Old Western idea. (Red Dead Redemption players would be of great use. <3) : D

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Manikos Karagiozis
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Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Modern, History; just about anything, really. Though, I am not too big on Romance.
So, I've been wanting to do an old western type RP. With lawmen and outlaws and guns and business. (Some may think of Red Dead Redemption which I've never played, BUT it sounds like the kind of deal I'm wanting)
So, any ideas/interests would be great.

This is a plot that I'm willing to work out with everyone. ANYONE who plays Red Dead Redemption could be of great help. :D So, yeah, COME TO ME MY DARLINGS!!!! >:D
Consider me... OF INTEREST! ^_^ Can't wait to find out the story.
I am interested too. Never played RDR, but I have seen every Clint Eastwood western and Tombstone like 1000 times.
If it's a western, sure! XD
Oh, yes!!! Deffiantly!
Ocha, yes you may! : D

Vay, yes. BAR FIGHTS indeed. <3
Loveless! Why did you have to come up with such a sweet idea?! <_< >_>
Im interested never played RDR but seen a lot of old westerns would i be ok?
Yes, Yes! You are welcomed indeed, Kitty Kat! : D
Well since I am from the south... I'm game. We need a Texan in this.
Red Dead Redemption is more of a.... new era thang than a true western... the wild west period was was really like 20-30 years before.

Anyway if you want help and stuffs I can offer it but I'm pretty packed right now with my own stuff >_>;