Office Romance

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    [​IMG] Mitchell, 22 years old

    Working in the office always left Mitchell a little dull, but he couldn't quit his job. He needed the money if he was ever going to pay back his school loan, which he wasn't even half-way done with paying. Of course, he wouldn't mind a few weeks off for vacation. Maybe hang out with friends and go out drinking.

    He thought of this while leaning back in his chair, hidden away in his cubicle. Unfortunately, he leaned back to far and ended up falling hard onto his back. "Ow, dammit!" he half-shouted, his cheeks reddening in embarassment.
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    Kieara had just started work here. She wore a white button up shirt and a black skirt. HEr hair was down in its usual wavy style, and also pulled over her left eye for some reason or another. She was currently delievering everyone's work to them for the boss. She soon arrived at Mitchell's cubicle. She gasped seeing him fall. "O-oh are you alright?" She asked her voice soft and shy while kneeling to help him up her left eye still hidden as she let a look of concern take her over.
  3. He looked up quickly, his head spinning a little. Oh... She's pretty... Well, this is an embarassing way to meet cute girls, he thought, sitting up. "Oh yeah, I'm fine," he replied, smiling at her. "Just leaned back a little too far. Don't worry about me." He stood up, pulling up his chair as well, holding her arm gently to help her up as well. He quickly let go and looked at her nervously. "So... Um... Do you have my work? I'm Mitchell," he said, blushing slightly and holding out his hand.
  4. Kieara blushed softly as well and offered a smile. "Yes." She handed him the folder containing his work. "I'm Kieara." She told him. He was very handsome. She couldn't help but think that he was. She loved seeing a man in a suit which was just a perk to her of working at an office complex.
  5. He smiled and set his folder on his desk. "It's a pleasure to meet you Kieara," he said, pausing for a minute, "Though... I'm sure we must've met before, if you've been delivering me my work. Sorry, I'm not good with faces." He nodded politely to her. "It's nice meeting you anyway."
  6. "Oh it's fine. I don't believe we've met before, I just started work today." She said to him. She offered a smile. "Though we'll probably be seeing more of each other, my cubicle is right there." She said pointing to the one across from his. You could see a side view of her work area.
  7. "Oh!" he said, turning to look at her cubicle. "Great, I hope you like working here," he said, turning back to her and smiling. "It's kind of boring, but at least after work a few of us go out for drinks and stuff. If you'd care to join us today, I'll invite you," he suggested politely.
  8. "That sounds nice." She spoke smilng. "Thanks." She then ehaded off to deliever everyone elses work to them.
  9. He nodded, "No problem." As she left, he sat back down, beginning to go through his work. Sighing gently, he turned to his computer and got to it, anxious for later.
  10. Kieara soon returned and got to her own work. She was focused on what she was doing. She was sexy in a professional type of way, and her button up shirt was showing some of her slightly above average sized cleavage.
  11. Mitch glanced over at her occasionally, smiling and turning back to his own work afterward. He hoped she didn't notice his staring, mainly because he kept wanting to look up at her.
  12. Their shift was soon over and Kieara shut everything down and filed her work for the day. She reached down getting her purse and slipping it over her shoulder. She then smiled as she headed over to Mitch's cubicle. "Hey." she said leaning against the wall.
  13. Mitch was filing his own work when she came over. He looked up and smiled. "Hey there," he said, standing up. "Do you need to go home first and change, or do you want to head directly to the bar? Well... It's more of a club," he admitted, laughing a little.
  14. "I'm fine the way I am." She had a reason for not making him take her home. She didn't want him to meet the mob boss roomie she had. He was abusive and refused to let her go. Under the hair over her left eye was a dark bruise left by him.
  15. "Oh alright," Mitch replied, nodding. "I hope you don't mind coming to my place for a few minutes. I'm afraid I don't really like this suit." He laughed a little, "It's brand new, so it's really itchy. Don't worry though, you can wait outside or whatever, I don't want you feeling uncomfortable." He smiled and lead her out of the building, holding the door open for her and walking to his car.
  16. Kieara spoke. "That's fine." She said to him. She followed him to his car and got in. She looked out the window as he drove.
  17. Mitch pulled into his driveway and unbuckled his seat-belt. "Would you like to come inside?" he asked, smiling politely.
  18. Kieara looked to him. she smiled and unbuckled. "Sure, why not?" She then got out and followed him inside.
  19. He held the door open and led her into the living room. "Alright, you can wait here, while I go get ready," Mitch said, smiling and heading into his room.
  20. Kieara smiled and looked around his livingroom. She slowly looked at his pictures and such. She waited patiently for his return.