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  1. Wings are special. They're a sign that tells everyone around you that you're important. They tell everyone that you've earned them. They tell everyone that you've got it right the first time. But what if you didn't get it right the first time? What if it took a few tries?
    But what if you die before your time? Will we all get our wings in time, or is it decided? Was it God's doing? Was it an inventor's doing? An inventor, who was obsessed with control and power? With greed and jealousy? Was it natural?

    Only the worthy will receive their wings. But in time, they will.

    Orel was worthy once, but that was a long time ago. He was worthy to receive his wings without distress, but him, being a person what was shrouded in so much darkness and in so much dread, in so much greed and so much want, he would have to work for it. His work would be tedious and hard. It was possible he would not succeed, but that is expected from someone like him.

    In his past life, Orel was very successful. He had a well-paying job. Well, he had a fantastic paying job. He lived the life of luxury. He never had to move a single finger. It seemed the entire world was at his every whim. He had butlers and maids, personal cobblers and cooks. Anything and everything he could ever want was given to him, and he had wanted nothing more. Because of this, he never was able to settle down. He had no one to share his wealth, or his fortune.

    The cobblers and cooks, the maids and butlers, and everyone else who served the man well, did not like him or his fortune. It was obvious, by the glares and stares that they gave him. It wasn't hard to realize what was about to happen.

    One night, one terrible night, he was poisoned. He was poisoned by those people who he calls his friends. They slipped the poison in his wine, and they watched as he went belly up, begging for the sweet relief of death that would not come.

    Well, it came, but with a price.

    It came, and while it came, it soon left with him. Orel was swept with the wind, and left the workers and tenders to bask in the newly shared wealth that they all now owned. That was, well, till they all were charged with murder in the first degree. No one showed up to Orel's funeral. Not even the men who were to bury him.

    Orel, after taking his spiritual departure, met the face of God. " Orel, my son, my boy. You have served the mortal world well. But, you have not served me at all. For that, you are not worthy into my kingdom. " The Ruler started. " Your back is bare, and you are a disgrace to me. You must go, go and help someone with a trouble they are faced with. "

    And with that, Orel was planted back on Earth. Well, in spirit, in form. The man, now in spirit, had to help a single person. That was when he would be allowed into the realm of paradise and happiness, and he would be able to get his wings. Orel was assigned someone, who was shrouded with as much dread as he was.

    This person was in a rut. With some form of problem or another-- what it was, he didn't really know. He wasn't assigned anyone personally, but he had a feeling that the girl walking away from him might possibly be the one he was looking for.

    He sighed. "Great." He muttered, and began to drift after them.

    Orel had to meet them-- or, try to, but in a way that would seem a little less awkward. He would have to do so, so he could properly explain his situation. He decided to stalk his assigned mortal, and maybe meet them when their guard was down. He was noticed a few times, but he blended in. Only because he seemed like a normal person only to them.

    It went on for hours, until the human finally stopped, and decided that it was a little weird to see someone hovering a few inches off of the ground.
  2. "Earth to Kim, are you still with us?" A voice said while something hard was knocking on Kim's head.

    "Ouch." She muttered while rubbing her head and slowly opened her eyes. "What is it?" The question came out much more irritated than she had intended, but she did no attempts to correct her rudeness this time. There was a right way to wake up a sleeping person, and a wrong way. This was surely the latter.

    "Well for one, the lesson is over. It's time to go." Jessica told her. "And second, you still haven't told me if you're coming to the party on Saturday. Common, I don't want to go by myself." Her pleading didn't seem very convincing to Kim, especially since she knew there were tons of people whom would love to go with her. There were no shortage on friends for her.

    "Sorry, I can't ditch my job." Kim apologized, though not very sincerely as she rose from her seat. "I will be way too tired afterwards to party half the night." That comment earned a disappointed sigh from Jessica.

    "You can't party on Fridays because you're working early the next day, you can't party on Saturdays because you're working that day and you can't party on Sundays because it's school the day after. Can't you come and have fun with us just once." Jessica said, bringing up a monologue Kim had heard far too many times already.

    "I have done that more than once. The party in New York during spring break. When we took a car trip to Vegas during the summer. I'm doing stuff with you all the time, just not when I must wake up early six days a week and only get one to relax." She corrected her friend.

    "Yeah, and the Vegas trip went so well too. The car broke down and we didn't even get halfway there." Jessica complained.

    "That was not my fault, I at least tried to be there." Kim chuckled. They continued to chatter, though the topic was fast changed from parties Kim couldn't attend to homework and eventually guys. Though while they walked down the street, something soon caught her attention.

    "Hey, isn't that guy following us?" She asked Jessica. But when Jessica looked back she didn't see anyone suspicious. She asked who Kim was talking about, and Kim told her exactly how he looked. Once again Jessica looked around as discretely as she could, but saw no one that fit the description. Weird, he didn't hide himself that well.

    They took a cup of tea at a small cafe while chatting for a bit. Kim tried again to tell her friend that she was certain that guy was following them, but once again, Jessica saw nothing. This time Kim decided to just drop that topic completely and pretend that it only had been her imagination. But she wasn't done with the guy. Far from it.

    Jessica and Kim parted ways an hour later. As Kim walked towards her house she checked if the guy was still following her, and surely enough, he was there. She stopped just outside of her house and turned to face him.

    "Okay, what's your problem? You've been following me for hours." She almost shouted at him, and oddly enough people started to look at her weirdly as they passed her. Had they never seen someone getting angry at an idiot before?
  3. Well, it seemed that the life of this human was awfully dull and rather boring. It seemed that the lives of most humans were awfully dull and rather boring. As he continued on with the following and the boredom and the absolute war inside himself, he came upon some conclusions. He thought that 1) Maybe life without wings wouldn't be that bad after all, and 2) That hell would probably be a lot more interesting than watching a 19-year-old girl hang out with a friend of hers.

    But then she started noticing him! Oh, to get a reaction out of that walking meat-bag was what he was waiting for. It was all he wanted! She started seeing him more, and more, and then finally, she confronted him. But, to that, Oral simply shrugged. He was mischievous, and he was sure to cause some mayhem when he still could. She did seem awfully displeased to find some strange guy following her, but hell, anyone would, really.

    "Oooh, I could tell you, but I'm sure you won't like it. Come inside and have a seat-- and, oh, while you're at it, could you make me a small kettle of tea? Coffee would be fair, too, but I always liked tea better." Oral rambled on, as he hovered near the door and simply walked through.

    Well, he warned her that she wouldn't like it, but atleast now she had a clue as to what was in store for her now. And this is about to get very interesting.
  4. Kim looked at the guy as if he were insane. Why the heck would she give tea too a stranger? Why would she even let him into her house? She was definitely not going to unlock that door before he left or the police dragged away his sorry little as.

    "Now listen to me you psychotic ma...." Her protest was fast cut off as the man just disappeared through her door. It took her a few moments to realize she wasn't breathing any longer, and even longer to notice how she was standing there staring like a fool at her own door. "Great! Now I've started to hallucinate too." Kim mumbled to herself before going up to the door.

    "Maybe I should drop some of my classes." She told herself as she unlocked the door. It was probably the lack of sleep that was getting to her. She was taking more classes than necessary, and dropping a few wouldn't hurt. If anything those extra hours would give her some well needed sleep.

    But as she opened the door she once again saw her hallucination. Or maybe he was real. What if he had used some kind of mirror trick and sneaked in through a window or something like that. Hallucination or not, she didn't like to have a stranger in her home. "Get out. Get out now!" Kim almost growled at him. "I'll call the police if you don't." And there her thoughts of him being a hallucination completely disappeared.
  5. "Please do," Oral sat on the couch, and made himself at home. "I implore you to make a bigger fool out of yourself than you already seem to be," he started, but stopped. "Now, that isn't at all polite of me, now, is it?" He stood up, and stood near the couch. "We got off on the wrong foot. My apologies. Here, let me clear things up for you--" He cleared his throat.

    "Hello? How are you? Because I'm buried ten feet underground, thanks for asking. Now, I'm sure you've seen my name on the news a few time-- Oral Phineas Melto? Yes, you can hold your applause, but if you've seen the news at all, you can clearly see that I am, indeed, dead as a door-nail. But, now that I've introduced myself, how about you give it a try, hm?"

    Oral stopped, once more, and chuckled. "Oh, pardon me! My mind is running away from me, again. I find it does that a lot, you know, with me being dead and all." He held out his hand, and gave a wicked smile. "I'm your new guardian angel."
  6. Kim entered a shock like state, where she could do nothing but stare at him. What nerves that guy had, sitting on her couch as if it was his own. He looked so comfortable where he sat, it made her want to kick that smile away. It didn't took him long to stand up again though, and to her surprise he did apologize. Though he didn't seem to make much effort of pretending to be sincere with it.

    It must have taken her thirty seconds at the very least to process everything he had just said. She had watched the news, but it wasn't like she remembered all the names and faces of people that had been killed or disappeared. She had never known any of them, if this Oral guy had showed up then she would hardly have payed any attention to it. She shook her head and made a small laugh, obviously not believing his story.

    "Guardian angel huh? I might have believed you if you had gone for ghost." She told him with a roll of her eyes at the end. "And exactly where are your wings mister Angel?" She looked him up and down. The corpse looked incredibly alive for a supposedly dead guy.
  7. Oral kicked at the carpet. Dammit! He should have gone for the ghost shtick! Oral sighed, and put a hand on his chin. He thought for a moment, and opened his mouth to speak. Nothing came out, so he closed it again. He held up a finger, to make a statement, but he closed his mouth again, and rested his chin in his hand once more.

    When he finally spoke, it sounded a little like this, "Well, there's a small problem with me not having any wings, you see," he started. "There I was-- heaven, that is-- and then this 'God' fella comes out of the shadows and he tells me that I wasn't 'worthy' of wings yet. Can you believe that! The gull of that guy..." He shook his head. "Well, anyway, I need to help out a mortal, I s'pose, because all I've done in my life is help myself, or something or another. "

    He stopped, and went over everything in his head. "Yep, that about covers it! I'm a wingless angel, so sue me, but you're also a miserable person. It's my job as your new appointed angel to help you out with what exactly ails you. What is it, uhh.... boyfriend troubles? Girlfriend? I don't judge, it's 2014. What? What? Tell me, and this can go a lot quicker. "
  8. She waited for him as it seemed like he would give her a reply, but it took him some time to come up with it. Seemed like he would keep lying. Fine, she would just go along with his little game up until the moment she had enough and would beat the shit out of him for being a complete idiot.

    "Miserable?" That statement definitely took her aback. Sure she wasn't the happiest person in the world and she did still need to go to her psychologist regularly. But she wouldn't count herself as miserable. At least she didn't have suicide thoughts any longer. "You think that someone would be miserable because of their boyfriend or lack thereof?" She asked. It would be incredibly pathetic if someone needed a guardian angel for that kind of reason. "You know, I have a hard time believing that someone would be assigned a guardian angel for something as silly as relationship issues. Why don't you help a starving child in Africa instead? They would probably appreciate it."

    Her thoughts backtracked for a second and remembered something else he had said. "Wait a minute... You said that God talked to you?" She asked skeptically, but also slightly interested. "How did God look like?" Of course she didn't believe that what he said was true, but she wanted to know if he were going to go for the good old man with a white beard and wisdom kind of God, or be a bit more creative.
  9. Oral rolled his eyes. "Well, lady, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate my company, but I'm assigned to you, so you have to start being grateful." He said, crossing his arms over his chest. But then she started talking of God. He decided to just replicate what she sound like at that moment; skeptical and unwilling to be swayed. Well, if Oral was in her place, he'd do the same. But soon, he began talking of this God.

    "God? Well, she's a black women, for starters," He started, pacing back and forth. "Green eyes. Kinda small-- I think her name was Providence? She had a pixie cut, so she must swing for the ladies..." He continued to go on, until the women before him glared right through him. "Oh, what is it? Okay, so God isn't black, but he sure as hell isn't white. " He said. "Hell, I think he was sitting on a cloud or something."
  10. Grateful huh? Big chance, that psycho would get kicked out with his head first if his ego didn't drop some levels very soon. First he dropped one lie, and then changed it into another. And he wondered why she didn't believe him? It was slightly hard when his story changed immediately after he said it. Not because it had been much more believable otherwise. Angels and God, what would come next? Demons?

    Kim sighed irritated when he was done. "Okay, I have let you have your little fun for some time already, so could you please leave now? I have homework to do and I don't think you were sent here to help me with math." She told him slightly tired of the game he was playing. "If you're not outside that door within thirty seconds then I will call the cops." She warned him, now being completely serious. While she did feel an urge to hit him to the floor she also knew that being sued wouldn't go well with their economy at the moment, or at any moment, so she would just have to restrain herself from getting into such a situation.
  11. Oral shrugged. "Call them. Please, call them. Tell them that there is an angel in your house, and he's very charming and he won't let you get to your homework. What good will that o to you? Hm? Because the last I checked, that kind of thing dosn't get reported to the police very often. " He said, as he crossed his arms and got comfy on the couch once more. "Oh, and please, tell the police to bring some tea? If I remember correctly, I asked you, but you didn't fill my demand. Now, go do that homework of yours, I'll just sit here and read..."

    Oral looked around, and he soon saw a magizine to read. He picked it up, and inspected it. "Victoria's Secret. Hm, okay, I can work with this." He said the last bit to himself, but it wasn't long till he was on the couch, in the best spot there was, with his feet in the air, and a women's underwear magazine in his grasp.
  12. Kim's patience snapped completely. She were not going to let this stranger be in her house, boss her around and do whatever he felt like. walking up to the couch she snatched the magazine away from him. "I don't know what mental hospital you've escaped from, and quite frankly I don't care. No matter how sever your brain damage is, if you even have a brain, I won't care. I will still beat the shit out of you if you don't get the fuck out of here now." If her voice didn't sound murderous enough then her eyes probably helped to give the message across. He was going way too far with whatever he was doing.

    "What are you doing?" A voice came from across the room as her dad entered. He gave a fast glance around the room but saw no one there, so he couldn't quite understand what it was she was yelling so much for. "Are you rehearsing a play or something?" He asked. Kim of course was certain that her dad was thinking Oral was her classmate and they had a school assignment.

    "No, this lunatic barged into our house and is talking bullshit." She told him still upset about everything and pointed the magazine at Oral. Now someone would finally throw the guy out she thought.

    "Who?" He asked confused.

    "This guy." She said, almost thinking her dad had gone completely dumb from all the alcohol.

    "There's no one there honey." He said, now slightly worried. "Are you okay?"

    She looked at him as if he was the insane one, while her dad looked at her as if she had lost her mind. "You can't see him? Are you serious? He's right there." She said frustrated.

    "Maybe you should take some days off from school, you seem awfully stressed. Should we maybe get an emergency appointment with miss Clark? It seems like..." He didn't get further as Kim was already storming out of the living room and into her own room. The door closed with a bang.

    "What the fuck is going on?" Now she was certain she had a mental breakdown. There was no other explanation.
  13. Oral was snickering to himself as the entire situation unfolded. Oh, what a poor soul. What a poor, terribly, aloof, stupid soul. He watched as the father rolled in, and he could feel his insides ripping at the edges. He was going to laugh out loud, and god was probably going to strike him down for it. But, oh! The look on her face! The look on her FATHER'S face!! It was so priceless. As soon as she sped off to her room, and slammed the door, and when she SCREAMED?! Oh, he couldn't hold it at all anymore. He screamed out with laughter, falling off of the couch and rolling on the floor, holding his stomach, as if he still had one.

    Oral recovered from the skirmish of snickers and sores, and he soon headed down to his human's room. He didn't bother knocking, but he headed in anyway.

    "Oh man, oh man! Did you see the look on your fathers face? I could hardly take it. " He wiped a tear off of his face, and flopped onto an unoccupied chair. He got comfortable again, and sighed happily. "Yeah, you can call the cops, now. I'm well ready to head into the crowbar hotel, now. I'm shaking in my boots! Oh, get those shackles on me right now." He chuckled once more, and soon broke into another laughing fit. He terribly imitated her voice, and spoke between fits, "This lunatic barged into our house and is talking bullshit, dad!"
  14. Kim told herself to calm down, maybe she was simply tired and one good nights sleep would help her. She was pacing back and forth in her room, not wanting to step out if that weird ghost person was still there. Though if he was a figment of her imagination then he would probably show up anywhere at any time either way, and if he truly was a ghost, or an angel as he had said, then he could still show up anywhere at any time. So it didn't really matter where she was.

    "Just calm down." She muttered just before a voice came from the door and the ghost moved to her empty chair. Kim backed towards her bed, but didn't sit down. If she thought she could run away from him she would definitely have jumped out the window, but whatever he was he would most likely just show up wherever she escaped to.

    Oral's last words got on her nerves. Instead of the anxiety she had felt just seconds earlier, she got angry at him again and threw a pillow at him. "Shut up you ghost... angel.. thing." As if she cared what he was, he was creepy and could walk through walls, and no one else could see him but her. "You're incredibly rude for being an angel. Sure you're not a demon that awaits your tail and horns?" She mocked him, not caring if it sounded dull. "I think we've at least established by now that you're not here to help me as you probably just made my dad consider sending me to a mental hospital. Thanks a lot." Kim sighed, annoyed by his laughter.

    "What do you want?" She then asked, trying to calm her nerves. If he truly weren't something her mind made up, then she didn't buy his bullshit of wanting to help her. He clearly was too much of an idiot to ever even consider thinking about another human being even when his mortal soul was in danger. Or his angel wings. However that worked.
  15. Oral contemplated her actions for a number of minuets. Hmm... Well, it was obvious that he wanted his wings, but he was sure he wanted something else. Something more? Oral snickered, and he raised his hands in defeat. "You got me," He said, with a smirk. "I want my wings, sure, but when I was alive, I was always uptight. You know? I want to just... 'Chill'. People still chill right? I'm not entirely sure what year it is, even." Did angels and humans just live on different realms? Was time even a real thing? For a moment, he zoned out. And for that moment, the girl seemed to talk to him.

    He didn't get a word out of what she said, but he interrupted her. "Huh?" He said, loudly and obliviously. "Cool, yeah, but listen lady--" He paused, and clapped his hands together. "Lady! Oh, right. I didn't get your name, yet." He said, with a laugh. "Now, how about that? Your name, lady? I'm sure talking to you might be mildly easier if I had it."
  16. Kim could not believe that guy. Was he really an angel awaiting his wings? How could God even have the slightest faith in that kind of good for nothing guy. Instead of throwing him to a poor mortal maybe he should just have gotten his lesson in hell for some months. If hell was even a thing. Who knew how the world was up there. Or in that other realm, or wherever heaven was. She weren't going to die anytime soon to figure it out though.

    "Can you please stop chilling in my house at least. Go out and chill somewhere else, like at anyone's place but mine. Instead of disturbing the only person that can see you, why not try to chill around someone that you can't bother. And for your information, the year is two th.." He interrupted her little speech by showing no interested in what she had to say. She wasn't certain if he had heard a single word or if he had simply pretended not to hear her.

    She sighed frustrated. "This guy." She mumbled irritated before taking some breaths to calm herself down. "My name is Kim. Now that you know, stop call me lady. It's annoying, and it makes me sound old." She told Oral.

    "Listen. I don't care what you are, but I don't want you buzzing around me 24/7. I get that you have your orders from above or whatever. But you want to chill right? So what about not being around me and just stay in the living room, watching TV or whatever and not disturb me. Because I have nothing you can help me with that I cannot handle myself."

    Her last words was a complete lie, or maybe more of a denial. There were tons of things she couldn't handle, but how did one confess that to themselves?
  17. Oral thought it over, and rolled the jumble of words around in his mouth. Kim. Kim. Kimberly? Kim. Kim what? Well, that would just be for a later date, then. Kim. Kim Kim Kimmy-Kim Kim. Sounds about right. "Neat." He said. She told him to bugger off, and he didn't really take too kindly to that. But he did guess that there wasn't anything else better for him to do, so he simply shrugged, and went off to find something for him to do.

    He went off into the living room, and headed near what looked like a small office. He saw that there was an old record player, along with some records to accommodate it! Wow, what a lucky streak. Oral closed the door, albeit loudly, and headed to investigate the pile. He noticed one that caught his interest rather quickly, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Paul Simon and Garfunkel. He had always loved them, so why not play some music?

    Oral opened the record, placed it on the player, and started with a loud rendition of "Cecilia". He sang to it loudly.

    "Celia, you're breaking my heart! You're shaking my confidence daily! Oh CECILIA! I'm down on my knees! I'm begging you please to come home."
  18. Wow, that was easy. She had never thought that he would buzz off just because she told him to do so. But she was extremely grateful that it had been that easy. Hopefully she wouldn't have to see him for the next couple of centuries, but that was probably a bit much to ask for.

    Kim enjoyed the silence and laid down on her bed, exhausted even though she had done nothing except to scream at an invincible guy. What a weird day. Her mind were just about to fall into a state of dreaming when some noise made her sit straight up in the bed. Music? Her dad rarely listened to music, so it shouldn't be him. Then she heard her fathers voice. "Turn down the volume a bit." He didn't even seem to be bothered that it was his music and not hers that was on. As if she ever would listen to that kind of stuff.

    She opened the door to her room and shouted. "Right away." Then she rushed to the room from where the sound came. Of course it had been the demon's doing. She stepped forward and turned the volume down so that it wouldn't be heard through the whole house. "There is a volume button you know." Kim told him irritated. "Can you at least try to... I don't know... Make sure my dad doesn't think I'm crazy or worse, that the house is haunted." She said not knowing what to do about the ghost in her house. She had hoped he would go away to someone else's home instead of staying in hers.

    "And for Gods sake, don't sing so loudly. My dad might not be able to hear it, but my ears almost started to bleed." The last sentence was mainly because she didn't want to be nice to him. He was intruding in her home and acted way too familiar. She would say anything she had to just to get him off her back. Which would be hard if he truly was a figment of her imagination.
  19. Oral was having a gay old time-- so gay that, in fact, Jesus himself might get down on his knees and spew a rainbow from his bountiful dick. Now that was gay. Oral was having a gayer time than that. He pouted slightly, glaring over at her. Being dead wasn't all it's cracked up to be, you know. Sure, there is always floating and eternal happiness, but what about the filler spots? What was he suppose to do when he was waiting for Kimmy to get her panties out of her ass and actually help him out with this.

    He sighed, and went limp in the air-- with his head hanging down and his arms falling beside him. "Can I have some form of fun? I'm on this Earth again to do some good, but I don't think I can do that without you helping me, Kimmy. Is it 'chill' if I call you that?" He didn't wait for an answer. "So, anyway, Kimmy, how about we do something fun. Uhh... Fun, fun fun..... Tick-Tack-Toe? Hang-Man? Chess? You tell me about your crippling depression?" Those all sounded like games to him.
  20. "Don't call me that." She told him annoyed. If he had been that irritating in life, then she could understand if someone had wanted him dead. But then she reminded herself that he had told her about him being the perfect little boy that never did anything wrong while he was alive. Such a story was hard to believe though.

    "You can have all the fun you want, just not in my house where my dad will notice it." Kim said. It was bad if he thought she was the one suddenly doing things she never had before, but it would be worse if he started to notice that there were a third person in the house. She'd rather keep ghost busters out of the picture if she could.

    "Why do you want to play games for? Aren't you busy trying to get your ass into heaven or something like that? Can't you be more like those angels in movies that flies silently over the person they need to help until they can help them?"
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