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  1. Hello!~
    I'm glad you found my thread title interesting enough to open this thread!

    Just A Few Things Before This Gets Long:

    What I'm Looking For

    ° First off, a male partner. Or rather, someone who plays male characters. Also keep in mind that I will only play a female character, and I'm not particularly into furry.

    ° Secondly, I'm really big on proper grammar and spelling. I won't stop talking to you because you make a mistake or two, just so long as you try your best and posts are readable. I personally use my cellular device for iwaku with the Swype feature to type, so I make mistakes myself, though I will usually correct it.

    ° One liners are a no go/turn off to me. I prefer at least two small paragraphs per post, one paragraph being my absolute minimum, as I like having something at least mildly detailed to work off of.

    ° I very much prefer third person, (He walked, she smiled) but it's not necessary. Just please stick with whichever you pick in your posts. (Example, As he walked, not paying attention to where he was going, he stubbed his bare toe against the leg of his coffee table. I then screamed at the top of my lungs, "ouch!". Notice it changes from he and his to I, me, my, etc.)

    ° I'm interested in doing a role play involving romance, and for this reason and the sake of maturity, I prefer to have a partner either eighteen or older, preferably not much older than twenty five, though.

    ° I prefer someone who can post at least once a day, and if you know you'll be busy for a few days or longer, please let me know, I'll do the same.

    ° If at any point you before uninterested in the roleplay, please let me know, don't just write and stop talking to me please. We can either come up with another plot, or stop role-playing together altogether.

    ° I'm not one for excessive explicit language. Cursing is fine, but every other word, or even once every post is a little much to me unless it's an understandable situation. (Tragedy, fight scene, etc.)

    ° And lastly, (I think this is the last of my picky-ness) because it is a romance roleplay, if the characters get along well enough, or it goes long enough, more "adult themes" may come up. I don't wish to get extremely into detail about the scene. Either fade to black, or minor detail. I don't want a dozen posts back and forth describing sex.
    So if you made it this far, yay!

    What I'm Looking For, as I said, is a roleplay involving romance, but doesn't have to be solely based on it.

    I really enjoy fantasy, but it's not required. I do however prefer it either be fantasy (whether high or low), modern fantasy, or just regular modern.

    I'm able to "lead" per say, but will be more excited and enthusiastic if either you, or both of us do.

    I'm fine with doing something simple, such as the standard "A moves into neighborhood B has lived in their whole life, they meet, B helps out A and they form a relationship and one or both develop feelings whether immediately or a little later." And actually is a plot I'd love to try. And if we want it to become less boring, easy enough. BAM! Boy is actually a werewolf (for fantasy), Or Ohmygosh! Girl has crazy ex/family member who tracks her down.
    (Also, as a side note, if you don't like my character, whether by the way they look or act, tell me, I'll do the same for you.)

    Other than that though, I can't think of any particular plots that I really want to do.

    If you're interested in being my partner, let me know! Even if you don't like the plot listed, don't have any ideas of your own, but still want to roleplay with me still let me know, and either one or both of us will come up with a plot we both like and agree on.

    Thanks for your time! ❤

    P.S., If you have any questions, put it in the comments! You may answer someone else's!
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  2. Whoa! I saw your title, and I was instantly taken inn! I especially liked the part with the thing! :D

    Anywho! To the actual rp-talking part! To put it short and simple: (Your character) lives happily in (village), and then one day, (my character) moves in. (My character) comes from a different race than most of the locals, and have to get used to a completely new environment. Then, a big task come from his homeland, forcing him to... do something or another, (not yet decided) and (your character) is dragged along/comes along!

    How's that? :D
  3. I know right?! I knew I nailed it.

    Anyways, that sounds really cool, I like the fantasy twist you put on it! I had planned on my character being the "new one in town" if you will, but I do like what you've come up with.

    As much as I wanted to do the regular/modern/low fantasy version (thinking it would be the most popular choice) I'm definitely interested. ^^

    I don't know what you were thinking race wise, but I prefer playing fey folk :3
  4. Well, look at my pic, and you get the gist of my race :P
    (Or my blog for a whole profile about them *shameless self plug*)

    I was thinking something like a message that my character is supposed to bring on somewhere, which leads to fun things! :D
    And you could be the new in town if you really want to. But my idea, my rules! :P
  5. Well, I definitely think it's very creative, but in all honesty the whole reptile romance thing kind of hits me oddly as really close to some form of furry ness.
  6. Hehe! Fair enough! But I can adapt! At least as long as you're okay with something that isnt just a human with fancy ears or something :P

    What are you okay with then? :)
  7. Hmm.. I guess humanoid, stands at least prominently (more often than not) on two rather than four, not /totally/ covered in fur, scales, etc.
    I'm okay with some half breeds and "transformers".

    Sorry I'm so picky x.x
  8. That rules out all the animal based races. So how about monstrous races? Like, oh, Orcs or Goblins? I prefer to play races that are a a bit different than humans. I'm weird, I know v.v

    Though I suppose I can stretch to a Dwarf, if I have to. But I shall never be an Elf! D:<
  9. XD You remind me of Gimli from Lord of the Rings when you say that XD
    Ummm, and no, I understand that.
    This one kind of contradicts what I said, but to me it's different and more acceptable, but how do you feel about like, minotaurs?
  10. Um...
    Ah, you saw it yourself.
    Anywho! I suppose I can work with Minotaurs. I haven't actually ever played a Mino, but they're cool enough. I'll have to make a culture for them as I go, but I enjoy that, so thats fine by me! :3

    And you wanted to be one of the fair folk? As in, an elfish, pixieish type thing? A big bullman moving into one of their towns sure would be interesting :P
  11. Hey! I told you from the start I was weird picky and stuff!
    And yes, I did notice, but they're different in my books. I think they're cool, so there!
    And see? Picky can make for some cool/interesting plots.
    /crosses arms and sticks tongue out.
  12. Oh well. But alright. I get to play a cool race, so I'm okay with it! :D

    Hm... Minos are, of course, big, burly and strong like a bull! (Duh) Not the most intelligent peeps, but not stupid. And for worldbuilding: They've been a race who's been commonly used as slaves! :D

    Anything else that needs to be discussed before the starting of it? :P
  13. Well, I need to figure out which fey folk I want to play, I may just make one up. (After all, pixie x minotaur would prove to be difficult and awkward.)
    Heh, bull pun.
    And I'd like to see the race trying to use minotaurs as slaves.
    Maybe a magical race/group of people enslaved them via magic to help them do/build something, you know, evil sand stuff?
    And do you prefer PM rp or thread?
  14. (Halfling runs up to minotaur) "You belong to me now and shall do my bidding for eternity! (Minotaur steps on Halfling and continues on his merry way.)
  15. Yeah, that's why Halflings so rarely takes slaves :P

    But I was thinking Dark Elves? I'm generally racist against Elves, and tend to be of the dark magic and torture kind, which is can be helpful in making bigger fellows do as you wish! :D

    And I can do either thread or PM. Though I find thread with a OOC PM to be a good one! :3
  16. XD That's funny, most of my elf characters in past d&d games have been racist against practically everything else.
    I like that idea about the thread and OOC PM.
    And dark elves are perfect.
    Most fey hate dark elves, so that would give my character more motivation. Why don't you send me a message and we'll work out a few things so we can get a thread up?
  17. *Clears his throat loudly*

    Hmm. I am of course looking for partners to create new stories with. Do you think we could work something out? Is there a plot/scene you have in mind that you really wish to try out? Maybe brainstorm something with me, it is also another option. I also write mature content, and most of my details can be found in the 'Information' & Resume if you want a sneak peek. For the rest I suppose you can ask.

  18. /squeaks and jumps slightly at sudden loud sound.

    Nothing in particular or terribly specific that I want to try, other than just the specifics of what's posted here.

    I'm sure we could brainstorm something together if you'd like, and I'll go ahead and check that out now.
  19. So, I'm curious.

    What are your thoughts in regards to the terms of 'flying whales' and 'artificial wings'?
  20. Well.. Flying whales would be an interesting form of transportation, along with kind of sort of kick butt.
    As far as artificial wings, meh.
    Only cool if natural or magical. Artificial is in itself, meh.
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