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  1. Laverna Ambis An oddly dressed girl strolled down the busy streets of Lumiose, a man who seemed to blend in more with the crowd following her at her side. "Ya think this'll be more fun?" Laverna asked, nudging her companion playfully in the side, only to earn a disinterested grunt as he looked away, seemingly eyeing a rather well-dressed woman. A small smirk played on Laverna's lips as she followed his gaze. "She looks like she has something," this time the man nodded in agreement, matching Laverna's smirk with a devious smile of his own, and with those few words the two parted ways.

    Hours later Laverna reappeared at the same spot she was before, a frantic expression painting her features,"Damian?!" She exclaimed, standing on her toes trying to see over the crowd of people who gave her an almost pitying look. "Damian!" She called out once more, her voice cracking this time as tears threatened to spill, as she parted her lips to call out for the mystery person once again, a woman tapped her almost hesitantly on the shoulder.

    "Excuse me, ma'am?" she asked tentatively, holding onto the small hand of a child who looked poorly dressed who carried a small satchel that looked as if it was being held together by sheer luck.

    "Y-yes?" Laverna managed to say in a shaky voice, her eyes locking onto the small child, and immediately she flung herself at him, putting him in a tight hug that could kill a man, frantically the child tried to escape her grasp, gasping for air. "Damian!" she breathed a sigh of relief "You idiot, I told you not to stray too far, or you would get lost!" quickly Laverna turned her attention to the woman, taking her hands and giving them a slight squeeze. "Thank you so very much for returning my baby brother, he's honestly such a scatter brain,"

    "Oh, it was no problem at all! He was such a dear to be with, although might I be so bold as to ask why he doesn't speak? Ever since I found the darling he hasn't uttered a word,"

    "He's a mute," Laverna said, her voice trailing off, her eyes glazing over to the child who seemed to be just as solemn as she was about the information.

    "I had no idea-oh dear," she said flustered, bringing her hands over her mouth unsure of how to take the information.

    "It's not a problem at all!" Laverna reassured her in a cheerful voice hoping this would reinforce what she said, "But as you can see it's getting a bit late, and our mother is probably losing her marbles since I told her we'd be back ages ago," she said picking up the child, who wrapped its arms tightly around her neck, waving at the woman goodbye Laverna spoke.

    "Oh, yes, of course, of course," she said with a curtsy and offering Damian a small wave as well before she walked away. Laverna was quick to leave once the woman's back was turned to her, making a quick turn into a rather questionable alleyway. She looked over the area once, twice, and once feeling safe in the area she dropped the child who effortlessly fell on his feet. He folded his arms, annoyed with the suddenness of the drop.

    "Hey now, don't give me that face, what'd you get? Ya proud of me, Zero?" she teased, holding up a beautiful ring with a peculiar stone embedded in it. He snickered, tossing the satchel at Laverna and doing a small jump before transforming into a foxlike creature with black and greyish fur covering its body and a pointed muzzle. Laverna opened up the satchel, giving the mane of her Zoroark a ruffle as she dug through the contents, pleased to see the money and jewels. "A lot more than usual, she take you home or something?" The Pokemon nodded, clearly proud of what he brought in. "We'll pawn half and sell half to the next city after we finish business we have with the King here."

    The pair remained in the alleyway for a while longer, just to be safe they didn't run into the woman who learned she had been robbed blind. Once they were ready to move, Zoroark took the form of the man from earlier, adjusting the sword at his side as if it was real. To their luck, it didn't take long to meet the king, it was faster than they expected, and clearly he was desperate. "My Lord," She spoke in a respectful tone, bowing her head to the king and her Zoroark doing the same, "We've come on request of the letter you've distributed, it's come quite a far way, even to reach a place like Kanto," she jabbed her partner in the side quickly, noticing the mocking expression that dared make an appearance on his face. To her luck, the king didn't seem to notice the small act of violence.

    "Oh wonderful, if you would be so kind as to wait a while, there should be another person here," the man paused for a moment before picking up his sentence once more "Might I have the name of the man who'll be helping me fulfill my request?" he asked motioning to the Pokemon in disguse. An exasperated sound escaped its lips as it doubled over, making a sound that was its way of laughing. The king blinked in confusion at the gesture, and Laverna smiled blankly, just the smallest bit offended by the assumption.

    "Sir, I will be the one fulfilling the request, the man beside me is no man but a Pokemon from a different land, but this Pokemon seems to fancy a more human looking apperence," she received nothing more but a chuckle, and an apology that seemed a bit too sarcastic for her liking, like a father telling his child that they do have superpowers. Although there was no ill-will intended, she couldn't help but click her tongue in agitation. "He goes by the name Zero, and I'm Laverna Ambis," she had at least earned a curt nod of acknowledgment, all that was left to do was wait for this third person and get her instructions.
  2. The Bogwood Boy
    Two figures strolled through the bustling streets of Lumioise donned with silken cloaks of a chestnut color completed with long hoods that concealed their features almost entirely. The smaller of the duo marched forward with powerful posture and careful steps the guided him and his companion through the crowds. Although hidden through the hood, his shadowed complexion came with a stern look of lips tightly pressed together and lavender eyes narrowing as they frantically took in every possible detail. The much larger figure sauntered with a hefty waddle that occasionally caused it to bump into nearby persons. One such patron took offense and grabbed for the large figure attempting to pull the beast back for an apologize or explanation. The frazzled hand met a much softer hand of reptilian skin as the large hooded figured revealed itself to be a Dragonite! A crowd gathered around the forming scene, one voice from the crowd revealing a vital piece of information. A symbol carefully woven unto the backs of the chestnut fabric depicting that of a dragon bearing shield and spear.

    That’s a Bog Wood Mercenary!” One voice called while another called out “That’s a Dragonite!” Felix removed his hood and approached the elderly lady who seem to quickly cower from him. She was, however, met with a warm smile and an extended hand of apology. “I’m sorry Ma’am. Penelope here can be a bit clumsy. Right Nel’?” The Dragonite nodded quickly and as if nothing happened the duo pushed through the crowd donning their hoods once more.

    Such a sight wasn’t uncommon, especially with the Bog Wood Group being such an infamous name in the Kalos region. Their antics and actions always seemed to be the talk of the day with a new incident taking the limelight with each sunset and sunrise. Authorities fear the name and kings adore it. No job is ever too tall or small so long as the coin is right. Greed clouds the minds of the higher-ups and that is especially true with Felix’s father, Kenji, who is the leader of the aforementioned group. The lifestyle never sat well with him as dubious deeds and thievery always stressed Felix’s moral compass causing more than just sleepless nights. This job was an opportunity to get away from the mercenary lifestyle, and moreover a chance to prove to his own character that he was more than capable without the supervision of an evil organization overruling his every action.

    Arriving at the King’s quarters was much too simple, the active guard seemed to be at a wither. Felix patted the Dragonite’s back as they moved through the courtyard. Entering the grand-hall Felix took notice of a female bowing towards another man, presumably the king. The offhand comment struck Felix a bit odd as a bit of displeasure began to pulse within his veins only to be settled as the female struck chords of her own solidified with a stern backbone. He couldn’t help but to smile as he approached and made himself known from the shadows. Penelope followed in tow with a keen eye on the surrounding just in case.

    Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title. Could a king truly call himself a king if he is to subjugate those he beckons to for help? At the end of the day, the position is just a position, a title is just a title, and those things come and go. It's really your essence and your values that are important. You should do well to acknowledge those that answer your desperate pleas be they male or female.”

    Felix stood now, next to his would-be companion for this job. Lavender orb scanned the king for a moment before breaking the silence with a stern sigh and a shake of his head. “Felix Bogwood of BWG Mercenary Alliance. We’ve heard your request and I shall be fulfilling this role. Do well to remember who your manners in my presence. A king means nothing to a mob.” His eyes cocked towards Laverna with a keen look of acceptance. His body turned towards the female with an extended hand of acceptance and greeting. “Nice to meet you, it will be odd to have a partner from outside the organization. A breath of fresh air indeed. Names’ Felix, a pleasure to meet you.” The Dragonite lowered its frame and occupied Felix's left shoulder to greet Laverna with a smile as well. "This is Penelope. My faithful companion since birth." Penelope radiated an exorbitant amount of warmth towards the woman.
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  3. Laverna Ambis The King bit back his discomfort, remembering that this was a request open to anyone, regardless of their background. To step on the toes of a mobster would be far too reckless especially given his predicament. He remained silent watching the exchange of words, feeling a bit at ease that the two hired hands seemed to get along.

    Laverna smiled at the hand and took it giving it a firm shake, a bit surprised that he was working on this alone when he had an organization to back him up. "Call me Laverna, the cackling fool behind me is my partner Zero, more like a parent than a partner though" she chuckled lightly as the Pokemon took a step forward and removed its hat and offered the two a bow in greeting, Laverna reached out carefully with her other hand petting the Pokemon on the head, a bit excited to see a Pokemon from Kanto in Kalos. Oh Arceus, it's so cute. Before Laverna could continue a proper conversation the king cleared his throat in a manner that asked for their attention, and of course he had earned it.

    "As stated in my letter a group has been acting out. Naturally, I would send my men out and put them to a stop, but to my dismay they've yet even to return. I've sent a scout to fetch them, and he returned but needless to say, my men wouldn't be," He tried to maintain his face, biting back any grief that he had. Laverna empathized with the man, showing weakness when you're in a position of power is a recipe for disaster a moment later he picked up his speech "Given the dangers that I've stated in my letter I'm not surprised by the small turnout, but even so, I still emphasize your safety, if you for whatever reason feel as though you can't complete this mission," he eyed Laverna as he said this but seemed a bit apologetic about it "Then I urge you to dismiss yourself. That aside, I suggest visiting the Library to expand your knowledge on Yveltal and Xeneras if you feel you need to, additionally, parts of Kalos that seem to be particularly 'dead' are reported to be the most dangerous, so please tread with caution," With those final words the king left the throne room, a Furfrou that had been hiding behind the throne following after him. For a moment Laverna remained silent, processing the speech he gave before leaving and let out a long whistle as soon as she was confident he was out of earshot.

    "A bit of some heavy stuff there huh? I mean, death is certainly the greatest adventure but it's left to be explored last, don't you think, Zero?" The Pokemon nodded in agreement, the pair having their own silent conversation. "Scuse me, Felix ya? You're native to this land, right?" It would be best to get as much information as she could before risking her life for a few coins, after all, her life being at stake also risked her Pokemon's and that was certainly something she didn't wish to do.
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