Objects you are attached to?

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  1. Excluding things like your phone or laptop, of course. :P

    As for me, I have a baby blanket I still have since I was a kid. Severely battered and tattered but I still love it to bits but my grandparents hate it xD. They think I'm too old for it but I'm just too attached to throw it out or something. Don't like people touching it either.

    What's the story behind items you are attached to? c:
  2. My Oy Tee Shirt! (open)

    My husband got it for me for our 10 year wedding anniversary. It's the first time he actually got me a present that I didn't have to pick out for him, and one that I actually liked. It's also my good luck shirt. whenever I wear it, I usually have a good day.
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  3. I have an old Pikachu plushie that I got when I was like 7 or 8. As a lonely little kid, that Pikachu became one of my closest friends. I took him everywhere with me.

    As a result, he's in pretty beat-up shape. He used to be able to talk when you pushed a button in his hand, and the ears would move and cheeks would light up, but pretty much all those features broke one after another over the years. He's also incredibly dirty. I never washed him cuz, you know, all that gadgetry inside him and all -- even after most of it had already broken, the thought of throwing something like that in the wash freaked me out a little too much. One time I saw someone at a convention who had the exact same Pikachu plush, and I was just so blown away by how brightly yellow it was. Mine hasn't looked like that in a long time. I forgot it ever did look like that. @_@

    He never leaves the house anymore, but I don't have the heart to even consider getting rid of him. He just sits in my room now.
  4. I have a baby doll that I keep. I've had since I was born pretty much and when I'm stressed I always regress back to it and it calms me down. I also still have my baby blanket and its still in pretty good shape. I keep both on the side of my bed. I'm sure I have a few more things some where in my room.
  5. I try not to get too sentimental about objects, cause I come from a long line of hoarders and that can get dangerous. @____@ On top of it, when I left home I had to leave nearly everything I owned so I don't have a lot of stuff that is older than 10 years and has memories attached to it.

    BUUUUUUUUUT. I did managed to spare some special objects:

    I have a tiny baby locket that I have had since I was a tiny baby. And the pictures of baby me wearing it.

    I have a pair of round, purple tinted john lennon style sunglasses my uncle gave me before he died.

    The rest of my sentimental things I keep are all jewelry items, because I wear them often and can really appreciate them. So I have an assortment of things from friends and family!
  6. Women.

    Seriously though. It's dumb things like the coat I bought in China. It's just a coat, but without it I'd never have been able to do awesome things like mountain climbing adventures. I have an old pocket watch, though I do not carry it with me anymore, for the longest time it was a very sentimental item. It's now safely stored away.

    I also kept pretty much all my plushies. They're in a box at my parents' now, but I used to use them in a lot of fantasy stories and games as a child. Sometimes I look back through the retarded amount of drawings I made as a kid to relive what excited me back then and re-establish what is important to focus on, because as a kid I just thought of things that were fun and cool without diluting it with unnecessary complications. I think this is actually a good exercise for most of us self-proclaimed creative types.
  7. I get attached to objects pretty easily but I'm just gonna ramble about one of them.

    I have a frog plushie that I might or might not save from a fire. I think it was 8th birthday or something when I was in a toy store with my parents and they were like "You can have any toy from this toy store for your birthday (as long as it's not too expensive), choose wisely. " And then I just turned left (or right) and picked a frog plushie from the shelf that was right beside me without even looking at the other stuff in the store. Never regretted my hasty decision though.

    My little sister got a different kind of frog plushie about the same size years later and the two froggies had some wonderful adventures together. (Yes, I regularly played with my little sister as a kid.)

    The frog's name is Samppi ('frog' is 'sammakko' in Finnish and I didn't have much imagination as a kid) and I still sleep with him.
  8. My headphones because when the world is becoming too much of a nuisance, I can shut it off with music.

    My wallet, credit card, ID ecetera because when you touch anyone of them without my permission, then you die.

    I get extremely attached to almost any type of gum(Sugar free only) that I purchase from the store...in short they are my personal alternatives for cigarettes.
  9. I still have a plaid blanket I've had since I was a little kid. My parents gave it to me to replace the baby blanket I'd worn holes in. I've kept it ever since and still sleep with it.
    I also still have my favorite toy, a koala bear, but sadly it's more stuffing than toy at this point. The bear just sits on my shelf now.
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  10. I have my first Christmas present, a teddy bear, and my baby blankets. They are all in my bed, and will be for a very, very long time. They're soft and soothe me when I'm feeling especially anxious.
  11. A piece of sandstone my grandfather picked up from the Grand Canyon for me. It sits on my desk. It's all soft orange with stripes all over and perfectly smooth.
  12. My phylactery.
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  13. My Lego-built... something. Honestly even after all these years, must be 14 years or so, looking at it right now siting on a shelf I stil cant decide if its a plane, a robot, or some kind of mix betwen the two. Probably both :P I loved playing vith Lego vhen I was a kid, my uncle used to buy me those sets on a monthly basis, loved to build all kinds of things, and never EVER folowing the construction-manual that come with them XD. I just did it by instinct, playing vith those gears and pins and stuff and puting them together. Sometimes I wonder vhen did I lose my creativity over the years...

    Aniway, I thrown all my Legos away years ago, but I just cant bring my-self to part vith that thing. Realy stands out among all the other stuff I have in my place, too! And I'm anything but a sentimental type. But its a litle piece of child-hood to remind me of the days vhen I was much diferent then I am now.
  14. I'm attached to my wife 8D.


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  15. Ok, so I don't normally get attached to anything. I'm the guy who bought an entirely new xbox 360 just because my old one was left at a friends house. The friend who is now dating my ex. So yeah, normally I don't care about belonging. I mean, I have my car, which I like quite a bit, but that's about it...

    Or it would be, but that forementioned Ex Grilfriend, well, years ago I bought her a plush fox, who she promptly name "Absalom". I don't know why, but my only real request during the break up was that I get to keep that stupid fox. I still have him, and all he does is sit there, but I can never bring myself to move him, or give him to my dog. I just...I dunno, he's special.
  16. [​IMG]

    Birov when he was like, 0.6 years old, and Birov when he was 20. (Or maybe 21?)

    Sgraggles is my teddy bear. I love my teddy bear. It is one of the only things I owned as a child that was really, truly mine, that I never lost or had taken from me, so it's mine.

    I still have him. He's still mine, and I still love him. :ferret:
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  17. I used to be really attached to a wristwatch. Got it repaired a lot of times. After it started breaking way too often, and my mom bought me my first cellphone where I could see the time, I stopped wearing it, and over time my attachment faded away. I'm also attached to my old character sheets of tabletop RPG games I no longer play. I could never throw them away.
  18. [​IMG]

    I've had this Mickey Mouse since I was six months old.
  19. Growing up, I had a buttload of stuffed animals. Most of them have been donated to toy drives, or given to my little sis, or just locked up in storage. The exception being this little guy right here:


    I got this little buddy when I was pretty little -- not quite sure where or who from -- and named him Baby Tiger. I was not a very original child. He's stuck with me through everything, even when I was going through my Veterinarian-Doctor-Hair Stylist Phase (don't ask). Just holding him is enough to calm my anxiety, and he has this weird familiar smell that brings back a wave of nostalgia.
  20. When my boyfriend and I first started dating I stole a moose stuffed animal from him. It goes everywhere with me now. Mr. Moose has been to Texas, New York, DC, Minneapolis, South Dakota, Colorado, Chicago, and the Dominican (not counting the places that we drove through and did not stop in). Every new place I take him I get even more attached.

    The other things I am attached to are my books. My book collection is my pride and joy. Harm one of my books and I will destroy you.
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