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  1. She smirked as she continued to run faster and faster towards her prey. A smile formed in her face as she was able to stop the man that had caused her trouble lately. She grabbed her knife and stabbed the man as hard as she could until he felt no pain left. Rose stood up and nodded her head. "Tsk tsk tsk. I've told you many times and yet you never understood. No one messes with me" she spat with anger.

    Rose kissed the man's cheek leaving a red stained kiss. She smiled at her work and laughed to herself. After hearing a noise, she tensed a bit. Not even bothering to check, she continued to run until she tripped on someones foot.
  2. Logan was walking home from his nightshift at the bar. He leaned against the wall for a minute on his way home when someone tripped over his foot. He immediately rushed over to the girl. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Are you OK?."
  3. Rose stood up immediately her face almost red. She composed her self quick and stood up straight high. "Im fine" she said. She searched up her pockets and couldn't find her weapon. She cursed under her breath realizing that she had lost her prized possession. She looked at the guy and couldn't help to see he was quite attractive, but Rose shook it off.
  4. Logan looked at her. She was quite pretty that's when he noticed something on the ground. He picked it up. It was an elegant looking knife. "I believe this is yours." He handed her the knife. "My name is Logan by the way."
  5. Rose grabbed her knife and put it in her jean pocket. She looked at the guy again. He didn't seem so harmless yet he seemed sorta nice. "My name is Rose" she said as a small smile accidently appeared.
  6. Kennedy crouched low on a rooftop nearby.
    She was a hired a assassin, and on the look out for her next target. She's upsetting people.
    If you were to ask Kennedy why she does what she does, her answer would be 'I'm only in it for the money.'
    But she comes from a line of assassins. Kennedy originally disapproved of her family, but soon enough they have made her who she is now.
    After a young male walk out the bar. She moved from her position, not wanting him in the shot.
    This is going to have wait for another time.

  7. "Hmm..." The tall woman's voice was subtle. "Why don't you try taking the shot from here?" She asked as she took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled. Closing one eye she used her hand as a mock weapon and aimed her childish gun at the woman down the street speaking to the young man. She had perched herself close to the edge. "Pew" the typical sound a child made when shooting a fake gun escaped her. It was nothing more than a whisper. "Splat!" She grinned revealing unnaturally pointed incisors. Standing up straight she took the final drag of her cigarette and flicked it off the rooftop. "Come on Kennedy, give it a shot." The tall woman with the piercing grey eyes laughed at her pun.

    Kneeling next to the armed woman she spoke quietly. "The splatter would be interesting...and fun. Hmm...I wonder how he would react?" The question was rhetorical. Studying her former partner for a moment the tan skinned woman took a seat, her feet hanging off the edge of the roof. "I'd do it myself but then they might send you after me." She spoke as she leaned back on her hands, looking at Kennedy once again.
  8. Kennedy looked towards the woman next to her before looking back at her target.
    "Yes...maybe it would be interesting...but there can be no witnesses...if so they must die as well. If it was found out that I have killed anyone other than my target they would think of me as too sloppy to have gotten it done without the job getting seen." Kennedy told the woman.
    She looked back towards her target and the male. "I don't want to have to kill more than one being if they aren't on my kill list," she stated.
  9. "Well then, aren't you lucky that I still enjoy tagging a long." She smirked and stood up. "I know you're a good shot." She met Kennedy's gaze, the scar on her neck burning at the memory. "So if I distract them and knock him out, all you gotta do is pull that precious trigger of yours." Her smile was just a tad sinister, fangs glistening under the orange street lamps.

    Standing up the tall, fit raven haired woman approached the ledge of the building that the two had been standing on. Glancing over her shoulder the smile remained across her lips. "I'll try not to make too much of a mess." Winking, her eyes shimmered to a more primal gaze momentarily. The woman, Alaara, took a step off the ledge without hesitation.

    Her landing in the alley below was smooth, the concrete cracking under her.
  10. It all happened so fast. He was just walking back from work when he felt cold steel drive into his body. It wasn't just once, the repeated motion of the knife stabbing into his stomach happened again and again. His vision became darker, as he looked at the culprit. It was a girl. He knew he had seen her but he couldn't make out her face.

    Soon his body fell to the floor. He felt the blood gushing out his stomach. He held his hand over his wound. The last thinhe felt before he blacked out were soft lips against his cheek. "why did this have to happen again" he murmured to himself as he fell unconscious.
  11. Rena watched from her window, the moon shining on the scene from below from behind her building. Her arm hung lazily out the window. A girl seemingly murdered someone, then ran into someone else. Two assassins watched the girl and the one approached the two others. Rena was too enthralled by the scene to warn anyone. Maybe something would happen, like the guy saves the girl.
    "*sigh* how romantic it would be." Rena said from the shadowed building.
  12. She looked at the boy, her dark black eyes full of wonder how can he manage to get himself killed every time? she thought to herself.

    It's quite rare for anything to catch her attention, but after seeing how this boy keeps getting killed several times; she just can't get the fascination out of her mind. She came out of the shadows giggling, her long pink hair glistening under the moonlight “Seriously, you never cease to amaze me” she thought out loud, her voice coming out soft yet full of mischief.

    She then started to approach the dead body “Eew!” she muttered out loud “You got your DNA on my shoes!" she said while looking at her pink converse, now splattered with his freshly spilled blood. Candy sighed “Hey, you awake yet?” she crouched beside the boy's dead body, her long index finger slightly poking the boy's stomach, waiting for his reaction.

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  13. The boys eyes slowly opened. He was still holding the wound where he had been stabbed. He smirked as he saw who was looking over him. The familiar figure brought bad memories with her, but her looks made up for it. As he tried to move he coughed up blood, but it didn't hurt. He was to used to this sort of pain.

    "long time no see" he said managing to get up off the floor. He had a large grin across his face. He wiped the blood from around his mouth. "I'm sorry you had to see me in such a horrible state" he apologized to her.
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  14. Rena stared straight at the man who she thought was murdered
    "Oh my gosh... is that... no it can't be..."
    she put her hand over her gaping mouth. she couldnt look away. before she could do anything else, she felt as if she was tugged. her balance wavered, in danger of falling out the window onto the ground stories below
  15. A small sound of surprise caught Alaara's attention As she approached Kennedy's target. Her head shot in the direction of the sound. She watched as a young woman looked like she was about to fall out of a window.

    Sighing the raven haired woman rolled her eyes and picked up the pace as she approached the building with the open window. Standing directly below she looked up. Hopefully the woman wouldn't fall. Alaara's jaw was tightly clenched as she briefly looked over her right shoulder. She was supposed to distract the witness, not save a clumsy young woman.
  16. Candy giggled even louder and fished out a pink handkerchief out of her pocket. The boy was slightly taller than her, making her stand on the tip of her toes as she grabbed his chin, wiping the remaining blood off of his mouth. "Idiot. I always see you in your horrible state, so no need to apologize." She can feel his ragged breath fanning over her pale cheeks and the body heat radiating off of him.

    Thinking that she's too close for his comfort, she let go of him and smiled, showing her perfect set of pearly whites. "You know that you need to wash my shoes and hanky right? These are my favorite pair after all. ~" she said, poking his wounds after giving him the handkerchief. She then started walking away from the boy and started to hum.

    "Oh, how wonderfully chaotic this night will be! ~"
  17. The boy blushed softly as the girl lent closer to wipe his mouth. But it quickly faded. His vivid blue eyes seemed to shine in the night as he looked at her. His breathing was heavier than usual, after all he had just been stabbed. He gratefully took the hanky, admiring her smile as he did.

    Removing his hand from the wound, it seemed to have stopped bleeding. His body automatically flinched slightly as he felt her finger press against it. " Yeah sure" he sighed watching as she began to walk away.

    He saw a movment out the corner of his eye. Someone was watching him. But he made no sudden movments. Instead he followed the pink haired girl. "where exactly are you going"? he asked
  18. "To the roof" she replied, seeing that he started following her. "You can come with me and watch the night if you want." she offered and walked into a dark alley. She then started to jump from wall to wall, slowly climbing herself up the roof. The night is still young. She thought to herself, as she lied down and closed her eyes. She can hear the faint snores of people as they sleep, the barking of dogs and the meowing of cats. She let out a soft sigh, enjoying the calm and peaceful night while she still can.
  19. Rena just barely caught herself. She looked down at her would-be splat zone and saw a woman, prepared to catch her if she did fall. Rena saw a girl approach the guy from before, and quickly got back inside and sat down, back facing the window.
    'Oh dear god.' She thought. 'What's going on... I feel a bit funny too. Like a de ja vu moment. Maybe I just need more fresh air. I'll go upstairs.'
    So she got up and went.
  20. Seeing the girl regain her balance Alaara was relieved and slightly annoyed. Shaking her head she sighed softly maybe she could get back to what she was supposed to be doing. Turning around she looked back up towards the roof that Kennedy had been on. Her gaze returned to the target and the witness.

    Approaching the two she watched for a a moment as she caught some movement from the corner of her eye. Intense grey eyes witnessed two other bodies make their way up and onto a nearby rooftop. Slowly Alaara returned to the target and the witness.