Not Just Wonderland Anymore



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I wasn't born until the child was about 15. A bit too old for imaginary friends, people would say when they'd see him talking to himself. However, it was an improvement after he'd sat in a catatonic state in his room for two weeks.

What's wrong with this young man?

You see, he's just lost his little brother, a death that he knows he could've prevented. His brother had been hit by a car on their way home from school one day. If only he had been paying more attention... While no one else blames him, this young man torments himself internally. After the two weeks of sitting in a daze, he finally left his room.

But he had changed.

The two weeks he had spent in his room, he'd been imagining another world. He wasn't so sure himself why he'd gone down the path of insanity, but he'd done it. It offered a sweet escape from mundane fears and sadness. He thought me up, he brought me to life. When he first started, I was a sweet creature. Golden hair, porcelain skin, the brightest blue eyes, I was flawless.

But all things come to an end. Eventually the young man's dark side sprouted again, changing his Utopian world to a catastrophic hell-hole. I changed to, I turned into a demonic, vampire-like creature. My blue eyes turned black and red. My hair became unkempt and black. My skin became a ghastly pale.

I couldn't do anything though, I was helpless. I was subject to his mind, what he wanted, I did.

Only one person could help the young man. And he hadn't shown himself for a while.
The boy was again in his room. Though, he wasn't shut in like he used to be. The door was wide open, so that any sorts of creatures could come in and bug him. Speaking of bugs, there was a little one flying around his head. It kept repeating, "Jimmy! Hey! Come on, get up! Explore a little!" He shook his head.

"My name isn't Jimmy..." He swatted at the bug, but it persisted and kept annoying him. It pulled at his hair, bit at his arms, trying everything it could to get him up. After an exasperated sigh, he got up and decided he would go on a walk through this land. He went through his door, down the marble staircase, and through the creeky doorway.

Along the cobblestone path and through the iron gates, all he could see was barren land and darkness. There were horrible things out here. But he could tell that somewhere there was some light. He shoved his hands in his pockets and started down the streets. The things were looking at him. Ghouls, demons, vampires, everything wanted to get him. He wouldn't let them though, he could ward them off. As long as he wasn't taken away, he could keep control over everything. Right?

He turned the corner, then ran back out. There was some horrible tentacle beast there! He wasn't going to get captured this time. "Where is he?" He looked around, wondering where his companion was. His companion was a vampire as well, but a nicer one. He wondered where to go to find... Maybe over there. "That looks like a place for a vampire." He stared at a huge castle, with a bell tower and everything. Hopefully it was the right place.

He started on his way, opened the door, and was going to search through the building.
If that's where he thought I'd be, that's where I would be. The 'castle' wasn't necessarily mine, it was more of a haunt for vampires. And maybe other monsters... I'm sure they're not really monsters, were they, maybe, humans like the boy? I don't know. I can only see the world he created for me. Was I a human too? No... I don't think I am. Then...what was I? Simply an imagination? Why did he make me different though?

Maybe I was his subconscious mind?

As I contemplated this, I stood on the balcony of the so called castle. After a few moments, I decided to go find the boy, there were other creatures here, creatures who would harm him. I ran down the staircase of the castle and meeting up with the boy just as he walked in.
As he walked into the castle, his companion was there. "Agh! You scared me... There've been so many things following me and trying to get me. Is... it safe here?" He looked around inside, but it was pretty dark. Instead of waiting for a reply, he walked around inside to look for any other things that would try to hurt him. "Have you been here the entire time?" He looked around the corner. There wasn't anything there. Or up the stairs, that he could see. Just the two of them there. A sigh escaped him.

To his dismay, there was something there. But all it did was bother him. That little bug that kept calling him 'Jimmy' was tugging at his hair again. What was with this thing? Why did it keep calling him that too? He turned his attention away from that minor annoyance and tried to concentrate on something else. "This place is really cold..."
A sudden chill came to the room when he said it was cold. "Well...yes, I've been here," I told him. He looked around and I sighed slightly. "It should be safe here," I said. I noticed the little bug buzzing around him. Who was this? I wondered. So, I asked him, "Who's this?" It was a simple, blunt question, I indicated the bug by poking it gently.

Something bad was going to happen. I could feel it, I could always feel when something bad would happen. Now I was nervously looking around, waiting for the latest monster to show up.

"Can we go home?" I asked him suddenly. Though, I wasn't entirely sure what I meant by 'home'. Who knew what his home looked like to him now?
"I don't know who that is... I can't make that bug go away." He stepped outside of the castle and looked around, looking out for monsters. "Home is... Over there." He pointed in the direction that he thought his home was. It was a sand castle. "I don't know how long it will stay up like that though..." He chose somewhere different to stay every time he left. It was all the same location though. But it looked like rain was coming soon.

"We might want to hurry if I want to get there before that storm gets here." He started walking, knowing his companion wasn't far behind. "It's been lonely at my house. Besides this thing that's been bothering me." As he was talking, a loud thumping noise was following him. He tried his hardest to ignore it, not to look at whatever it was. But, he looked. It was some weird giant starfish that was moving towards him. But it walked in it's tentacle things.

"Yeah... We might want to hurry even more now." He started running as fast as he could. As soon as he sped up, so did that thing.
A sand castle? I sighed again. Last time it had been a hollow tree. When would he settle on one object to live in? I wondered. Shrugging, I followed along, looking up at the sky as it darkened.

"You wouldn't be so lonely if I lived there too," I mentioned. Of course, I could only do what he wanted me to do. Ic he wanted me in a dark castle, I was in a dark castle. But I figured if I mentioned it, it would come to his mind when he wondered where I was. I turned to look at the giant starfish that had started following us. Would it eat us?

I took off after the boy, not wanting to find out. Please, I thought, don't let it eat us!
He kept running. Running as fast as he could, trying to get away from that beast. He kept hearing the thudding that was following them. He rounded the corner and ran into the sand castle that was his home. As soon as they were both there, it was gone. There wasn't anymore thudding. "Ah... That's better." There was nobody in his house besides himself and his companion. And that bug. It was now asking him to wake up.

"I keep trying to figure out what this world is coming to." He sat on his stairs. For wet sand, it wasn't really that wet. There were bugs and sea creatures crawling on and in the walls, but they wouldn't bother him unless he put his hand on one. "I miss how it used to be." He could never see the old world again. Not without some help, he would never see it.
The bug. The bug that was telling the boy to wake up. Could it be possible that that bug is the key to ending the madness?

As the boy spoke of wanting things to be the way they were, I wondered what he meant. Did he mean back when this world had been filled with beautiful, lovely creatures? Or did he mean, back before he began imagining this world? I would go for either one...

A thought struck me, just then. If he wanted things to be the way they were before he began imagining things...wouldn't that make me disappear. I'd only come to this world because of his imagination. Would I be willed away, without a trace. I imagined it'd be like dying...but then...who knew what dying felt like?

I sat next to him on the sandy steps, unsure of what to say to him. What could I say? I was just a figment of his imagination, I couldn't say anything to help him go back to the old world. Or could I? Maybe...

We sat in silence for what seemed to be hours. "Listen to the bug..." I mumbled quietly and suddenly. I wasn't sure how that would possibly help, but it could be a start.
When the vampire stated that he should listen to the bug, he let out a scoff. "I'm already awake, you know. I just have to deal with this thing. Is it getting dark outside? I could've sworn the sun was high up before." Indeed, it was getting dark. But only in the house. "Wow... Isn't that kind of... creepy." He didn't like living here, living like this. Then the noises started coming. Just noises of thudding like someone was walking on wooden floors, or sloshing water when the sink hadn't been on for quite a while, or even doors creaking from being opened and closed.

"I think there's more than just you, me, and this bug here." He looked around, trying to find the sources of the noises, but couldn't see anything. It was just noises coming from nowhere. "Maybe I should go there..." He saw a door that hadn't been there before. It was large and purple, made from planks. Aside from how it was made, it was really thick with an eloquent handle. Before thinking, he went to open the door. It creaked and screeched from being opened, almost as if it had never been opened before.

"Maybe I should go this way... Come with." He walked through the door and looked around. Tall buildings, all of them built like triangles. They were skinny too, a few had lights on. There was a pathway that lead from the door he had just walked through. Made from bricks. There was a fence around it as well. On either side, the posts shot up about 8 feet and were speared on the tips. Some of the posts were bent, some were rusted, and a few were missing. And, even though it all looked very foreboding, he went into the other place without hesitation.
I sighed again as the boy walked over to the new door and opened it. He was already awake...but that wasn't the way it was meant. I followed him as he opened the door and ventured inside. Nothing seemed threatening about this new world, at least I hoped so.

As long as nothing tried to eat us here, I was fine.
There were strange creatures scurrying about everywhere. Mostly large bugs, it looked like, but he could see cats as well. "What is this place...?" He had never seen it before, but it it scared him. He didn't really want to be there, but something kept pushing him forward into this place. He heard a scream that made him jump. "What was that?!" He stared in the direction that it came from. Nothing. Something, though, was lit up in the distance. It looked like a girl was dancing, and shining. He started going in that direction, wanting to know who the girl was.

Though, the closer he got, the further away the girl was. "Is this some kind of optical illusion?" He kept going in circles, chasing the figment until he ended up back in the town with the creepy houses. He looked back to the door that led to his house, which wasn't there. "Great, how am I supposed to get back now?" Another door opened, it lead inside one of the houses. But nobody was around to open it.
A dancing, glowing girl. Even from far away she looked rather pretty. At least, in this new world, she seemed pretty. I followed the boy as he tried to run to her, my own curiousity sparked. As we ran I realized...we seemed to be trapped in this world now. "Great," I said as I stopped running. I looked around for any other means of exit, but there was none. Even though I'm not a real person, even I was starting to feel as though I were going crazy.

"Spooky," I said when a door to one of the houses opened by itself. Turning to the boy, I asked, "Should we go in?" Though, I didn't really want to go, but at the same time I was curious, and I assumed he was curious too.

Might as well, right?
He pondered the question. "Should we go in... I don't think we have much of a choice, do we? Unless you think we should stay here." He took his companion's hand and started walking towards the door. The creatures that he had caught glimpses of before were now following them. He started running, pulling the vampire along with him, until the got through the door and had it shut. "That was great. This is starting to get kind of fun, huh?" He laughed a little then studied the room that they were in.

It had a table, two chairs, a tea set, and a light that was so bright that everything in the room was white. Except for them. "I wonder what we're supposed to do in here." He muttered as he sat down. It was getting quite interesting, this little adventure was. He had never been on one like it. He looked down at the tea set. One cup said, 'Drink Me' while the other said, 'Don't Drink Me'. "Huh. I wonder what happens if I drink that one." He picked up the cup that said, 'Don't Drink Me' and stared at its contents.

What he saw inside of it was tea, with a black swirling mass inside of it. As if someone had poured ink into the tea and gave it one good stir before setting the cup down. But the two liquids never mixed, just swirled with each other for eternity. "Hmm..." He kept staring, wondering why he should drink it.
I smiled, a warmth had spread into my heart when I heard the boy's laugh. He hadn't really laughed in so long. While tiring, I had to admit that it was getting pretty fun. "Let's see what happens next," I said, looking around the white room.

I went over and sat by the boy. "I don't think you should drink it..." I suggested, examining the other cup of tea. It looked like regular tea, but who knew what sort of poison was hiding in it? "We should wait and see if someone comes," I said, setting the cup down again.
Wait? Waiting wasn't fun. "You give good advice sometimes..." He set the cup down and waited, watching the swirling colors inside of it. It was almost hypnotizing, watching the different shapes that would appear. He didn't hear anyone come. No footsteps to give away that someone was on their way to greet the two of them. "I'm starting to think I should drink one..." It was a feeling that was nagging at him.

He was suspecting that nobody would come, because he couldn't tell where the walls were in the room. He was sure that if anyone was coming, he could see them almost a mile away, amidst the infinite white. "Where whould anybody come from, if they were coming to greet us in some way?
I shook my head. "I dunno...You never know what might be in them," I warned him.

I looked around at the endless white. "There has to be...someone...somewhere..." I said. It didn't look like it though. It really was all white. In a way it was pretty creepy, but at the same time it was soothing, not having to see some strange creature...Of course...I was probably the worst sight to see in the infinite white. I looked down, suddenly self-conscious.
All of a sudden, he was munching on biscuits that had come out of nowhere. He patted the vampire's hand. "Don't worry, I'll figure it out. Last resort, I'll drink the tea." He got up and tried to wander into the white, but only got about two meters away from the table before running face first into a wall. "Ow..." There was no shadow to tell him where the wall was, but it was there. "Well now I know that won't work." He went back to his chair and sat.

The only thing besides the white was his companion, the table with the tea, and a plate of biscuits. "Oh, whatever." He picked up the tea that said 'Drink Me' and chugged it. All at once, the room turned tie-dye and a set of stairs appeared. They were floating, and a door could be seen at the top. It was all white too, which was why he couldn't see it in the infinite white. "Well, guess I had no choice..."
I stared at him, startled, as he drank the tea. "What does it taste like? Are you alright?" I asked, worried. He was looking around as if the room had changed somehow, but to me it was all still white.

"What did the tea do?" I asked him, still try to find something in the white room.
His companion was clearly clueless. "Well, I see a staircase and a door to go through. The rooms just turned different colors and..." He felt a little dizzy, but brushed off the feeling. "Nothing." He looked down at the cup and it refilled. The other cup that had the liquids that wouldn't mix as large spiders started crawling out of it. He wasn't scared of spiders, but normally the ones that he saw were very poisonous and ready to kill anyone they bit.

"It looks like you have to drink and come with me." He gave the cup to the vampire across the table in a hurry and started up the stairs, trying to stay away from the spiders. They were having a hard time climbing the stairs, but not a hard time at all climbing the walls. Which meant that they could get to him easier. "Eew... These things should've just stayed in that other cup..."