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    W E L C O M E
    One day, one morning, I was idling around the internet when I came across random stories on tumblr. I was inspired and would love to write them out with someone. Now, sadly, I can only have two partners (I must limit myself). School will soon resume soon for myself and I don't believe I can handle five partners - it's impossible for myself.

    About myself; Advanced Writer / Versatile (Sexuality & Genders) / Post Frequency ranges to Once a Day to Once a Week / Engaging in Conversations / Patient & Understanding / I will offer a writing sample if requested.

    Prerequisites; Advanced Writers / Grammar & Spelling should be proficient / Capable of utilizing multiple characters / Plot Engaging & Open to creating friendships / Posts Once a Week / Patient & Understanding / Writing Sample, please

    Unnamed (1); Muse A is your classic affable but independent woman. She is the daughter of a famous British war general. Well-known, she and her father are invited to plenty soiree's and balls. One fateful night Muse A was brought together by Muse B. Muse B is a classy and charming man, with an aura of mystery and danger. Unlike other women, Muse A did not fall for his charms. However, Muse A's intimate friend fell for Muse B's charm. The protective side of Muse A emerges and watches Muse B like a hawk. few weeks after the ball, Muse A's intimate friend was invited to a ball by Muse B. She was allowed to bring one friend with her - of course, she chose Muse A to be her guest. Muse A is hesitant to accept but follows alongside her friend. The ball was small, not many people were invited. To Muse A's surprise, Muse B proposed to her intimate friend. Their marriage was quick and suspicious to Muse A; there was something odd about the man, that she was incapable of shaking.
    [m/f | Muse B | georgian era | vampire/dark]

    Unnamed (2); The Wolfgang Estate - the source of all horror tales during the Victorian Era. The Wolfgang family was known for their mysterious deaths, mad mothers, and accused murderer's. Muse A the current head of the house lives in solitude with his two younger siblings. People of London feared the Wolfgang children. The current story was a tale about the last head, Charles Wolfgang & Lucille Wolfgang. Both parental figures mysteriously vanished. No one was capable of finding evidence but no one can find evidence they didn't do it; the case was forgotten. Muse B a newcomer to London, she sailed from America with a notebook filled with stories. Muse B is quite naive and ignorant of London's devilish tales. She stumbles upon Muse A, ignorant of his history. Her kindness and refreshing amiable personality enchanted Muse A. The two continued their interaction, which caught eyes of many. Numerous of people warned Muse B of Muse A, but the woman would not listen. One unlucky day, Muse B caught a biting cold on her way to Muse A's estate. Her cold retired her to the estate out of Muse A's kindness. However, during her stay, she begins to have nightmares.
    [m/f | Muse A preferred role | gothic/pseudo-victorian | crimson peak inspired]

    Unnamed (3); The Kingdom of Rhara had gone under attack and raided due to the Kings cruel acts upon his civilian. Muse A, the princess, and Muse B, her knight, flee's together.
    [f/f preferred or m/f | Muse A preferred role | pseudo-medieval | adventure]
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  2. Still looking for someone to do Unnamed 3 with me. :)
  3. @Cain, hello there! I'm interested in doing Unnamed 3 with you.
    Please PM me if you're interested.
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