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  1. Why hullo thurr~

    I am Crit, I also go by Yuuki (Yuuki of the Strata). I am totally and absolutely new to iwaku, however I am not new to roleplaying. I have been roleplaying for about... ten? Ten years now? Oh god. I started out on Gaia, and was there for a good nine years or so before I transfered over to RPN. There, I found it somewhat difficult to fully assimilate, but I did enjoy some of the community. I am still active on RPN, but of course, with the community generally so much younger than me, it makes it difficult for me to roleplay exactly what I want without feeling too uncomfortable.

    And here I am, with an invite from a very lovely friend.

    I hope to make many more friends here, as well as participate in and make some very interesting roleplays!
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  2. Oh hey, Crit! c: Nice to see you again.
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  3. MORDE! HI. <3
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  4. Hey! We've heard that recently there was a big hullabaloo over at RPN, too, and are expecting a bunch of folks from there. I'm a RPN transfer myself, though I've been RPing in general for far shorter a time than you (about 3 years), and moved over to iwaku about two years ago. We have a newbie care package, too, if you're interested. :)
  5. Hiii! :D
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  6. Ahh, yeah. They kind of... didn't prepare anyone for the major updates--including the entire site software change. It's been kind of, well, messy. I'm not going to bring negativity here, since I don't want to start any trouble. But as for right now, I'd like to explore my rp-site options. xD;;

    ;;A;; Care package?
    I'll check that out!
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  7. Hello YotS :x

    Welcome to Iwaku :v You may know me who I'm if you looked closely (and yes I'm from RPN as well)
  8. Hey Crit...

    It's so awesome to hear we have a veteran roleplayer joining us :D! I don't often come across people who have roleplayed practically as long as I have, but everytime I do, it's fantastic.

    Seeing as you're completely new to Iwaku, check out our newest thread; the "Newbie Care Package" thread. There you can find a bunch of helpful tips, tricks, and offers from some lovely staff members to get you started on this site. Also, below here are some helpful links, I hope to see you around :D!

    Help Desk - HELP DESK
    Interest Checking & Creation - INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION
    Seeking One on One Partners - SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS
    Terms & Rules - Terms of Service and Rules | IwakuRoleplay.com
    BB Codes - BB Codes | IwakuRoleplay.com

  9. M-Mono? ;;A;;
    I'm so terrible at this. HINTS PLS? Dx!!!

    Thank you very much, Ali! I'm excited to see what the rp metas are here. The Interest Checking & Creation will definitely be a place I would hang out in a lot. That care package tho~♥
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  10. Ooh ho :) There's a face I recognize <3
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  11. Eyyyy, Elle! Nice seeing you too! ♥
  12. It's Emiya x)
  13. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your stay here~

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me ;v;
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  14. OH SHIT. Okay, makes sense now. omg I'm sorry for getting you mixed up. Hi. ;;^;; ♥
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  15. Thank you, and I definitely will!

    Sorry, I'm playing with bbcode right now. Just... HNNNNG! MY HEART!
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  16. Once upon a time, I started roleplaying on Gaia too.
    I prefer not to remember those times, though. I was so tiny.

    You've gotten a lot of links to get you headed to some shiny places here but if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
    Welcome to the site, I hope you have fun.
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  17. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you find all the roleplaying your heart desires!
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  18. Thanks a lot. I'm sure when I'm not so tired, I'll have a lot of questions to ask.
    maybe a lot because of css/bbcode but anyways

    I'm pretty pleased by the welcoming I'm getting. ♥
  19. BBCode is fun to mess around with, I don't blame you.

    Our rich text editor has so many fancy buttons. We have a testing area here, too, to try stuff out. Tons of people love using the codes to make their posts look amazing.

    Edit: I see you've found them already! Cheers.
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  20. The text editor was something I was pleasantly surprised with. It's very functional. Thank you for the tip. I'm eager to start showing off my products soon enough.
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