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  1. Hey again, Iwaku! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Lycan Queen. I was a moderator for a short while on Iwaku when we were still on Proboards, and I left shortly after the first move, and now I'm back for some casual fun. I live in Georgia with my boyfriend of 3+ years, who is also a veteran of Iwaku, Zeon Twilight. The proboards Iwaku was where we first met. Other than that I occasionally draw on my tablet (I'm not that good), and I play video games. I do love writing, but I've had a hard time getting myself motivated, and I hope that through my interactions here I'll be inspired again. That's not to say I won't post, because I plan to be at least moderately active, but I can't promise the same level of activity I had back in the day, when this place was my only solace against the dark years of high school.

    Now I'm 23 years old, female, and I am pretty much a major fantasy roleplayer. I enjoy supernatural modern and even light sci-fi, but I just can't get into mundane modern or strictly historical settings. Steampunk and cyberpunk are both genres I've looked very briefly into, but there hasn't been a setting or story that has really grabbed me. I'm also well versed in many types of tabletop roleplay systems, including Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, old World of Darkness, (some) new World of Darkness, and GURPS.

    ..Well, that intro turned out to be longer than I expected. Glad to be here, can't wait to get into trouble new and exciting roleplays!
  2. Welcome back Lycan! 8D
  3. Hey Diana! *hugs* Long time no see! I was dragged here kicking and screaming convinced to come back here by Jack Shade. I can't wait to get involved again! I just have to run to bed now because I have another morning shift coming up at work. *grumble* But I'll have the day off after that, so expect me! *vanishes*
  4. HOMG IT'S LQ.
    Are you sticking around? Are you bringing Zeon back with you?
    You missed it, but Fluffy left D:
    If you're interested in Iwaku again, we have soooo much catching up to do!
    I'm sure you can find your way around everything all right but we have changed so if you need help, please ask!
  5. Awesome, hey welcome back Lycan Queen! Certainly has been a longgg time indeed.
  6. *glances at Lycan Queen's coffin in Iwaku: Dark Reign* >_>

    [/flawless product placement]
  7. *Seeks out other old members to drag back to the fold*

    Great to see you again Lycan!
  8. @Kitti: Zeon is planning on making a return, he's just been busy now that he finally got his hands on the Megaman X collection. And Fluffy left? Damn, I wanted to talk to her. I know I have a lot to catch up on, and I shall stick around to find out! *hugs the Kitti* I missed you, too, and you should talk to me more on Skype!

    @Chef Manly: Good to see you, too. As for the Shapeshifter Guild, that's on the MAYBE list. I don't feel like I have a lot of time nowadays to give it the attention it deserved, and I'd probably want to have something a little more defined. Not impossible, but not probable in the near future.

    @King Weavel: Hey hey! It's been a while as well! Nice to see you.

    @Asmodeus: Oh, you know that death is only a temporary thing. If there's anything in the Iwaku Mythos going down right now I'll look into it, as I've been mentally developing LQ's cannon during my work shifts. And heeeeeeeey Asmo! *pushes Asmo down the stairs* Just like old times, eh?

    @Jack Shade: D< He's using mind control, I swear! Run while you can!
  9. Hey No fair hun, you post and all the old people come rushing to your thread, but I post mine and I just attract lovely nooblets? No fair no fair indeed.
  10. >>


    Welcome back?! :D
  11. There is a Queen, here?! Well, welcome back though I have no idea who you were since I am still a new member of the site.
  12. *snugs on Zeon* True, we must make Iwaku 150% more lovey-dovey!

    @Ilaina: Thank you for the welcoming! You've got a gorgeous signature, btw.

    @Lupine: I see another lycan! You don't have to refer to me as royalty, but you can! =3
  13. Well goddamn, long time no see Lycan and Zeon.

    Welcome back to the madhouse.
  14. Yeah, we're back. Everything has gone full circle.

    That is an epic sig Grumpy, so manly!
  15. That is indeed a manly signature. Grumpy, did you use to go by the name of Torsty, or is this someone else I don't remember?
  16. Torsty is now MettaWorldPeace.

    I'm as Grumpy as I was back when you guys where here last. If you recall Grant Page from the Legacy RP Asmo ran? That was me.
  17. You remember that RP, don't you, Lycan?

    Where everyone fucked up?

    Where you couldn't organize your awesome idea because everyone let you down?

    All those idiots?


    In the Legacy RP?

    You had this great idea and no one cooperated?

    With the Necromancer?

    In Legacy?

    *nudges Zypher's fat rapey zombie corpse under the bed*
  19. Eh, it wasn't that good an idea to begin with, Asmo. Besides, Teagen's moved on to other, bigger projects. He didn't mind being a bad guy, but he's more or less an anti-hero at heart. And I remember you now, Grumpy! Sorry I got you mixed up with Torst.

    Zeon and I have a few chores to do around the house, but after that I'll put together an avatar and signature. Maybe then I'll pop into some of the jump-in rps and see where that goes.