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  1. Autumn was a regular nineteen year old. She woke up the following morning and had a craving for some coffee and free WiFi. She got showered and dressed, then began to head out of her house. She carried her handbag over her shoulder, with her laptop and charger inside, as well as her wallet and other items. She headed to the nearest Café and orders a coffee and sits down, connecting her computer to the free WiFi.
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  2. Damain worked at a Cafe early in the morning. He was dressed in orange and yellow clothes with a black apron on in the front. He had brushed blonde hair and golden eyes. He tapped away at the counter, bored out of his mind. He yawns, looking over to a women who walks in and orders herself a coffee. He looks her up and down, smiling. "that'll be just a moment, miss.." he would make the coffee quickly as she pulled out her laptop and tapped into the cafe's wifi.

    A few minutes later, he walks the coffe over to her with an odd smile on his face. "here you go, miss...is there anything else i can give you?"
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  3. Autumn shook her head and took her coffee, thanking him softly. "No. Thanks, anyways" She says gently, smiling up at him. She sipped her coffee and then went onto her social media accoints, such a facebook, twitter and instagram, checking up, it was like her daily newspaper.
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  4. Damain nods, his golden eyes almost glowing. "alright, holler if you need anything miss..." he winks and walks away, back behind his counter. He stands boredly once again, holding his head up with his free hand.

    A few more people enter the cafe, they mind there business. Sitting a few feet away from Autumn.
    Then, another man enters the cafe. He had curly red hair and silver eyes. Dressed in a tan button down shirt with short sleeves, it was open and revealed a white shirt underneath. He sat down next to Autumn, paying her a little attention as he looked up and down her. He didn't say anything though, before turning away and getting on his laptop.
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  5. Autumn barely payed any interest to the other customers at the Cafe, instead she typed away at her computer until she grew tired and then stood up, she packed her things away and took her coffee along with her, exiting the Cafe. She sat down on a bench outside, and looked around, then returned to her own home. She shuts the door behind her and then goes to watch the TV. The guy at the Cafe seemed really nice, but why'd he wink at her? She didn't really understand, but the thought made her blush slightly.

    Soon enough, she stood up and goes outside again. She goes to a few stores.
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  6. The store streets were packed with loads of people, though a few stood out.

    A man with red hair, the same from earlier this morning, stood outside of a clothing store. He looked in through the windows.

    Then there was the boy from the cafe, only difference was he was wearing much more normal clothes, a black hoodie and jeans, with a beanie covering his head. He stood outside a grocery store, looking like he was pondering about something.
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  7. Autumn hadn't bought anything, and simply browsed around the clothing stores. She soon began to walk to the grocery store, to pick up a few things. She grabs a basket and then puts some items into it, then pays at the checkout. She wanders outside and then bumps into someone who was standing outside of the grocery store.
  8. Damain stumbles backwards at little, the catches the girl who had run into him. He holds her up by her shoulders and looks down at her from the back of her head. "you okay miss?" he then recognizes her from the girl this morning at the cafe. "i'm sorry about that.." he chuckles nervously.
  9. Autumn just nodded and continued to walk. "Sorry, and it's fine" She mumbles and then slowly wanders in the direction of her home, too shy to talk to him.
  10. Damain pauses, the girl had literally just shrugged him off, like it was no big deal. He smiled widely, chasing after her and waving his right hand. "hey wait up!" he calls out.
  11. Autumn stopped, spun around and then turns to face him expectantly with a sigh.
  12. Damain smirks, "hey! sorry again, for..yah know.." he rubs the back of his head. He then really noticed the girl, she was pretty, especially her eyes. "uh..." he blushes for a second before shaking his head. he holds out his hand, hoping for her to take it. "i uh, served you coffee this morning. you're the cute girl who walked in with her laptop."
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  13. Autumn nods lightly. "Yeah, I guess. Hi. I'm Autumn. It's fine, don't apologise" She says gently, blushing as he called her cute.
  14. Damain smiles as he sees her face burn up red. "oh, but i must help out.." he grabs her bags from her, holding them up. "here, let me help with these.."
  15. Autumn nods slightly. "Okay" She says and shrugs. She began to walk in the direction of her home.
  16. Damain smirks, carrying her groceries wasn't so bad. "so..what's your name..? if i may ask.."
  17. Autumn looks over to him and gets her keys out once they neared her house. "My nam is Autumn. I told you a few seconds ago" She says, smiling gently.
  18. Damain looks confused, then smakcs himself in the face. "my bad! i didn't tell you my name!" he pauses and looks at her. He smiles widely, "my name is Damain..nice to meet you Autumn..sorry, i have a little bit of short term memory loss..."
  19. Autumn nods and giggles softly. "It's okay, it's nice to meet you Damian" She says softly. Once she reached indoors, she looks over to him and took her shopping bags.
  20. Damain sighs, "so uh..." he smiles as he looks inside her house. "you..you have a nice place..."
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