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  1. Hero Association headquarters, City A.
    "Mr. Sonshu, we've got a problem over in city X. There are reports of mass structural damage,"
    "Let me see that," Mr. Sonshu wrestled for a place next to his lieutenant the peered into his monitor, "jesus christ, we need to get this under wraps as soon as possible, threat level?"
    "Hard to say, I haven't had a good visual on the perpetrator,"
    "Well get it done man! People are dying! Have you called in an emergency signal?"
    "Good," said Mr. Sonshu. He moved away from the monitor, fixing to get some water. As he turned around a voice shot out of the darkness of the dimly lit room. Being on the night shift, Mr. Sonshu had assumed he and his colleague were alone for the evening and the new voice sent a electric shiver through the man, "good god! who is that?" he yelled through the terror.
    "Calm down Sonshu, it's Saitama. Why is it always so dark in here anyway?" Saitama pondered as he stepped out of the shadows and into the glow of the screen monitors.
    "How did you get here so quickly?" Mr. Sonshu said, flabbergasted.
    "Oh? I was racing Genos, he should be here soon," replied Saitama. As if on que, Genos rushed through the automatic steel doors of the security room.
    "Sensei!" exclaimed Genos
    "Oi! Cut that out, we're in front of people," said Saitama slyly.
    "forgive me sensei," replied Genos, bowing. Saitama seemed somewhat unimpressed with Genos but ignored his Freudian slip.
    "What's the problem, Sonshu," pressed Saitama.
    "It seems a monster or villain of some kind is tearing up city X, but we can't get a good visual. Lieutenant, any word on that perp?"
    "No sir,"
    "Damn you Cowel, what do I employ you for? Fuck ups? You think I love fuck ups?" Mr. Sonshu's face was fit to burst after his clearly stress related outburst.
    "It's okay Mr. Sonshu, there is no problem Sensei cannot fix," said Genos, perhaps a little too generously.
    "I'll let that go for now Genos, but my patience with you is wearing thin. We'll be over there soon Mr. Sonshu. Genos? Race?" and with that said the two burst out of the room at what seemed like lighting speed.
    "Those men are freaks aren't they?" said Mr. Sonshu, stunned.
    "I think so sir, yeah," they both paused for a minuet taking in what had just happened. Saitama and Genos, The rank 1 and rank 2 S class heroes, racing to get to the crime scene,
    "Sir! Saitama is on the scene, I have a visual. Ah, wait," the lieutenant half gasped, "he's gone."
    "Did he move? Is he just moving really fast? What is it?"
    "No he just disappeared really suddenly, I can't explain it."
    "Pull the footage back. My god, oh my god," said Mr. Sonshu, the volume of his voice steadily rising with each word, "this is threat level God, my God sound the alarms man, this is threat level God!"

    So, as you may have guessed this is a One Punch Man inspired RP. It's set in a slightly alternate timeleine, somewhere in the near future of Saitama's hero career. Saitama has been finally recognised for the god that he is, and has become the top ranking hero in the world with Genos right behind him. After the above incident, more heroes are sent into the field, until all the S ranked, A ranked heroes had mysteriously disappeared, (along with a few minor B and C ranked heroes,) just like Saitama and Genos. In a desperate panic and with an inevitable monster crisis on their hands, they open the doors for a huge recruitment rally the objective being to fill the ranks as soon as possible and keep the other cities in check. They also shuffle all the remaining B and C ranked Heroes in together with the new Heroes (so expect head's to butt). It's a grand old mess, and there's a huge mystery to be solved. It is up to you, the players, to help me write this plot.

    RP rules etc.
    I'm looking for some interesting heroes, with some interesting abilities. All should be OC, however, I don't mind if you want to create something close to a character in the show or whatever, I'm pretty open like that. one thing to keep in mind is a kind of gimmick, just as a tip. So, you could be a girl that transforms into animals, and also summons them to battle, and give yourself a stupid name like "midnight crane" or "Hippo Phats". Just have fun with it. get inventive.

    Everyone starting is starting as an unknown hero, trying out the fitness and written test to get ranked as a hero. Your powers will mainly determine your rank, however, if it's clearly stated your character can't read or something, you may receive a lower rank than is justified (like in the show basically). Now, all players can also have NPC's they control. These characters can play any role you like, perhaps a rival C class hero that has just moved up to B class after the shuffle, and he doesn't like playing with the new kids. Or a boyfriend, or an android servant or something. Whatever it is, it's all good here. Just make them relevant, and in some way integral to your character plot. We'll always have a main plot, but there's no reason there can't be spin off threads for certain character plots etc as well.

    Other than that there are no real rules to this RP, nothing outside of the usual stuff. I don't mind characters being as silly, or as stereotypical, or archetypal as you want. I mean the show has a naked gay rapist who grows wings out of his back and fights naked. It doesn't get much more ridiculous than that. And it's hilarious. I'll put a character sheet below to give you an idea off what you're working with, but get in touch with me, either here or on a PM before you write out a character, just so I can have an idea of numbers. As I don't want to juggling too many players, it can clog up a game sometimes I find.

    Character Sheet
    (Put your characters picture here, only comic/anime/cartoon type images. No photo's of actors or whatever.)
    Hero Name:
    Rank: (You can ask to be assigned a rank in the OOC if you want your character to have a certain path, and i'll try and dream up a way to make it work, it's down to you.)
    Nationality: (Not ethnicity, where the character was born.)
    Race: (not ethnicity, this means, cyborg/robot/ai/human/wolf man, etc. Characters can not be out and out monsters. Things like vampires or aliens I may allow. Depends how you do it and if I think it works as a concept.)

    Bio: (Give us an overview of your character. Think of it like a dossier or a document on your Hero that the Association pull out when calling you up for your test or something. Or whatever is easiest for you. Don't go too overboard with this, tbh, I really can't be bothered reading a massive back-story. If you wanna flesh your chracters out some more, do it in game and edit it into your character sheet later. All we need to know is the basics.)

    Power/ability: (this should be self explanatory. Again, I support interesting ideas, not just super powerful one's. So no ripping off one punch man and just having unlimited strength. I'll call you out for that. I don't mind your power being a powerful power mind, I just wanna see something different. For a real challenge, you could even have no powers, like mumen rider and play from that perspective. It's down to you, I don't want to damper your experience of this RP)

    Disadvantages: (This could be anything from Dyslexia, or to being utterly useless as a lightning mage against an opponent made of rubber. Make sure you pop a fair few down, as these situations will likely come up in the RP at some point. There's no limit to this, but at least put three things.)
    Motives: (consider this your characters plot points. You should consider these every time you post. Why is your hero doing what they're doing? Do they want fame? Money? Protection? Status? Do they want to bring the association down from the inside? do they have a vendetta? Debts? A missing sister? Whatever it is, give your hero a few motivations.( (Anther tip, give your character an end game. you don't have to write it down here, but your motives should be to get to that end game.)

    I think that's everything. Hope that wasn't too long for you all. I know it's a bit wordy, but I just wanted to be clear about what I'm looking for and what I'm trying to do as I seem to be meeting a lot of resistance on this RP and I'd like to see it take off. So I've laid out my intentions, bare. If this is a success, I'd like to do more, and perhaps we could incorporate a multi thread dynamic if more players want to join. Typically, each new plot will be a new calamity, much like in the show, but I'll try to keep them varied and interesting so that each time round it doesn't feel like a repeat. Okay, hope to hear from you guys soon!

    Another thing I forgot to mention was that depending on your actions in game, between threads, you may be ranked up or down in regards to your characters performance in a crisis. If you have any extra questions just give me a bell, I'm happy to answer anything. Thanks for reading!
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  2. I'll probably join.

    Just a recommendation though, but you probably shouldn't God Mod at all, even with the main villain. Yes, they can be powerful, but don't make them so powerful they can't be beaten, and don't auto-hit (which is God-Modding). Just making a character with a strong power isn't God Modding in itself. For example, a character could have a power output equal to that of a nuclear bomb, and it might not necessarily be God Modding. It all depends on how that character is played. Anyway, having a god-mod character, even an enemy (especially an enemy) is very demotivating. Even if the entire RP is basically a comedy, it's still annoying when the villain can't be beaten no matter what you might try. It's all about finding the balance.
  3. What I'm trying to do is steer the players away from trying to be the strongest, or focusing all their efforts into action. Because there are no measures for OPM, no power levels or anything like that, it's harder to just say "this character is stronger than this character". Tbh though, I wouldn't God Mod much with the enemies. It's not about it being impossible to win or anything like that. It's mainly so I can forward the plot line for certain things. Most of the time I won't be God Modding at all. It's for scenarios where, the boss is being attacked on all sides, the fight has been raging for a while, the heroes look like they're gaining ground, then suddenly, the boss focuses all his power and sends all the heroes to the ground. Then, something integral to the story would happen, that would push the main plot. It's basically a device so we don't meander too much, and also to keep it interesting. I've been role-playing for over 15 years, and to be quite honest, this is the only way to do this shit. For the vast majority of my time RPing, I've always been quite against GMing, and I still am, however, I've found that eventually, as a DM, you kinda have to if you want to make the RP work and not just go off into a tangent. Like I say, most of the time this would not be the case. Enemies will not be invincible, all of them will have a weakness that you can figure out (that will likely be more complicated than "run up and punch") and I will not God Mod battles, it's literally a plot moving device where I'll need to GM the entire thread from time to time, that's all I meant. That includes my own character in the RP. There may even be times where I don't even need to do it, as things just happen naturally. All I was trying to say was that I reserve the right to do it, when I see fit, literally just for plot purposes.

    Hope that clears it up? And also, thanks for the interest! If you wanna post up a character sheet go ahead and I'll give it a look. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer.
  4. Ah yeah, that makes sense, but I think it'd be better not to mention that you'll do that. It's generally a given to assume that the GM is going to scale the enemy's power and actions to keep it challenging / interesting, but when you actually say openly that you're going to godmod, it's somehow so much more offputting XD
  5. Huh. Okay. I guess I'll edit it then. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I honestly didn't think it would be a big deal at all. I'll have to edit it later as I'm currently at work. Are you thinking of putting a character in then? If you are I'll post mine tomorrow
  6. Yeah, it doesn't seem like a big deal until you see it. When I read that I instinctively recoiled a bit even though I knew it was probably just the kind of stuff I do anyway, I just don't say it :P Yeah, I'll be making a character, but I'm out of superpower ideas at the moment so it might take a day or so to find one.
  7. I can appreciate you letting me know. I'd prefer to make the rp appealing rather than not appealing. I guess if I need to GM I can just power play to an extreme or just spring it up on the players when needs be. At g
    First I wasn't going to say anything about it, but I decided to be up front about it and I guess it's backfired somewhat.

    How about the power to manipulate spaghetti? Basic powers but amped up are always a good option. Like super speed, but you can go faster than light and rip holes in time because of it or shit like that. What area do you see yourself going power wise? Being an android has its uses too btw.
  8. I don't like 'normal' powers. They're overused and it's not fun to think of their uses because everyone's already thought of them. Chances are, I'll base it on something cool that I learn about some weird amazonian plant or something. I'm tempted to actually go with spaghetti manipulation though as a starting point...
  9. Hahaha. I hear you man. I think you'll like my characters power. It's pretty interesting. I won't say what it is, I don't wanna ruin the intrigue.

    Some kind of flora manipulation? Florakinesis? The ability to manipulate plants and get information out of them as well as a whole bunch of inventive/useful tie in powers that I can imagine? Might be a good foundation? If you're looking to go in that direction of course. I'm just spit balling here haha

  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Nonoshuro Yakuzai
    Hero Name: Reiyaku Man
    Rank: Unranked
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: United States (California)
    Race: Human

    "What's the next file?" asked the Agent.
    "Oh my god. Reiyaku Man," replied the administrator.
    "Who?" asked the agent.
    "Oh, you don't know? He was a big time drug dealer and criminal in city Q. Involved in a lot of messy situations down there. An extremely dangerous individual. When he take's drugs they react with him, give him powers. Or at least so they say. It's never been fully confirmed. All we know is that most people that crossed him ended up dead. He recently came out of prison on a drugs charge," explained the Administrator.
    "Not murder?"
    "They could never pin the murders on him, not enough evidence. But it was common street knowledge, and I have no reason not to believe he had something to do with it. It says here that he's a collage drop out, was a minor hip hop act for a few years, used his gigs and party's to sell drugs. He had quite an empire for himself, but then he slipped up. Like they all do, he sold to an undercover agent and was brought down. He came in with a bit of a fight, but nothing the boys couldn't handle," said the Administrator.
    "So the powers were just a myth?" asked the Agent.
    "Hard to say, there have been some peculiar incidents in prison that he may have had something to do with, but again, not enough evidence. He's used lawyers and quote, 'good behaviour' to get out after only four years. he had a thirty four year sentence."
    "Jesus, he must have had a lot of drugs," exclaimed the Agent.
    "It wasn't just the quantity, it was the variety. He had everything, uppers, downers, psychedelics, stimulants, performance enhancing drugs, coffee," the Administrator replied, "since he's been out he's been low on the radar, he's been staying away from his old neighbourhoods and doesn't appear to be dealing. He has however been interacting with a petty dealer named 'Rand'. So it's likely he's still abusing drugs."
    "Wow, I wonder what he's doing signing up to the Hero Association?" pondered the Agent.
    "I don't know but it reeks of fish. Keep an eye on him, if he fucks up, we'll bring him in."
    Drug Enhancement.
    Yakuzai's power revolves around the abuse of certain drugs. Each different drug offering a different power, and some even altering Yakuzai's form and appearance. He keeps his drugs in his fanny pack, and keeps a fresh supply as often as possible.

    Alcohol: Yakuzai's pain and damage threshold rises to extremely high levels. Meaning that even when struck mortally, or is even maimed he does not enter into any kind of shock or recoil. He still takes damage as normal, he just has no reaction to it. Yakuzai's brain function also decreases and is more likely to go on a rampage when drunk.
    Weed: When smoking weed, Yakuzai's skin turns a slight shade of pale green and he gains the ability of flight. He also becomes extremely lethargic with varying degrees of paranoia or hysteria.

    Meth-amphetamines: Yakuzai gains almost limitless speed, but however, is unable to slow down. Even his speech is said extremely fast.

    Heroin: This drug gives Yakuzai and effective death touch. Unless extremely strong willed, or already dead, his touch kills almost anything. In this state he also gains a highly addictive feeling of ecstasy when killing, and often doesn't know when to stop.

    Coffee: This increases Yakuzai's ability to critically think and use logic. Essentially a brain booster that helps him solve problems. He also exhibits signs of giddiness and hyperactivity.

    Tobacco: When smoking, Yakuzai takes on a gassious form, rending him basically invisible and able to travel through tight spaces. This would be an almost perfect stealth form, if he didn't also exude a strong tobacco smell wherever he went.

    LSD: Yakuzai becomes hyper perceptive, able to see very long distances, through walls, and even zoom in to extremely fine details. He is also hyper sensitive to emotions and thoughts, and can sometimes read minds or detect the true intentions of others. He also becomes easily distracted and enveloped by almost pointless objects and ideas. Making him difficult to speak to or work with.

    DMT: When smoking DMT, Yakuzai can astral project his soul into another being or creature and control them for a time. This renders his actual body vulnerable and in a coma like state until he returns to it.

    Steroids: After injecting a vial of steroids, Yakuzai gains an almost unlimited strength. his body physically develops into well developed muscle tissue, with his skin becoming hot red and his veins rising high above the skin. When in this state, Yakuzai can be unpredictable and can often fly off into uncontrollable rages.

    MDMA: This drug gives Yakuzai the ability of healing, with both the regeneration of his own tissue and the healing of others at his disposal. It also gives him strong feelings of love and compassion, and is often overly emotional when in this state.

    Sugar: The least powerful of Yakuzai's powers, but is also the one that could be considered passive is sugar. Due to an unhealthy diet, Yakuzai is almost always on sugar. This drug gives Yakuzai enhanced reflexes and perception, meaning that he reacts to situations and danger in an extremely timely fashion. Naturally, he is often too engaged in his own sugar rush to notice anything, however when confronted directly, this power can be the factor in helping Yakuzai escape death.


    Disadvantages: Yakuzai has to rely on his dealer in order to have certain drugs. Yakuzai does not always have the right drugs for the right situation. Some drugs have extremely negative effects that come along with the good. This makes Yakuzai vulnerable to poisoning, and potentially acting on another's behalf without his own consent. The effects of all drugs are almost instantaneous, however after a few hours begin to wear off until ultimately Yakuzai is powerless once again. when sober Yakuzai has no powers (except sugar). Being intoxicated often means that Yakuzai is not always easy to work with, or understand, this also makes him unpredictable.

    Motives: Money. An honest life. A good reputation. A new leaf. Pleasure. Fame and recognition. A music career.

    Equipment: Clothes, fanny pack with drugs (Drugs Yakuzai has on him will be mentioned at the top of each post). Phone.​
  11. Lol nice, that's a creative one. Magic drugs.
  12. hahaha, yeah. I thought it'd be interesting to say the least. Those are just the drugs he's tried, I'm thinking of adding more if he takes anything he hasn't done before
  13. World's most illegal superhero :D
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I've been biting my nails in anticipation
  15. You might want to calm down then... it's not going to be that amazing.

    Anyway, what I've got at the moment that I want to develop from before picking:


    Wait no, you can wait for the surprise :D
  16. bastard *clicks fingers in aggravation*
  17. One other thing, you should either tone down Heroin or be prepared for every player character and all important NPCs to be strong enough to resist it.
  18. Most boss NPC's will be able to resist it, also, he's just not going to have it very often. If at all. I know it's OP as fuck, but it's also why I made it so he goes evil. He doesn't like that. If you look at his motives, he's looking to become a good guy and save his reputation as a murderer and general villain and set the record straight. It'll all become clear in the RP. Just give it time. I've got no interest in being the guy that OP's his way through the RP, quite the opposite so don't worry.
  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Sakamoto Ene
    Hero Name: Volts
    Rank: Currently unranked, but will be C class after test
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Japanese
    Race: Human

    Bio: Too lazy to write this atm, but rest assured I have the rough workings of a personality and history sorted out, which I'll write down when I next get time.

    Power/ability: Electromagnetism Mimicry
    Electromagnetism Mimicry is the power to take the form of electromagnetism. As such, Ene can do various things.
    - Ene can transform into any part of the electromagnetic spectrum, be it Gamma radiation, visible light or Microwaves. She can also interfere with existing light.
    - Ene can transform into a swarm of electrons, and also control nearby electrons.
    - Ene can 'piggyback' on preexisting electromagnetism, as well as absorb electromagnetism to boost her own power.
    - Being hit by an electromagnetism-based attack will boost her power and restore her health, instead of doing damage.

    Disadvantages: While Ene's ability offers amazing defensive capabilities, she lacks any kind of offensive strength and can only do as much damage as any normal 21 year old with a sword could. The only exception to this is the ability to electrocute people on contact, but only when she's holding a source of electrical energy such as an overhead cable. Additionally, while mimicking electromagnetism, she is vulnerable to being manipulated by other people who can manipulate electromagnetism (depends on the specifics of the person in question. For example, an electromaster that creates their own electricity instead of using atmospheric stuff would likely be unable to manipulate her form). Furthermore, objects with a very low conductivity such as rubber can significantly slow her movements. Finally, when moving as electrons through air, everywhere she goes turns into cold plasma and becomes highly conductive of heat and electricity, amplifying electrical and fire attacks, potentially with devastating consequences.

    Motives: Ene is looking for money, currently, and figures becoming a hero will allow her to show off her ability and gain very heavy demand for very well paid jobs in the future.
  20. Interesting, it seems you've thought this one out. I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding exactly what each facet of her powers really do though. Like, I'll need examples of the potential uses of the powers, not just the effects. For example, what uses would turning into light particles have? I'm sure I can imagine, but I'm going to need things like that to be fleshed out a little more just for clarity. Other than that I'm pretty damn happy with it
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