Nuisances worthy of jail

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  1. I recently found a news story that a woman named Cho Hyun-ah, senior vice president of Korean Air, was jailed over her outburst when her nuts on a plane were delivered to her in a bag instead of a bowl.

    This got me thinking: is there anything so ludicrously annoying that it is worth that much of a punishment?

    Is there anything that you find so irritating that you'd be prepared to go to prison for, and why?
  2. Where'd you find that out? I'm curious.
  3. My desk. When people leave shit on my desk and don't leave notes about what it is. Or make a mess of it. Drives. Me. Insane. I almost took out all my Co workers today.

    No. I'm kidding.

    The only thing I'd go to jail for are my (hypothetical) children. Everything else I just whine, bitch, and go on rampages.
  4. Nah, I under react to crap. More my thing.
  5. Here.
  6. Those people who purposely containment the jelly jar with scraps of peanut butter (or vice-versa).

    Suffice to say, I'd get life.
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  7. Theres a special place in the after life for me.
  8. When your DM tries to kill your character on purpose.
  9. Serious business that
  10. [​IMG]

    Even in an apartment complex I get these fuckers at least twice a month. No, I'm not interested in hearing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, I've heard about your God-Man before. Yes, I'm sure that I am indeed an atheist. Fuck off kindly.

    Seriously, freedom of speech and freedom of religion are great things. You can have your church, and I can have my ability to criticize your church. However, when I am at home, this generally means I don't want to be bothered by your roaming, intelligence-devoid, proselytizing robots. You wanna do that in a church? Go for it. Fuckit, go ahead, do it in a public square. It's annoying, but it's a public space, so be free to do as you please! However, I am at home. This is explicitly not a public space. This is explicitly a place I like to be to avoid you annoying fucktards.

    The worst part is, there really is no way to get them to stop either aside from answering the door and telling them to fuck off each time. I suppose I could try to sue them for harassment? I'd probably lose. This is definitely a jail-worthy frustration. Maybe just 3 months to a year or something. A nice, short stop in jail. Be sure to have other religions constantly proselytize and harass them too while they're there, that'd be nice. "Have you heard about our lord and savior, spaghetti noodles?"
  11. Brovo. I live in the part of scandinavia with the only real Church of Mormon. I know your pain all to well.
  12. Just say "Are you a missionary? The Devil said I can't talk to you".
  13. It's even worse when you're already a Christian.
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  14. public indecency
  15. That doesn't deter them. I've even proclaimed that I'd fuck goats in the name of satan before converting to Christianity, that still doesn't deter them.

    You seem to highly underestimate the COLDS. They never stop. It's like a plague of zombies, they don't discriminate their targets, nor even think about it.
  16. People who go into the 10 items or less aisle in grocery stores with way over 10 items! I'm not talking about people who have a few items that are the same that put them over the limit (That shouldn't really count since the cashier really only has to ring one up and change the quantity.) I'm talking about the people with 30 different items that are wasting my time by not reading! Especially when I only have one item! Fuck you people! Learn to read!
  17. Really? Geez. :/

    I tend not to get them cause I live in an inconvenient/out of the way neighborhood for people to go door to door at.
    So I assumed some sort of Satan worship statement like that would send them running, normally because I have friends who said they got freaked out reactions from preachers before when doing that.
  18. My friend dettered people by saying he had left the church they were converting him to, after a "A incident involving the priest".

    That's the extremes he was willing to go.
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  19. I've wrote on them before here, but those religious people in my town are super-polite. They will walk door to door one time, be really nice and pick up on body-language, and go on their way. Some of them have extreme views, but they all seem to be pretty cool about the delivery. When I moved to a new house, the lady came to the door, talked a little, and as soon as I said I wasn't interested, she went out of her way to write down my address in a list so I wouldn't be bothered again.

    It must just be the local group, but I know they are very active in helping people, with the door-to-door and event stuff taking a backseat. It's kinda sad too when the college students here go out of their way to demonize these people, when nobody even really bothers to listen to what their saying. They had to relocate their building twice in the past 4 years because students from the university have made it a hobby to vandalize their property with satanic symbols and other fun stuff. I also know they don't do events in town anymore and go to the nearest town instead because of issues with a few university clubs who make a habit of ruining their fundraisers.

    It's sad really, there can be good and bad on both sides.
  20. I get these people too. Depending on how I'm feeling occasionally I invite them inside, to discuss things. It's fun to try to convert them while they're trying to convert you.

    That being said, when I'm not in a good mood that is one of the things that irks me the most. Because I won't answer the door if I'm in a bad mood. Do they knock and go away when it's not answered? Nope. They keep knocking because they can hear the dog. Sometimes they talk to the dog through the door. Ugh. I don't answer the door, it means go away, not keep knocking.
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