Oh my Gods

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  1. Thor. Zeus. Ra. And thousands, if not tens of thousands, of others. The gods and goddesses of ancient mythology. For thousands of years, stories of them have inspired humanity. But they're just stories, right?...

    You are a demigod. Gifted with strange abilities most mortals would kill to have. But life's not all Amaterasu's sunshine and Iris's rainbows. The terrifying monsters of the ancient tales? Yep, they're real, too. And you are the mortals' one line of defense against horrors they don't even realize are out there. Good luck, heroes. You're gonna need it.

    So, what is this about? Basically, the heroic (mis)adventures of a group of demigods of all faiths. I've got room for more slice-of-life things, too, so don't worry if action isn't your thing. I'd personally like to make this a clan roleplay, to facilitate the possibility of multiple plot lines going on at the same time.

    So, who's in?
  2. In, very much in
  3. I'm interested. Norse and Christian mythology represent!
  4. i'm interested
  5. @JohnnyHoboJr

    sorry, but I don't think I'm going to allow anything Christian in here. Not going to open up that can of worms, thank you very much. Norse is good, though.

    As for the rest of you guys, keep your eyes peeled. If we can get one or two more people, I'll get the group set up.
  6. Darn. Well, I'm still in.
  7. This seems interesting
  8. You can count me in.
  9. Well, this is impressive. The clan's going up now!
  10. Can you link it to me?
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Not open for further replies.