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  1. A thin, toned girl was laying on the edge of the beach and the woods, breathing heavy, like the rest time after a track event. She wore a hospital gown, which was dotted with blood and had tiny tears here and there. A pink headband stood out against the blonde tangle. She had a big gash through her eyebrow, blocking her vision in the one eye. Her other eye was open, watching as the sun set over the lake.
    "I.... escaped." She gasped, hauling herself up. She had a slight limp and had stubbed her toes multiple times and had dirt covering her feet like plaster. She stumbled a little further on the edge of the water, hoping to find a cabin or something to hide in. A howl rang out in the distance. Adrenaline surged through her veins, Making her run faster. She occasionally had to catch her balance, grabbing a tree and accidentally left long, deep scratches in the trunks. She finally came across a house, then without knocking, threw her weight against the door, causing it to launch from the frame. She fell with it, then scrambled to her feet. She adjusted her shoulder
    "Hello. I need a place to stay for a bit. Do not resist, I am part cougar." She announced, almost threatening the person(s) in the building.

    (Basic rp rules apply, oc's welcome, ooc in parenthesis plez. Have fun!)
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  2. A man came around the corner into the front room, he had shaggy long black hair, and was wearing blue striped boxers. He looked at the door on the ground and then the girl. Her strength was obvious, and he personally didn't want to end his day being buried in wooden box to feed the earthworms. "Well, just come on in. No need to knock." His eyes flicked over her taking in account all the little details. He moved over toward the door and stuck his head out to look around for whatever this girl was running from.
  3. (I would probably place it around the beginning of the flock's existence on the media. They would probably be called an 'urban internet legend', not proven to be real. I would say that some people know of their existence, but not much of anything else.)
    "Thank you for being very hospitable." She mumbled, sounding tired but thankful. She started to thank him by picking the door back up and trying to adjust it back tiredly.
    "You'll want to block this up for a while. Light a few candles and spray loads of axe. It should throw the erasers off my trail for a bit." She said casually. She left the door leaning on the doorframe, then went and crashed on the couch. Her headband slid down to reveal her cat ears. Her tail relaxed and revealed itself from the bottom of her dress. The howling was still pretty far off.
  4. The man stared at her tail and ears, great a furry. I kinda moved to the wilderness to get away from the weirdos. He could hear the howling, but didn't think it meant wolfmen. "Mind telling me where you came from? We don't get too many girls wandering the woods in paper gowns." He crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame. "And what's an eraser?"
  5. takara had been following the scent for the last few miles maintaining her distance from the erasers. she had been an eraser once but had gone rogue after she refused to kill a bird child named angel. As they passed a cabin that held the scent of axe they continued running looking for her. takara slowly made her way down to the cabin being cautious. she gently knocked on the door.
  6. "Simply put, I came from a lab. Erasers are these wolf-dudes, or dudettes, who in my case, are trying to kill me-" she stopped as she heard the knock on the door. She quickly ran to the doorway of the next room. She got on all fours and growled, staring around the opening. Her claws extended, which started scratching up the rug she stood on.
    "Don't act suspicious. I am not here." She whispered. She growled again, revealing sharp teeth.
  7. The man gestured at the broken door quite angry like, he was trying to signal: "How can I not be suspicious, My Door Is Broken off its Hinges," but he turned and opened the broken door, which dropped to the ground again. He looked out the entrance not knowing what to expect, but preparing himself to see a wolfman. (His house does not smell like axe, no where has it been written that there was any axe in his house ever or that anybody sprayed any.)
  8. Tamara looked at the girl who was growling at her. Her ears unflattened them selves from the top of her head and her tail frizzed out. "I am not her to fight you I trying to protect you. Now if you want to fight than you will attract the attention of the pack that's chasing you."
  9. She backed up a bit, then slunk out. She looked odd, doing her natural thing. She growled, but agreed that she had a point. With ever step taken, a chunk of rug came with the girl's claw.
    "Fine. But first, I must name myself. I want to be..." She paused." Alyssa Chase. A some-odd percentage of a wild cougar. Not to be mixed up with those weirdos who the scientists talked about all the time." She stood up, then took a proud stance. "what are you known as?
  10. The man did not move using his sexy boxer clad body to block the wolfwoman, from entering his home. "I would like to know that as well, before I let you in my home."
  11. Kaedor had been listening in from outside a window at the back of the house, sparks of electricity crackling about his body. He'd escaped from the so called 'lab' about a week ago. Though it could've easily been a few days, he wasn't good with time. It had been a pretty simple escape, well, sort of. There was alot of screaming, shouting, and dying, and he was pretty sure he'd blown multiple things up, but whatever. Oh, and he had a broken arm, thanks to a certain eraser, but he'd get that idiot back someday.

    He let out a yawn as he tapped on the window. He was bored of listening, figuring that it was probably about time he let them know of his presence. "Hey! Quite the collection you've gathered here." He said, chuckling, a grin plastered on his face, the electricity around him growing brighter and more intense. Without waiting for an answer, he used the elbow on his unbroken arm to smash the window, climbing in afterwards. "Ah, glass!" He tutted, shaking his head, sending multiple shards of glass cascading down to the floor with a pretty tinkling sound. He patted down his shirt, which was more like half a shirt, but whatever, and his torn jeans, ridding them of any excess glass. "Oh, yeah, your window's broken, sorry about that." He rubbed the back of his head, bright orange eyes turning to the owner of the house. "You should probably put some clothes on..."
  12. Alyssa flinched as the glass shattered behind her.
    "Idiot! The erasers might have heard that." she whisper-yelled. She did a double take and looked at the electric man.
    "Look this is my spot, back off. You too wolf woman." she spat. there must have been a huge break-out at the lab, with many mutants escaping.
  13. "Fine, whatever, I'll leave then, if that's what you want!" He retorted, turning quickly and running straight into the wall, falling backwards onto the glass covered ground, clutching his arm, groaning quietly. "Oh crap, my arm, that hurt!" He whined, rocking from side to side on the floor, rolling in the glass, the threads of electrical energy suddenly dissapearinng from about his body as he continued to complain about his arm, and, "When the heck did that stupid damn wall get there."
  14. Alyssa clicked her tongue and muttered "Idiot. He's going to get himself killed."
    she sighed. "Technically, this isn't my house. It's this man's," she gestured to the boxer-clad owner. "but i was the first here." she growled.
  15. He abruptly stopped rolling about on the floor, sitting up. "Uh, actually, I hate to break it to you, but I've been here since yesterday, watching that guy, and stealing stuff from his cupboards. Though of course he doesn't know that, and hopefully won't ever find out." He blinked a few times, as if processing what he'd just said. He then looked towards the house owner, then the cougar mix, repeating this several times. "Oh. Oh crap."
  16. Alex, a park ranger, drove down the road towards the lake. Suddenly in the past week there had been reports of flying wolves and geneally weird people running around. He figured it was just pranksters, but according to protocol he had to check on the few residents that lived in the area. As he pulled up he saw that one of the supposed "wolf men" was standing at the door which looked to be broken. No doubt it was some joker.

    He sighed as he stopped the vehicle and put it in park. After retrieving a thick branch from the back seat he walked up to the person. "Excuse me, Ma'am. Mind stating your business here?" He didn't have time to deal with these hooligans. No doubt this person in costume was going to turn around try to scare him.
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  17. takara turned around to face what looked like a police officer. "id suggest you turn around go back to your truck and pretend you never saw us." she looked down at the branch. she laughed slightly. "thats all you came with. thats pitiful."
  18. The man in his boxers threw his hands in the air at the shattered window. "You lot are gonna pay for all this damage you're doing to my house." He shrugged of the sparky guy's words about getting dressed. He isn't going to leave these freaks alone in his house just to put on some pants. When he heard the ranger speak he shouted to the man, "Hey call the police, I've got several intruders in my home!" He backed down the hallway to the back rooms, keeping an eye on the intruders, at the second door on the right (there were four rooms: the living room/kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and this room, the one with his valuables). He closed the metal door behind himself and locked it, then grabbed his shotgun which he used for bird hunting, and strapped his AR-15 over his chest, he was no good with a pistol so he only had the two guns.
  19. Alyssa growled.
    "Now look! None of us have a safe place to hide. Grab the officer before he tattles." She barked the orders angrily. She yanked up the carpet, purposely and out of spite. She quickly raided the fridge into a garbage bag and grabbed a first aid kit, preparing to run if it were necessary.
  20. The man behind the door replied to Alyssa, "And you don't think the cops can help?" He pulled some drawers open and got dressed in some hunting clothes, once he was dressed in his black outfit he opened the safe and took his money and put it one of the inside pockets of his light jacket.