[OOC] A Tale of Winter Memories. (A lighthearted school life story)

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  1. Powdery flakes of icy fluff floated gently down from a blacken sky that was sprinkled with bright speckles here and there. They perched upon the rooftops and the chilly ground below, covering what they touched with spots of pure white. Soon enough, as the light flurry contiued, more spots of pure white sweetly rained down onto the world below the blacken canvas with its radiant orbs spread across its expansive surface shining ever so brightly. Eventually the dead earth of a winter landscape was tucked beneath a cold shimering blanket that Mother Nature had knitted so well. Softly fell more icy fluff to contribute more to Mother Nature's beautiful coat that drapped itself over the sleeping ground.

    Activity bustled across the lenghty campus of Rosemoor private school. Both the female and male student living quarters sparked to life as there respective occupants hurried to gathered their selected belongings to bring along with them as they visited their families for the duration of the three week long Christmas Vacation. Anticiaption bringing a sprang to their step. The pitter patter of footsteps in haste and the excited chatter of young kids driffted throughout the chilled night time air. Young children and older children alike, made their way in swift manner to their parents waiting patiently for them outside the front gate. As the massive clocktower's little hand reached the midnight hour, all had left except a few. They sleep tonight and then will awake in the morn, to find that vacation will be spent within the walls of Rosemoor Academy. A world surronded by walls where they can excerise their free will under the watchful sight of a few teachers, the priest whose home is the small chapel that rests on the enormous acres of land within the school's walls, the cafeteria staff that provide meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the young librarian in her early twenties ,and the janitor duty that consist of husband and wife.

    Who are these students left behind? Within these school walls, memories will be made. Histories will be shared or kept away from prying indiviuals. A landscape of many possibilities exist in arm's reach. Perhaps love will blossom and take root in the frozen dirt, and spring forth a marvelous tree bearing many fruit despite the ill soil. Perhaps even the seeds of a long lasting friendship will anchor itself in the stromy seas of life. However, how this time is spent is up to those who woke up the Monday before the week of Christmas, and who also won't have the pleasure of spending this time of vacation with their loved ones for whatever reason. A tale of winter memories is soon to begin. . .
    This is basically just a lighthearted newbie friendly school life roleplay that I had running on another site years ago. Hopefully this roleplay will be filled with touching moments and budding relationships between characters. . . or even players. This is set in modern times. The school houses many facilities ranging from an indoor swimming pool to a stand alone small chapel. The cafeteria also has vending machines in case you don't like what it being served on a particular day. As you may have guess, there really isn't any singular direction that the plot takes. Everything depends on character interaction. This is a sandbox style roleplay where your characters can roam freely in the established world. Anyways enough of my gibber jabber, here's a character skeleton you can use to form your characters. Also on a side note, I will allow supernatural characters however run it by me first. If I don't immediately get back to you, feel free to send me a message over AIM. Here is the character skeleton. . .
    Name: Your character's name, first and last. If you want, feel free to add a middle name or even a nickname.
    Age: 9-18
    Ethnicity/Nationality: American, Asian, Irish, etc.
    Gender: Female or Male
    Appearance: How does your character look?
    Personality: Your character's disposition and whatnot.
    History: General history stuff but also explain why you were left to spend your Christmas vacation at Rosemoor Academy.
    Misc: Anything else you want to be known about your character? Hobbies and interests?

    This is just a basic skeleton to serve as a guide line if you don't know how you should set up your character app. Be as creative as you want with you apps. :) If you want to play more than one character I will allow a maximum of two characters. Feel free to ask me any questions though.
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    Name: Cordelia Grean

    Nickname: Cord





    Cordelia is a quiet girl until you but a guitar in her hands, then, and only then, she really lets loose.. She speaks with a soft voice and hardly anyone has ever seen her yell. Because she is quiet people think she is sweet and innocent, but she is really a very angry girl. She gets flustered when people ask her to speak up because of her quiet voice but really enjoys spending time around other students and even teachers. Though she keeps herself clean her room is usually messy, never dirty, just messy. She likes wearing loose t-shirts and jean shorts, or casual sweats and a tank top. Dressing up is not something she does often. Quiet but friendly she is sometimes looked upon as weird, which is fine with her.

    Cordelia had a fantastic home life until her father died. Her mother re-married soon after and she couldn't stand her step father or step sister who was her age. A rumour went around her old school that Cordelia had asked out another girl and her step sister told her step father. Once he told her mother they both decided it would probably be best if she went away for school, while her step sister stayed behind. She was furious at her mother and hated her step father and sister so when they invited her back for the holidays she declined. It didn't matter to her, she preferred her new school life over her old home life any day.

    Before she was sent away for school Cordelia had a small band with a couple of her girl friends, now she had no band but she continued to write and play her music. Her music genres of choice were rock, pop, folk, and acoustic and she wrote various songs in those genres. She is very good at what she does, but doesn't like people hearing her...perhaps if she had a band things could change...? Cordelia has no other hobbies and spends most of her free time making or listening to music.
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    Name: Vivian "Lance" Stonehall


    Japanese American (Mother was American and father was Japanese)




    Reclusive and very introspective. She posses a benevolent spirit and is kind. However she is socially awkward and isn't one to carry on a conversation with easily. Her beliefs on the whole social scene usually drives her away from making friends. She is very oblivious and doesn't pick up on hints very well. She isn't out to make friends however if it happens then she defiantly won't complain. She can usually be seen smoking a cigarette while in deep contemplation. She is basically a good girl in a world populated by bad girls so to say. An eternal optimist as well.

    History: For as long as she can remember, she always had been an orphan. She was abandon on the footsteps of an orphanage and grew up there until she was of nine years of age. The orphanage was forced to close down and the nine year old Vivian never had the chance to be adopted. The only place that was willing to take her was Rosemoor Academy. Her whole life had been Rosemoor Academy and its staff were pretty much her parents. Despite the years at Rosemoor Academy, she really didn't make a friend. Now 17 she has only one more year left until she graduates and must make a life of her own outside the walls of the only world she truly knows. An outcast and a loner, she roams the campus in quiet contemplation.

    Misc: She usually likes to find a quiet spot all to her lonesome so to smoke and just think. Although being the age she is, she has not yet had a boyfriend or even a girlfriend. Really she hasn't been attracted to anyone in that way yet. She likes to read and sometimes take a swim but mostly she likes to just think in the fashion of the ancient Greek philosophers. Although it is a boy's name, she likes to be called Lance rather than Vivian. Reason being is that the lance is her favorite weapon of the medieval knight. That and from playing video games with spear and lance wielding heroes. She also loves wearing hoodies, they are pretty much a security blanket to her. Though she is technically Japanese American, she only speaks American English and a little German.
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    Name: Christoph Saem
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity/Nationality: English
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Rough and tumble, Christoph would as soon get into a fistfight as have to explain himself to someone. While he's a good student in his classes, he has gotten into trouble fairly often outside of school for getting into fights. As a result of this attitude, he's not generally very talkative and only has one to two friends.
    At home, Christoph is the imperfect younger brother being constantly compared to his older brother. Christoph's father is a surgeon and his mother is his father's assistant. When Christoph's elder brother, Xavier, died at only nineteen his parents put all their expectations for their son onto Christoph and have been pressuring him to get good grades and get into a good college like his older brother did, before he was killed in a car crash.

    Christoph hates the pressure of being at home and never wanted to be a doctor, so he chose to stay at school for the vacation.

    Misc: Christoph spends most of his alone time in the school's art studio and has used a false name to enter some of his paintings into art shows.
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    Hurray! more people. Yay! *cough cough* I mean, I look forward to your application Miss Kitti. Lydia, your character looks good.
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    Name: Travis Newman

    Age: 18

    Ethnicity/Nationality: American

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Outgoing but nerdy. Loves his anime, mangas, comics, etc so he tends to be a little out there at times. He's smart, but acts like he doesn't know what's going on sometimes. He's indifferent to schoolwork despite his good grades. Travis is very into his music, and will occasionally lose himself when practicing his bass guitar, headphones in the amp and a playing a good song.

    History: Chose to go to private school since he was in middle school to get away from his dad and his evil stepmom and their two kids, two kids that he doesn't claim as his siblings.

    Misc: Plays bass guitar
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    Aren't we just a bunch of troubled kids. lol Keep the apps coming folks. Once we get enough people, I'll start the thread and make it a jump in roleplay possibly. Unless you guys have any objections.
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    i'm fine with whatever you feel is good.
    how many people do you think we need before we will start?
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    One more maybe two. Though with the general theme we have going for our characters, I wonder if anyone will break the trend. As a reminder, you'll allowed to have up to two characters, ages allowed are between 9-18, and supernatural creatures like vampires or werewolves or etc. are allowed however run it by me first if you so kindly would. If you want to play a child, note that the younger kids might have to be roommates with an older kid like a teenager of the same sex. So like a 10 year old girl having to be roommates with a 17 year old girl. That or they have separate living quarters. However these are just suggestions you could use.
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    Name: Lolita Evens
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity/Nationality: Canadian
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Bubbly and vivacious, Lolita is a social butterfly who likes to talk to everyone if possible. She's wounded and confused when someone doesn't like her.
    Lolita lives with just her grandparents at home. Lolita has never been told what happened to her parents and has grown up since she was very small with just her grandparents. This arrangement has never given Lolita any cause to miss her parents, as she did not know them.

    Lolita's grandparents are, however, strict. They insist on Lolita having immaculate manners, which gets tiring for her. This is the cause of her desire to spend her vacation at the school. Her grandparents complied because it is easier on them to not tend to their granddaughter.

    Misc: Lolita's greatest joy when she was younger, continuing still, is horseback riding.
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    Four's a good number, too, man. I say get it started, let people see that it's out there and rolling. Label it see ooc jump in and let it roll!
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    Well is everybody in agreement with Jovian? I second.
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    i'm ready to get started asap! :)
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    Alright guys, game thread is open. Have at it. :) It's posted under Modern by the way.
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    Name: Jiro

    Age: 17

    Ethnicity/Nationality: American

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Black hair is shaggy and hangs just above his shoulders; he wears a black tank top with dark grey hoodie and baggy off black jeans, sneakers. He his about 5' 10 " and his complection is a bit pale looking

    Personality: Intelligent but dosen't like to show it, can be bit of a flirt if he finds the girl Cute, Tough Exterior (Softer Interior), Once he comes to Trust someone he is loyal to them

    History: He was raised by his mother his whole life, but he spent most of his time in the streets with his friends, getting into trouble. Due to that he has a history of Drugs, but now only Carries around Cigerettes in which he onlt smokes when he is stressed out about something. He has always had medical problems so he in the past was very sickly and his doctors still watch him carefully, despite him hating it. He avoids it when he can and frequenly skips class. His mother married when he was 12 to a Japanse Man who only spoke that language so he had to learn it. So he speaks Japanse and English.

    Misc: He usually has his I-pod with him, listening to music. But he likes to Parkour, and is good at it. He is really good at talking his way out of situations but has never had a really commited realationship before and is afraid of being hurt.
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    Sounds good to me Varius, feel free to jump into the game thread anytime. :)
  17. I'm sorry for double posting. What are the group's thoughts about being able to play school staff members? Mostly teacher characters though. Should the roleplay be restricted to students or do you guys think there is room to throw in a teacher or two? Yay or nay or "I don't care." Just thought to ask that since I was tossing the idea in my head plus I would like to hear what your thoughts maybe about teacher characters.
  18. NAME: Ruin
    AGE: 15
    Gender: Male
    SPECIES/RACE: American
    GENERAL PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Charcoal black hair that brushes over his tail bone, hair slightly curled with messy and un-even bangs that nearly hide his eyes. Eyes are a pale lavender with a touch of electic blue and shimmering silver to them, giving them the appearance of being ice-like. Face handsome and manly. Skin lightly tanned and has more muscle, but always lookas half starved since he eats like a bird. Stands at 5' 11''. Very conservitive and shy at heart and like to cover up, wearing jackets and sweaters and jeans.
    Personality: A bit downcast in mood and grumpy, but not unnecisarily cruel and very closed off and never has much to say.
    History: Grew up with a mother who had axtreme bi-polar disorder and had a tough time, although he still cares for her deeply. Has worked very hard his entire life and finally has come to Rosemoor to settle in and discover things.
  19. The more the merrier, awesome :) And no worries para about still trying to get the hang of post by post roleplay. This RP will hopefully help you get a better understanding. However all talk that takes place out of character is what this thread is reserve for. Just a heads up :) Also please run by me your character if you want to play a supernatural creature. Also try not to be too dark, this is a pg 13 thread :p
  20. Awww...
    Now he's smoking alone in the pool.
    Poor Christoph.