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  1. Wenches and Ale is a Jump in, taking place in a Western themed bar. If you're looking to join please just post a character description here so I can keep track of everyone!

    People are free to come and go as they wish, though I would like for them to post here in to OOC so I can track how many people were active :)


    If you would like to be a member of the bar staff, please let me know.

    There is need for a:
    piano player:
    cards dealer:
    male and female prostitutes:

    As per usual, please follow the Iwaku rules and guidelines!

    Scarlette Weldon
    job: prostitute

  2. Robert "Bob" Simmons
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Short, dark hair with a matching goatee. Rather rugged features, and wears a dark-grey suit and a matching bowler hat. Mostly takes good care of his looks. A small golden chain is attached to the front of his jacket, leading into his pocket, where his watch is. He also has a pearl-handled revolver on his hip.
  3. Name: Timothy Joseph Witt III
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Piano Player/Prostitute

  4. Is this still going to be an "any race you fancy" type thing?
  5. Nope. Western only, sadly ;_;
  6. I had to limit it down to western/bar themed. But the Bordello games will still be wide range.
  7. Aww, shame... Anyhoo!

    Name: Obediah Griffin
    Age: 43
    Occupation: Owner/ Bartender.
  8. dibs on the role of singer/entertainer. i'll post my cs later xD
  9. Name: Lenore
    Age: Unknown
    Job: Singer/entertainer
  10. Gah. FINE.


    Name: 'Lizbeth MacFee
    Age: 24
    Job: Moonshine Maker/Supplier/ Fiddler
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  11. Sorry about the wait guys, been doing other things the last few days.
  12. Alright, my first post's up, whoot.

    Also, get me drunk enough and THAT is what I sound like, not QUITE a southern drawl, but I have the grammar for it.
  13. I'll reply tomorrow at some point =] not in the right frame of mind at the minute to post anything decent.
  14. lol, Gives other people time to come up with something too!
  15. Still time to join?? :3
  16. of course! Please post up a sheet before joining
  17. Heck yeah! After posting should i just jump on in??
  18. Name: Johnathon Gonsalves Leonardo IV
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Card Dealer
    Appearance: Tall, brown hair, brown eyes, scar on left corner of mouth
  19. GAIS.

    uhm. I'm leaving this weekend for basic training for the USAF so I won't be able to go online anymore. So yeah. Byes!
  20. lol....


    ....what? =(