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  1. Naoklin could feel the hatred pricking her skin as she weaved her way through the human crowd, disgust making her wrinkle her nose from the putrid scent that filled her nostrils. She didn't want to ever be in this horrible world, but being on the run gave her limited options.

    She found that the only redeeming quality of this place was the human's similarity to the elves. In this world, she could hide, undetected. Of course, she had to keep her ears hidden and her powers secret, but it allowed her to relax, knowing that she would not be caught.
  2. Though, was Naoklin to realise that, in the very same city as her was the goddess, whom of which was piecing together as much evidence as she could to track down this elf and bring her to justice, however difficult it was proving to be. She had initially believed that an elf would stick out like a sore thumb, and that she could distinguish between ordinary, everyday humans and elf infused with dark magic.

    Evidently, given the fact Kasia had been around humans a month with no real leads on finding Naoklin, she had assumed wrong, and this mission, one she had to succeed in to prove herself a valuable, independent Goddess, was turning out to be one in which she was growing to hate. Hate only for the reason she wasn't succeeding.

    Without any hint of succession, her brothers -all seven of them- would be sent to help her out, and that would go against every reason she had for even persuading the others to let her on the case. She was usually seen as a dainty thing, a Goddess only to be looked upon and found beautiful - but she was far more than that, and she had a lot to prove.

    Worming her way through the crowds as Naoklin was, desperately analysing everyone she passed for any sign whatsoever of elven-like behaviour, she eventually gave a huff of dismay, seeking solace for her irritation in a nearby café. The heat was unbearable that day, and she had opted to wear a dress for the first time since stepping out of her kingdom, where dresses were the usual get-up for the women. With it being so hot, she took a decision to sit it out in a café, have a cold iced tea and just observe from her seat, rather than grow hotter and hotter and ultimately going to bed with a headache - though that happened frequently with the amount of stress she put upon herself. Stress wasn't something a Goddess would usually come across, and so, it was something new she had to deal with too.​
  3. Naoklin paused, letting her head tilt back so the air could reach all areas of her throat and shoulders. The heat, much stronger than it had been in her old village, was unbearable to her, causing a thin film of disgusting sweat to form over her skin. Elves usually never live in an area hot enough to cause discomfort, preferring the cool shade of the trees, and Naoklin was beginning to see why. Every movement made her feel even more sticky than before, and this sweat was causing discomfort and rubbing on her thighs and arms, turning the soft skin red with distress.

    On top of that, the bogan on top of her head was making her ears burn with the heat, making her squirm and groan under her breath. She hated for her ears to have any discomfort, especially for something as ridiculous as she couldn't have them out. Hopefully, she could reach privacy soon and allow them free for at least a short while, if only she could get through this crowd.

    With a irritated huff, she worked her way to the edge of the crowd, slipping along the edges instead of fighting the middle. It made it easier, allowing her to move much quicker than she had before. Maybe she could reach the abandoned place she used as a home before midday, to get out of the heat at least a little bit.
  4. Observing humans all day could get tediously irritating. It was boring, for, in her mind, they hardly did anything worthy, or interesting. So, when one particular girl broke the mould of not walking in a tight, claustrophobic crowd, but on the outskirts of it unlike any other human, that simple move was enough to capture the Goddess' attention.

    As menial as it was, it was the only thing of any interest or worthy of her time that had happened. Yet, it wasn't enough to cast suspicion. No, instead, it simply caught Kasia's attention enough to have her head after the girl, catching up to her and shot her a happy smile. She may be stuck on Earth with a determination unseen before by her kind, but honestly? In the hot day, she knew she was hardly going to get any work done, and so slacking off for a few hours was hardly a big deal, right? And she really didn't want to spend it like a loner, so the first person to have caught her attention -Naoklin- was who she was determined to spend some time with to avoid looking lonely and pathetic.

    "Hey!" The pretty girl smiled. She naturally was sociable, having many friends in her homeland, but conversing with 'humans' was new to her - even if the girl beside her wasn't human whatsoever but the very target she was trying to catch. "Sorry, this is awkward, but... do you have any suncream? This heat is intense, huh?"​
  5. Naoklin regretted leaving the crowd of humans when she was interrupted by one only a moment later. Although the girl smiled and Naoklin had to admit she was very pretty, it only served to piss her off, making her scowl lightly. Why did humans have to always be so nosy? What about her catches their attention? She could kill this girl if she wanted to, yet she didn't want to bring extra attention to herself, just in case one of the gods or godesses were nearby.

    Nevertheless, Noaklin put on a fake smile, letting her mask fall into place. It was something that she could do since she was a kid, to hide her true emotions behind a friendly aura. "I'm afraid I don't. Sorry." Naoklin replied, dipping her head just slightly before turning away. Now that that distraction was over, she could get to the building to get some much needed shade.
  6. "So can you direct me somewhere there is? So I can buy some?--" she smiled, glad that she had managed to get some human money together with the allowances her father had sent her, "--because, I don't know if it's escaped your notice, but I'm insanely pale," she laughed, fanning herself in the heat, even if she knew it'd just make her even warmer than she already was once she stopped the fanning... though that was a risk she would take for the moment. She wasn't intentionally sticking beside the other, but honestly? She didn't know where the stores were quite yet - all her time such forth had been spent on finding the elf, not shopping.

    If only she realised her search could come to an end if she just recognised the elf beside her.​
  7. "I'm afraid I don't know of any at the moment. I'm fairly new to town." She replied politely, though her eyes held a malice that was unmistakable. She didn't want to deal with this girl anymore, and she was getting hot. Hot made her cranky, and she didn't want to lose control of her magic now and pull unwanted attention to herself. She didn't even bother to laugh at the girl's joke, wiping the sweat that was beginning to thicken on her forehead.

    "If you'll excuse me, I must get going before I pass from exhaustion." She said, turning away from the girl.
  8. "Oh, ah... alright," she said with a puzzled expression. She hadn't had much experience with 'humans', but surely they weren't all as rude as that? But then again, she had to remind herself of the heat - it was draining, and without a breeze of wind to take the intensity away, it was sure to drive some people onto the edge and ready to snap at anyone. And Naoklin, while Kasia felt her rude, had at least held some politeness to her tone, however forced and faked.

    "Wait," she suddenly murmured, grabbing her arm to turn her around, her intense blue eyes suddenly narrowed a tad. She had studied images of Naoklin before leaving to the human world in search of her - it was crazy to arrive not knowing the girl's appearance she was to capture. And while she wasn't holding the appearance of an elf, Kasia did recognise the high cheek bones, the dark hair, pale skin, shining eyes... didn't she? It was insane to think this was the girl she was searching for, the one infused with dark magic who had brought a village down to nothing. "...What's your name, hon?"​
  9. Naoklin felt a shiver rush through her spine as the woman turned her around, facing those curious blue eyes evenly. There was a spike of wariness, but she took a deep breath, facing her with an emotionless face. There was something about the way that she stared at her that made her very uncomfortable, almost as if she was facing something much greater than a human woman.

    "Um...Tera." She said, picking the name of the only name that she remembered from her old village. It had been an elderly woman that had treated her kindly, despite what she had been. Maybe the woman had known what she was capable of, but when she had passed, there was nothing that held Naoklin back from destroying the village.
  10. "Tera... you do look awfully familiar," she murmured, making no secret of her suspiciousness - either this wasn't the target and the girl would just find her weird, and she could simply disregard this 'Tera' girl, or it was the actual target, and Kasia would make great leaps and bounds forward in her search in having pinpointed who she was searching for.

    Either way, it was a plus-plus.

    "Oh well. Tera's a beautiful name. Not something I hear often for humans-- ah, excuse me. For girls." She murmured, deliberately slipping up just to gauge her reaction, her icy eyes now studying her expression analytically.​
  11. Naoklin felt her heart skip a beat, and she took a step back, barely noticeable, but still there. In front of her was a goddess, and she cursed herself for not seeing it earlier. Had hiding among the humans dulled her senses to where she couldn't even sense the magic that the gods and goddesses possessed? IT was then that she put on an innocent smile, trying to cover her mistake.

    "Ah, thank you for the compliment." Naoklin said, dipping her head slightly. It made her mentally cringe to think how human she looked right now, but it must be done. "It is quite a strange name. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting anyone else with it."
  12. "I'm Kasia," she smile, seeing no problem in giving the girl her own name, mostly because, obliviously, she had fallen for the act. The other was so calm, so quick to lie and to mask her freak out and panic that the goddess, normally highly intelligent and quick to distrust, had fallen for it and believed that she herself had simply targeted a human who bore a resemblance to Naoklin.

    She was hardly aware that she was letting the girl get away with literal murder for not realising just who she was talking to.​
  13. Naoklin felt herself relaxing as she realized her lie had work, a small triumphant smile replacing her fake one. On the outward appearance though, it seemed only friendly. "Pleasure to meet you, Kasia. I apologize for my rudeness earlier. This heat is absolutely terrible." She said, her mind formulating a devilish plan that made her sadistic side awaken with curiosity. Could she really kill a goddess?
  14. That was definite - however much this girl appeared like the one she was trying to catch, she wasn't her. She couldn't imagine Naoklin being someone who apologised, ever, and this Tera girl ha not only done that, but kept her cool when Kasia had tried to catch her out, so it was decided by the goddess that this was just a human, and one she felt she could grow to like. She needed a friend or two to make time bearable, really. "Yeah, it's awful," the pretty woman huffed, playing with a ring on her dainty finger. "Do you want to come cool down, get a drink? I should make it up to you for being rude myself, hm?"​
  15. "Oh, you really don't have to." Naoklin said, her smile faltering just the smallest bit. Even if she had a chance where she could kill the goddess, she needed time to plan, not sit around and have drinks with her enemy. But, she couldn't outright refuse Kasia, in risk of bringing suspicion back onto herself. She had to play it cool, smiling at Kasia apologetically, feeling like her throat was closing from all the fake emotion she was forced to do. IT made her sick. "I wouldn't want to be a bother to you."
  16. "No, no, I insist. We'll have some iced tea, alcoholic. I need to boost. Everyone here are so energetic, and busy-- they don't take time out to relax," she laughed, seeing the girl as a possible friend. She had some back home, but to befriend a human -or so she thought- was something new, and something to even brag about when she returned home... as well as hopefully being able to brag about capturing Naoklin, even if that was looking unlikely when the elf had fooled her this easily. "You can take us somewhere nice-- I'm new, so I have no idea where the coolest bars are. Somewhere quiet, chilled out~"​
  17. "Uh...I'm not sure where any bars like that are, as I don't tend to go very often." Naoklin said, her inner magic churning for frustration. She just wanted to hide, not deal with this goddess, but she needed to remain friendly, to keep suspicion off of her. Regretfully, that meant becoming her friend. "But, I know one down the street that's not that bad." It was true. The bar was quite, especially at this time of day, and although it got a bit rowdy at night, Naoklin never had to worry as most people tend to avoid her.
  18. "Oh, brilliant, let's go then. I'll pay, obviously~" She cooed, being over friendly - she was usually much more hard to warm up to someone, but given how odd she might have come across earlier, she was overly eager to just appear normal, and human, and weren't humans friendly like this? She was under that impression, anyhow, and so trailed alongside the girl with a small smile on her porcelain features. "So, ah..."​
  19. Naoklin looked at the impending crowd they would have to go through to get to the club and sighed, grabbing Kasia's hand - maybe a bit too hard - and began leading her into the crowd. "So, you said you were new into town. Where were you originally from?" She asked, grinning devilishly to herself. She was going to make this as difficult for the goddess as she could by asking all those incredibly personal questions.
  20. Grimacing to herself, despite trying to be subtle in doing so, she did have to take a moment to think it over - she regretted not doing enough research now about the human world and human places, because in this situation, research would have helped greatly. It did come off suspicious now she had to pause for a few seconds.

    "Ah, I'm originally from... hm... England! That's it, England," she breathed a sigh of relief at that, having remembered her brothers vaguely mentioning that place, and smiled happily to herself. It could have been worse not remembering any places, and looking like a complete lunatic.​
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