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    Mystical winged creatures came from all over.Angels from their home in the heavens (known to them as Shangri-la), daemon's from the firey reaches of Hell, tengu from just above the mountainous regions in the sky's of Terra Firma, and other mystical creatures have all landed on Terra Firma at sometime or another.

    Many have stayed there, but not of their own will. See, the humans on Terra Firma have always greated these creatures with great joy. They still do. They like them so much that they have found ways to keep them on the planet, and never get back to their home. To keep them, against their will and let them be misserable.

    Strangely there are some that don't want to go back home, but those are the few who have done the forbidden and/or fallen in love with a human. The rest of these creatures are striving to get back home, or have accidentally "fell" from their home and are lost. Their ultimate goal is the same, to feel safe, secure, wanted, and feeling like they have a home again.

    We are focusing on a city that is connected to all of these homes in some form or another. Within a place called Tokyo the creatures meet, for better or for worse. What shall happen in this great modern city?

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    It's was getting really dark out, a normal fall evening, slightly cold and musty smelling. The moon was full and shining bright as creatures of all kinds wandered about the street's of Tokyo. Humans, of course dominating the area with their existance, but there were also, Angels, Tengu, and Deamons prowling about. You could also see people with strange pets walking the streets like it's an every day thing, well, in this day and age it really was, but a few years back, "wild animals" would never have been allowed to just roam freely withing the city.

    Lacracious Slayder was one of these creatures, walking about with a strange pet. A snow leopard with golden eyes in fact was walking right next to the white haired 'girl'. She was wearing gothic lolita style clothing, and was almost skipping along. Her red eyes looking around everywhere like she were so excited to see all the buildings. She could sense so many emotions around her, and it was filling her up, just being around them. It was amazing how powerful she could feel just walking down a busy street, on the night of a full moon, the height of a Deamon's power always came on the full moon, and they were always weakest at a new moon. Though there are rumors around that some Deamon's have figured out a way around that.

    Lacracious, or Lala for short, was whistling a tune. Haunting and alluring, some humans stopped what they were doing to listen. This made Lala smirk, she hadn't lost her touch. She hadden't be out of her owners house in such a long time, for normally there was something fun to do. But tonight, her owner had told her she had to go out, since he was to be having guests who wouldn't appreciate her presence. So, not wanting to earn his wrath which would be put on her next new moon, she just went out. She knew she'd be able to find someone or something to mess with. She had no doubt in her ability.

    Lala walked to the one place she knew there would be a lot of people. She went down a few alley short cuts and down into the basement of a building, it was a bar, a dive call Marley's. Mufasa, her snow leopard, loyaly followed her in, and no one seemed to mind. She sat in the back corner. Marley's was a place where people of the age 18 years or older could just hang out and have a few drink, though anyone younger than 21 wouldn't be able to have anything alcoholic. Gotta follow the law and everything. It had a sleek modern feel to it, red, black and white everywhere. A waitess walked by and asked if she wanted anything and Lala just asked for a Coke and some water in a bowl for Mufasa.

    Momentarily those things came out for her and she just sat and enjoyed the live music being played. She liked it well enough, it was a mix of rock and pop, and had a sad feeling behind it. Though she liked most music, there was just some stuff she just couldn't stand, like that abomination of a style called screamo. That stuff just made her want to get rid of her sense of hearing. She looked around as Mufasa's tail twitched back and forth lapping at his water. There were a few people, human and non human, that caught her attention. She wondered if any of them would be brave enough to come over and talk to her. She smirked as she played with her glass.
  2. Devlin had just arrived in Tokyo. He sighed looking at the night sky and the hustle and bustle of the city. It really threw off his focus and he didn't like it. He took a deep breath and admired the structures towering above street level. He gathered his thoughts and tried to set a destination. Bartenders could really provide some information on his target.

    He set out looking for any bar and something caught his eye. Out of the corner of his eye was a small neon light, very unimpressive, but something drew him into it. He felt like what he needed was in there. He stopped and turned to that little alleyway bar. The bar looked relatively nice for what it is. The sleek modern look really threw him off though. IT wasn't what he expected, but he eventually got used to it. He even started to like it.

    Looking around, there were some young people socializing, hardly the place where someone would go snooping around for information. Then again, looks can be deceiving. He looked around and found a girl with a snow leopard. He found her captivating and thought he might as well enjoy himself. He took a seat in the booth next to her and casually looked around. Maybe catch her eye.
  3. Kelpie was woken by banging outside her door. It was no doubt her manager trying to wake her up for work. With a yawn, Kelpie stood and opened the door. As she suspected, it was her manager, Sophia. Sophia was a human with the tendency to act like a slave driver. Of course, since Kelpie was half angel, she was a part of the lower class and slave community. That was why she lived in a renovated walk in closet above the bar. Sophia looked fairly pissed that Kelpie wasn't dressed or even awake. Her shift started in little less than an hour.

    "Why the fucking hell aren't you up yet, Kelp?! I'm depending on you to actually pull your weight around here and do something instead of sleep."

    Now typically, Kelpie was a very quiet and kind person, but this was just too much to handle. "Look here! I sleep so much because you're a slave driver! I'm getting up!" she screamed as she slammed the door shut and puffed stray strands of ebony hair from her eyes.

    Using almost inhuman speed and agility, Kelpie moved about the room to get herself into uniform. Since she was employed at a nightclub, Kelpie wasn't exactly wearing the most modest of clothes. The top consisted of a neon yellow tube top and a vest that emphasized the bust. The bottom was either tight fitting slacks or a miniskirt, and Kelpie always chose whatever covered the most skin. Her hair was in a low ponytail, and she wore absolutely no makeup.

    By the time Kelpie got downstairs and into the club, she looked like she always did every single day. Julia, a human waitress, shoved a tray into her arms and went out for another smoke. The woman would no doubt be dead by the end of the year from black lung and alcohol poisoning. There was nothing she could do about it though, so she took the food and drinks to everyone in the club. Her last order was a bowl of water for a snow leopard and a Coke for its owner.

    "Will that be all for you, ma'am?" she asked as she turned her back to her as she cleaned a dish. She really hoped her wing scars weren't showing.
  4. The Tengu of black feather wings, black waist-length hair and a rather statuesque chiseled physique roosted like a gargoyle or his terrestrial crow cousins. Indoors, in unnatural human dwellings, were not someplace he condescended to enter without a reason. But in the heart of this city to which he'd been summoned by alchemy, what else was there besides human domiciles other than the occasional landscaping strip or park in which even the trees' locations and the size of the blades of grass were part of their plotting and control. Instead then, he perched atop one of the high structures with an enviable view of the burg beyond and especially a bar across from him and the alleys and bustling street directly below. Otherworldly beings like him, or rather similar but of other races, strode about at ground level brazenly and in the open. The fact spoke volumes of just how many supernatural entities might have power to stamp out the alchemist seal around his beating heart without destroying him, Tesrael, in the process, and also how many other superior beings had been trapped by those scheming humans.

    Many possessed guardian pets, earning well-deserved caution. Also, tossing about the story of his mission could cause the information to be used against him, a "cure" or "cleansing" offered up as bait to lure and cage him far worse than the infinite prison of this world itself. He waited. Observed. Would make the effort to fly or speak only when gain seemed likely, or to someone deserving of his attention.

    (( All of you are very interesting to see in action; don't take the character's lack of interest in a crowded bar as indication otherwise. ))
  5. Caedis yawned her hands deep in the pockets of her hoodie. Why the hell was she still outside.... Well she had chosen not to go back to sleep after her dream was torn apart by the same thing as usual. Fiery red eyes which seemed to burn a hole in her mind. Her hoodie was zipped up half way and the hood pulled over her head. She left the park behind her with the black raven Cruor behind her. It cawed soft and flew from lantern to lantern waiting until she passed by it before flying ahead again. She watched the bird as they were heading back to the city with the many alleys. It took her a while before knowing where she wanted to go but eventually chose for Marley's. She wandered around in the streets for a while looking fr something interesting and waiting until a few people were inside not really wanting to get their attention... yet.

    She tucked her silvery grey hair in the hood of her hoodie and slowly opened the door. The raven gracefully landed on her shoulder and picked at the zipper which she had now zipped up completely. It took Ce a few seconds to get used to the lighting inside the building and then quickly moved to a shady corner in the back of the bar. Her icy blue eyes with a hint of grey went over the people inside, a few gang members, old men having their weekly drinking routine, a strange looking girl with white hair and an impressive feline at her feet for what she could see a snow leopard. And a man sitting fairly close to the strange girl.

    Ce sat back leaning her head gently against the wall behind her, Cruor hopped onto the table and stared at her scratching the hand which she rested on the table. With a sigh she nodded at the bird and softly called for a waitress. The bird cawed loud a few times and she moved her hand over his beak.

    "Would you shut it impatient bird...."

    She cleared her throat and looked at the waitress again calling her once more with a bit louder voice.

    "Excuse me Miss, but could I get some peanuts and a glass of water? "
  6. Little miss bookworm had been walking along the boulevard thinking of nothing but studying her latest tome, and this fixation was so evident that as she walked the thick leather-bound book was held with one finger still in its body between pages. Even waiting for a red light at a crosswalk, she flipped the artifact open for 'just a few more sentences!' Minutes later, the stop light was red again, and she had to admit that she'd completely missed her green signal while all the other pedestrians had moved. Not good, someone might think she was dopey. Or bother her to inquire just what was so interesting and then tease her for a loony. Since it was that tempting not to wait to read until she got home she should pull herself to one side against a storefront entrance, or sit down just inside an alley, or -- what was she thinking? That was worse! Ensy, human being, teenage woman, and alchemy researcher, glanced around. A bar... ugh. Well there was no law that said everyone who came into a bar was there for 'just one thing', and public place with lots of witnesses meant safety.

    Tesrael noted his 'captor's' arrival without reaction from his rooftop station. A new tome meant more research, a chance that her next attempt might prove successful at releasing his binds. Her presence in a bar directly across from him by chance, meant that if any trouble befell her, he had a chance of hearing the screams or ruckus and pulling her out while she was still alive and sound enough to be of some use. Other than that any hardships that might result from her own foolishness didn't affect him in the least. Not a muscle or expression budged.

    Inside, the people were interesting but the leopard took her breath away. Just the fact of being able to see creatures like this in any way whatsoever was a miracle, let alone close enough to pet or count its teeth or buy some chicken wings to feed to it if its owner would let her. But it was so intimidating, and its owner was already busy. Better not then.

    A caw whipped her head around, pupils dilated at finding something good. That black bird, a crow? No, she decided after further peering, that tremendous size alone made it a raven. She hesitantly approached, book over her chest like a shield, making a tactless obvious path at the row between tables and booths until she reached the shadowy corner. She braved the hoodie-wearing owner with the chilly eyes. "Hello, that's a Corvus Corax? That's so beautiful. I wished I could give you one of my feeder animals, to watch it eat. Does yours like eyeballs or entrails best? Of course they do eat less dramatic insects and fruit; maybe this place has something... Oh by the way, may I sit with you?" And all this came from the rather delicate and mousy girl in braids, sweater and plaid skirt who looked like she'd rather spend a day contentedly in solitary confinement than speak to a stranger, let alone about eyeballs and entrails.
  7. Rhapsody walked down the street feeling irritated since many of the Tengu species kept their eyes on her, wishing for her to choose a 'mate,' but she simply ignored them, but they could not ignore her. Hair blacker than coal, blue eyes ice as her soul, and skin lighter than snow, how could they avoid her beauty?

    She wrapped her black coat around her figure a bit tighter to keep herself from becoming any colder. She turned to any empty alley to take as a short cut to her house, since she didn't bother to go through the long path.

    (This is all what I've got for now. I'm not much of a 'freshly made' kind of roleplayer.)
  8. Tesrael dropped from his rooftop edge, easily telling this Tengu princess apart from the other winged races no matter how humans might name them all angels indiscriminately. Ironic, that the first one of his kind he'd seen in quite some time would beat the odds of the overwhelmingly male population and turn up a woman, a gem thirsted for by so many of his kind, while he'd have been far more pleased with an easier to find male. Especially one from the section of the population that had abandoned female company altogether. Still, she was a kindred.

    The winged man gave her the courtesy of flying directly overhead twice in two slices back and forth along the alleyway, first towards her, then coming up from behind. Some might take the gesture as increasingly threatening, but Tesrael coolly planned the maneuver as respectfully announcing his presence and granting her time to get used to him before landing a dozen yards in front of her. "You should tell me what brings you to Terra," he began bluntly without introduction. "Your own desire and free will for some reason, or some manner of chain."
  9. Ce was teasing the bird, gently picking the lower part of his beak with her thumb and index finger the sharp edges of his ever so sharp beak making slight cuts in her pale skin. It took her a longer moment to realize someone was approaching, actually, it wasn't she but the raven which looked first. Cruor spread its powerful wings a small guts of air traveled away from the table as the majestic creature flapped and landed back on her shoulder. The blue eyes looked startled, especially when the bird pulled the hood from her head and tucked his own head in her silvery gray hair, a fairly strange color for her young age, and under her chin, the Small reddish eyes peeking at the new girl from the 'hiding spot'. It however pulled the necklace from underneath her shirt and picked at the shimmering skull before she quickly hid it again.

    "Oh... uhm sure and thanks I guess...? This is indeed a Corvus Corax but what...? Uhm why all the questions? I mean not that I don't feed him, but he tends to go looking for his own food and hell knows what that is, only thing I once saw was a dead rabbit....."

    She bowed her head gently until the bird decided to sit normally on her shoulder, which was quite hard for its size. It gracefully hopped back on the table when the ordered nuts and water arrived and she offered the peanuts to it. It might not be raw meat which he liked much more he still ate it for that was all she could offer for the moment. She smiled and picked some nuts for herself then looked at the girl. She couldn't remember seeing her around before, just like the girl with the leopard all of those faces were new to her.

    "May I ask what your name is?"
  10. Marley's

    Glowing blue eyes stare up at the red neon sign sitting atop the low-cut building as sensitive ears pick up the strange music pounding inside, lips curling in slight disgust as hands are shoved deep into slacked pockets of crisp pants. Broad shoulders pull in almost subconsciously, a completely human act, as those eyes flick down to the little tigress standing beside his tall, strong body.

    Azrael gives a grumble as he raises his gaze and watches the human woman he'd been following for a good while slip inside with friends, her body dressed in a vulgar outfit, hair tied into pigtails, teeming with the scent of alcohol even before entering the bar. His grumble is matched with the low growl of Ruh as she seats herself at his feet, giving a sneezs, as if to understand the exact frustration the Archangel feels at this point. But they both know that this is his only chance to convince the woman to do greater things with herself, that Death is near to her, and that she must embrace it, even as he takes her soul and sends it to Heaven, a home that has not opened its arms to him in many millenia.

    "Well," he says in a beautiful bass voice hinted with what would seem to be a Scottish accent, looking back down at Ruh, "Might as well go in, yes?" With her grumble of seeming approval, he straightens his back and strides ahead, the little tigress hot on his heels, padding behind him almost lazily as he seats himself not far from the woman, who now dances on the dance floor with her friends, listening to the thumping of her unsteady heartbeat, the thing that will undoubtedly kill her within the next couple of hours, something he simply cannot help. Death is a natural thing, and it is something that will only take the soul onward to a new life...one of, hopefully, great things.

    He doesn't realize, however, that Ruh has spotted the form of another great cat no more than twenty paces from herself. She stands at his feet, the fur on her back rising in warning at what appears to be a Snow Leopard. Upon finally looking down at her growl, Azrael follows the cat's line of sight to find the other beast, before looking up just a little to find its owner. What an interesting beauty this woman is, making his head cock to the side in curiosity as he leans down and pets his beast, cooing to her gently as his ears still hold the sound of that unsteady human heartbeat. But the moment Ruh finally calms herself and lies down, ears flat against her head to try miserably to block out the noise of the music beating around her, Azrael returns his entire attentions to the human, awaiting the moment where he may pluck her soul and minister it a moment in hopes to return it to Heaven where it belongs.
  11. Ensy watched along every one of Cruor's movements with held breath and eyes darting like it was a tennis match. Any one of those stabs could have punctured an eye or pocked beautiful skin below that silvery hair, even by accident when plucking at that charm jewelry. With Ensy's luck any pet she had like that would spear right between her eyeglass and her eye the first day. "A rabbit, wow! That's power. Oh wait, then he would have been scavenging, not the original killer. Of course." There went nerd girl, fangirling over an actual bird. Yep. She shifted her thick book to the crook of her left elbow beside the breast and held out her right hand... quickly at first, then realized sudden movements might not be smart and finished up much slower as she entered what she considered hopping and striking range. "Ensy. I like vultures, crows and ravens." Once seated, she awkwardly picked her brain for something to say. Her own alchemy alterations upon much milder pets, usually color variations but sometimes newly combined species? Ask about this woman's line of work? "How about your name, and how did you make friends with your bird?"
  12. "My name is Caedis, but you could call me Ce."

    She took the hand and gently shook it before her eyes want back to the bird gently petting it on its head. And yes how did she get the trust of this creature, or rather how did she ever even made a connection with it. She had never seen an raven before. She bit her lip thinking for a good while. She really didn't know anymore. Cruor didn't even bother her touch, his beak coming down time after time and soon the small bowl was empty, it gave her an idea since she still had some of the nuts in her hand. She made a soft clicking sound and mumbled something when opening her hand. She showed the peanuts and put one in front of Ensy. The way Cruor came closer to the girl was maybe a bit amusing, sideways leaning in the opposite direction slightly with its head tilted until he quickly grabbed the nut and hopped back to Ce's hand for more.

    "I don't really remember how we first met, he was just there when I was in the park and he started to follow me. At first I was a bit afraid of it but it's such an beautifll creature.... I named him Cruor the first time he decided to make physical contact. "

    Her hand opened further and with caution the bird took the nuts from her hand as if not wanting to hurt her. She smiled, forgot about Ensy for a few seconds and watched as the bird again hopped to the other girl letting his rasping caw fill the air a few times. He spread his wings proud and she laughed.

    "Yeah we know you're pretty now would you be quiet?"
  13. The eighteen year old who looked like a studious schoolgirl smiled warmly and sweetly throughout Ce's story, kindly giving her the respectful quiet to recollect her memories in the beginning, and admired Cruor sincerely during his strut and proud fanning, smirked at Ce's last line. A bit more at ease now that she'd exchanged more than a few words with this woman who seemed not to mind her company, she set her tome down with a relaxed lean against the booth backing, shifting to the side a bit to see more of the room rather than just face the corner wall. A second glorious and dangerous kitty had arrived, oh my. She edged all the way to the last foot of room on her bench as if that would make a difference should one of the great felines turn hostile. And the people seemed more attractive here than average, but as far as she could tell they were, well, human people.

    "You see? That's what I'm talking about," Ensy replied to Ce's story with a gleam in her eyes once she'd gotten over that distraction. "He just arrived for you, he was there for you, and whether you knew it or not he was Meant To Be." She let out a beaming smile at such a romantic story happening to a real person, even if the magical other half in that story was an animal, one that wasn't going to turn into a prince with a kiss to its beak. "Now if only he were a Tengu man instead of a corporeal raven you'd be all set. Oh," she gasped, one hand raised to her mouth shyly and a wounded, embarrassed look in her eyes. "Are you looking for something like that, or an angel? Or maybe you already have your Someone? Just because that's my dream doesn't mean I want to treat you like you should automatically like the same thing!" If she were Japanese instead of caucasian she'd be bowing. As it was, her cheeks flushed red from braid to braid.
  14. As Rhapsody was almost out of the alley, when a figure with large wings appeared before her. Another tengu, She thought and then scowled. The tengu asked her why was I here on Terra, "Why should I tell you? It it non of your business to know why I'm here," Rhapsody scowled once again and kept on walking.
    It's always the same. Male tengu try to catch my attention anyway possible, She thought to herself. A cold breeze swept around her, making her figure shiver. Rhapsody let out a breath and then sighed, ignoring the man in her way.
  15. Tesrael coolly extended one wing in front of Rhapsody almost to the edge of the alleyway while the 'human' portion of his body remained eerily unmoved. The gesture carried far more weight as a visual deterrent than a physical one as the barrier was only feathers, sinews, and hollow bone after all. "You are mistaken," he uttered gravely. He showed no glee or hunger at a the prospect of gaining an allegiance capable of magical transactions, only the stern will to make the attempt by any means possible - coaxing, kindness, or force, whatever proved effective. "On the contrary, if all your abilities are intact, that is precisely my business. Bring me to our homeland and you are rewarded." He paused, sizing her up. This sounded too much like a proposal, and causing her confusion about his purpose would only hinder him. "Other than that, what you do on Terra or with whom does not concern me."
  16. Both ce and Cruor watched the two cats, though her attention was drawn back to the words of Ensy and she herself got a slight blush on her ever so pale cheeks. She had heard of stories where frogs turn into princes when kissed but she was certain the story between her and Cruor was quite different. When was the first time again... if her memory was correct she had just seen a big black bird soaring through the skies above the park one day and one day she had directly looked at it when he was sitting on a fence. The curiosity of the beast had probably took over when he started to follow her around.
    The next words she spoke startled her even more and caused a light confusion in the girl's head, the Tengu.... She had heard of them before but had thought it was a myth though she was convinced of the the fact demons existed.

    "The Tengu... aren't they the crow people from the mountains? I never have seen one of them but they have to be... impressive... from what I've heard of them at least. But no, I haven't found anyone yet, nor am I intrested in angels they are just... I don't know, not my type?"

    She was nervous and bit down on her lip, noticing how Cruor was staring at the felines and looked like a puffy ball of feathers she saw a way to escape the conversation. Without hesitation she zipped the hoodie open further and made a clacking sound with her tongue. The raven turned and immediately hopped in the opening turning as she zipped the zipper up again only his black feathered head showing stil staring in the direction of the cats.

    "I am sorry, but Cruor is getting quite nervous from the sounds and people and... cats...? I... It might be smarter for us to go now, right Cruor? "

    She looked down and with the perfect timed caw of the bird she stood up giving the correct amount of money to the waitress which had taken her order before before quickly pushing the door open and stepping outside in the cold nightly air. Going to a club when not able to sleep? Bad idea. She opened her zipper again to let Cruor out and waited a few moment before feeling his claws on her shoulder. She sighed and hid her hands in her pockets again starting to walk out of the alleyway and to what seemed two figures, she didn't want more contact with people now but had to pass them to get home.
  17. In her corner booth, Ensy sighed in relief at being alone again. Well, alone except for the other patrons paying attention to their own concerns. Speaking had been delightful and she might consider Ce a new friend but it was better to separate before she ran out of topics and let the air between them grow uncomfortable. Now free and clear, she flipped her tome open and shuffled between familiar and unfamiliar pages until finding the spot she'd left off. When a server arrived, the teen girl gave an order for drink and snack and nibbled with her left hand when they arrived, keeping her right clean for work. Notebook sheets pressed in the middle were removed, and she copied a few notes and page references as she went along. Drawings, mainly circles and symbols with the precision of spreadsheets or algebraic formulas, emerged on her notebook sheets as well, in full view of anyone who might care to see her busy hobby in the back table.

    Outside in the alley, Tesrael took in the sight of the approaching figure Caedis... a human woman? "Behind you," he warned softly to Rhapsody. "That is no ally of mine." Better not make his possible source of assistance feel cornered, and showing solidarity with one of his race might win him some points with the Tengu princess.
  18. Tengu.... The word echoed inside her head when she froze. Of all places she saw them here, two of them.... Cruor saw it as well and cawed loud hiding his head in her hair again. Her eyes widened and she managed to get herself back to walking. Those wings... no doubt about it they were crow people. Just creepy how she had walked right into them after talking about them just seconds ago. She could feel the raven tremble on her shoulder and tried to calm him down, but how do you calm a beast when you're nervous yourself?

    Caedis kept walking small and slow steps then made a soft yelping sound when the raven suddenly flew up from her shoulder soaring over the heads of the male and female before disappearing out of sight.

    "Cruor?! W...Wait! "

    Her hand covered her mouth quickly and she looked again in the direction of the two tengu. One time she looked back over her shoulder at the door of the bar before pulling her hood over her head and passing the two on the other side of the alley her head lowered and avoiding eye contact as much as she could. However she couldn't stop herself from looking at the wings, black wings just like Cruors but bigger... much bigger.
  19. Amaris sat unnoticed at the bar with her white tiger named Lyra. The large cat has been watching the other animals around the place and Amaris had to try several times to soothe her. Amaris wore simple skinny jeans and a lose top. Her lithe figure was nice enough to be displayed however once people figure out she’s half-angel things start to get blurry.

    She took a sip from her vodka. It looked like there was a certain influx of non-terra creatures on the area. She wondered if any of them were from heaven. It is her greatest desire after all to go there. Maybe one day, she thought sadly. As the music turned to something she could dance to, she stood from her chair, leaving Lyra to guard their area.

    Every beat of the music flowed through her body like water. Her hips swayed and shook and her legs and arms followed. When Amaris dances, she is no longer the calm and collected easy-going little miss sunshine. She becomes a goddess that seemingly controls music to be adept to her movements, although such a thing is impossible. She closed her eyes, her demure face raised towards the dark ceiling of the bar. In her mind, she is dancing alone. There is no one else but her and the reverberating music.
  20. Rhapsody became irritated as the tengu's wing blocked her path. As the male tengu spoke, she turned around to face him with narrowed eyes. "What do you mean by be rewarded?" She asked him and ignored the tengu's other question, not wanting to reveal the reason why she was shackled on the land of Terra.
    The tengu then warned Rhapsody as a human woman walked by the two, obviously not feeling welcomed, and scared. Rhapsody kept her eyes on the human female as it stared at the male tengu's wings.