Not for the faint of heart

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  1. Oh crap... you didn't.

    ...Did you? *peeks*

    You DID! >_< That comic haunted my dreams!

    And now I'm thinking about it again! NNNOOOOOOO!! *prepares for sleepless night*
  2. NOOOOOO. Noooo. No. No. No. God No!

    I've been afraid to read this comic and I'm not about to just read it now! I heard that the thing moves and makes noises.... T-T
  3. that was freakin cool!
  4. XD Foxy you have more guts than I do, for the record.
  5. LOL I put this on my facebook for halloween- people were fuckin pissed with me.

    Hey, I put a warning "Do not click if easily scared, I mean it"

    Still, haters were hatin.

    Thankies for putting this up!
  6. Meeee toooo!! Is it twisted that I totally enjoyed the reactions of my friends that were scared? X3
  7. You mean like me XD you evil friend, you.
  8. I closed the tab as soon as I saw the word "Warning" in bold red letters. Scariest thing I've ever seen.
  9. *rubs his hands together, cackles, then opens at work*


    *looks at coworkers*


    *hopes he doesn't get fired because they is f'ed up in a delicious way*
  10. That shit talks AND MOVES?

    I just read it, and as I was looking through, I thought I hit my scroll wheel too hard to make it scroll down quickly, and it freaked me the fuck out. But I just continued reading it anyway, not quite freaked out but slightly so. I didn't see the comments until AFTER I finished it. AND THAT freaked me out more than anything because my headphones were in and my volume was low... so I didn't get to hear it. But now I'm afraid to look again because now I know what to expect..

    You are a cruel person..
  11. It wasn't so scary, I jumped when it moved and you could hear cracks, but I did have to luck of seeing this in the middle of day, maybe l should try to remember this in a couple of weeks and read it again at night:)
  12. :3 I didn't have the joy of hearing it. (using a Droid) but as a silent comic *shudders* creepy wuv it
  13. I didn't even open it yet, and I think I know it and have seen it.
    Just because of some youtube reaction guy. 8D pewdiepie<3
  14. Who XD I wanna see!
  15. ​Youtube it! >:D
  16. *thinks about it, and as she is thinking about it, an image of cheesecake distracts her*
  17. Wat was te name of it!? IWANT TO KNOW

    Also... link no work no more... :c
  18. Yes it does =S
  19. I failed, and copy pasted te link instead from te forum wen giving it to a friend.

    Neeeeeever mind... Xx;