, this is the true story.

      And it didn't begin in 1939, but in 1938, on the 22nd of December, the date of the Winter Solstice. In this time forces known by many names, including the Thule Society engaged forces deep in Poland, in a preliminary strike securing a number of artefacts, at their head the few survivors who hid and avoided detection reported the attack was fronted by werewolves and the dead with a Necromancer wearing Nazi regalia at their head.

      Numerous attacks of the sort happened across the breadth of Europe, strange stormtroopers lead by what had previously been believed were supernatural creatures.


      Within England and many other nations this caused a shift in an ancient covenant older than most nations and peoples. Representatives of the psuedo-government that simply called itself the Covenant of Peace came forth to allied nations. They explained millennium of concealing themselves from the world for fear of discovery and decimation at the hands of religious crusaders and their priests.

      It was something that was not received well and the allied nations, which joined in the entity now known as World War 2. Time forwards to 1940, June and a conference is announced in France between the leaders of the Covenant and the allied nations. A well hidden conference that was nonetheless discovered and, Paris fell. The entire invasion staged simply to conceal the murder of the Covenant's leadership and those leaders who were present.

      A grand deception by the Covenant to conceal the true meeting. Held in London itself.

      In the wake of the Covenant was formed the Ordinis Sancti Percute, the "Holy Strike Order" they were to be a team of specialists. Investigators, Magi, the 'otherkind' and the soldiers. Their purpose?

      To find, hunt and destroy the occultists of the enemy. Their undead, the otherkind who swore to their service, their magi and sorcerors. The secret war for world war 2.

      Little could they know how pivotal they were to it's outcome.

      It is now the 23rd of September 1940, the Autumnal Equinox. And word has reached the Ordinis Sancti Percute that the Nazi's are moving in secret on an artefact concealed in the Sphinx at Giza.

      The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    • Characters come in four varieties.

      1. Investigators: Investigators are often important parts of the teams, specialised in investigative methods they're basically private investigators with military and basic occultist training. The trackers of the team.
      2. Occultists: Occultists usually come in several varieties, the Magi, the Sorcerers and the Necromancers. The latter of which only exist within the Nazi's camp, the Covenant having forbid the practice of Necromancy more than a millennia beforehand, as such only the Magi and Sorcerers will be found in the Ordinis Sancti Percute, the former study magic and call their power from ancient tomes, devices and raw knowledge, the Sorcerers however do not much care for all the study and are more natural mages, calling on power as they need it, but they suffer from lacking much variety in their abilities, though they tend to be innately more powerful than that of a Magi.
      3. Supernaturals: Vampires, Werewolves and other 'unnatural' beasts all come under this title and they can be as varied as anything, though contrary to popular belief, ghosts and geists are not amongst their number, the 'intangibles' as the Covenant call them are a mystery even to the Covenant helping or hindering at whim, but as such the Order has none of these 'intangibles', nor to anyones knowledge does the Thule Society.
      4. Soldiers: The best trained fighters, while Supernaturals might have some unnatural advantages, the Occultists have some special powers and investigators are the best bookish types you get, when it comes down to killing the soldiers are pretty much the best. Pretty much all of their skills and trainings are in the use of weapons, tactics and related skills.
      Each player gets 7 "traits" to spend on their character. Choosing their type of character consumes one trait point. All the other traits are designed by the character as relevant to their character as shown below.

      Traits include investigative skills, equipment and the like as well as basic weapons training in pistols perhaps.

      Sample Investigator:
      Steve Stevon Stevington the Stevecond.
      Six-Shooter ; Steve has a trusty old smith and wesson that he uses for when the going gets rough.
      Six-Shooter Upgrade; Steve has put in enough practice with Sixy to be considered a fair shot.
      Keen Sight; Steve has an uncanny knack for spotting when something just isn't quite right, allowing him to spot when something is out of place.
      Lockpicks; Steve carries a set of lockpicks on his person at all times.
      Lockpicks +; Steve had a magi enchant his lockpicks once to warn him of magical protections on a lock.
      Lucky Charm; Steve carries a bracelet of lucky charms, now and again this saves his life in a spectacular manner.

      Traits include magical abilities, magical artefacts, innate strengths and depths of power. Be creative, but not too creative or i'll have to smack you :p

      Sample Occultist
      Apprentice Elementalist (Fire); Wing has the basics of fire magic down and can sling small fireballs, create moderate flames, light torches and contribute if a ritual needs a fire element.
      Journeyman Elementalist (Fire); Wing is more adept with fire, able to sling down sheets of flame and hurl more impressive fireballs and so on.
      Elementalist (Fire); Though not yet a master in his art, he is an excellent fire mage, and nobody would choose to challenge him on this twice.​
      Extinguishing Wand; This small arcane device is considered a must-have by any fire elementalist worth a damn, because fire is a bitch. It doesn't like being controlled, and any elementalist of fire who wants to reach their journeyman stage will need one just to live that long.
      Robes of Retarding; A dedicated fire mage usually wants to get a set of these sooner than later. Because burning isn't fun. No not at all.
      Well of Power: A ring on Wing's left index finger serves as a small reserve of power for when he taxes himself beyond his abilities.

      Supernaturals traits generally reflect what they are, what they do and... it generally reflects their 'self.'

      Sample Supernatural
      Marie Sueanne Wolfing
      WEREWOLF!; Under the power of the full moon Marie is compelled to turn into a werewolf, this semi-wolf, semi-human beast.
      Werewolf 2.0; Marie has learned to take control of her power and can change regardless of the condition of the moon or day, though still compelled to turn during a full moon, Marie retains her self control.
      Strength; As a lycanthrope she has significantly more strength than a normal human, however counter to popular belief she has this strength at all times.
      Strength 2.0; Marie is even stronger than usual, though still below Alpha werewolves.
      Canine senses; Maries hearing and sense of smell are extremely strong and can follow where other trails might be lost.
      Full Wolf; Marie can actually transform fully into a wolf, allowing her to move more quickly and scout without being noticed... if she's lucky.

      Traits typically revolve around combat training and equipment.

      Sample Soldier
      George Ignatius Joe
      Basic Combat Training: Trained to use basic rifles, grenades and sidearms with limited body armour to effectiveness.
      Enhanced Combat Training: George is trained above and beyond in the use of basic weaponry.
      Grenadier: George likes his grenades. Pull the pin first, a nice curveball throw and BOOM bits of Nazis everywhere!
      SMG Training: George has been trained to use basic submachineguns, from the Thompson to the German MP-40.
      Body Armour: George has a set of experimental body armour said to be capable of stopping fore from an MP-40 for a time.
      CCW Training: George has trained in close combat and is accomplished at knife-fighting.

      You're relatively free to design your own traits, however all traits are subject to approval and trying to make them too broad will just get you slapped. (Metaphorically.) Note, you don't need to make your character all powerful to begin with, should they survive they will get stronger, learn more, gain more.

      If they don't survive.... well bad luck, feel free to try again :p

      The character sheet follows on the next tab.

    • Name:
      Specialisation: (Investigator, Occultist, Supernatural, Soldier)
      Trait Upgrade;

      Disclaimer: I "Username here" consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because i'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.

      • Active Characters:

      • Inactive Characters:

      • The Graveyard:

    • Heinrich Himmler


      The man who's authority the Thule Society serves under. Though independent
      it is Himmler that gives the Society direction and, it is thought, directly in charge
      of the laboratories and 'temples' where the blackest practices are found.

      Walter Nauhaus.


      Walter Nauhaus is the leader of the Thule Society and it's believed, a
      necromancer with no equal. He runs the Thule Society with an iron fist
      and there are standing orders for ALL Ordinis Sancti personell that, if seen
      he is to be killed at any cost, up to and including their own lives and failing
      their mission. Though if a mission is of enough consequence, the officers
      in charge may suspend this standing order.

      Lady Von Stronheim


      Also known by the moniker "The Iron Bitch" she is Himmler's long arm.
      An assassin sent to eliminate any of the more persistent problems the
      Thule Society face in their duties. It's unknown if Stronheim is an occultist
      supernatural or simply a soldier without peer. None of the Allies seem too
      keen to discover the details.

      Rudolf Van Heimlein


      Rudolf leads a unit that is pretty much directly built as a counter
      to the Ordinis Sancti Percute, his sole duty and that of his unit is
      to find, counter and destroy and of the Sancti operating against
      Germany, or the Thule Society in specific. Though many suspect
      he harbours a desire to replace Walter as the Societies top
      dog. Regardless, he's an accomplished Necromancer.​

    • General Mark Thompson


      A British man who is in overall command of the Ordinis Sancti Percute, he made his name
      earlier in his life, though most of it remains utterly classified by the intelligence community
      though rumour amongst the unit says that he wrestled a dragon serving the Nazis and
      turned in its hoard to the Queen personally.

      He is also known to backhand anyone who says it in his hearing with 'Don't be a bloody
      daft bugger.'

      Colonel Julia Matrovka


      Julia is on secondment from the Soviet Union after the co-operation began
      her experience and skill are among the unions best and, so to, does it turn
      out her administrative skills are nearly a match. Julia serves as either a
      mission commander, or unit quartermaster.

      Lieutenant Bill Fullerton


      Bill is an overly enthusiastic young man new to the war, a capable man if one
      overly prone towards unwarranted enthusiasm and making exceptionally sexist
      jests. He's now known to avoid Julia at all times after stating that she was "good
      for nothing more than sitting on my hand and washing dishes" and nearly
      being shot for the remark.

      "Morgana Le Fay"


      Though people may argue over whether it is really THE Morgana Le Fay what nobody
      argues about is that she is the representative for the Covenant in the Ordinis Sancti
      Percute and in overall authority of any Occultists and Supernatural within the unit
      including being in overall charge of discipline. It's not known whether she is a super-
      natural or simply a vastly powerful occultist, though she does have some tales about
      Merlin, not many of them nice. She seems popular enough with people and doesn't
      seem to be the evil enchantress the stories claim her to be referring to the stories as
      "a woefully mistold tale of a divorce gone horrifically wrong."

      Thard Meadhands


      Thard is a Dwarf who serves somewhat as the Ordinis' inventor, he is enough
      of an occultist that he can integrate some exceptional ideas and practices into
      his inventions, and so when a historical means to defeat an enemy aren't to
      be found he'll work to invent a new, technological, means to do it instead.

      And then probably volunteer to join the teams on the frontline to test it
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    • Name: Kazumasa Gaul
      Gender: Male
      Kazumasa stands 5'7", and has a rather stocky frame, built from working on the docks of Vancouver for the past 6 years. He keeps his black hair close cut, and his face clean shaven. Under his clothing however, the skin of his right shoulder has been tattooed in a unique, stylized motif of armour.

      In his altered form, Kazumasa grows to a height of 7'8", his skin turning a dark crimson red, while his hair grows long, down to just above his buttocks, while turning a lusterous silver. The mask seems to fuse to his face, and the crimson horns grow in length, until they are nearly a foot long.
      [​IMG] Source for Oni Artwork

      Specialization: Supernatural

      History: His mother, Charlotte Gaul, was a daring young woman for her time, back in 1919. She was pulled into the criminal underworld by the money, and the desire to be more. However, when she met a tattooed man from Japan, name Kazumasa, it was a passionate week she never imagined. He was charming, exotic, while the other Orientals came off as awkward, and hard to understand; he knew English quite well, and his confidence was almost boundless.

      However, he disappeared on the sixth day. Without so much as a word of reason, she was forced to struggle back into her normal routine. Until she realized that she was pregnant. Two months after Kazumasa disappeared, she returned home to find a small crate on her doorstep. A crate without markings. When she opened it, she found money and jewels she could never have fathomed, a beautiful, and ornate box with a key that refused to open it, and a letter from the man she may have loved. The letter started with the terrifying words, "If you are reading this Charlotte, it is because I have been killed." Kazumasa went on to explain he had left to try and settle his debts, so that he could leave his past, and join her. But then, the letter became haunting, as he spoke of their baby, the baby she carried that she had kept secret, ever from her closest friends. How Kazumasa referred to the child as their son, confidently, and without hesitation that it may have been a baby girl.

      7 months later, Charlotte named her son Kazumasa, in memory of his father.

      Kazu and his mother lived in a odd social caste where she was a young, unwed mother, yet not destitute. Even as the Great War came to an end, she continued working as a bank teller. For a while she looked for another man, but her efforts dwindled as she realized that she would never find the same lust and passion as she had had with Kazumasa. She raised their son as best as she could, instilling in him virtues of kindness, and politeness, to be a good man. On his sixteenth birthday, she gave him his father's box and key. When he used the key, unlike the thousands of times she had tried to open the box herself and had it stubbornly refused, it opened easily. Inside the finely carved box, was a luxuriously lining, cradling a crimson red and silver mask. The mask was frightening to her, it's thick lips in a snarl, baring onyx teeth. They eyes, black and angry, with a pair of 3 inch horns jutting from the forehead. It was beautifully made, and exquisite piece of horrific art. However, it was of a demon, a devil, an unholy terror. Her Christian sensibilities forbade Kazumasa from looking at it, touching it, or playing with it. She hid it in the attic, and considered the matter settled.

      But boys will be boys. A week later, the young Kazumasa was playing up in the attic, when he found the box. He opened it to look upon the mask, his fingers dancing over the smoothly carved, and lacquered wood. He felt an intense connection with the mask, so much so, that he pulled it from the box. It had a weight to it, a comfortable heft of solidity, of something ancient and old. It smelled exotic, of a different land, of different people. He thought of scaring his friends with it, jumping out of the bushes near by Reginald's home, when he placed the mask to his face. It was the first time he became the Crimson Oni, but it would not be the last. It granted him strength and speed, height and the ability to instill fear. But with it came the voices of age and wisdom. It was a conduit, a link to a family he never had known.

      At first, he used the mask and its powers to scare a few people for childish laughs, being a young man caught between adolescence and adulthood. It was a grand lark for a week and a bit, yet each successive scare, never seemed to match the first time, and rather quickly, Kazu grew bored of it, though he quickly found a new outlet for his abilities; stopping criminals. Having worked on the docks of Vancouver, after school, and especially in the summer, since he was fourteen, Kazumasa was no stranger to the threat of thugs, chisels, grifters and crimpers. He began to stay out a little bit later at night, waiting for events to transpire, and they did. It was far from every night that something would go down in his vicinity, but within a few weeks, rumors of a demon on the docks were spreading throughout the city. Unfortunately, not only did crime rates decline, but so did patronage for the local businesses.

      The third, and least desirable side-effect, was that certain people who had believed a certain bloodline to have been extinguished, were alerted to the fact that there was a new heir of the Famirīchēn. One who was, illegitimate. Kazu discovered that there was more than one Mask of the Oni, first through the violent meeting with another, whom he escaped with great difficulty, and luck, and learned further, through Ueda Hiroshima: An elder associate of his father, Kazumasa. Hiroshima had taken great pains to try and hide Kazumasa's lover, and son, from The Family, as he was ordered, by his master. Kazu had simply known him as Kawabada, who owned the corner store next door. Hiroshima, knowing that Kazu was now revealed, was forced to reveal the truth of his father's past to the young man. That Kazumasa, was one of the selected bloodlines able make used of the mask heirlooms, known as the Famirīchēn. There were several masks, each offering he who bore it, unique abilities. The Crimson mask that Kazu held, gave great strength, and stature. The Amber Mask that Kazu encountered, gave its holder, immense durability and fortitude. Hiroshima knew that some could develop greater abilities from the masks, but that was the limit of his knowledge.

      His conflict with, who he termed, The Amber Oni Mask, drew the attention of The Covenant. He joined the ancient order, both as a way to do more good, than preventing petty street crime, but also for the protection they could offer, from those he called, "The Family." He remained in Vancouver, and maintained his work at the docks, but occasionally helped out members of The Covenant with missions in the area. At the outbreak of the war, he volunteered for the Canadian Army, going through basic training, before shipping out to England, and then, to in theater. After the meeting of the Covenant and the creation of Ordinis Sancti Percute, Kazu was brought into the force, as a veteran, and someone who had supernatural abilities to do things, others simply could not do.

      Trait; Mask of the Crimson Oni - A Crimson and silver Oni mask, that when used by someone of his bloodline, transforms the wearer into an Oni-like creature.
      Trait; Mask of the Crimson Oni - Strength of a Thousand Men: Okay, its not really the strength of a thousand men, but he gets substantially stronger than an average human.
      Trait Upgrade; Mask of the Crimson Oni - Strength of Two Thousand Men: he is really, terrifyingly strong.
      Trait; Mask of the Crimson Oni - Bigger than Myths: When wearing the mask of the Oni, Kazumasa grows to 7'8" in height.
      Trait; Mask of the Crimson Oni - Ancestral Knowledge: When fused with the Mask, he has a weak connection to the memories of his father's ancestors, which can sometimes provide him with insight.

      Trait; Basic Training: Kazumasa has an ordinary soldier's level of train in melee combat, rifles, pistols, and grenades.

      Equipment: Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III with a 1907 Pattern Sword Bayonet (17" fullered blade), two grenades, pack with supplies, and a pouch attached to his webbing that holds the Crimson Oni Mask.
      Disclaimer: I Goldmarble consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because I'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.

    • Name: Odette Guillot
      Gender: Female
      Photo Credit:
      Image is of the actress Susan Denberg, playing Christina in Frankentein Created Woman.
      Found here: The Agitation of the Mind: July 2011

      An athletic young woman, Odette is 5'9" tall, with long legs, and slightly muscular arms. Long auburn hair drapes over her shoulders, and partially conceals the left side of her face; which if it weren't for the severely disfiguring scar tissue that stretches from beneath her jaw bone, over here cheek and to her ear, she would be a rather striking teenage beauty. Not mentioning the green eyes that only seem to come rich and vibrant, when in combat, or remembering acts of violence in the past. She is noted to wear clothing from plain skirts and dresses, to pants and blouses, stained with dirt, grass and blood, almost always found with her beret, a symbol of her connection to her home.

      Specialization: Soldier

      History: Odette's past is one she does not share without much trust, and respect, though it is perhaps understandable from the disfiguring scar that has branded her, and pushed her out of her home. Growing up, there was little unusual about her; she enjoyed athletics, and home making, while helping to tend to her family's small estate. The only real difference between her and any other young french adolescent, was that her parents were party members of the Section Française de l'Internationale Ouvrière SFIO, or French Section of the Workers' International. They supported Léon Blum, and were perhaps, a bit on the further Left than the rest of the party. As the Party fell out of favour, her parents blamed Blum for not having the courage to push back against the financialists, even accusing him of having taken money, to avoid pushing through motions on several important actions, such as voting rights for women.

      This open criticism, carried on, until the German war machine, swept past the Maginot Line. Her family, caught by Police, were handed over to the German Forces, as Communist Radicals. Odette witnessed her parents being tortured for information on the whereabouts of other Communists, and when they refused to cooperate, the used Odette instead. Torturing her in front of her parents. They quickly gave up what information they had, seeing their daughter being treated cruelly, but their rebellious nature was not crushed. Jean and Alice organized a camp riot, in which they managed to stage an escape attempt, in which a handful of men and women successfully manage to flee. Odette and her parents however, did not. Beaten near to death, her parents were further punished by being forced to watch Odette be beaten, stabbed, cut, and disfigured with acid upon her face, before finally being shot in her chest; right before Jean and Alice themselves, were slain.

      Unbeknownst to them, just minutes later, a group of armed insurgents managed to liberate the camp, lead by the very people who managed to escape, thanks to the work of the Guillots. Odette was found, the bullet of the small caliber pistol, having punched through a lung, and lodged in a rib, left her alive, but in very critical condition. She managed to physically survive the ordeal, with minimal detriment to her physical ability, other than having part of her right lung removed, and the associated lost of stamina. Mentally however, the 17 year old was heavily scarred. The trauma she suffered, generated a seething, wretched hate within her, and with it, a fierce will of furious focus. She would slaughter them like animals, she would get revenge for her parents, her family, her friends. The Nazis would die. Those who betrayed their own people, to serve the evil of Hitler, were not worthy of just death however, they deserved to know the pain she endured.

      Odette quickly learned how to use firearms, explosives, and other weapons. She took martial training to give her an edge in close combat. She trained with such focus and drive, few could regard it as healthy. Those who tried to intervene with her best interests at heart, were often left with ears ringing, either from here cursing them out, or slapping them until they let her be.

      • Basic Training: Knowledgeable the use and functionality of common military small arms, including grenades.
      • More to come

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    • Name: Calvin Daniel Walters. ("Waltzy.")

      Gender: Male.


      It should also be noted that Calvin has blue eyes and a light brown hair, kept trimmed to within military standards. He's typically clean shaven when not forced on long operations, and otherwise tends to have a passively friendly expression on his face. This is a man who could befriend a car salesman and convince him to buy the very car he's trying to sell.

      Specialisation: Soldier.

      History: Calvin was born in the United States of America, on the east coast, in a rather idyllic small town. There, he grew up as the son of a pastor and house wife, and though his family had serious financial struggles through the Great Depression, they got by through community drives and cooperation. He worked hard to gather donations for his father's church, and through a combination of a naturally handsome complexion and outgoing upbringing, he learned how to become quite a smooth talker when need be.

      He signed up for the army by the mid 1930’s, brimming with patriotism for his country, and his charisma only continued to serve him there. Though not the most well educated man in the world, his combat training sees him through most situations in a basic capacity, and he was found to have natural leadership capabilities: It helped that he knew which lines of the Bible to quote to stir a passion within his fellows. Being a simple but effective grunt, he was quickly scooped up by the Ordinis Sancti Percute organization. While surprised by the existence of supernatural creatures and magic, he quickly grew to be on board with the organization’s ideals when it involved fighting the Nazi regime.

      A full blooded American, he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind, or lead the way to victory where others might pause. He will do his best to protect his squad like a second family. Unlike others of the times, he tends to view female combat squad mates with approval so long as they maintain some level of femininity, believing in the old fashioned (during the 1930's-1940's, "present") ways of thinking that men should be men, and women should be women. He maintains good relationships with his parents, though they often don’t see eye to eye politically, being that they’re closeted communists and he’s a capitalist to the point that he would bleed red white and blue if given the option. Don’t ask him about his younger brother.


      • Inspiring Presence: Calvin is a natural bastion of bravery on a battlefield, and any allies near him gain a small boost to their bravery and to seeing through opponent's illusions.
        • American Hero (Rank 2): Being the natural leader that he is, it comes as no surprise that Calvin can spit propaganda in a stirring manner that only the charismatic child of a God fearing priest could truly pull off. Doing so disables Inspiring Presence for one round, but grants an ally bonuses to success on all actions for one round. Using this too often will draw negative attention to him, and make it easier for enemies to suppress him mid-speech, ruining the effect.
      • Rifles Basic: “This is my rifle, this is my gun. One’s for shooting, one’s for fun.” Improves his usage of rifles to something resembling that of someone who knows what they’re doing. In short, he passed basic, with flying colours.
        • Rifles Intermediate (Rank 2): Calvin has grown rather fond of his M1 Grande, and when using semi-automatic rifles and assault rifles, Calvin rarely misses so long as he’s not under fire. This also makes it possible for him to consistently hit specific points: Legs, arms, chest, neck, head—meaning that if the enemy decides to wear armour with weak points, Calvin can make them regret that.
      • Jesus Is My Shepard: Calvin is less likely to be affected by negative status effects from enemy magic, due to a sheer, stubborn, unshakable faith ingrained to him at birth. Enemy status effects which do affect him, have a lesser effect, and last less time.
      • Full American Unload: When using his firearms to cover allies, his accuracy and rate of fire is boosted and enemies caught out of cover will feel the result. Painfully. Behaves like a suppression, though it forces him to reload the next round.

      Equipment: M1 Grande, Colt M1911, Grenades, Backpack filled with supplies, Goggles. Miscellaneous supplies one would typically find on a soldier of the times.

      Miscellaneous: Carries a bible and wears a silver cross around his neck, presenting his ardent faith at all times for the world to see. His younger brother was a draft dodger, and it tends to be a sore point for him.

      Disclaimer: I, Sir Brovo, Lord of the Ferrets, do hereby decree that Calvin may one day find himself dying in the name of his country, to be mourned by his loving family. Such are the tragedies of war.

    • Name: Ituha, meaning "Sturdy Oak."

      Gender: Female.


      Specialisation: Occultist.

      History: Ituha was born to one of the last Native American tribes in the midwest, on a Native American reserve. It was an odd time, as it was on the tail end of the attempts by the government to assign individual Native Americans land rights as opposed to entire tribes, which resulted in a chaos that left both parties hurting and poorer overall. Regardless, Ituha was relatively kept away from such politics, and was trained in the ways of the land by her people. Born a gentle soul, she sought out the powers of her ancestors, to heal the sick that often were turned away by those outsiders her tribe called the “white plague.” Her curiosity finally piqued as she learned how to read and write, and took to researching both from public libraries and her people’s stories to connect the dots.

      Thus, it should come as no surprise that, on suspicion and faith alone, she began to travel out for several days on foot on a spiritual journey. Near the end of her journey, she found what she was looking for: An elemental wolf’s lair. She entered the lair, and awakened the wolf with tribal seances. The wolf bonded to her, and without any caution she immediately got to her feet and bolted to her tribe. Her joys of healing the sick with the wisdom the wolf provided her, and playing with the wind with the power the wolf gave her, would quickly fade, as an agent of the Ordinis Sancti Percute organization came to investigate. There were mysterious reports from white settlers about a native woman capable of bending the wind to her will, and such events were... Unnatural, to say the least. Though she did not want to leave her people, she understood the greater ramifications of what was going on in the world, and without the public libraries the outsiders allowed her to use, she would have never been able to find the elemental wolf in the first place.

      So, with great hesitation, she left to join the fight against the Nazis as a supporting agent. It was not technically her war: It was a war of her occupiers, versus a foreign imperialist power. Yet she understood that between the two evils her people had to endure, one was lesser than the other. One allowed her people to survive: The other would not. So, hesitation or not, she knew she had to prevent the greater evil from taking root against her people.

      Ituha is a calm, collected soul. She rarely speaks except to provide comforting words, or to inquire about a situation. Her gentle nature makes her naturally averse to violence, though she’s willing to fight and even kill should it be necessary to resolve a situation. Expect her to rush to the aid of the wounded, and failing that, to stay out of sight long enough to get to advantageous positions to blind enemies and disable their weaponry. Pleasant conversation and respect goes a long way to making this woman your friend, as she has grown up in an era of world history that was none too friendly nor respectful toward her.


      • Whisperwind: While not targeted or seen by enemies, can move a few feet near-instantly as a whisper on the wind. Winds at high speed can dislocate her further than intended. Travels further if she moves with the wind, rather than against it.
        • Boundless (Rank 2): This upgrade allows her to fade through thin walls and doorways, though it reduces the total distance she can travel using this ability and leaves her temporarily dizzy, which makes her briefly vulnerable.
      • Misha: Elemental wind wolf that takes physical form to leap to Ituha’s defense. If dispelled, cannot be summoned again for several minutes while she heals in her own realm. Misha is able to understand the English language and may obey the orders of allies if Ituha is unable to issue her commands. Misha can be summoned even if Ituha is completely out of mana, but is physically weaker as a result. (Note: When she isn't healing in her own realm or taking physical form to do as Ituha commands, Misha exists as an invisible, warm breeze, that follows Ituha. The manner in which she moves often reflects Ituha's emotional state, either about herself, or toward others.)
      • Nature Nurtures: If out of direct harm, Ituha can mend broken bones and other wounds by rapidly increasing the otherwise natural healing process. If someone is hit with shrapnel, she must clean the wound of it and any other irritants first, or else risk causing greater harm by closing the wound whilst leaving such materials inside. She can save people from the brink of death with this ability, though it will severely physically fatigue her until she has time to catch her breath, and it will only stabilize them. It's also not particularly effective to use mid-combat, as it pins her down for a couple minutes to use it: She's never had to learn how to use it under such extreme stress. This ability is disabled if Misha is healing in her own realm. (Note: Can mend superficial wounds, like cuts and bruises, nearly instantly.)
      • Nature's Keeper, Nature's Child: Can use her wind magic to violently shove opponents several feet away from allies or herself. If they hit a wall or other physical barrier, it may cause bruising, or even broken bones if she’s especially lucky. Enemies are typically dazed or knocked off their feet. This is primarily a self-defense spell, and requires she be within ten feet of the target to blow them back. (ex: Can’t save an ally on the other side of the battlefield—she has to be close to her allies to save them.)

      Equipment: Simple Native American garments, seeing no need to hide her background. She wears a voluminous multi-pattern cloak she can use to camouflage against the environment if necessary. She has more than one of these cloaks, each in different colours, to match the terrain of whatever mission area she will be operating in. (Green would make no sense in a desert, after all.) She carries a small bag full of nothing but sand and dust, in case she’s in a clean environment that would otherwise prevent the effects of Vanity of Western Men from working properly. Ituha does carry a simple medical kit, for the purposes of cleaning out wounds so she can perform her healing magic without fear of sealing bits of bullets inside people's guts.

      Ituha also carries a pair of reading glasses, given to her by a librarian to help reduce eye strain while reading items. She has no idea if they actually do anything, but keeps them on her person as one of the few memories she has of interacting with a white person.

      Miscellaneous: Where many of her people look upon white people with an understandable hatred given their past, she tends to be more cautiously optimistic of them. This is the era where civil rights movements began to be whispered about, and after pleasant interactions with some whites in the libraries near her tribe, she can't help but hope that the whites who have traditionally harmed her people, could still yet learn compassion.

      Nonetheless, her general, reserved, quiet nature, is certainly more pronounced when around whites. At least, until she gets used to them.

      Disclaimer: I, Sir Brovo, Lord of the Ferrets, do hereby decree that Ituha may one day find herself dying in the name of a country that hates her and her people. Such are the tragedies of war.
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  3. Name: Guy MacMahon.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance: Guy is a normal enough looking man. His slim medium build compliments his inoffensive height of 5'8" while his dull green eyes work with his cropped brown hair to create an overall mundane silhouette. His facial aspects better characterize him, possessing hard, square features including high cheekbones, a flat nose and an absolute juggernaut of a chin that dominates his face.

    On operations he is usually seen wearing what looks akin to a piloting uniform, with some personal deviations in the name of comfort and/or fashion. Most striking is the bright blue scarf he wears around his neck, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise drab get-up of browns and greys. However, what is most strange about his choice of clothing is the clothing itself. Guy is not a pilot and, as far as anyone knows, does not aspire to be one.

    History: -WiP-

    Specialization: Occultist.

    • Techno-Wizard: Guy professes in an odd branch of occultism he personally calls "Techno-Wizardry". It is essentially the practice of fusing magic with mundane technology. From something as simple as a toaster with no power source to tanks with innate invisibility Techno-wizardry can do it all, though not without caveats. To simply put it, the bigger the subject and/or more powerful the spell the more mana/time/materials it takes. So don't expect Guy to start churning out a column of stealth Shermans any time soon.
      • Magic Override: The more immediately useful side of techno-wizardry, Guy can use his mana reserves to force a broken or otherwise unusable device to function as normal. Some examples of this ability include having a jeep with a busted transmission shift as normal or making a pistol fire even though it's missing it's receiver. Again, the larger the object or more complicated the issue the more mana is used.
    • Arcane Engine: Perhaps Guy's strangest 'talent', the techno-wizard can replenish his mana reserves by consuming fossil fuels. Gasoline has the greatest effect, effectively replenishing his mana in a few good swigs, though anything from kerosene to coal could work in a pinch. A consequence of this ability is the nigh inability to regenerate reserves naturally, taking up to ten longer than normal. A more positive side effect of this ability is an immunity to the ill effects of consuming fossil fuels.
      • Turbo Charge: By consuming more fossil fuels it is possible for guy to overcharge himself with arcane energies, allowing him a much greater reserve of energy to work off of. However, this overcharge will dissipate quickly if it is not expended. In addition, overcharging makes him a beacon to those capable of sensing magic.
    • Magic Marksman: While his abilities with conventional firearms are mediocre Guy can wield his specially modified techno-wizzed up guns with stunning efficiency. Being overall more effective and better conserving his reserves than a more inexperienced magic-user.
    • Shining Bess: An example of weaponry produced by techno-wizardry and Guy's weapon of choice. Shining Bess is a heavily modified M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), though it's original form is barely recognizable. The barrel has been significantly shortened and the bipod removed. The magazine has been replaced with what looks like rose quartz cut into a magazine shape and an assortment of control runes cover the gun in haphazard patterns. Internally almost nothing stock remains, replaced by a wild assortment of seemingly needless gears, wires and other hocus-pocus. The result is a rifle that runs of it user's mana, focusing their power into a barrage of force bolts of similar power to the BAR's original .30-06 Springfield cartridge with the added bonuses of no real recoil, silent firing and no need for reloads. It is pretty mana hungry however and those who do not practice conservative shooting techniques will find themselves depleted far before any reasonably long battle is over.
    Equipment: Shining Bess, Colt 1911, silver-edged stiletto dagger, faux pilot uniform, pack with basic supplies, 'tool box' containing an assortment of tools both mundane and magical, reagent pouch.

    Miscellaneous: None now.

    Disclaimer: I "Snakey" consent to having my character murdered for the needs of the plot, to move things on, or whatever so on so forth.
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  4. Kaz, Calvin and Ituha are accepted and welcome back :p

    McMahon is accepted and odd :p
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  5. Name: Síofra

    Gender: Woman, most of the time
    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Anything mostly human, probably, but usually rather attractive. She tends to like having either red hair or green eyes. It is rare that she will mix them when not in the comfort of solitude.

    Specialisation: Supernatural

    History: Siofra was born in a very small Irish village to a tailor and woodcarver. In the few years after her birth her family’s fortunes began to change and what they had put away for their new daughter’s dowry was used to instead put bread and broth in her mouth. For years the small family had suspected that this young girl was not what she seemed, and instead a changeling from the faeries. They did their best to care for the child they were sure was not their own in hopes that the faeries would come and take back the healthy girl. When her third year came and went and there was still no sign of the faeries coming to reclaim their child, Síofra’s parents decided to do away with the supposed cause of their bad luck and left Síofra on a hill said to be inhabited by her kind.

    After a night of crying and crawling on the hill, Síofra was taken in by the faeries who pitied her. They taught her their ways and helped mix her blood so she would better fit in with the other children. She learned how to use poultices and salves made of common herbs and special words and how to change her form to fool the mortals that had originally abandoned her to the elements.

    As she grew older and more independent she would wander from her new home to watch the man and woman she had been born to. Eventually it pained her too much to stay in the same vicinity of them, thinking that they had completely forgotten their firstborn because of unfortunate coincidences. Síofra traveled to Dublin and made her way as a midwife, changing her appearance and location on the isle whenever she feared being accused of witchcraft or worse. Eventually tales of her skills reached The Covenant and they took her into their folds so that she wouldn’t feel as out of place any longer. They have never been family to her, but they have been enough to keep her from travelling further.

    In regards to her first family… they had seven sons after her, although their luck never changed.


    Changeling: Being raised by faeries has its advantages. She can change her appearance and has an enhanced knack for healing.
    • Changing Form: Síofra is able to change her appearance at will to nearly anything she desires. It takes time, and it is draining, but it is possible. She will always retain her mind, however; this can be seen by the depths of her eyes. She has been warned from before memory to never attempt to take the form of anything incapable of speech and independent thought, lest she be unable to return to her original form.
    • Changing Health: With a pouch of materials and her thoughts, Síofra can stitch sinew and mend bones. She can’t do much in the way of hastening healing, but she can ensure that those who are touched by her survive their sickness or injury.
    Fair of Face: With faerie blood coursing through her veins it can be hard to hide her nature despite her abilities. Her eyes seem to have the slightest tilt and the tips of her ears yearn to taper. Her being besides this usually captures the attention of those around her and leads to other women (or men, if she takes their form) being pushed to the background.
    • Fury of a Faerie: If you cross Síofra wrong her form will take on something entirely unholy. Her eyes become dark, hypnotic pits and put the fear of all the gods into those who have drawn her ire.
    • Favor of a Faerie: Her parents believed that having a faerie under their roof led to their financial downturns, but they were wrong. When cared for by a faerie, fortune tends to turn towards the friend. It may not be much, especially since Síofra is not a naturally-born faerie, but sometimes it's just enough.
    Family: Faeries do not exist purely in Ireland, and only truly trust each other. Síofra is welcomed by them and can readily get information from them, should it be needed.

    Equipment: Travel healing kit (mortar and pestle, pouches of herbs, vials of oils), revolver, a few changes of clothes in various sizes, and some oddly curved knives.

    Disclaimer: I, Seba, consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because I'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.
  6. Accepted Seba, fun sounding character. I'll be interesting if she encounters the Seelie or Unseelie courts ;)
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  7. Name: Victor Dragos Popescu

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Victor is a handsome man with a tan complexion typical of his Romanian heritage, curly brown hair, hazel coloured eyes, and a square set jaw. He stands at an average 5’7, and weighs in not a lot. His nose is slightly crooked, and he has a faded scar on his jaw from long ago. He has very few other distinguishing marks, and is generally seen in quite plain clothes. An old ring, worn on the index finger, and a set of rosary beads seem to act as heirlooms of the past, and he seems quite protective of them both. As a Werewolf, Victor stands tall at over 10 feet tall. No sane person sticks around long enough to weigh him, but 'a lot' is a fair guess. His fur takes on a black colour, and his green eyes become feral-looking and lupine.

    Specialisation: Supernatural

    History: Victor is normally an open book, but he is quite coy about his past. The scratched up silver band on his finger tells tale of a married man, and the rosary beads speak of a religious fella; and yet Victor’s eyes look nothing but lonesome and hateful. He’ll happily talk about his collection of bottle caps, or show off his collection of odd scars, but seemingly his past is off limits to all but the most trusted of friends.

    To his superiors, Victor keeps the truth minimal and brief. The Germans have managed to take everything from him in their bastard war. With everything snatched away from him, Victor now lives to be a thorn in the German’s side. His talents were best suited for the Ordinis Sancti Percute, and as long as they are killing Krauts, Victor promises nothing but the utmost loyalty.

    • Werewolf I – Big and Bad: Victor is a werewolf, which affords him the ability to transform into a hulking monster of fur and muscle. Under the full-moon’s light, he is able to take on the form which ignores lesser bullets and which can regenerate most mundane wounds within seconds, if not minutes. The notable exception being that of silver.
      • Werewolf II – Bigger, Badder, and Uncut: Victor has learned how to enhance and control his transformation; allowing him to transform at any point. His werewolf form stands at a solid 10 foot tall, and weighs in about as much as your average car. He is still forced to transform during the Full Moon though, although he can maintain his sanity during this forced transformation.
      • Werewolf III– Won’t be Put down: A combination of practice and determination make Victor a particularly difficult threat to put down. His lycanthropic regeneration allows him to quickly patch up any non-life-threatening wound within seconds, and he can shrug off ‘lethal’ blows from anything other than magic or silver given a few minutes. There are of course limitations though; If you start dismembering him, things will get dicey, and he is still liable to be knocked unconscious by high amounts of pain. This regeneration affects his human form to a lesser degree, although patching up the Werewolf form is easier and less painful.
    • The Romanian Charm: Victor is a silver-tongued individual. He might not be popular amongst the Krauts, but among the allies he strikes a figure of sure-footed confidence and ease that makes him easy to confide in, and someone who might ply information from the unsuspecting.
    • Out of sight, out of Mind: Victor knows the value in not being seen. While in his human form, Victor is able to more easily sneak about unnoticed; which makes him a great scout, and sometimes a great ambusher. He’s like a portable bomb; except instead of explosions, it’s a 10-foot tall monstrosity of Hair and murder.

    Equipment: Switchblade, a ČZ vz. 27 handgun, 3 Smoke Grenades, and a single frag grenade.
    Miscellaneous: His Ring and his Rosary necklace, a battered zippo, two spare sets of clothes, a pair of binoculars and an AM Radio.
    Disclaimer: I LimeyPanda consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because i'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.
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  8. Name: Rhett Vorster “The Two Timin' Traitor”

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (open)

    Rhett is 6’1 with a tangled mess of black hair. His eyes are a dark brown with large bags under his eyes. His face in general looks worn out with a thick leathery look and he’s always scowling. His body is covered in scars from cuts, to bullet wounds to animal bites. He’s essentially walking scar tissue. He is currently 43 years old

    Specialization: Soldier

    History: Rhett is a Africaan Boer who was born in 1896 on the eve of the Second Anglo-Boer War. His father was an influential military officer and his mother tended to the farm. When the war broke out the British forces immediately targeted the families of Boer officers and sent them to concentration camps. Rhett and his mother were no exception and he would remain there for the entirety of the War. His father was killed in combat and his mother died of illness in the camp. Leaving Rhett to fend for himself when he was just a Toddler. He miraculously survived and after the war, surviving members of the former Boer military searched for Rhett in honor of his father, their comrade. Rhett was then raised under a number of military houses who all encouraged and fed his hatred of the British Empire and embedded within Rhett the Dream of an independent Boer Republic.

    When World War One broke out this Cadre of officers close to Rhett found their chance and launched the Maritz Rebellion; intending to break away from the South African Colonial Government and form their Boer utopia while the British were busy in the European Theater. Rhett served throughout the entire five month duration of the rebellion and proved to be an effective, if inexperienced soldier. The rebellion was crush and all of Rhett’s former guardians had either been locked up or executed.

    Rhett fled South Africa and offered his services to the German Empire in German East Africa where he would be instrumental in conducting one of the most bloody and expensive fronts the British had to contend with. Using hit and run tactics taught to him by the Germans he would lead raids, kill British soldiers in their sleep, hide in the thick jungles for hours waiting for an ambush and even one instance where he tossed a canister of Mustard gas into a British Flank before running away. Over his three years in service to the German Army he would acquire a knack for adapting to any weapon given to him which was made possible by the huge access to German, British and Belgian weapons that were poured into the area.

    Despite the Germans ultimately losing the war and forced to surrender their East African Colony, the British campaign was seen as a complete embarrassment throughout the entire war and by 1918, the British Brass wanted Rhett Vorster either dead or brought into their custody as a “Traitor to the British Crown”. Throughout the 20’s Rhett remained hidden in Africa and was in secret an agent of the Weimar Republic who looked to Rhett to destabilize British colonies in Africa which he did surprisingly well and was seen as an immense pain to the British. However, when the French learned that he refused to perform the same Treatment to their colonies on the basis that “The French never did me any wrong” they began to respect him and would ultimately save his life a decade later.

    When the Nazis came to power in 1933, Rhett didn’t know what to make of his new masters: they were strong and he knew they could prove a better threat to the hated British than the Weimar Republic ever could. But they were fiercely authoritarian while Rhett still dreamed of the Boer Republic Utopia that had been his goal since he was a young boy. Still, his hatred of the British would win out at first and continued to harass the British in Africa at the behest of the Nazis. It wasn’t until the mid 1930’s and fighting in two wars that he would change his allegiance again and be known as “The Two Timin’ Traitor”.

    The Nazis quietly sent him over to Fascist Italy, where he would fight for Mussolini in the Second Italian-Ethiopian War and contribute to the hundreds of thousands killed and tortured by the Italians. While the former German Empire did not approve of Rhett’s Mustard gas attack decades before, the Italians gave him all the chemical weapons he wanted to wage a total war against civilians and soldiers alike. Despite the urging of the Nazis that this would help destroy the British Empire in the long run, Rhett turned to heavy drinking and began to feel like a pawn in the Nazis plan for dominance of the African Continent he called home. This would also be the first time he would be exposed to the Thule Society as during the end of the war he would transport hundreds of Ethiopian prisoners to Camps. Though these were different from the British Concentration camps of his childhood. The officers here were not just soldiers, but medical doctors, chemists and what he could only describe as “Priests”. But most importantly, they weren’t Italian, they were German and they unnerved the Battle hardened Rhett.

    Still, despite his misgivings he held his tongue, believing in the Nazis promise that the British Empire would be wiped off the face of the earth. He was quickly sent over to Spain and enlisted under the Fascist regime under Francisco Franco and served in numerous military operations until the end of the war: April 1st, 1939. By then he had become completely disillusioned with the Nazis. Having become disgusted at himself for fighting and killing the Spanish Republicans who fought for the same thing he once did: a society free from foreign authoritarian rule. His Christian upbringing also made him horrified at the true face of the Thule Society, who had sent Necromancers into Spain to test out their new powers on the Spanish Battlefield before taking their talents to the rest of Europe. By then he knew that even if the Nazis could kill the British he hated so much, they would be something far worse.

    By the end of the Spanish Civil War the Germans told Rhett that he would officially join the German army as an S.S. Officer to fight on the Western Front. On April 2nd, 1939, the day after the Fascists won the Spanish civil war. Rhett fled across the border to France where he turned himself to the French Military and offered his services to the Allied powers (with the exception of the British, whom he would refuse to serve directly under) along with information of everything he knew about the Axis Military and intelligence capabilities. When he revealed his knowledge of the Thule Society and what they truly were he was immediately quarantined until a decision could be made on what to do with him. The British wanted him against a wall and shot for treason for his actions (Ironically, Rhett was technically a citizen of the British Empire after the Anglo-Boer Wars) but the French and Americans lobbied for Rhett to be spared and inducted into the Covenant. The Americans and French won out and despite every member the British military brass throwing a fit, Rhett Vorster was made an official member of the Ordinis Sancti Percute.


    Marathon Man: Rhett has an amazing endurance and can run at a fast pace for a dozen miles without breaking a sweat, allowing him to get from one area the next in record time on foot

    Pain Tolerance (2 points): Rhett has been shot, cut up, gotten life threatening illnesses, been attacked and maimed by predators and been bitten by every damn insect on the continent. Almost always while in a combat zone to boot. He has the simple but amazing capability of ignoring pain and illness while under gunfire.

    Weapons expert: Due to the large amount of weapons he was exposed to during his service in WWI, Rhett can use pretty much any weapons given to him from a simple machete, to a bolt action rifle to the most modern assault weapons. If it’s main use is killing give it to Rhett.

    Hit and Run (2 points): Guerrilla warfare is Rhett’s signature style; Rhett can look at any military set up; from a trench, to a bunker, to a patrol, to a building and know exactly how to cause chaos and fuck everything up completely by himself in a short amount of time before running away from panicked and confused combatants . If he has a team on his side he is even more effective and can cause an embarrassing amount of destruction. Keep in mind that Rhett’s goal is hardly to ever wipe out an opposing force but to leave them disorganized and confused and demoralized against the main army.

    Equipment: A Machete just under two feet in length, a French produced Ruby Pistol and the MAS-36 Rifle, a light backpack with bandages, flint and tinder, a canteen and a few day’s worth of rations.

    Miscellaneous: None

    Signature: I, Slade, Shitposter extraordinaire, consent to having my character murdered for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because I'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.

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  9. .....

    Accepted mate ;)

    I'll kick off the IC tomorrow, though signups will remain open.
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  10. Posting tomorrow, Kad! :ferret:
  11. Hi! I have posted! As you can see my character is inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Prepare for more Friendship in the future!

    ALSO KAD you have not updated the Dramatis personae
  12. IC will be updated tomorrow, and I suppose so will the Dramatis Personae :p
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  13. And now, for tradition.

    PC Opinions!

    • Kazumasa Gaul: "You're from Canada? Well, I guess a chink with his rifle can be useful enough. Even if y'do use that weird voodoo mask doll shit. Just point yourself at the enemy, and we'll be alright." (Neutral.)

      Calvin Daniel Walters: "Ma'n'Pa'd be so proud of me right now, though I hope Christ may forgive me for the blood I must spill for a free America." (Proud.)

      Ituha: "I'm sorry 'bout what my people did to yours, but I've no idea what kind of help some pacifistic waif is going to be." (Doubtful.)

      Guy MacMachon: "You drink Gasoline. That is the most American thing I've ever damn well heard, but I can't imagine it bein' real cheap n' all, with the war heading our way and all." (Camaraderie.)

      Síofra: "Ah, ma'am, I uh... Look, you're uh... Phew... I mean, you're just... I'd like to, y'know, maybe?... Look, I got a couple of tickets to a ball game, and... Y'know what? N-nevermind. Just don't get hurt out there... I'd hate to see the Krauts destroy something as pretty as you." (Flustered, protective, confused.)

      Victor Dragos Popescu: "You're a hell of a sight. I used to read 'bout folks like you in picture books, but here you are, real as daylight... N' on our side, murdering Kraut bastards!" (Astonished, camaraderie.)

      Rhett Vorster: "You want to kill Krauts. I want to kill Krauts. You care about your homeland. I care about my homeland. We could get along real well, I think!" (Optimistic, camaraderie.)
    • Kazumasa Gaul: "Fighting for a country that treats your people with disdain, similar to my own circumstances... I sympathize." (Empathetic.)

      Calvin Daniel Walters: "A loud mouthed fool who thinks he helps me by constantly shoving me aside. Perpetuating the wrongdoing of the past two hundred years with good intentions does not help my situation." (Irritated.)

      Ituha: "Misha, stay calm with me... With any luck, we will not stain our hands red... And perhaps, when all is said and done, the white men of America will stop painting theirs in the red of my people." (Afraid, confused: Has no real loyalty to the cause, save to fight the greater evil.)

      Guy MacMachon: "A white man. I know nothing of him, than that he drinks gasoline. I cannot imagine it good for his health." (Amused, confused.)

      Síofra: "You walk among nature, like I, but the spirits of tricksters echo in your wake... Misha speaks of you as a fellow predator, but I think you're not so unkind." (Optimistic, naive.)

      Victor Dragos Popescu: "Are you more beast than man? I wonder who lies underneath the hatred for Germans." (Curious.)

      Rhett Vorster: "The sickness which poisons your mind will turn you on us as surely as it would anyone else you once served." (Distrust, dislikes, fears.)
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