Of Sinners and Saints

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    Of Sinners and Saints

    " November 18th -

    I must make this brief, as even now I'm sure the Council is in the midst of their pre-meeting Rituals.

    Normally I would not concern myself with their ridiculous traditions, but today they will be discussing Inda-nur. Inda-nur. I still haven't been able to bring myself to say those words, for I fear that once I do, today's events will become real. Of course they're real - what's left of my brewery can attest to that - but I mean real to me.

    Ever since I was a young girl, Inda-nur has been special to me.

    A floating city.

    I remember the first time I saw it. I had been sent by Ma to fetch my father from the fields. I had no trouble finding him, as he always went to the same spot at sun-down. I found him on the crest of a hill just beyond our property, his teeth clenched tightly around the reed of some leaf as he stared pensively at the sky. I would often sit and watch him for several minutes before announcing my presence, savoring the way his wrinkled eyes disrobed the heavens. On this day, however, I came barreling over the hill, a hurricane of gangly limbs and eight-year old energy.

    My father caught me in his arms with a chuckle and wrapped me against his broad chest. "What did you learn today?" he would always ask first, and I would flippantly repeat something my teachers had said that day. I held my breath, having already thought of an answer on my walk over, waiting for him to ask. He never did. Instead, he turned me around to face the sky.

    And it was there.


    I had never seen anything like it before. The city was perched on a mass of land shaped liked a rigid tooth, hanging precariously above the horizon as if ready to clamp down at any moment. The whitewashed city walls were partly obscured by clouds, but I could see faint flashes of twisting spires and bulky parapets as the clouds shifted in the wind. I tried to speak, but my mouth was dry. “How...” was all I could manage.

    “No one knows, although those buffoons from the Council, your grandfather included, would tell you otherwise,” My father offered in a whisper. “It's been around for as long as anyone can remember, and I'd wager a good bit before that too.” He spoke of Inda-nur with all the wonder of a child. “Where did it come from? How did it get up there? Why can it only be seen during the Summer?... Is there anyone up there?” This last question hadn't yet occurred to me, and I gasped in a mixture of awe and fear. “We don't know the answer to any of these questions, because we've never managed to get up there. But you, Tessy, you'll do it. You'll discover all the wonders Inda-nur has to offer.” The words were nothing more than hopeful encouragement from a father who saw the world in his daughter, but at the time I believed every word.

    I had convinced myself that day that he was right, and I would be the first to go to Inda-nur.

    And in the end he was right, although not in the way he had imagined. I never made it to Inda-nur, but that's because Inda-nur came to me.

    Inda-nur has fallen, and nothing will ever be the same.”

    The Setting:
    The story takes place on Touraine, a planet extremely similar to Earth in both its climate, topography and animal life. Unlike Earth, the land is divided into much smaller land masses which are separated by raging oceans and a heavy, permanent fog. It is impossible to navigate by boat between the land masses, and as such the islands have never been in contact with one another. Each island has its own distinct history, culture, governmental structure and technology. While there are thousands of these islands spread across the planet, our story will focus primarily on Saintonge. Saintonge is a large island, covered in flat plains and fertile land perfectly suited for agriculture. The island has no native animal species apart from the birds that migrate to the western cliffs for mating each spring. Saintonge has a mild climate, with winter lasting only two months and the rest of the year dominated by rain cycles that start on the first of each month and last for exactly eleven days. As the weather is predictable and pefectly suited for farming, the people, culture and technology of Saintonge has developed specifically for this purpose.

    The people of Saintonge have lived the last 300 years in complete peace and solitude. Food is abundant, there have been no wars or natural disasters, and the people are content with living a simple life. With no real purpose, the government has slowly decayed to little more than a puppet aristocracy led by increasingly bored and petty families in the capital city of Roubaix. The government also controls a small army that hasn’t had a true purpose apart from patrolling the land for over 300 years. As such, the militia is considered worthless by the public and is openly ridiculed as unnecessary and incopetent. Roubaix is located on the northern cliffs of the island and surrounded by lush farmland. While Roubaix is the economic and political center of Saintonge, the majority of the population is spread across small towns and villages. Our story will begin in Saint-Malo, a small village on the south-western tip of the island. As one of the furthest villages from Roubaix, the village has had almost zero contact with the capital and is run almost exclusively by the village Council. Culturually and technologically Saint-Malo has changed very little over the last 100 years, although this will change drastically with the fall of Inda-nur.

    The Story:
    The story will follow the aftermath of the fall of Inda-nur and the impact this has on the people of Saintonge. While I don’t want to give away too many details as I have a pretty elaborate plan in my head for the story, I will say that the citizens of Saint-Malo will be the first to arrive at the impact zone of Inda-nur. They will discover a single elderly woman in the wrecakge, completely lucid and miraculously unharmed. She calls herself ‘The Beliver’, although she has no memory of how she got this name or her time on Inda-nur before the fall. The discovery of this woman, and the arrival of three mysterious men claiming to be from another island, will set off a chain of events that have drastic impacts not just on Saintonge, but on the world. That’s all I want to say for now, although if anyone has specific questions please feel free to message me or ask in the this thread.

    The Belief:
    I will fill this section in once we’ve hit a specific plot point in the story. As a tease, this section will describe a very spefic system of magic I’ve come up with for the story. Our characters, and the world of Touraine at large, does not yet have knowledge of this magic, and as such, neither do you.

    I’m not a fan of traditional sign-ups, as I feel like they pidgeon-hole our characters into a list of questions we answer before the story has even started. I believe that our characters should be explored and discovered during the course of the story. That being said, I’d like your sign-up to be an in-character account of your character’s first time seeing (or hearing about, if your character has never seen it) Inda-nur. This can in first-person, similar to mine above, or in third-person (or even second-person if it makes sense!). I’d like all characters to be from Saintonge, although your character can be from any town or city. I was purposely vague in my description of the setting, as I’d like you guys to help me flesh out this world. I have some specific ideas regarding the setting that are important to the plot, however besides that I’d love you guys to take the intiative and grow the world with me. Saintonge would best be described as medieval-ish, both technologically and culturally. As I stated the people and culture are pretty simplistic, as they haven’t really had a need to change in hundreds of years. Apart from those general guidelines, feel free to introduce new towns and villages as you will.

    If you have any questions please feel free to message me or ask below!

    IC thread is up! Here's the link: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/of-sinners-and-saints-ic-still-accepting.74334/
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  2. "What's that, Dad?" the child asked, drowning the rumble of the wooden wheel on the pebbly ground momentarily. The sandy blonde boy was pointing his small index finger up in the air. Pointing at the city with white walls that sat on an enormous piece of rock, an island one could say, afloat in mid-air. Quiet and ominous it stood, a monument of mystery to all that beheld from below. It had caught the child's attention when a ray of sun flickered between the buildings above.

    The father adjusted his brown brimmed hat, unsure of what exactly to tell the boy. He didn't know much himself. Sure he heard the odd rumor, as he traveled from town to town selling his wares. Heard about it being the home of gods or angels, fey and elves, but most of these were brushed aside like one would brush dust from a jacket shoulder. He was not a superstitious man after all. In his opinion, unless there were other humans up there, the city of Inda-nur was empty. Abandoned.

    "It's called Inda-nur," he said as the kid planted himself on the wagon seat. "It's a city, or that's what it seems like, but none of the people I know really know anything about it." No use in filling the boy's head with nonsense, he thought and gave his donkeys a bit of encouragement to move faster. The day was dragging on and they needed to get to Roseton before dark.

    "Who lives up there then?" inquisitive the boy certainly was. The man shrugged his shoulders at the question, leaving the boy with a furrowed brow and a bit of a displeased face.

    "Maybe you can go sell them something one day and then come tell me. Perhaps you can trade there for something valuable," Dakar was now only making small talk in hopes of cheering the child up. He knew there was no way a simple merchant's son could get up there. To be honest not even one of the head families would be able to get up there, he mused. He smiled at his son, the kid's blue eyes examining Inda-nur once again. "What do you say to that, Eric?"

    The boy was too busy imagining the wonders of an unexplored metropolis to answer.
  3. That's great, Twoface! I'll try not to disappoint and get a post up as soon as I am able. I just realized and I'm so sorry for it, but you said the land has no native animals and I went and added donkeys. I'm totally at fault her :/ Would you like me to rewrite it?
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  4. (I made up my own town, if that's alright. It's pretty close to Saint-Malo, maybe an hour to an hour and a half by foot. I can explain it to you in more detail if you want.)

    She’d always known it was there. She’d seen it before. The strange, yet beautiful place in the sky. The coolest summer breeze of the day blew by, brushing across her tan skin, rustling through her light red-colored dress and Marbleize looked to the sky. Marbleize could clearly see it now. The clouds were gone and the large floating island that everyone seemed to ignore was so clear, so visible. And every time, Marbleize became elated, so excited. “Mana! Mana!” Marbleize made her way down the grassy hillside, slipping and sliding as the rainy season had just ended. Her house, which wasn't too far from the hill, was pretty big, made for farming. Marbleize ran through the orchards all the while yelling loudly for her mother. “Mana! Mana!” She skidded, kicking up grass and mud as she shucked off her boots and ran into the house. “Mana!”

    “What is it, dearest?” Her mother, a petite looking woman with natural-white tipped hair turned. “What’s the matter?”

    “I saw it!” The girl, despite being seventeen, acted like a child. In her hazel-colored eyes, her mother could see the amazement and wonder filled within her eyes. Cara shook her head, already knowing where this was going. “It’s here!”

    She sighed, “Marbie, dearest.” Marbleize’s face fell, she crossed her arms and looked out the window. She already knew what was coming and after seeing the look in her mother’s eyes, she already knew she shouldn't have even mentioned it.

    “M-Mana, I…”

    “I know, Marbleize.” Cara sighed once more, opening her arms and allowing her daughter to hug her. “The townspeople already think we’re strange—especially because of your father’s…claims… I… I think it’s best if you don’t mention this to anyone. Remember—“

    “Firyae isn’t the place for Inda-nur…” Marbleize looked anywhere but at her mother. A sad smile overtook Cara’s face as she held Marbleize’s hand, pressing a small kiss to her forehead, as if apologizing for the fate they somehow acquired. Marbleize only smiled back, just as—if not more—half-heartedly than her mother. The moment was ended when Cara pulled away from her daughter, brushing the naturally thick brown hair out of her eyes.

    “Right, now get ready, I need you to go over to Saint-Malo and pick up those supplies.” Cara said as she shooed Marbleize off. Marbleize traipsed towards her room to get ready.”
  5. No worries Cahill! This is only the sign-ups so a few inconsistencies are perfectly fine!

    Hey there Kattekerma! I'm very interested to learn more about Marbleize! Accepted!
  6. Okay great! I'll probably post a reply to the actual story sometime tomorrow (or later today)!
  7. Hey again, Twoface. I'm curious as to whether you had a certain currency in mind for the land? Common copper, silver and gold? Or something odd like a type of stone? Hope to hear from you soon.
  8. Hey Cahill! I hadn't really thought about a currency, but I think it'd be best to keep things simple and stick with the common copper, silver and gold. The other islands will have various currency systems but for Saintonge well keep it standard.
  9. Will do!
  10. Great posts guys! I posted the next bit of story, which is really just setting us up to leave for Inda-nur. It's totally up to you guys, but if you want to use Adrien as a way of getting in the party of people leaving for Inda-nur, feel free. If you have questions about his personality or anything that might help you write him, feel free to message me and we can discuss. If not you could always just have you character at Inda-nur when we arrive, and we'll go from there. Totally up to you guys!
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