Nothing matters.

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  1. Charles eyes danced along the black and white movie. To kill a mocking bird continued to play on the large,white screen. His fingers wrapped around a cup of cola as His pink lips sipped onto the striped straw.
    Charles kept watching the movie as his cell phone vibrated in his pocket,every buzz kept reminding him of his ex -boyfriend. Charles just moved out and now Casper was desperate. But that didn't matter, he was watching old movies in a movie theater.
    It didn't matter . Nothing mattered.
    As his thoughts wondered,he realized a body sat down next to him.
  2. (Mind if i join?)
  3. (Yeah,of course!)
  4. Jack had a fascination with about anything so this movie fascinated him in the sense it was old. He was also kind of getting over his last boyfriend and that dinner and a show would be good.

    He walked into the theater to see alot of boring people. But one caught his eyes. A quite attractive male with an aura of sadness and hopelessness. He decided to sit by him and study him or even talk with him or comfort him.
  5. Charles rolled his brown eyes over to him, being discreet about it as he slurped his soda.
    He combed back his black curly hair, but another curl made it's way.
    Charles made another glance at him.
    The movie ended and he began to get up.
  6. Jack wanted to introduce himself so he tapped his shoulder and smiled as he ran a hand through his chocolate mousse colored medium length wavy hair.
  7. Charles turned around.
    "...hello," Charles awkwardly smiled at the image of the man i front of him.
  8. "Im jackson." He said holding out his hand. This guy had really cute features .
  9. He held out his hand,a little skeptical.
  10. "I know we just met but do you wanna hang out ?" He asked smiling calmly showing he had the trimmed beard every hipster would have. He also had the glasses and outfit. "I dont feel like headed back home yet."
  11. Charles let his mouth gape a little bit,in shock and confusion.
    "Uh...sure," Charles said. He forgot how young he looked compared to men his age.
  12. " cool wanna go to the coffee shop?" He said adjusting his bowtie and susspenders.
  13. "You have money?" He said jokingly as he walked toward the exit door. Jackson was quiet a handsome guy,but there was something mischievous going on.
  14. "Haha yes sir i do ." He walked out and walked towards the coffee shop down the street. "To be honest you looked sad in there mind if i ask why ?"
  15. "...ex." Charles said as he walked with him.
  16. " I know that feeling. Trust me it gets better." He said as they reached the coffee place. "Whatchya want?"
  17. "Black," charles said as he took a seat.
    He looked down at his combat boots and his forest green windbreaker that seems to big for him.
    His thick sweater underneath was too big also.
    Charles noticed his phone stop buzzing and he sighed worth relief.
  18. Jack came to the table and handed him the coffee. He took his seat and couldnt help but notice that Charles seemed a little more relaxed." Heres your coffee " he said with a smile."
  19. "Thank you." He said smiling.
    Charles was still baffled at the surprise event.
    "So, you just do this? Pick up people for coffee?" He asked as he took a sip of his drink.
    "You do this to girls too?"
  20. "Haha well i picked you up because i had an interesting feeling when i xsaw you. Im pansexual so yes i could say ive done this with girls also." He sipped his mocha latte" but as an added bonus you're also cute."
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