Opposites Attract

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  1. Celena stretched as she walked into school. Even though her school had to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning so they could start class, she was already chattering away with her friends. After a while, the bell rang a 5 minute warning for the kids to go to their first hour class. "Oh..." she sighed. "Science...." Celena sighed. She didn't hate her science class, but it was not her best subject let alone her favorite. She walked down to her science class and took a seat at a table built for 2.
  2. "Okay Mum." Tom said rather grumpily as he left the car, she had just been explaining to him all the things he already knew, Dammit, he whispered under his breath, as he heard the warning bell ring, meaning he had five minutes to get to his first class, he already knew he was going to hate it here. Just looking at all the other students made him sick, look how lazy they were, he thought to himself as he entered this new school. He stopped and took his timetable out of his blazer pocket. Hmmm first lesson; Science, he said to himself, he quickly made his way to the science room he was in, pushing open the door, all eyes were on him, the new kid, he looked around the class, and spotted a free seat next to a girl, the only free seat. He walked over and sat down, placing his bags under the desk, God, I hope she doesn't speak to me, he said.
  3. Wish denied, Celena looked up and saw Tom sit next to her. Hmmm... she thought, Haven't seen him around. Maybe he's new?

    "Hey there!" she said to Tom cheerily. "You wouldn't happen to be new here would you? I-I'm sorry if you aren't! I'm horrible with names." she rubbed the back of her neck, embarrassed, and afraid that he really wasn't a new student.
  4. Dammit no, she had asked him questions, he should have know she would, well, at-least she seemed polite, perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all? He turned to her and gave her a smile, realizing how pretty she actually was, "Erm, my name's Tom Howard, I just moved here, what's your name?" He asked, trying to sounds genuinely interested.
  5. "Hey, Tom." she smiled kindly at him. "Oh? My name? It's Celena! Celena Fulk...Be careful saying the last name." she chuckled a little bit, it was a running joke with her friends that her last named sounded like someone had dropped the "F-bomb" and she decided she wanted to slightly introduce it to Tom. "It's nice to meet you, Tom!"
  6. Hmm, she seemed pleasant enough, "Nice to meet you too, Celena" and gave her a genuine smile, one he didn't give often. "That's a nice name" he added, whilst listening to the teacher intently, as he explained something to do with the biological structure of a plant.
  7. Celena's voiced dropped to a whisper once the teacher started to talk. "Oh? Heh, thank you." she said with a modest grin. She always got a little bit embarrassed and modest when given a compliment.

    "Hm, we should probably start listening to the teacher, or else he'll begin to give us weird stares..." she said with a bit of an eye twitch. The stares from a teacher that weren't good were always scary, no matter how nice or how mean the teacher was to her.
  8. "Yeah, I guess." He replied in no more than a whisper. He looked around at his new classmates, the average assortment of teenagers, you had the kids who cared for their education, who would congregate together and listen solely to the teacher, hardly even muttering to each other through the whole of the day. Then you had the "Cool" ones, the one's who were often the bullies, and would probably fail all their exams and end up with nothing in life, finally, there was the kids like him, the ones who fitted somewhere in between. He looked around to Celena, wondering where she would fit into all of this.
  9. Celena was looking at the board, but at the same time she was doodling on her notes, only taking notes when prompted by the screen changing on the projector. She caught Tom looking at her out of her peripheral vision and smiled softly before looking back at the board to see the teacher switch the screen. Once she finished writing, she would go right back to doodling, subtly showing that this wasn't one of her classes that caught her attention and kept it with a closed fist.
  10. Tom noticed Celena's drawings, she was good, he thought to himself. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the bell went, the students went crashing out of the classroom like a stampede of animals, he found himself caught up and in the corridor, checking his timetable. His face screwed up, "Maths? Where the hell is maths!" he said to himself, worryingly. Hoping for a miracle.
  11. Celena stretched as she waited for the class to clear out before she could get caught in that traffic jam the school calls a hallway. She got her stuff and ran up to catch with Tom. Overhearing what he was talking about, she peaked over his shoulder.

    "Oh? Math class?"

    She was a bit shorter than Tom, so she had to hop up a bit and gain support from his shoulders to see his timetable. Of course, it didn't work for long and she ended up slipping off and walking next to him instead of peering over him.
  12. "Yes, maths" He replied, continuing to walk, not slowing down for her, it was the girl from science, what was her name? Cel? Celestria? Celena, that was it. Damn, he couldn't shake her off his tail. "Fine, why don't you just follow me around all day long." He said, in annoyance. Then a thought crossed his mind, Damn!

    there timetables where the. Exact. Same. o,o He felt to cry.
  13. ((Oh gosh that'd be funny xDD))

    "Well fine, if you don't want help to the next class." she said in a joking tone, she then got a glance at his schedule. "Oh? Can I see your timetable real quick? Thank you!" she lined up her time table with his and, sure enough, their timetables were exactly the same, except for a counseling/advisory class that occurred every Thursday where they had different teachers. "Wow..." she gasped. "We have the exact same classes, dude!" she raised the timetables up, looking at them with awe. "I don't think this has really happened before!"
  14. "Fine, fine, I suppose you could come with me for the day, and show me around." He replied, rather sternly. "So, first of all, show me the way to Maths." He said, with a smile on his face. Noticing how most of the students didn't care about being late for their lessons, God, this is going to be a fun year. He thought to himself.
  15. "You got it!" Celena grinned and got her things for math. She then motioned for Tom to follow and they went down the math hallway to their own class. She hummed to herself a little bit. "...Aaaaaand here we are!" she announced a little loudly. "Room THREE. OH. NINE." Celena knocked on the door once before opening it, as if showing where the door was once again.
  16. Hmm, perhaps this Celena could become his friend, though he didn't wish to spend more time wit her than necessary. He stepped into the room, not surprised by an of it. In fact, it was pretty much the same as the science room, except the poster stuck up in it where all maths related rather than science. Algebra, Equations, substitution. All stuff he already knew, he didn't find maths difficult.

    He walked down to the back of the room and sat at a desk in the corner, on his own. Wondering if Celena would sit next to him, hoping she wouldn't. He didn't mind her company. But couldn't stand a whole day with her, cheery, care-free self.
  17. Once again, wish denied. Celena didn't really have anyone to talk to during Science and Math, but now that Tom had come, she had a class buddy for both classes. "You're going to love the teacher, she's pretty funny." She said smiling as she took out her notebook, also riddled with doodles all over the front cover and the inside of it.
  18. Aw damn, he thought as she walked straight up to the spare seat he had placed his bag on, moving it. Sitting next to him. She told him how she thought he would like the teacher due to the fact that she was funny, but he doubted that, very much so. As she pulled out her notebook he noticed all the doodles on the front of it, varying from animals to what he assumed to be abstract designs.

    "They're nice drawings" He said, trying to sound polite, but not start conversation.
  19. "Hm? Oh thanks!" she smiled. A question started to form in her mind.

    "You wouldn't happen to have art class would you?"
  20. He pulled out his timetable, which had already started to get ripped. Clearly seeing Art next, after break, he replied "Erm, nope, sorry." Trying to hide his timetable from her, so she didn't notice him lying.