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Been pondering about this group roleplay that involves action, romance, and comedy/tragedy. Basically what I pictured in my head is an anime. The setting would be modern age but with fantasy of course. Characters will be Summoners and their creatures would be mythological creatures like Cerberus for example. These Summoners are bounded to a spirit through some sort of contract. A Summoner can have more than one contract spirit however that involves stealing another Summoner's spirit. Those who are destine to be Summoners are usually trained by a clan pertaining to what creature their spirit resembles. For example, if someone had Fenrir then the clan that would train them would have spirits similar to dogs or wolves. However, there are those Summoners who aren't lucky enough to be founded by a clan and must mature their powers on their own. Some Summoners take on some aspects of their contract spirit.

Contracted Spirit:




The Summoner here takes on a cat-like persona due to her contracted spirit being the Chimera. The aspect of the Chimera she resembles is the feline attribute of the lion.

Where the story takes place is on an expansive island called Millennium Gate. On this island the tournament called, The Cataclysm, takes place in order to prove who is worthy of being granted the title "Magister", the pinnacle of being a Summoner. Summoners duel each other with their contracted spirits and the victor is decided by whose spirit submits first or if a summoner happens to be killed or die due to exhaustion. Contracted Spirits take a huge toll on their Summoners.

So, would this be something of interest?

Millennium Gate: There will be tons of other summoners that you guys will have to fight. You'll even have to fight clan mates. The island is split up intp five parts. A small town with a harbor where you guys will be dropped off. An expansive forest that leads out of this town. At the end of the forest is a city similar to Domino city from Yu-gi-oh. Outside the city is a mountain range that if you climb to the top, you'll be greeted with an expansive desert that is freezing cold year round. Before you can arrive at the foot of this mountain range, you have to travel through a swamp filled with disgusting insects that can cause a wide range of diseases. To the far left of the city lays a beach that expands the length of the coastline which is a rather large trek of land. To the far right of this town lays an archaic temple whose ruins are spread among the meadow. The ruins were once the sight of a powerful civilization that is said to be where the first summoners originated. Inside the city is a multitude of shops catering to many individuals' taste. There is a colossal gothic cathedral, with a towering belltower attached, that rests in the center of the town. This cathedral can house hundreds or even thousands of people and is used as the meeting hall for summoners when they first arrive. Also, there is an underground metro station that dwells under the metropolis like city. Despite this being a city, there are no civilians except the store owners and conductors for the metro stations. There is even a hospital within the city that is run by civilians as well however, Summoners with the gift of healing are among their ranks.

Opening Theme

Ending Theme

Summoner Character Skeleton
Nationality: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
Clan: Serpent, Winged(Birds, creatures, besides Dragons, with wings) ,Canine(Dog, Wolf, Fox, etc.), Feline(Cat, Panther, Lion, Tiger, etc.), Spirit(Oni, Genine, etc.), Sea(mythical monsters of the sea. ex. Kraken or Leviathan.), Dragon, etc. If you do not belong to a clan, put "Rogue" here if you were apart of a clan at one point in time or put clanless if you have no ties to a clan.
Weapons: (optional)
Powers: (optional but limited to one or two and can't be anything too powerful)
Contracted Spirit: (Name and Appearance of your summon spirit also you can note the special abilities of your summon spirit)

Background: (optional)

Current Summoners (in progress)
Name: Irthir Kornari
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Clan: Winged
Personality: Gentle but stern. She knows when she has to forget her feelings to fight.
Appearance: Knee length brown hair and pale blue eyes. She is was blinded as a child so she keeps bandages over her eyes at all times. From getting wounded by the other children she also as bandages covering her body.
Weapons: A silver bound book that she takes words out of to create weapons. She can't use every weapon as some depend on her sight... which she doesn't have. Also has claws from her summon.
Contracted Spirit:

Background: The daughter of a villager who just so happened to attract the attention of the sphinx residing nearby. The creature tested her and found her worthy. Irthir was sent away for training and was later picked to fight.

Name: Raithen
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Clan: Serpent
Appearance: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l2...rs/bish-03.jpg
Weapons: See Dao blades in picture
Powers: Extreme agility/speed inherited from his summon(not sure if this actually counts as a power), the ability to channel his summon's energy through his blades
Contracted Spirit:http://i1236.photobucket.com/albums/...T/Basilisk.jpg

The Basilisk- A beast of great size and speed, the Basilisk is conniving and clever. Passed down through Raithen's direct family, the beast has learned how to manipulate her summoner as well as keeping them safe. She's very affectionate to Raithen and sees him as something of a son. As for her abilities, her gaze (When activated and met strictly with another creature of similar or smaller size's through eye contact) can turn her enemies temporarily to stone leaving the vulnerable to shattering or being sunk in a body of water. Of course she's very quick and lightning fast in her strikes. Her body is lined with spikes that are mildly poisonous while her fangs carry an killing amount of it.

Background: Raithen was raised from the moment he could walk to fight in the next tournament. His people are a no-nonsense breed with a liking to working as assassins and mercenaries. His mother, the previous owner of Basilisk, trained Raithen for hours on the techniques necessary to bond and fight alongside the massive snake. His father had a less prestigious summon but his sheer harshness in Raithen's strict upbringing and the impression that winning the tournament was more important than Raithen's own life stuck with the boy.

Name:Ren (Water Lily!!!!)Age: 14 (I think)
Clan: Clanless

Steal Fan-
Made from the hardest steal. It can cut through most things, but not everything.

Fire- She can summon and control it. When used, she gives off a faint glow, and her eyes turn lighter. She can use it for minor healing, large but draining attacks, and as a shield.
Contracted Spirit: Panther (pic is somewhere in this thread)

Background: Ren is 3/4 Japanese. Both her parents died when she was 5, so she was raised by Sasaki, a minor summoner and fire user. (Sasaki had refused to be apart of any clan, as did Ren) Sasaki helped Ren develop her powers by traveling to different parts of Japan and some parts of Europe and China, learning from many different fire users. On one such trip, Sasaki learned about the tournament, and decided that Ren was ready for it. So here she is!

Name: Lea
Age: 20; younger in mind than body.
Gender: Female
Clan: Winged (Moegami clan branch) *sneaks her Okami reference in*

Weapons: N/A
Powers: Manipulation of fire, including intensity and basic control over how it moves. Healing enabled with integration of water, essentially giving the same effect as Phoenix tears. Impossible to use on herself.
Contracted Spirit: Giant Phoenix, shown in image above. Capable of far more advanced control over fire. Able to feed off any form of fire to boost energy for either himself or his mistress, as her meagre magic force as a human often doesn't prove enough for extended periods of use.

Background: (optional)

Name: Slaven (slah-ven)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Clan: Winged
Appearance: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l2...y_by_feimo.jpg
Weapons: Slaven carries a long staff topped with a heavy steal cross. From this cross emerges three slender blades. The reach of the blades is only a few inches, but the weapon is devastating when combined with Slaven's aerial combat and its ability to channel the Thunderbird's electricity.
Powers: Slaven is capable of channeling electricity in mild voltages, in rare cases enough to stun a person to immobility but typically just enough to make a small burn and provide distraction. His wings also allow for flight of course. They're built more for speed than endurance so flying for long periods of time truly exhausts him.
Contracted Spirit: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l2...nt-d343nvu.png The Thunderbird- A huge bird whose wings flaps stir up gales and thunderstorms. The Thunderbird, closely related to the phoenix, controls the elements of wind and lightning making him quite the powerful foe. He's typically a regal and level headed beast, though his anger could be described as explosive when it surfaces. He's not very emotionally attached to Slaven though the two of the have a mutual understanding for one another's purposes and goals. Thunder is equipped with a razor sharp beak and long talons and is also capable of spewing lighting from his mouth.

Background: Slaven is quiet, thoughtful young man. He often appears a little sickly, with pale skin and dark circles under his eyes, likely from the pressure of controlling such a huge summon. His family is fairly powerful within the clan so a lot of pressure has been placed on the boy to do well. He keeps to himself but is in general a decent person.

Name: Thomulan "Thom" Velorn
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: (optional)
Clan: Dragon~

Weapons: Bladed whips and dashing good looks.
Powers: Cry on command, shake like an earthquake when talking to somebody, and the ability to piss people off with his stutter.
Contracted Spirit: Falkor (a lightning dragon, and the dragon of luck)

Background: Born in a high up family of the Dragon clan, but exiled for his kind nature, Thom contracted with Falkor. He returned a few years later with his powerful summon, and sweet skillz.

Name: Akira Nozuka
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Clan: Spirit
Appearance: This sexy man:

Weapons: Katana and Wakizashi
Powers: Samurai skills, speed and strength at peak human condition, night vision, good looks, ventriloquism. Also, the ability to control dark gas clouds. These clouds are harmless unless breathed in, as they are an extremely strong toxin, similar to chlorine and phosgene gases. Akira and his summon are not harmed by these gasses. They also provide cover, as the gas is black and difficult to see through.
Contracted Spirit: Zenkibo

Background: Akira is a harsh man with swords as sharp as his words. He was originally trained as a swordsman, until he contracted with Zenkibo, his gargoyle summon. He remembers very little of his past. At the age of 14 his family was murdered before his eyes, and a severe case of PTSD took away his memories, along with his emotions. He is cold hearted, angry, ruthless, and revels in the pain and suffering of others.

Clan Leaders (in progress)
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

I am. I call Cerberus.

My summoner has three faces, one where it normally is, and two which are just glaring eyes and teeth on the palms of his hands. They also drip poison, specificly wolf's bane.

If you are familiar with Greek myth, when Hercules dragged Cerberus out of the underworld, Cerberus started foaming at the mouth. Where the foam dripped onto the earth, wolf's bane sprung up.

Plus, its powerful and I like having a quasi-evil guy.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Awesome :) So Cerberus and Chimera will be duking it out huh? Looking for more Summoners.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)



Sorry for the yelling. How come you did not steal me for this?! :D

The CS:


Age: 18


She has the eagle-like attributes of her summon, in part of her personality, and it reflects on her wings, which she covers with a cloak. She is, just like her summon, very observant, reserved and quiet. She does not lack any courage and will confront any enemy, even if the chances of winning a battle are low. Both Arla and the Gryphon value knowledge and treasure-gathering and keeping.

Spirit Summon: Gryphon


Special abilities: Very strong despite it's size (about 3mts length without the tail). Just like an eagle, this beast is a good flyer, with keen eyesight, often detecting small details and movements that many would dismiss. On land it's just as agile as a lion, with its quick reflexes. But the gryphon's best allie for any situation is it's intelligence; it will not make a move without thinking first. His battle cry can be quite harmful to the ear. Its somewhat resistant to poison; it is a well known fact taht their claws and eggshells have alchemical healing properties, and can be used as a general antidote (although of course, one should manage to obtain such claws or eggshells...). Horse meat it's always a delicacy for any gyphon.

Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

I um bah um was on the moon with um Steve! :(

Hurray for more people! :D So now we have Cerberus, Chimera, and a Griffon :O
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Also, I feel like asking so I ask, is there any background story planned besides the Summoner's fighting tournament?
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Basically these tournaments don't happen too often so whenever one is hosted it is a big deal. Clans try to make sure that their representatives have a chance at becoming magister since the title comes with a lot of prestige plus power. There are even rumors that the magister is able to summon the most powerful spirit. . .
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Bumping this, since we still need some players, and, also, because I don't want to deal with homework.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Sounds like an awesome idea! I don't want to commit to a creature yet, but definitly count me in!
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Awesome :) The more the merrier. Fenrir is still up for grabs if you like wolves.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

I'm not much of a wolf person x 3. Thanks for the visitor's comment by the way, that was really nice. Anywho, I'm browzing some mytholigcal creatures right now.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

(loves wolves)

Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Okay I've decided on The Basilisk x 3.

Summoner and the Basilisk himself x 3 I guess we'll explain our characters and their background and such later on? Or were you planning providing a character skeleton of some sort?

EDIT: The warrior takes on the lightning fast striking abilities of his contract, a piercing and often times disarming gaze along with his pale skin, serpentine eyes and elongated canines. His attitude is also not much better than his contracts and it would be wise not to turn your back on him. If nothing else though, he does hold some skewed sense of honour that prevents him from becoming an utter villain.

His contract, on the other hand, is a creature of utter lack of conscious who finds enjoyment in making her enemies suffer and more still in an unfair fight. She is largely the brains between the pair and can often be spotted whispering plots in her young contract's ear. Her strength relies mostly on her ability to turn any she makes eye contact with to stone, which proves to be an invaluable ability. However she is quite capable if her ability is counteracted.

Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Hurray, another Summoner(s). Fenrir and the Basilisk. O__O

I'm planning on having your characters back story to unfold during the roleplay however if you guys prefer, I can set up a sign up thread with a character skeleton.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Doesn't matter to me either way : ) Is the basilisk okay x D?
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

*nods head up and down* The Basilisk is definitely okay. :)

Also, anybody that wonders in here want to have the Leviathan as a summon spirit? Don't have to though, just a thought I had xD.
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

That's awesome! I was considering the Behemoth as one of my choices. If you have one, you must have the other! That seems guarenteed to cause a rivalry between the creatures themselves and their summoners! x 3 Someone take them! I want to see the drama unfold x D
Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

With turning Cerberus into stone... Hehe. 3 times, B.
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Hey Kuro-I mean Scott.
I vote for a strictly OOC thread.
You knows I need one.
If you're feeling lazy to make a new one,
Just move this to the OOC part.

Re: [Modern/Fantasy] Summoner (an anime like roleplay)

Hahahaha Raiu that's awesome. I guess he would have to make eye contact with all three sets of eyes x D Plus....dogs usually seem to enjoy killing snakes.