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    Lucy Lived in the kingdom of Mouther, when she was just a little girl her parents died of an assassination. Her mother and Father were loved very much in her kingdom and the ones surrounding it, that it, except for the Kingdom of Dufaythe, her parents were killed by the king and queen of that Kingdom. When Lucy's parents died, the kings hand, Leo, took over until she came of age, Lucy is 18 now and is of age to rule. Leo, was a kind king while he ruled and more kingdoms had joined at Lucy's side. Lucy however, was not as happy as Leo thought she would be too rule, Lucy still wanted to be a kid, but as Leo always tells her. "duty calls." And Lucy honors that.

    Lucy awoke The morning of her 18th birthday, with a smile in her face she had never felt so happy, She was glad that she got to start ruling today, but she was sad that , she could no longer be a kid/teen like she had been since her parents died. Lucy swung out of bed, in a rose colored gown and ran to the window, opening the shades, she looked down on her Kingdom, with a smile on her face. Lucy adored her Kingdom and the People in it, they were all so nice. Leo opened the doors to her bedroom, she being a princess had very large blue doors, he room had red wall and her bed was pink, Stuffed animals or unicorns and other mythical creatures covered the shelves. Leo walked in and bowed low. "Good morning My queen." Lucy giggled and curtsied. "good morning hand." Lucy and Leo had always gotten along, they were great friends and always had been since the day Lucy was born. Lucy ran up to Leo and gave him a hug.

    "Today is your birthday Lucy, what is your first order of business." Lucy tapped her chin with a curious look on her face. "OH! I know I want to have a ball and invite every Kingdom there is out there." Lucy smiled and jumped up and down. Leo smiled at Lucy and then got serious. "Even, Dufaythe? My queen?"Lucy frowned she didn't want them there but her parents had always taught her never to hold a grudge, and to always forgive. "Yes, Leo,even Dufaythe." Lucy gritted her teeth as she said it. "Your parents would be proud." Lucy smiled and curtsied again.

    "Now we must prepare, Leo while I get dressed I want you to write invitations and send them out to every Kingdom...even Dufaythe, and I want you personally to deliver them for me." Lucy smiled and waited for Leo to leave closing the doors behind him and turning to face her closet.​
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    Anastasia, Princess of Dufaythe swept down the hall toward the room where the Lords of the kingdom got together every few month with her father to discuss the state of the Kingdom, states of surrounding Kingdoms and local politics. Unfortunately, her father had fallen quite ill recently and her mother was handling things. All the Lords respected her mother so it wasn't much of a problem, however has she was now eighteen, Ana was expected to attend so that she could learn how to run the country when her father died. Not that was a problem either, politics came easy to Anastasia, it was just tedious. Today was not a meeting day though so the Lords were not there, her mother had asked to see here there though.

    "Mother," she curtsied when she entered the room. "Who is this?" she asked taking her seat, gesturing to man in the room with them. He was not familiar to her, a new Lord perhaps?

    "Anastasia, this is Leo, the Hand of Mouther." Her mother's voice was polite but her eyes were narrowed. Ana was surprised, what was the Hand of their rival Kingdom doing here? Surely nothing good, her parents had paid for the assassination of Mouther's King and Queen years ago in an attempt to size power, leaving the Hand to rule until their Princess came of age. Ana had not agreed with her parents, but she had been a young girl at the time and had no say in the matter.

    "He is here to present an invitation to you to attended the new Queen's 18th birthday ball tonight. As it is you the Queen is inviting and as you are eighteen it is your choice whether or not you attend." Her mother scowled, clearly not pleased.

    Anastasia smiled brightly at Leo. "You can tell your new Queen I'd be happy to attend."
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    Lucy dressed herself and walked down to the kitchen were the castle workers were waiting for her instruction. "Okay!" Lucy said with excitement as she walked into the kitchen. "today, we are having a ball for my birthday! and I want everyone to e on there best behavior, I want it to be beautiful and I want to be lots of sweets for the guest's. I also want the dinner to be grand I want Turkey and potatoes and lots of good stuff." Lucy nodded quickly with a smile on her face. She had never gotten to arrange something like this before and so far she was enjoying it. Lucy walked out after the workers had all said Okay in unison and smiled at her. She walked back up stairs and into the chair room were all the serious matters of the kingdom were handled, she had a few to handle before the ball and she wanted to get them out of the way.

    Lucy didn't have many matters to handle she never did, just some about the local school house, a local farmer, and a few gifts from the townspeople and other friendly kings and queens. After Lucy was finished with those things she had to run into town, they were having a parade in her honor and she wanted to walk in it, with the towns people. The parade was grand, it was colorful and everyone was so happy. Once Lucy returned to her castle she plopped down on a small couch near the castle entrance and exhaled, she was quite tired. Leo walked in a few moments later with a smiled on his face and looked at Lucy.

    "What?" Lucy said with a confused exspression. "the princess of Dufaythe is coming to your ball but the king and queen are not, I'm afraid, so that's good." Leo took off his riding gloves and tapped the side of his leg with them. "So we must hire some extra guards to come to your ball tonight and check all the presents that arrive." Leo smiled and left the room walking into the kitchen to check on the dinner that was being prepared.

    "Ugh." Lucy grunted she was glad that the princess of Dufaythe was coming, but not glad she had to hire extra guards, that sort of thing cost money, not that Mouther was short of it, but still.

    Lucy stood up and brushed herself off, walking out to the stables in the garden to see her horses before the ball.
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    As soon as the Hand left, the queen rounded on Anastasia, looking ready to chew her out. "Are you quite sure you wish to attend dear? We do not, after all, get along with Mouther, bad blood and all and-"

    "Yes Mother I am quite sure." Ana snapped, "I am going too be queen soon and would like to strengthen relations with that kingdom. I see no point in continuing this feud with our closest neighbor. And as for the "bad blood" you and Father where the ones who decided to assassinate the King and Queen all those years ago, not me." With that the Princess stood and stormed out of the room, leaving her mother behind, shocked.

    After a few minutes, after she was calm, Ana decided now was a good time to go get the new Queen a gift. She wasn't sure what the other girl liked or wanted so she settled on a piece of jewelry. Walking into town, Ana walked into the jewelery maker's shop, ignoring his bowing, and started to browse, finally deciding on a simple, but expensive and beautifully made bracelet. Paying for it, she walked back to the castle, avoiding her mother, and went back to her rooms in order to start getting ready

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    Lucy Stood in the stables with her horses for awhile until Leo came out and announced that it was time for Lucy herself to get ready. Lucy huffed and walked into the dressing room with Leo were a couple of women sat, waiting to help Lucy get dressed. Lucy dressed and walked around upstairs she was not allowed to leave until Her quests had arrived and the decorations were all set. Lucy sneaked downstairs and looked at the decorations, they were beautiful, the chandelier was hung and there were knights in shinny armor standing guard.

    Leo was walking around as well, that was until Lucy bumped into him. "Oh, sorry Leo!" Lucy bowed to him. "No, No Lucy I should be bowing to you, form now on, you must never bow to anyone else unless you are meeting then, if someone ever bumps into you tonight, they must bow to you not the other way around, you must always remember, you are a queen and people will respect you as one if you can act like one." Lucy nodded her head.

    Lucy was told to go back upstairs while quests arrived. Lucy stood in a room that had a slight view to the rest of the castle, she watched as gifts came in and people looked happy, she could smell the turkey, and the food that was being prepared for dinner.
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    Anastasia sighed as she stepped out of her tub wrapping a towel around herself as her ladies-in-waiting started working on her hair before helping to dress her. They chatted about the party, warning her to be careful and asking if she thought it was a good idea, but all in all wishing her a good time. After she was ready, Ana walked down to the stables where a carriage was waiting for her.

    As the scenery passed by her, the princess leaned against her seat thinking. She hoped this would be the start of repairing the relationship between Mouther and Dufaythe though it would definitely take a lot of work. After a few hours, Ana's carriage pulled up to the castle of Mouther and she stepped out. Walking to the main room where most of the party was to be held, Ana waited until she was introduced and glided in, stopping in front of the new Queen and bowing. "It is nice to finally formally meet you, Queen Lucy. Happy Eighteenth birthday. I apologize for my parents actions though I know it does not repair the damage and I hope that we can at least be on friendly terms"


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    Lucy walked around when her quests arrived, when each one walked up to her she slightly bowed her head, as respect to the other. A girl Lucy had never met before walked up to her and apologized for her parents, Lucy concluded that it was The princess of Dufaythe. Lucy smiled slightly, she was pretty but her parents had killed her's, Lucy didn't know whether to slap her for her parents actions or to say something. "It is not your fault for your parents actions at all. I understand and we can be friends, I hope that we can form a truce.

    "Please be my quest, for tonight." Lucy held out her arm for this girl to grab, so that she could guide her and show her around the castle, something about this girl was nice, she wasn't as mean as Lucy would have thought.
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    Ana straightened up and smiled, "It would be an honor to have a truce with you. I never understood why our kingdoms never got along in the first place, even after I got into politics. But tonight is not the time to discuss politics, tonight is to celebrate you coming of age. Congratulations again." Taking the Queen's offered arm, Ana let the other girl show her around the castle.

    As they walked, Ana couldn't help but stare at the blonde girl out of the corner of her eye. The girl was very cute and gave off an air of pure innocence. "I don't think I've properly introduced myself, have I? I'm Anastasia, you can call me Ana though if you'd like," she said smiling.
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    Lucy smiled and nodded when The girl spoke. "I agree, I never do quite understand it, I ussually try tp be nice to all kingdoms, but after that thing with your family it was hard for me just say, ah oh well lets be the best of friends, I hope you do understand, but this is a new generation, so we should try our best to make the best of it." Lucy smiled and showed the girl her spare rooms and the dinning hall and the garden, when out in the garden The girl spoke again introducing herself.

    Lucy smiled and bowed. "It is very nice to meet you Ana. My name is Lucy, but you can call me Lu if you want to, The hand calls me that sometimes." Just as she spoke Leo walked up and introduced himself to Ana and to said hello to Lucy. "My Queen,the cooks are almost finished with dinner." Leo bowed and walked away. Lucy smiled at Ana. "That was the hand, you have probably already met him, his name is Leo, he is very kind, as well."
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    Ana looked around as she was lead around the castle. It was very similar to the one she lived in, in Dufaythe. It was kind of eerie actually. The castles of other countries she'd visited throughout the years had ranged from slightly different to very different, but not this one. It made Ana wonder even more why their two countries hadn't gotten along; they were so alike from what she could see.

    She smiled, "Hi Lu." She nodded respectfully to the Hand. "Yes, we have met. He is very nice, though I don't think my mother liked him, but she doesn't like anyone much. Not even me I think." She shrugged, "Oh well. I'll be taking over Dufaythe soon, within the week I suspect, so she can't do or say anything"
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    Lucy smiled as Ana told her about her mother, she didn't understand why they had not gotten along before, she was so nice. "you're mom must be really mean because you and a very nice girl." Lucy thought of something as Ana said she was going to be queen within the week. "ANA, I have an idea, you and your kingdom are great rulers and so is mine, Why don't we join and rule together we can have a castle built in the middle of both our kingdoms, like in between the distance of them, and rule together?" She knew it was sudden but she wanted this rivalry to end.

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    Ana blushed, "Thank you. I just think my mother was raised to be a highly respected and powerful Queen and nothing else so she just doesn't know how to be nice or be a mom, that's all."

    She blinked. That was an... odd idea, to say the least but it might just work in the end. Besides, she and Lucy were going to end this rivalry anyway, and what better way to show their collective citizens that they could manage it then the two Queens living together? Ana smiled, "Sure, sounds like a plan. An odd plan, but one that would work."
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    Lucy smiled and tried to refrain form jumping with joy. "I know it sounds weird and odd and bizarre, Ana, but it might work like you said." Lucy smiled and then turned back towards the castle. "but we should really go back inside I am sure that dinner is ready to be served." Lucy turned all the way towards the castle and walked back inside. Leo was waiting fr her, to come inside so he could tell the quests dinner was ready. Everyone was having a great time, they all looked so happy. Lucy walked into the dinner hall and told Ana that she could sit next to her. Dinner was served and you heard ooh's and ahh's through out the dinner table. Lucy smiled and waited for everyone to be served, including herself. "welcome everyone, I think you all for coming to my birthday and enjoying yourselves, but i do have a announcement to make, the kingdom of Dufaythe and Mouther will be joining alliances and ending this long rivalry." some of the quests started to mumble under their breath. "Now I know you think this rash, but it is for the best, I hope that all of you will support this decision, due to how much Mouther had helped all of your kingdoms." Lucy smiled at her quests and at Ana. "Now dinner is served so enjoy." Lucy smiled again and sat back down.
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    Ana tried not to blush as all the guests looked at her and Lucy after Lucy's announcement of them ending the stupid rivalry. The only thing stopping her was years of practice and lessons, besides why should she blush? It was just an announcement of truce, it wasn't anything bad or evil, if anything it should be celebrated. The stupid thing had taken the lives of the previous ling and queen after all and to hear that the new queen had come to an agreement and ended it with in a day of coming into power was something unheard of.

    The princess sighed in contentment as dinner stared and she began to eat. It had been a long day and Ana was quite hungry.
  15. Lucy smiled at her guest and watched as they ate, she has small talk with some of her guests and others ignored her, she would glance at Ana occasionally and smile. She had a long day and she was hungry herself, the rest of the night went by very well, the guests enjoyed them selves and had a good time and so did Lucy she got a lot of dresses and miscellaneous gifts throughout the night, but Lucy enjoyed all of them. after most of the guests had left Lucy became tired she order Leo to make sure that all the guests made it home safe, including Ana. Then Lucy said good night to everyone and went find Ana, once she did she tapped her on the shoulder and smiled at her as she turned around. "I am glad that you could make it out here tonight I hope that you enjoyed yourself and me and Leo will be around to your Kingdom with the treaty and plans of the castle." Lucy smiled at Ana and then told her she was going to retire to her bed and that she could tell Leo when she was ready to depart and he would have a chariot ready to take her home. Then Lucy did just that she retired to her bed, not knowing what could await her tommrow.
  16. "Alright." she grinned at her new friend, for they were friends now, or at least they would be. "Goodnight Lu, sleep well."

    As the other girl walked away to her chambers, Ana turned to Leo. "I think I'm ready to go home myself, Leo," she said holding back a yawn. He nodded and within minutes her carriage was ready for her. Wishing the Hand good night, Ana climbed in and was soon on her way back home. The princess had fallen asleep on the ride back, waking up with a jolt as they pulled up to the gates. Walking through the castle to her rooms, Ana saw plenty of servants but didn't run into her mother who was probably in her own rooms for the night.

    Closing the door of her rooms behind her, Ana saw that her ladies-in-waiting had waited up for her. "You didn't need too," she mumbled sleepily as they undid her braids and helped her out of the dress.

    "Of course we did," one of them, Luna, a girl only slightly older then herself said, running a brush through Ana's hair after the princess had pulled on her nightgown. "We know you Ana; you're tired and wouldn't have bothered changing or taking out your braids before falling into bed. She giggled, "Now go to sleep princess."

    Ana nodded, knowing Luna was right, and climbed into bed, asleep with in minutes
  17. Lucy slept peacefully through the night, thinking of tommrow and how it would go. Lucy had a great time at her party so she was pleased with how it went.

    In the morning Lucy awoke with Leo opening her shades in her room, she sat up stretching as the ladies-in-waiting, walked in and curtsied to her. They walked over to Lucy's closet and opened the closet, taking out a gown for her to wear today (gown in character picture). Lucy got out of bed and stepping behind her dressing wall and dressing herself. After she was finished she walked to the kitchen, after saying good morning to Leo, she grabbed a piece of bread and waled around her castle until she was awake, eating her bread. After she was awake she walked up to her bathroom and her Ladies-in-waiting helped her with her hair and make-up.

    Lucy didn't have much to do except go see Ana about the plans and treaty, so she did, she called for a carriage and grabbed the plans and treaty and started on her way to Ana's castle.
  18. Ana woke up early the next morning, feeling rested. Her ladies-in-waiting came in not even five minutes later with breakfast and Luna picked out a dress for her to wear. After eating and pulling on the simple but elegant blue dress, Ana allowed Luna to help her with her hair, doing the small single braid and hair ribbon/bow. Ana like this style* but was hopeless at doing it herself, so Luna normally did it.

    The princess didn't have anything planned for today, other then her meeting with Lucy and letting her mother know about the plans and treaty. She grimaced, telling her mother would not be pleasant, but Ana was going to be Queen soon and therefore her mother couldn't do anything about it.
  19. Lucy Arrived at Dufaythe and walked up to Ana's castle knocking at the door, there were no guards outside.

    "strange, don't you think Leo?" Lucy asked as the door opened and a angry looking woman stood there.

    "Hi," Lucy put her hand out to shake it, then realized the glare she was receiving, she curtsied instead.

    "I am Queen Lucy of Mouther and I am here about the plans and treaty, Is princess Ana present?" Lucy asked as she walked in looking around. The queen just continued to glare and then started walking towards a big room with a round table. Leo followed, telling Lucy quietly about how the queen hated Mouther adn that she was the one that ordered the assassination. Once Lucy got into the room, she sat at a chair and the queen mumbled.

    "I'll go inform Ana of your arrival...My Queen..." The Queen left and slammed the door behind her.
  20. Ana nearly jumped a foot in the air when her mother stormed over to her. Ana had been on the way to tell her mother that Lucy would be showing up to talk about the treaty but it seemed that her Lucy had beat her to it.

    "Hello, mother."

    "Why didn't you tell me you decided to make a treaty with the Mouther?" the Queen snapped, grabbing Ana's wrist.

    The Princess tugged her arm back and glared at her mother "I was about too, but I don't see why I should, I'll be Queen in a few days, therefore I can decided with whom I make treaties with or not." Ana walked away and to the meeting room. "Hello Lu," she said with a smile, sitting down next to the Queen. "Shall we get started?"