Once Upon a Time: Shards of the Past

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  1. Fairytale was once a place of solace to those who needed it and beauty to those who saw it, but times change. Darkness spread across the vast land corrupting the lives of the masses and darkening the souls within. O.U.T (Once Upon a Time), an organization of knights dedicated to the protection of Fairytale, fought against the darkness until they too fell. Merlin, one of the four great wizards of the land, transported the surviving knight’s souls to Earth in order to keep them safe until they could again fight against the darkness. Now, Merlin is bringing back the knights, via the dream world, back to the small cottage just outside of Fairytale’s reach, the same cottage he took them to escape.
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    • The cottage was still strong in structure, but smelt of mold and rat feces. Killian had been here a week prior to the arrivals of the others; Merlin had brought the two pirates first in order to obtain passage into Fairytale undetected. Killian, aka Captain Hook, had went into Mermaid cove a retrieve his sunken ship, the Jolly Roger, through an infiltration and escape root he had years previous. In took days, but the sunken Jolly Roger was back to original condition and ready to transport the knights in to Fairytale. Killian’s cousin Jake proved vital by distracting the mermaids; however, he more or less pissed them off which made Killian’s submergence into the water that much easier. With help from an amulet he had gained on one of his many raids, Killian was able to breathe underwater. Once underwater it was a breeze to locate the Jolly Roger, after all it was his prized possession. Getting the ship to surface was almost impossible, but Killian was able to find one of the small locked boxes the mermaids used magic on to anchor down the ship. He broke it open. Seconds later the Jolly Roger surfaced along with Killian on the deck of his ship.
      At first, the two pirates thought that the Black Pearl could be down there, but memories flooded their minds back to the night of the knight’s escape. There was a fight against ships. When the pirates reached the docks, with Merlin and the souls, they found the Black Pearl was already taken out to see by warriors of the darkness. They knew Merlin’s plans and were going to try to stop it. Sure the Black Pearl was unmatched in speed at this point, but the Jolly Roger was unmatched in battle. Killian liked to call it his destroyer. Boarding the ship, the three men sailed into battle. The Black Pearl drove the Jolly Roger into Mermaid Cove and since the Mermaids were corrupted they took the ship; however, Killian, Jack, and Merlin, were able to escape with a life boat. Once on the small island, Killian’s and Jake’s souls were harvested and taken to Earth with the rest of the knights. If they were to stay in Fairytale it would mean certain death for them.

      Getting up from a chair in the corner of the room, Killian walked over the bodies of the Knights slowly waking up from their slumbers. The bodies had started to appear early the night before, one by one knights were popping up all looking similar to their previous bodies just more modern. Tiana was now a red head, Merida looked sweeter and less outgoing, and Cinderella looked like she was more deadly. Jack and Killian had a laugh feast when they saw each other, both looked more chiseled than before; Killian explained that on Earth he was what people called a professional soccer player and flat out player. Somethings never changed. He remembered crossing paths with Tiana at a party, she was some upcoming singer from New Orleans named Tanisha. She really did go hard for her dreams. Looking around the room he checked people off in his head; the White Rabbit, Naveen, Tarzan, Pocahontas, and so on.

      “Wake up.” A voice commanded from above the Cottage. Merlin.

      Killian chuckled as he watched some startled knights wake in a haze. It reminded him of his time waking here. Sure he and Merlin weren’t best buds, but the dude didn’t need to put his body on the roof and cause him to fall off of it. Killian was just not as trusting as the others of magic. Things happened in his childhood that made him despise it until becoming a knight and even then it was uncomfortable being around it so much. The sea held much without magic which is why he loved it so much. It was freedom away from magic, except when he ran into Pan--- a vicious child that stole something very important to Killian, his little brother. Remembering the stories of Peter Pan on Earth, he was considered the heroin of the tale and Captain Hook was a baddy. But in reality Pan was a devil child out to kill those to obtain eternal youth. Pan killed Killian’s brother for nothing because eternal youth was just a myth, we all die sometime.

      “It’s time.” Merlin spoke much softer this time, and moments later many parts of the wall dissolved away revealing knight’s armor. Each knight’s armor was designed uniquely for each of them, the one thing in common was pieces of armor were forged by dragon fire. The hottest fire in the realm and armor forged from it was stronger than any other. Killian walked over to his old armor and smiled. He liked it because people didn’t really see himself, but only his eyes. Growing up, he was told that the eyes were the window to the soul so if others only saw his soul than they would see the real him.

      Grabbing hold of the arm of the armor, Killian and his armor began to glow. A moment later his clothes were gone and replaced with the armor. The mask was not on his face, but around his neck and his hood was down. Noticing others were changing as well, Killian headed for the boat. They would be leaving soon.

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