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  1. Sometimes I use DeviantArt to search for images for my characters. More often than not, my searches turn up at least one or two images of these hyper obese people, always drawn images rather than real people.

    Is this some kind of subculture on DeviantArt? Like, a bunch of people with fetishes for hyper obese people (and I'm mean OBSCENELY obese people. Like practical joke obese)? I guess I should have expected something weird from a site called DeviantArt, but I just don't get why it's so common to see these images every time I search for something. It's as if there's someone that's creating obese images for every character ever made. Rule 34 addendum: if it exists, there's a hyper obese image of it on DeviantArt.

    I don't mean to hate on anyone that makes that stuff, but goddamn do I wish I could somehow filter it out of my search results.
  2. [​IMG]

    I feel like people just want to change everything about the artist's original design sometime. I bet if you found pictures of obese characters of personalities you would find super buff versions of them.
  3. And to think that image is tame compared to what I've seen on DeviantArt.....
  4. Don't you know? Obese is the new thin.

    And according to Media thin is beautiful, and beauty is art, therefore obesity = art.
    In all seriousness though I suspect it's likely part of the "Fat Pride" movement gaining support online.
  5. Yeah, it's a fetish subculture on the site. I see the same kind of images whenever I go searching for anything. There are all sorts of weird fetish communities on DeviantArt, but the hyper obese art one seems to be one of the most popular ones, given the fact that the images show up fairly high in search results when it's sorted by popularity. I wish I could filter it out too.
    I doubt it. That movement is pretty recent, but I've seen hyper obese art, particularly fan art, since the early 2000s. Also, it's clearly fetish shit, and fat acceptance activists hate fetishists because that's just objectifying their body rather than accepting it. Definitely not part of the movement, but there's probably some overlap in the people who like the art and who support said movement.
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  6. Gwazi is missing the mark by a mile. It's as Jorick says, a fetish thing.
  7. Ah. I don't tend to go on Devianart myself, so I haven't really seen these things first hand... Nor am I eager to.
  8. I have only come across one person's obese pictures. I don't remember their username though. They tend to make these overly overly obese people that sometimes eats whole living human beings xD It was quite entertaining to look through their gallery after I had stumbled upon their pictures around ten times. Haven't seen other overly obese pics though, except when I actually search for the word obese :p
  9. Wait, that's a thing?
    *Checks google*
    Well, whaddya know.
  10. I've not run into this in large scale. I use Google search to look for people, and occasionally, a really obese image appears. But, I only just made a DA, and spent a few minutes on it, so I haven't run into this on the large scale.

  11. Naah, fat person eating slim people. Sometimes by force and sometimes cause they seem to enjoy it. Really awkward and really fascinating xD
  12. Well yeah, what would go better with a fat fetish than a vote fetish? :P

    EDIT: Vore, not vote. Stupid autocorrect. Leaving mistake intact for posterity.
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  13. No Face eats people for enjoyment.
  14. vote fetish eh......
  15. I know others have already said that it's a fetish thing, but, just to add onto that:

    The "fat pride" movement, from what I've seen, focuses on empowering people who might be overweight but are still, I dunno... capable of walking around on their own two feet, at least.

    The obesity fetish tends to instead involve characters who are so morbidly overweight that they don't look like their own legs could support them. It's sort of like... the future humans from Wall-E, except more realistic. No smoothed-out cartoonish edges and baby-like builds -- just enormous fat rolls clinging to their bodies in every possible location.

    Not empowering in the least. :P
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  16. It shouldn't be as amusing as I found it.

    It's sort of the same thing with ponies. Search anything +fat or +pony and VOILA. Instant disdain for the niche of a niche fandom.
  17. It's definitely a fetish thing. I've seen it all over the place. I'm assuming that the 'Every body is beautiful' movement is helping for it to be more accepted and therefore even more popular.

    I also think that people like to draw characters like that because well, it's interesting to see them completely different from their original form.
    Some people might see it as a statement. Can't be too sure.
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  18. Unf, democracy. Oh gods yes, drop it in my ballot!

    This thread is a gold mine.
  19. I know.. It's really annoying when you're looking for a picture, and then you get a bunch of Ponyfications and Fatifications.

    It's like: Can you please just let me get a normal picture?
  20. [​IMG]

    Hey, guys. Did you ever stop to consider that maybe people just thought that Blob was a lonely sack of shit and needed some chubby pals?

    So friggin' insensitive.
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