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    Wealth, fame, power, Gol Rodger King of the Pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer, and his dying words drove countless souls to the seas. "You want my treasure?! You can have it, I've gathered all of it together in one place, now you just have to find it" these words lured men to the Grand-Line in pursuit of dreams greater then they ever dared to imagine, this time is known as the great pirate era.
    Opening(you don't have to watch or listen):

    The Baratie:
    A boat restaurant that sails over the east blue.

    A five star restaurant residing in the east blue. A fancy place that makes recipes that every chef wants to come by to learn. However the chefs here don't reveal their recipes to anyone. This restaurant is known all over the east blue for the delicacies they seem to produce out of nothing. People come from all over just to try the chef's famous cooking. This is where dreams are about to unfold. Little did anyone know several mysterious ships were closing in.

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    A mop of red hair seemed to slide it's way through the restaurant. He took several more steps before he stopped in front of a man. The man asked "Table for one sir" "yes" he responded. He followed the man to a table that had two chairs. He walked over to the left of the table, pulling a chair out as he did so. Sitting down he scooted the chair inward. "a drink sir?" the man asked, "Yes, water please" the red hair man answered back. "Here is our menu I'll give you a chance to look at it while I get your water sir." the waiter replied back, making his way to the kitchen. There sat a young man either in his late teems or early twenties. Some of the women began to stare at him, wondering if he was single. The man had red hair that went to the right side of his face partially covering his eye patch. He wore a long trench coat that seemed to suit him very well. He also had a pair of jet black boots. He didn't show any emotion he had more of a staring contest with emptiness as he searched the menu. He then sat the menu down and waited for the waiter to return.

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    NOELLE HELBYNoelle dusted her dress as she walked inside the ship restaurant. Her stomach growled slowly when the smell of fine cuisines broke through her tiny nose. Her shady purple eyes glanced at the redhead man who sat alone, the captain. She could hear whispers from women not far from him, this man always drew attention to females around him, but Noelle never thought him THAT attractive. Yeah, those women really needed to see how this man acted on the ship and let them decided how to feel toward this man.

    To entertained herself, Noelle moved her feet and approached the sole man, snatching the menu from his table, "Hey, Capt, I wonder how much you enjoy the stares from those women," she said while placing herself on the vacant chair in front of him, "I bet you know they are looking at you from the first second you enter the room."

    "I can even tell that they are cursing me when I sit here and that's good, I like torturing them," she continued without arching a smile on her face. She rested her head on her right hand while her eyes ran through the menu, "What do you order?"
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  3. Winter Graves

    Winter walked onto the restaurant ship and waited for a waiter to show her to a table. She looked around in awe of the famed restaurant and felt honored that she was able to set foot in such a place. When a waiter came her way, she beat him to the punch by saying that she would like a table for one. Ignoring the stuffy man's huff, he lead the young cook to a table close by where a good looking young man with an eye patch and a pretty woman was sitting at. Winter took a seat at the table and thought about what she wanted to drink before the waiter could even mention them. Being from a restaurant run by her family, Winter knew everything of how a restaurant works. She looked up at the waiter with a small smile painted on her glossy lips, as she decided on what to have the man bring her.

    "I would like a Caramel Apple martini, please." She requested, opening her menu and taking a look at all the delicious meals the famed Baratie. The waiter took her order and left the redhead alone. As she pretended to look at the menu, Winter spied on the duo she saw before. They really stood out and it was no doubt that the man with the eye patch was a pirate, and more than likely the woman with him was his crew mate. Winter's angle was perfect for spying, as she could look at them very easily without having to turn her head. 'I wonder... if they really are pirates, would they be in need of a chef? I better get more information before I do anything to make me look like a child.' She thought to herself as she glanced back at her menu to see the kinds of the the Baratie has to offer.
  4. Zak
    Location: The Baratie Feeling: Normal Interaction: @Azula

    He sat in his chair looking over to the only person he managed to get for his crew. "only water" he said, the waiter returning with it. "Would you like to order your meal now sir" "Yes, I'd like the grilled lobster meal, and my side with that will be the soup" Zak replied then gesturing to the woman ahead of him. "She would like the same but she'll have a salad with hers, also a sweet cake for dessert" "Okay sir I'll bring your food in a little while" the waiter said soon returning to the kitchen. "Did I order it the way you like it?" he asked the doctor. Yawning he stretched his arms I the air. He then whispered to his doctor "Someone is watching us, that red haired girl just a ways from us." he didn't bring it up till now because he wasn't really sure on whether or not she was staring at him for his looks. He leaned back in his chair straightening his back in doing so, he picked up his glass and let the cool liquid run down his throat. He sat the glass down when he was finished, he then waited for a response from the young doctor. He put his let elbow upon the table resting his head with his hand.

  5. Raika, a man in his early twenties wearing a white shirt and black pants with black boots; had come to The Baratie in hopes of finding someone. Walking in gingerly a waiter came waiting for him to speak ''I'm meeting someone'' talking in a flat tone. The waiter goes to assist someone else and Raika walking over to the red haired man that appeared in his late teens or early twenties. Pulling out a seat from another table he sits on the right side of the table.''I heard you were looking for a crew?" asking in a straightforward voice. Gently tapping his fingers on the table" I am Raika, your old shipmate" Showing him his mark.
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  6. Naelc entered the restaurant , not to eat but to clean. Ofcourse he didn't get paid to clean infact he paid so they'd let him clean. " What a bargain , I only need to pay 25$ to clean these tables." He began cleaning using bleach on a vacant table which gave the area a distinct smell. After viciously wiping the remains of a once delicious sauce he began mopping the floor , pretty easy work at first then he came across a stain that wasn't comming off. Naelc pulled up his sleeves and began pouring various liquids on the stain. It still didn't come off. " A rather tough foe you are , " He squabled at the stain. " but the affect of the chemicals aren't supposed to be immediate." He stood there staring at the stain waiting a few seconds then he wiped it off. "Checkmate." He said triumphantly where the stain once was. He packed up his equipment and sat down scouring the area for any dirt.
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  7. Nicias

    "I hate everbody" Nic grumbled to himself as he scrubbed dishes in scalding hot water. So maybe, just maybe it was his fault that he was in the predicament. He had fell in with a sad bunch of pirates that had stopped to eat here and they left him. Guess they got sick of him and his shady character. He scrubbed harder before placing it on a drying rack. If he ever saw them again he was rearranging everyone's face. That was three days ago and this is Litterally all he had done, wash wash wash because on top of leaving him on the boat they left him with the bill. He wanted to drown every single one of them.

    "Less daydreaming more cleaning" one of the other workers in the room called to him.

    "Bite me" He spat back but did go back to cleaning. Truth was he was stuck in this place until he could find a way out. Another crew perhaps, or a ship big enough to stowaway on. He placed another plate on the rack and reached in the hot water for another and tried to calm himself down. He had no idea how long he would be here but first chance he saw to get out he was taking it.
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    "Urgh... just a bit more..." The young man with his exotic silver hair rowed his way to the fish like restaurant that was in the middle of the sea called Baratie. As he reached to the wooden podium entrance he beam his way to the inside of the restaurant and sat on an empty table. He was soon handed in the menu by the waiter, "I want this! this! and this! oh.. wait this one as well!" Leonard picked every single menu on the list which cause a huge uproar at least for the kitchen side. It doesn't took a long time until all the menu was brought to his table and in a second, it was disappear to Leonard's stomach, "boy, what a feast.... now time to get out of he..."

    The waiter tapped Leonard's shoulder and showed him the bill, "$1,000" it was written. "Oh crap, sorry I forgot! it's a habit of mine," Leonard gave the waiter his pouch, inside was only a $600 which made leonard smile, "Ehehe... can you let this one go.. I'll work in here for a day what do you said?"
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    NOELLE HELBYNoelle watched the captain ordered the food for her, she gave the waiter the menu back and crossed her arms while resting it on the table, "Yep, you get it perfectly right, especially the dessert. I'm glad you don't order me an alcohol, remember the last time I got drunk?" The doctor chuckled and shifted her eyes to the red-haired girl that Zak mentioned. She nodded in agreement and looked at the man again, "Maybe she falls for your charm just like every other girl?" The sentences she said heard more like a tease than compliment, followed by another chuckles from the young girl.

    Their peaceful day then interrupted by another male, unfamiliar to her, who came to their table. Noelle raised her brow as he introduced himself as Zak's old shipmate, Raika. Noelle and Zak met right when Zak already on his own feet, so this new man's face was nowhere in her memory. Her glances moved from him to Zak, she tilted her head in confusion while mouthed words without sound, "You know him? You better do, Capt."
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  10. ''Captain?" Chuckling to himself''you already got your first crew mate congratulations'' clapping in a rather loud manner. Taking out a pouch of Berries''also heard you needed money to buy a ship'' Leaning back in his chair looking at the girl that apparently a friend of Zak.'' And what is your name my'lady" talking in a gentlemanly way.
  11. Rae sauntered into the famous Baratie. A ship that held the best chefs in the east blue. As soon as he walked in almost all eyes were immediately on him. The way his ab muscles flexed in his crop top,his lavender hair dancing in the gentle sea breeze and that dazzling smile of his demanded all of everyone's attention. Without waiting for the waiter Rae took a seat at a that's that looked most comfortable to him. Rae looked up at the waiter taking notice of both the male and females that side eyed him and whispered. He knew they were talking about how good he looked,if only they knew how deadly his looks actually were. He chuckled and Opened his mouth,the smoothest most sensual voice left his lips like a melody. "Could I speak to the owner?" He asked politely. The Waiter ran off immediately returning with the manager. And with the a few words from his perfectly full lips Rae won himself a completely free meal mad by the owner himself. He gave the owner a smoldering smile and began digging in. Gradually both men and women alike began gravitating over to his table so that they could eat with him constantly complimenting him and asking if he was single or offering to be his bodyguard ,he didn't mind after all he would be world famous one day.
  12. "Eeeeh Raika!!?" Zak almost yelled. "It's so good to see you"
    Feeling: Excited Interaction: @Azula @Maximus
    Zak was happy that his old time friend had met him. Zak was in a good mood such in a good one that he didn't see everyone fawning over one guy.
    "eeehh Beli's for my ship (they are pronounced berries and are the currency) does that mean you want to join?" he asked without hesitation. He wanted to ask raika about the adventure that his old crew. He wanted to ask where they were but zak could already guess. Not wanting to bring it up he looked over to Noelle waiting for a response.
  13. Winter Graves

    Location: Baratie
    Emotion: Bored and Slightly Intrigued
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    Winter was surprised to catch sight of a handsome walk in and soon become surrounded by many people of the restaurant. She had to admit that the man was very easy on the eyes and the sight of him made her heart flutter with an unknown emotion. The red head felt her face heat up and she quickly turned away to try and hide her face in the menu. During her time of trying to hide, Winter almost missed the waiter coming back with her martini if he had not spoke to her. "Your martini, madam." The waiter drawls out, setting the sweet drink in front of her. "Would you like to order now, or wait a bit longer?"

    Winter looked up at the man and looked back at the menu, quickly deciding on a meal. "I would like a cottage pie with a side of salad without dressing, korean barbeque and white rice and for dessert, I would like an order of mango and sticky rice." She replied, closing the menu and giving it to the man. Looking back at the lavender haired man, she quickly thought of something else. "Can I also get a Full Moon Fever for that man over there? It will be my treat to him." The waiter took down the order with a nod and left her again to get the order ready. Winter breathed a sigh and waited, pulling a book out of her bag and began to read it, hoping to distract herself from everything around her and calm her nerves. When the drink was made, the waiter took it over to the man with attention and placed it in front of him. "Compliments of the young lady over there, sir." The waiter said, pointing to Winter all the while fighting his need to stare at the good looking man and get back to work.
  14. Location:Baratie


    Mentions: @Cybermoon

    While being ravaged with attention by the resturants inhabitants Rae took notice of the three who paid him no mind

    and the one woman with the huge boobs trying to hide her gaze Rae found it adorable and smirked to himself.

    A few minutes later the waiter came over and placed a drink on his table explaining that it was compliments of the

    large breasted red-haired woman. Rae lolled his gaze over the three that hadn't seen him yet and over to the woman

    that bought him a drink. Rae smiled at her,a smoldering,sexy absolutely alluring smile that could make anyone melt and

    pronounce their love to him. Rae elegantly raised the glass in his perfectly manicured nails and took a sip his eyes

    shooting open. "This drink,it goes perfectly with my meal!" He said surprised. With a simple wave of his hand,Rae

    invited the red-haired girl over to his table removing the man that was sitting closest to him from his seat. He stood up

    and held the chair open for her. "Young Lady,as thank you for my drink I'd like you to have lunch with me" he said in that velvety smooth voice of his
  15. Location: Baratie
    Emotion: Flustered
    Conversation: @Angel Evans

    Winter was surprised when the good looking man exclaimed that the drink she gave him went perfectly with his meal. She was even more surprised when he invited her to eat lunch with him. Blushing, she made her way over and took the seat he offered, making sure to smooth out her outfit and not show anything too revealing. Though it was hard because her chest was a bit too big for her shirt. 'Curse my families genes.' She thought to herself as she fixed her shirt and looked at the man, blushing more when she caught him smiling at her. "Thank you for the invitation, good sir. I hope you pardon my intrusion." She says softly, feeling shy for some unknown reason. Trying to save face, she looked down at her lap and hoped she wasn't making a fool of herself.
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    Leonard stopped and found an awesome idea or so he claimed. He ran towards a seat full of people, there he claimed that the man with eyepatch is his captain, "Oh I just remember, My captain here is going to pay the rest of the bills, right?" This is the first time that Leonard meet the guy but he was hoping that he's in luck to be paid by a total stranger. His eyes was shining brightly to the man, he soon bowed to him lightly, "I'll do anything! please help me pay the bill..."
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    Happy with the thought of joining the crew"Of course that's why I came here for!" Now asking him another question"And what is the name of that beautiful lady you got there" Smiling and winking at Noelle.
  18. Emotion:Entertained
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    Rae chuckled as the woman tried her best to be prom and proper around him. His chuckle turned into a laugh as the young lay fumbled with her shirt trying to hide her cleavage finally giving up. "no need to be so formal Ms I invited you. So please call me by my name it's Rae" he said holding his hand out for the young lady. While keeping his attention on his guest,out of the corner of his eye he could see someone bowing down to he cute guy with the eyepatch. "That looks like fun" he thought to himself.When the boy announced that he'd do anything an idea popped into Rae's head "Aren't you looking for a crew? He could be your new cabin boy" Rae suggested
  19. Emotion: Flustered, Curious
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    Winter smiled a bit when she looked up at him and took his offered hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Rae. My name is Winter Graves." She introduced herself, still trying to be prim and proper around him. Hearing his suggestion, she looked over and saw that scene unfolding with the pirates. Tilting her head to the side in confusion, she watched to see what the captain would do to the boy.
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    Staring at the boy with a look of confusement , he looks back at his captain and old friend gesturing with his hands 'who the heck is this guy?'. Now standing up he asks for the check(or whatever its called). The waiter comes and gives him the check, now noticing a big boobed girl and a handsome guy staring at the boy that was claiming Zak was his captain. Going outside he notices a pirate ship with a spade skull coming straight for the Baratie"finally some action" Taking out his Katana and silently muttering''Ami,Ami" Armor appears on his right hand.
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