Old friends, Future enemies (Obsidian & Darkest)

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  1. It was midnight and the rain was falling in a light to medium speed. Crimson was jumping from roof to roof the rain splattering against her black trench coat, her long violet purple hair falling down to the middle of her back soaked through. Gah she was cold, but she ignored it only focusing on her assignment. She was to track down and eliminate a shapeshifter, she only knew his name and general description. Which oddly enough were similar to her old friends that she grew up with in the orphanage. But it couldnt be him, he wasnt a shifter.

    Crimson stops on the roof of a building looking down at the city, the lights shinning through the falling rain. It was pretty in a unique way, but tonight she would have to defile any beauty. She hated her job, but it was all she knew, and she was good at it. Her royal blue eyes scan the area looking for any man with the same description and age, he was suppose to live and work around this area. But she doubted he would be out in this rain, with her luck she would have to wait till tomorrow.​
  2. Aragón walked down the road with his hood pulled over his head. The steady patter of rain against the concrete served as a white noise as he was consumed in his thoughts. He had heard of the recent deaths of fellow shifters and that put him on edge. This person had only been seen once and the person who saw them died shortly after the fact. This person was a professional and they terrified Aragón.

    He walked into an apartment complex then to the third floor where he lived. It was a fairly nice apartment, as good as it got in his part of town. He was home but he didn't feel safe, he hadn't felt safe in a long time. He walked over to a large floor to ceiling window and pulled open the curtains. He looked out over the city, watching the little rain droplets slide down the window. In the corner of his eyes he saw someone standing on a rooftop scanning the area. He dropped back and moved out of the windows view. Could that be the person killing shifters?
  3. Crimson noticed a man with a hood walk into a apartment building, watching for any light to come on she sees on on the 3rd floor turn on and the windows open revealing the same man. Apparently he had seen her since he ducked back out of sight after a few moments, but humans shouldnt be able to see her out in this dark, least not easily. A rousing suspicion of his identity growing in her she makes her way to the roof right in front of the mans window watching inside from the shadows for any movement. She would do a little recon before engaging him at all.
  4. Aragón knew she had seen him, he saw her look in his direction as he moved out if sight. If she was the one hunting shifters, no doubt she be observing his home now. But that could be used to his advantage, he could possibly stop her killings.

    Aragón made sure he was still out of view, then he put a medium sized curved blade in his belt. He doubted he'd be able to take out a skilled killer with only his blade, but better safe than sorry. He then turned off all lights besides his lamp next to his bed. He pulled the curtains closer but left enough space for her to see into his apartment. He wanted her to. He then sat on his bed and pretended to make a phone call while ever so slightly watching her out the corner of his eye. His heart was racing but he remained calm
  5. Crimson frowns slightly at the odd manner of the man, he seemed to be acting normal...Though something seemed off about it, was he trying to pretend she wasnt here? She hesitates on whether she should approach him or not, if she did and he wasnt a shifter that would get awkward and weird fast. But if she didnt she would catch hell for letting a target escape from her, especially after he had spotted her. Deciding it was better safe than sorry she backs up slightly then shoots a cable into the cement wall of the building right above the mans balcony. Tugging on it to make sure it was secure she grips the cable tight before making a running jump off the building swinging toward the balcony she lands expertly on it, standing up she looks through the glass window waiting for the man's reaction.
  6. Aragón saw her coming across to his apartment, he remained calm for the seconds it took her to cross over from her rooftop perch to his apartment balcony. He looked up at her outside the glass window, his nerves on edge and him gripping the curved blade but holding it out of her sight.

    "What do you want?" He asked trying to sound like he had no idea why she was there, but he knew exactly why. One of them had to die here. He didn't know why but when he looked into her eyes, he felt like he had done it before. She seemed very familiar to him
  7. Even with her eyes it was hard to see the man clearly inside the house, since Crimson was still human and not a shifter her eyesight was lacking. Hearing the man speak to her she holds up her hands to show him she wasnt holding any weapons, his voice sounded very familiar...But she couldnt put a finger on it. "I have business to discuss...Can I come in?" her voice was devoid of emotion, empty. She had to keep herself empty in order to keep her sanity with this life. Her blue eyes watch the man, at least as best as she could.
  8. Letting her in would be an extreme risk, she could possibly know he was a shifter but then again she could possibly think he was only human. They were both putting on an act and he knew it, no regular person just ziplines to someones apartment.

    He put the blade in his belt and pulled his shirt over it. He then hesitantly opened the door and stepped back, keeping an eye on her as he let her walk in. "What kind of business, what do I have to do with anything?" He asked trying to see what she would say but already knowing the answers. If she thought he didn't know anything, then she might slip up and tell him something. But then again she was a trained professional, she was bound to be careful
  9. Crimson stepped inside lightly shaking the water off of her head, making her silky violet hair shine in the light a few stray pieces sticking to her face, she was soaked. Brushing the hair off her face she looks at the man intensely then frowns suddenly, he looked a lot like the boy she had grown up with....In fact they could be twins, but....He couldnt be....Could he? Her sapphire eyes piercing she takes a step toward him "A-Aragon? Is that you?" her voice has become warmer and confused.
  10. His entire being stopped as she uttered his name. How did she know who he was? Her words weren't filled with hate or disgust, but more of a warmth that would be directed at an old friend. "Yes, how do you know my name?" He asked looking deep into her eyes and watching for any signs of attack
  11. Crimson was stunned, it was him...She could believe it, out of all the people she was assigned to eliminate, she gets her oldest friend....But he didnt seem to remember her. She looks away trying to hide the hurt in her eyes, just as well she wasnt the shy, sweet girl he remembered anyways. Forcing herself to become numb she turns away her back to him. "Never mind, sorry for disturbing you. Good bye" her voice is empty and quiet, she walks back out to the balcony.
  12. Aragón noticed the girl turned away from his as if she was hiding herself from him. She felt so familiar to him but he couldn't understand why. "Nevermind, sorry for disturbing you. Goodbye." he heard the girl say, there was a tone of hurt in her words. He watched her walk toward the balcony without saying another word. She reminded him of a friend he once had as a child....His mind clicked with a sudden realization... He walked over to the girl and grabbed her hand, turning her toward him. Hey looked deep into her eyes and said in a soft tone "Crimson?"
  13. Crimson was so lost in past memories that she didnt notice Aragon had moved until he grabbed her hand and turned her to face him. Her azure eyes were confused showing a hidden pain, she was stunned when he said her name. He remembered? "Y-yes....I didnt think you would recognize me..." her voice is low looking away from his eyes. She didnt know what to do, she wasnt prepared for this...
  14. Aragón pulled her into a hug, he was fairly happy to see her but she could still be an assassin so his muscles were still tense and prepared in case she attacked. He let go of her and looked at the pain in her features "What are you doing here?" He asked but already knowing the answer. Whether she killed him or not would be completely her choice. He may be her old friend, but he knew she had a job to do
  15. Crimson's eyes widen in surprise at the unexpected hug, she wasnt use to be touched these days, let alone in a kind way. She hesitates unsure of what to do, but the warmth of his body made her relax slightly and she hugged him back gently. When he let go she looks down ashamed of what she was sent to do...What she had become. "Y-you know w-why..." her slight stutter comes back, the same one she had as a kid. It only came out when she was nervous or stressed. She wouldnt kill him though, she couldnt, even though she was a monster she refused to kill the only person that had cared about her. "W-what h-happened to y-you?"
  16. Aragón didn't know what to say, it was hard for him to live amongst humans as a child. He didn't always have full control of his shifting back then, so he left until he gained control of his powers. He hated himself for leaving her all alone, he knew that she needed him back then but he selfishly left her by herself. "Crim I'm sorry, I should have been there with you. I didn't know any better, we were children." A lost pain began to grow inside of him as he remembered what it was like not having her around, she had been the only person that he felt one hundred percent safe around. Once he left, desolation set in quickly
  17. Crimson wanted to believe those words, wanted to forgive him and make it all okay, wanted the past years of hell to just be erased. But she couldnt do it, at least not right now. All the memories that she tried to suppress were surging up now, some good such as Aragon and her staying up into the night talking about what they would do once they got out of the orphanage. Others....They were better left buried. She slowly looks up into Aragon's eyes her own somewhat numb, she didnt know any other way to control her emotions. "Its fine.....You had other obligations I understand....Especially now knowing your a shifter" her voice is numb, the stutter gone.
  18. Aragón knew he couldn't be forgiven for leaving her and that tore him apart, but he also understood why. He felt the same way when his father left him, that was the reason he was in the orphanage in the first place. There was a hatred in his heart that was never healed, only buried under other emotions

    "How did you know about me being a shifter?" He asked softly but also thinking through the past. He didn't remember telling her about being a shifter, he always felt it was better that he kept it to himself but obviously someone had other plans. There were very few people he trusted with the knowledge of his powers but now he knew he couldn't trust anyone
  19. Crimson shakes her head at his question her hair still dripping wet. "You know how I know, its what you suspect, its the reason why your tense around me even still. I am an assassin" her voice is empty, she took no pride in her work. Turning away she walks out to the balcony "Ill leave, I refuse to accept this job. Sorry for disturbing you.....It was nice seeing you again Aragon" her voice shows a bit of emotion at the end.
  20. Aragón wanted to ask her so much more, but he knew it was best he let her go; she probably didn't want to be around him longer than she needed to be and he didn't blame her for that. "Crim..." He said only loud enough for her to hear, he couldn't think of what to say but he knew he wanted to tell her so much. "I'm sorry" that's all he could manage, but he knew that those words must have meant next to nothing to her
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