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Its a Friday afternoon in Somerset California. You retreive your daily snail mail from the mailbox. Bills, bills, car insurance advertisment, oh whats this?

A colorful add catches the eye. On a sheet of thick paper is an Advertisment for Club Spectrum. One the front is an image of the NightClub.


In flowing blue letters it says. "You have been invited to Club Spectrum."

In smaller letters underneithe, "Open Sun-Thur 8pm - 2am, Fri, Sat - 8pm - 4am"

On the back there is a coupon with no bar code. "Get three of our new drink, Rainbow Teaser free with purchase of Entrance Ticket. Just present coupon to bartender." There was also a 1, 2 and 3 near bottom right corner which made it look like it will be recorded once the person uses it. On the left was a picture is a vial with liquid inside that had all the colors of the rainbow, starting at the bottom with purple, the top ending in red. Red had appeared to continue to flow in the long vial, spilling a few drops out that were also red. In small lettering at the bottom it said, "must be of legal age of 21 with legal I.D. present to enter."

- This is in the U.S. the legal drinking age is 21, so all characters must be at least 21
- Forum rules apply
- No god modding other characters, its just plain annoying.
- This is an explicit role play and will take place in the mature forum. Make sure you have access to the mature forum before you make a character.
- You may have any amount of characters you wish and know you are capable of handling.
- Bartender and owner of nightclub are off limits, but any other employee: waiters, waitresses, DJ, artist, bouncers, and electronic specialists are all up for grabs.
- Takes place in modern day
- Everyone must be a human, no special powers or anything, at least yet :o

Club Spectrum Features:
- The above image was taken from the second floor.
- All lighting while open is darker colored lights, the main being black lights, the image above was taken with regular lights on.
- This club revolves around the black light paint. There is an artist present every night, although not the same artist each night. S/he paints one body part for $10 each additional is $5 (one body part i.e left arm, right arm, chest, stomach, head(includes neck), left leg, right leg.example:
- Shoes are not allowed on the dance floor, there are little cubbies and places around teh outside of the dance floor shoes cane be put. Only socks or bare feet.
- During specific songs the dance floor becomes showered with the black light paint, though not enough to make the floor slippery.
- Featured Music is metal, rock, and techno.
- Club has two floors. The first floor includes the bar, a dance floor, a pit with the artist in it in the far corner, tables and chairs. Second floor is mostly a balcony with leather tan couches (designed to glow blue from black lights.) tables. There are a couple smaller rooms with a wrap around couch along the far wall and a table in the center. They are open unless they are reserved for private parties. The door on these rooms can be shut but not locked.

Character sheet:
Name: (first and last)
Age: (must be 21)
Describtion: (pics welcome)
Sexual orientation: (straight, bi, lesbian, or homosexual)
Occupation: (you cannot be an assasin lol)
Bio: (A breif bio of character's past...why character act the way s/he does etc)
Name: Autumn Hill
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Description: Autumn stands at 5'6", and has hazel eyes. She will never wear a skirt, dress, or low top shirt since she is a tomboy and simply hates those things. She'll wear clothing that matches her mood that day, or something she just feels like wearing.


Cats, milk chocolate, pasta foods, the cold, manga/anime, drawing, and music
Dislikes: Dogs, the heat, dark and white chocolate, caffeine, and onions

Polite yet blunt about pretty much everything. She cannot lie since it's against her nature. Autumn will speak her mind and be oblivious of the impact those thoughts could have on others. She can't pick up on sarcasm all that well, but can sometimes tell if someone is being sarcastic. Autumn will normally take everything someone else says seriously until they tell her otherwise.

Autumn grew up with two older brothers and hung out with them most of the time, which is why she turned out to be a tomboy. When she was younger, Autumn was attacked by a dog, and she has a scar on her wrist from the dog's claws. Her brothers managed to get the dog off her before it did anymore damage. She was afraid of dogs ever since because she can't get over the fear of it happening again.

A few of her friends introduced her to anime and manga when they were in high school, and just couldn't grow out of it since then. Autumn recently turned 21 in the last month, and currently lives on her own in a small apartment. She gets plenty of tips from her waitress job. Enough to pay her rent, bills, and buy good food every month. Autumn hasn't drank alcohol or done any drugs yet, and she isn't really planning on it. Though she thinks one drink every now-and-then wouldn't hurt, so is tempted to try one someday.
I'm in for this. I'm getting in as female artist, the body-painter... good to know she does not have to work every night there. Will be posting CS soon.

How many do we need to get this started?
4-5 people would be bare minimum I think. Invite your friends to play in this rp :)
Name: Lily Temp

Age: 22



Sexual orientation: Straight, tho she's a bit bi curious

Occupation: Co-Owner of a Glass blowing shop ( she also knows how to blow glass )

Likes: Most types of music, Nature, Asian food, sweet things

Dislikes: Rap, being cold, fake people, there's very little she doesn't like

Personality: extremely laid back, think hippy mentality. She goes with the flow of life. She at time can seem as if she's lost in the land of day dreams, and at times off the wall ideas spill out of her mouth. She extremely spiritual and this comes out in her personality, since she seems to think everything is in some way connected, and there's a bigger picture to be seen.

Lily grew up on the road with her parents, her father was an amazing guitarist, and her mother a very supportive wife that loved to travel and feel the music. Least to say Her parents were very open minded , and supportive people of anything and everything Lily wanted to try or do. This attidude rubbed off on Lily.
As she got older, So did her parents, and thus they settled down in this city. She went to a tech/craft school and learned to blow glass. Which allowed her creative and artist side to constantly flow, and be pushed to the limit. At school is where she met her best friend and partner Eva, and at the age of 20 they opened a little shop called Aquatic Glass
Name: Lorelei "Loree" Vaneer
Age: 34
Gender: female
Describtion: In club:

outside of club: Stands almost six feet tall, with blonde straight hair and bright blue eyes.


Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Dancer / Bartender / Club Spectrum Owner

Likes: Music, control, dancing, her club, alcohol, caffiene, menthol ciggarettes

Dislikes: elevator music, standing still, lacking control, rival clubs, spiders

Personality: Almost to the point of being a control freak. She is very picky about her employees and is often hard on them. If they continue to put up with her, she pays them rather well for a simple job. Once the club is actually open leaves them alone for the most part. Once someone actually gets close to her she is a very loyal friend, though that has not happened in 10 years. Outward she is rather cold and business like to strangers.

Bio: Lorelei's child hood was very boring, until she was the age of 15.

She met her soulmate. A guy named Gregory. All through highschool she was with this one person. She had high hopes for a perfect relationship. Once she graduated Highschool she went to college to be a professional dancer.
She married at the young age of 20 to Gregory. She got pregnant not even a year later. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Lily. Everything she ever wanted was right infront of her. Two more years she lived happily.

Finally when Lily was 2 they decided she was old enough for them to go on a family vacation. They drove south to a cabin that Gregory's parents owned. Lorelei was driivng. She was tired and driving at night. On a two lane road the bright lights of a semi-truck shown and blinded her for a moment too long. She hit the semi-truck full on. She remembers the indicent more by sound than sight.

Yelling of husband, the honk of the semi, the screaming of both passengers as the light blinded her. The horrorific crying of Lily.

Loree woke up later in a hospital bed. She was told that her husband died instantly and that Lily was in intensive care, but was in bad shape. She sprung from the bed, with her broken leg and all. The doctors tried to restrain her, but she somehow overcame them as she hobbled her way over to the instensive care unit.

There was her baby, nearly wrapped up in bandages from head to toe. She crumpled to the floor, sobbing. How could she ever live without Greg? Lily died 48 hours later.

Loree spent a year sulking in her empty house. She even tried to commit suicide, but failed. Instead with the need to go further she ended up finishing her schooling on dancing,a nd even dabbled in business. She danced her heart out, and became famous rather fast. A night club she often frequently danced at was up for sale. She bought it, dropped out of school, renovated it and watched it grow and prosper ever since.
btw I cannot see your pic for some reason fire
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No. Well I can't at least.

And so far everyone has made a girl character o .o
Name: Brent Hawkworth

Age: 24

gender: Male

Description: Brent is a tall, well built man. His long blond hair and icy blue eyes make quite the first impression on people, and his warm smile is always good for the second. His clean shaved jaw is firm, but not blocky, and is connected to a short but slender neck. His arms are not thin, but not especially muscled either and he often wears short sleeved T-shirts and jeans, preferring comfort and a bit of style.

Sexual orientation: Straight

Occupation: Musician

Likes: Women, parties, music and horror movies.

Dislikes: Authority, country music, and boredom

Personality: Brent is a fun loving, party-going DUDE, whose sole purpose in life is having fun, and screw the consequences. He doesn't always think about what he's jumping into this time and can be very excitable. There's no one more loyal and caring than Brent though, if you get on his good side. What good is fun when you have no-one to share it with?

Bio: Brent was born as the youngest child in a family with five children. Father a Lawyer and mother a politician, most of his brothers and sisters studied hard to follow in their parents footsteps and get a respectable job. Not so with Brent. Rather than letting his parents tell him what to do, he chose to enroll in a educational program for young musicians. His parents were not thrilled about this and tried to put a stop to it, but Brent's mind was set. Years went buy and eventually he left the program with little to his name but the blessing of the institution and some few contacts in the music industry.

It was then that he started hitting the nightlife... Performing one night, and living the wild life another. He doesn't have a lot of money, or a very successful career, but as long as he gets by, that's enough for him.
Character sheet:
Name: Jamie Williams
Age: 21
gender: Female
Describtion: ANIME.jpg
Sexual orientation: Straight, but bi curious
Occupation: an artist.
Likes: Music--classical especially, movies, books, puzzles, dancing.
Dislikes: Ignorance, arrogance, cockiness, boredom, routines.
Personality: Jamie is just looking for something to cure her boredom. Even though she finds it relaxing to paint, she still loves something new and meeting new people. Though, she might seem quiet, once you get to know her, she's very open and loud. Most of the time she looks as if she's analyzing everyone, but she's just trying to get her mind off whatever she's thinking about. When she gets compliments on her work, she's very modest and doesn't always seem to boast about her talent.
Bio: Jamie was brought up in a family of old money. She had everything she wanted as a kid, except for loving parents. However, she treated all the staff at her enormous houses like family and they treated her the same, so she never felt lonely. She went to a good private school and graduated college with an art degree. Since she was young, her parents knew that she was an art prodigy, though Jamie never felt that herself. She sells her work to galleries and other wealthy families, living off in a loft by herself.
Name: Jungsoo Park (A.K.A Leeteuk)

Age: 25

gender: male

Describtion: eeteuk_sorry_sorry.jpg

Sexual orientation: Homosexual but Bi-Curious

Occupation: (you cannot be an assasin lol) (Well Damn... JK) Does various jobs around a music company trying to make it big.

Likes: Music, Dancing (Is actually pretty good) and food

Dislikes: Silence, being alone and rude people

Personality: Leeteuk is pretty happy person. Although he tends to cry a lot whether it's from accomplishments or just straight out sadness. But he doesn't allow that to get him down so he is quite the fun loving guy.

Bio: Ever since "Leeteuk" Was 15 he has been dubbed as a "Fallen Angel" simply because he was so innocent at the time and couldn't remember anything. Those years were hard for Jungsoo having to cram years worth of schooling in about a few months so he could continue on. When asked no one would explain why he lost his memory and he eventually learned to just let it go. He moved to California hoping to get success in the music industry despite living in Korea where he could have auditioned and placed in a band a few years later. He wanted a challenge and a chance to prove that he was in fact a good musician and decided to work his way up the ladder and become known. No he lives in a suburban area and makes good money from the company.
Name: DJ JeStar (Pronounced Jeh-Star)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Describtion: (See signature picture) Standing at 5 foot 9 inches tall JeStar is a slim bodied individual. With blonde hair, usually styled in a wild, unkept fashion. His eyes shine green surrounded by his pale white skin.
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Hardstyle/House DJ
Likes: Techno, House, people who leave him alone, Dancing.
Dislikes: Rap/R&B, Country, Most Rock, Metal of any kind.
Personality: JehStar is generally quiet, only talking to confirm a music request.
Bio: He never tells anyone anyhting more then his musical choices, so no one really knows much about him other then staff. And even then they only know what he put on his resume. he only has a 10th grade education, college time, but no recieved credits. Previous occupations include a variety of small retail jobs (cashier/bagger, stocker etc etc).
Ok. CS!

Cassandra Campbell
Age: 30
Gender: Female

Description: Cassandra is quite attractive and has a rather melancholic facial expression, although when she approaches (or is approached) it quickly changes showing a bright, welcoming smile. Her eyes are brown with a reddish hint and her skin looks naturally tanned.


Sexual orientation: Straight, although she does not mind sharing a man with another woman... and who knows, she might also consider trying something different.

Occupation: An artist, she does the body painting at Spectrum on Wednesdays and Fridays. She also works part-time as hairdresser during the day, and she paints canvases on her spare time at home, which she sometimes sells.

Art, drinks, costumes, hairdressing, techno/house music, partying.

Dislikes: People that is mean or annoys her, slugs, animal cruelty.

She is very creative and open-minded about everything. She likes to change her own appearance, changing her hairstyle very often and always keen on trying new makeup combinations. Although she is usually quiet and low-profile, she loves being the centre of attention, especially if her art is being praised, and she always feels confident speaking in public or under the spotlight.

Bio: Cassandra's father always wanted her to become an accountant, and he managed to get her studying for it. However, her artistic nature and laid-back approach to life were no-good for such career, and soon she dropped off, seeing it was obvious that she was not interested about becoming an accountant at all. She worked mainly as a waitress, much to her parents' dissappointment, and later she got into a hairdressing course, successfully becoming a hairdresser.

Being naturally talented with color and style and having such artistic spirit, Cassandra always enjoyed art and developed her artistic self at home, during her spare time. After becoming a hairdresser, she got into a body-painting course and loved it. She never imagined she could actually make money with those skills, and she is happy to work at Specturm.
I think I may enjoy this quite a bit >_>
I will post a CS sometime this evening after I get done doing some maitenance on my own site today. :] Sounds pretty interesting.
Oh my, such interest, this is fantastic!

Now if you have not read where this idea came from here is a tid-bit.

No one has ever tried or heard of this new drink the club is advertising. Not even employees have tried it yet. However this Friday night she has welcomed employees to to try this drink as long as it is past 10pm. They are all on the house for employees of course.

Also for those that are employed by Lorelei and club spectrum I request that you edit your profile and change the color of your occupation. I don't care what color it is, just make it stand out for me, thank you.

Also, make sure your characters do not know about this, its ooc info only, and gives you an idea how to make your character act after 3 shots of the Rainbow Teaser. There is a drug in the drink. It is layered with different colored mixer and alcohol, it stays seperate and gives it the rainbow effect. There is no way to tell that something is off with drink. The drug is colorless, scentless and tasteless. It gives you the same feeling, drinking it, as any alcohol after only one or two shots.

Unisus said:
After shot one and two the user will feel heightened senses (especially pleasure) and the need for more. Yes you WILL be addicted after only one shot. :P The drug's full effect happens after fifteen minutes of the third shot. The drug is similar to ecstacy, however its not as deadly and focused around sex. The user it fully aware of everything around him/her however has a serious need for sex. The effect lasts for hours on end, prevents hangovers and prolongs all feelings of pleasure for hours. It enhances the orgasm and makes it last longer for both male and female.
... I am the only gay man in the bar so far... *headdesk* This'll be interesting how it plays out.
Name: Christian Shepard



Average looking guy. Short dark brown hair. Blue eyes. 5'8 and 220lbs. Generally wears shirts and shorts. Wears glasses.

http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=7738&d=1326025489Sexual orientation: Straight

Occupation: Co-Creative Director at a small advertising agency.

Likes: All forms of art, Sports, Creativity, People, Humor, and food

Douchebagery, alcoholics, and all forms of evil. =D

Personality: Christian is generally more emotionally driven than logic. Very shy to strangers. Tends to use humor as a defense mechanism. Once he gets comfortable, Chris turns into a emotive (social and dominant).

Bio: Christian was raised in a very contrasting household. His mother was a caring nurse, while his father was an angry dock worker. Life was mostly, father yelling and mother nurturing. It as that way from ages 1 to 12.

Upon hitting middle school, Chris found that he had a passion for two things: Art and Design. He spent most of his time either singing or using some type of editing program. Eventually, the talent started to manifest itself around age 17. This was what he wanted to do with his life.

In college, he majored in Graphic Design. Chris graduated with honors and an Associate's Degree in Science. Wanting to have a generally cookie cutter life, he started to work at his Uncle's advertising agency. It has been 5 months, since graduation, and he was already promoted to co-dirctor. Quickly, Chris's life is taking off.
Name: Adealia Rae Clark
Age: 23
gender: female
5'6 brown eyes
Sexual orientation: Straight but she likes to try something different evernow and again
Occupation: Unemployed because her father owns Build-A-Bear workshop and she dose not need to work.
Likes: Dancing, Partying, Drinking, Music, sweets, expirementing,
Dislikes: boring/shy/conservative/whiney/ all in all annoying people, interuptions, unfinnished work
Personality: sexy, flirty, outgoing, distrusting, distrustful, seductive, will do anything to get what she wants, bold, careless, spoiled, unsensitive
Bio: Her father created the first Build-A-Bear Workshop in 1997 when she was seven and since then has become wildly popular as they became rich. Her father spoiled her constanty giving her many hourses than cars then free trips out of jail for underage drinking at parties and even bribed private schools to keep her and pass her along after many failed classes and misbehaviors. At 17 she got her first fake I.D. to get into clubs. Adealia lives at the Seven Gates Hotel with her dalmation Dessi that she has had for the last five years.