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    "We cannot give you back your homes or restore your dead to life, but perhaps we can give you justice in the name of our King."

    Please press play to listen whilst you read

    Primary Assassin Leagues in Nobility


    Number of people

    Socio Sango also known as the savages. The Socio Sango was originally founded by Sango Lukacs. This particular league of assassins believes that blood is the way of life. They are emotionless, ruthless, and quite bloodthirsty. These individuals would not blink an eye over cutting someone to pieces just for the fun of it. They hold no remorse within their being for their deeds. The only thing they care about is the lovely luster and gleam of blood splattered all over the place. Some think that those who join the Social Sango are insane or sadistic, however, true that may sound Socio Sango seems to always prevail as the pure embodiment of Rage. Do you have such blood lust? Does blood satisfy your fetish? Does the thought of killing cloud your mind often? If so, you are a true member of Socio Sango.

    @anMech- Azami Ito
    @Etānaru Fureimu- Reila Solari

    @Total Anarchy Beastmode- Elijah Randolph

    Motto: "We clear our path, for blood shall reign, As Socio Sango, you'll feel our pain."

    Number of people


    Komenco also known as the Narcissists. The Komenco was originally founded by Komenco Lukacs. This the vainest out of all the leagues. They put their look before all except one thing JUSTICE. The Komenco believes that they are justice themselves. They are the law, they are above the law, and their word is final. This league believes they are the most important entities in Delia besides the Noble family Thyme. However wrong they may be, they believe they are right period since they are justice and there is no deterring them from that. Nobility to them is already an achievement and there is no need for recognition. Overthrowing the other leagues is only a prize to their already awarded success. You may even say this league suffers from OCD. But perfection is their way of life. Do your looks seem to effortlessly be perfect at times? Do you feel Justice should prevail over all? Is right and wrong a factor you? If so, then you belong with the Komenco. You are right or at least in our eyes you are.

    @Lunar Blaze- Kimirou Asura
    @✯Radio City©- Kehinde Akachi
    @Nicias Askani- Orion Lotus
    @Michelle the Editor- Luciana Tiriaq

    Motto: "Let Vanity be forced upon you, as you are touched by our hands of fate. For We are the Komenco and shall never become taint."

    Number of people


    Unio Homoj the considerates. The Unio Homoj was originally founded by Unio Lukacs. For some reason, the Unio is looked upon as the weak, the pathetic, and the absolute pacifist. But all these statements are false in all ways. The Unio do believe in protecting the innocent and not killing the wrong. They also believe everyone deserves a life. Now your life continues is a different story. Torture is not beyond the Unio Humoj and neither is punishment. If they believe they are protecting nature, Delia, or even a person the union will find it in all their power to make sure that your existence is a purely horrible one. The Unio care too much for life and existence, but when they bear their claws, yours may be an inch of being over just to revive and set them once again. After it all, The Unio believes that life shall prevail over all. Do you feel regret after taking a life? Do you protect others no matter what happens to you? Do you value all life? If so, then you are harmonized with the Union Humoj.


    @Ayla- Amaya Mikazuki
    @Affili- Silverwolf

    @RainDash- Arria Calvus
    @Drakken-Jonathan "Braam" Redman

    Motto: Coming Soon.

    Assassin Application (CS)

    Sex: Male[] Female[]
    *You can use anime based or a real person. Needs to be human not a creature.
    Assassin Appearance(Be unique):
    Everyday Appearance(Can be changed throughout Rp):
    Hair Color(Can be changed):
    Eye Color:
    Height: __
    Weight: ___
    Powers: (Please put name and link to page. Remember you will need to use a combat based power. No duplicates. Ex: Pyrokinetic Combat):
    Know Konsidos (Can be updated):
    Weapon of Choice:
    Rank (All Characters start out as Level 1. Rank being Apprentice.):
    Assassin League of choice: (Refer to the 3 different pictures at the top.):
    [tab=What makes (Insert Name here) unique?]
    [tab=Character's Past]
    *Keep in mind 1 rp day is equivalent to 3 RL days. This will help us with activity. We will Rp Mon-Sat Keep Rping light on Sundays.
    [tab=Your reason for joining the L.OA]
    Why did you want to become an assassin?
    What does being an assassin mean to you?

    *Click Here for a summary of Events*

    « »
    Upcoming Events

    April 28th
    Exo Frenon Training part one
    *Bandit rank on up. We will provide something for the latter to do while this goes on.*

    April 29th
    Konsido training. Learning how to execute and wield the Konsido effectively. May learn one Konsido.
    *Your character doesnt have to participate in this training if not have him/her train on something else. I would like to see the effort*

    April 30th
    The Delia Carnival. This will be set up by the Legacy Oaks Academy aka the League of Assassins. If your character isn't working this event then the attire will be...we will come up with that.
    *More will be added soon as we progress.*


    In a house in Rosenberg, a boy was preparing to go to bed. His Grandpa walks in to tuck him in and turn off the light. "Grandpa, could you read me a story?" The little boy asked holding the cover to his chin. His Grandpa looked at him and smiled, "Sure my boy...have you heard the one about the world of Phyrra?" He leaned over fixing the cover, to make the boy more comfortable. "No sir...tell me please!" The boy cried in excitement. His Grandpa chuckled a bit, "Ha..Ok as long as you close your eyes." He responded. The boy eagerly smile and quickly closed his eyes. His Grandpa made sure his eyes were closed and he began to speak.
    "Delia is a land in the in the world Phyrra. Here It wasn't a shock to have special abilities. Delia is ruled by the noble family of thyme. They noticed people began to use their abilities not only for everyday lives, but to harm others and themselves. So to deter the monstrosity they decided to implement the league of assassins. At the beginning, they appointed one leader also known as the King Grand Master assassin. The force of the assassins helped with the crime for a while, until the people of Delia began to rise against the noble family. The Assassins were caught in between because they worked for both the Noble family and the people. A war began. First the people against the Noble Family.

    After a few years of war, the assassins noticed that a few of their members were being killed, so they decided to protect their own. The King, caught in the middle of this war, ended the war by sacrificing his life. This left his three sons, Sango, Unio, and Komenco to rise and fight for the throne. The three came to the conclusion that their three different mentalities would call for them to split the league into three. Unio taught his followers to follow the people and protect everyone. Komenco taught his followers that Justice is the way of life. Sango taught his followers to rise over all and kill everything an nothing shall stand in their way. All was calm in Delia, until differences once again brought war. Komenco let order a law corrupt his mind and soon vanity flowed freely from his presence. He felt all was beneath him and his followers and no one should carry the same title. Sango became blood thirsty, just the sight of blood alone could arouse his interest to go on a killing spree. His savage nature then began to take hold. Unio, who cared not for his brothers' personalities, became irritated with the bickering of his brothers and felt that all of Delia would be caught in his brothers battle for the throne. The war between the three leagues lasted for what seemed like forever until one man rose up and fought the three brothers at once. With his valor, courage, and wisdom he was able to smite the brothers.

    Allowing the rest of his assassins brethren to survive. This man now holds the highest position of all assassin leagues. He is King Grand Master, Amando P. Cleirigh, He controls all three assassins leagues. After eradicating the sibling rivalry and rising to power, He decided to continue with three season's leagues designating them; Socio Sango, for the way of the blood, After Sango the bloodthirsty king. The Unio Homoj, for the way of the people, After Unio the selfless King. Last but not least the Komenco, for vanity and justice, in honor of Komenco the lawful King. Grand master Cleirigh has kept order between the assassins leagues by having one academy for teaching new assassins, One meeting hall for all leagues to join his divine word, and the organization of leagues to bid on the opportunities to accept missions. Delia is now at modern state and its time for new assassins to graduate and take their place and with the new decree by the Royal Family. Who will be the ones to survive?" One he finished up his eyes watered and he turned out the light and quietly walked out.


The Noble family has declared that soon they will choose one of the three assassin leagues to become noble assassins. The only assassins of Delia league will be the only assassins league taking missions in Delia. Ensure your league a spot and you just might win over the noble family. They have not put a time on it so at anytime they can decide the league to keep. Which squad will represent their league the best and steal the eye of nobility from the rest? This takes valor, it takes whits, so tell me, Who will have the guts to do whatever it takes to win the race for nobility. This is a fight for status, who will earn that coveted spot?

  • [​IMG]
    1. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Most important rule is use common sense and so no God modding/Trolling/Auto Hitting and so on[/BCOLOR]. Also no racist or sexist comments, if you have a problem with someone because of either of these then don't say anything and if you just have a general problem with them take it to PM or just say nothing at all and deal with it like an Adult
    2. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]No arguing in the IC or OOC![/BCOLOR] if you have a problem with someone take it to PM cause it isn't our problem! IF it concerns something to do with our rp or a fight still take it to pm and bring a GM into the equation to sort the situation out. I don't want to see people arguing over the OOC or IC and making a load of trouble for us and everyone else. Also please don't OOC in IC, they have separate sections and I would like to keep it that way.
    3. If you become inactive for to long during a mission, your character will be given an epic injury and force return to league base, unable to post until said mission is over.
    4. All IWAKU rules apply.
    5. Most Importantly Have Fun!

    I, ____________, fully understand and agree to the rules and guidelines set by the League of Assassins and the creators of the Rp. I am ready to enroll into the League.
    Date: ____________

    *Please use your @user name and copy and paste this on your Cs. By signing this you have ensured us you have read the rules in its entirety and at any time we reserve the right to pull your Cs/ Character for breaking the rules, inactivity, etc.

  • Nobility is a long term role-play.
    This means the roleplay is slated to last for a long period of time. Expansions are expected . If you do not believe this is a commitment you can upkeep, then please reconsider joining the Rp.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Posting Expectation[/BCOLOR]: Members of this role-play are asked to consistently post throughout the entirety of the role-play’s lifetime.

    • We would like for people to post at least once a day. Really it is recommended to post several times a day, however we do understand how life happens and all we ask is a simple notice of your absence or a fall post to let us know you are ok and will be back soon.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Battles[/BCOLOR]: Plot based battles/fights in Nobility operate under a 12 hour rule. This means that if you fail to reply within 12 hours, your character is assumed to have received an epic injury, and your will be sent back to the league base and unable to post for 24 hours after said injury. This rule is in place to prevent unrealistic expectations in a battle. So if you’re going to get in a battle, please keep in mind the time of Delia. This will continue to move.

  • Nobility does not require high level writing skills to participate in the role-play; however, that being said, Nobility is not a beginners role-play, and there are a couple of things we ask of anyone joining the role-play.

    • [BCOLOR=#99cc00][BCOLOR=#0000ff]Please no One liners[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR], we would like atleast 5 well written sentences in third person. IE no "I walked in" unless the character is speaking. Character speech should be written in quotation marks and thought/telepathy in italics.

    • [BCOLOR=#008000]Reading Comprehension [/BCOLOR]is a must. If something does not make sense to you, simply ask the writer of that post for clarification, do not assume. Mis communication only leads to further issues, as proceeding posts, based off misleading information, creates extra work in the form of later corrections.

    • Be capable of developing your character in a believable aspect. Your character is not a doll without an existence for itself. As time passes in this role-play, the world of Phyrra will change, and so should your character with it. Emotions will come into play, happiness will come, and tears will be shed.

    • [BCOLOR=#993300]Get creative[/BCOLOR]. Nobility is an open ended role-play that allows for leeway in terms of character interactions. Anything that stays within the bounds of the role play’s atmosphere and can be portrayed in a believable aspect, given your character’s position, is acceptable.

    • [BCOLOR=#003300]Think for yourself[/BCOLOR]. Interaction and plot will not be constantly thrown at your characters at all times. However you will be required to interact with your squad. Your squad will with you 95% of the time. These will be you roommates, mission mates, and/or best friends. But don’t let that deture you from interacting with people outside of your squad. Interactions with others is just as important as interacting with your own.

    • [​IMG]


      *Please note: Parts of this map is grayed out due to the fact we haven't unlocked it yet. As the Rp progresses more areas will become available so check back for updates. Delia is in the to left hand corner of the screen.*

    • [​IMG]

      Delia is a land of wonders and mysteries. To the north are mountains and covered with cave and snow. The mountain area is also considered to be the wilderness, for its vast forests. This is also where the members of the Komenco reside. To the west, is the swamp area; dark murky woodland filled with water and blood. This is also where the members of the Social Sango reside. To the south, are the beach lands. With the sands of white and oceans as far as the eye can see this is also where the members of the Unio Humoj reside. To the east, are the plains; A barren land of grass and flowers. Not much civilization lives in this area. Central Delia is the city, where life is; aka a vast mass of villages, communities, and neighborhoods. Here is where life takes place except for the assassins.

      Central Delia is divided into four areas. Much like Delia itself. North Central is the most modern part of central Delia. There are skyscrapers, malls, people live here for rustle and bustle of city life. Police officers, court houses etc. anything modern is here. East Central is the farm land. It sounds like it is "The countryside of Delia." This where produce comes from. Also you farmers live here to create income. South Central are where your villages are located. Here, although, the living style is a lot less modernistic as the north. They still use modern technologies. They prefer building everything by hand. Now don't get me wrong its best to watch you back around these parts. West Central is where your suburbs are. Not too much city, not too much country, but just right.

      The time period in Phyrra is modern based. Phyrra is technologically ready, in terms of that, some areas may not be as advanced as others.

    • [​IMG]

      Whether you post that day or not, time in Nobility will continue to move forward.
      [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Remember that role-players move with time, not the other way around.[/BCOLOR]
      One day in the role-play is equivalent to 3 days in real life.

      Real time: Day One | Day Two | Day three
      RP time: Morning| Afternoon | Evening
      (3 real time days = 1 roleplay day)

      [BCOLOR=#993300]Morning[/BCOLOR] will consist of Rp time 4am til 11am.

      [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Afternoon[/BCOLOR] or midday will consist of Rp time 11am till 5pm.

      [BCOLOR=#000080]Night[/BCOLOR] will consist of Rp time 5pm till 4am.
      With this being said, if you are on day one, which equals morning, please do not post something like "Derrick look at his watch and it was 6pm" 6pm is a night time so for day one (Morning) you will need to pick at time between 4am and 11am.

      Real life days will be based off of Central Standard Time. With this being said, day one will be a 24 hour period. Day one will be from 12am CST till 12am CST. So you will have a full 24 hours to post about the morning aka Day One, before the time in Phyrra moves to another period of the day. Please refer to the converter for additional information regarding the time zone.

      [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Mondays[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Thursdays[/BCOLOR] will be Morning delegated for times written inside of post to be between 4 am until 11 am.

      [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Tuesdays[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#008000]Fridays[/BCOLOR] will be midday, delegated for times written inside of post to be between 11 am to 4 pm.

      [BCOLOR=#008000]Wednesdays[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#800080]Saturdays[/BCOLOR] will be night, delegated for times written inside of post to be between 4 pm and 4 am

      [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Sundays[/BCOLOR] will be light posting days. But this will contain lingering hours from Saturday.

    • [/BCOLOR]


      *Missions will go in this tab. Check this regularly for any posted missions. More info on missions are coming soon.*

      Main/ Ongoing Mission

      The hunt for CaSandra.
      Stratus Hall has been destroyed, and the headmasters daughter has been kidnapped! There is now a land wide search for her and those responsible. Find clues, grab information, and look for the small things that may help in the search. Anything you find bring back to the L.O.A.
      More information will come as time goes on be careful.

      Who were looking for

      Thomas Siegel

      Mirche Bako


      Side Missions


      Details: The client wants to be moved from south central to north central. You have to meet the client in west central. The client wants you follow him to south central for protection. Also wants us to guard him whilst he goes to south central to get his belongings. Wants to take the scenic route through east central to North Central. Which nobody lives in. Stay alert

      Stipulations: Requires full squad and the League is to provide moving vehicle.

      Reward: 20,000 urd plus mystery item.

      [BCOLOR=#003300]Pest Control[/BCOLOR]

      I live in North Delia and for some reason I'm constantly having a problem with monkeys. I live on the 22nd floor of the the Rudolph Magistrate Estates.

      Full Squad
      No harm to animals
      Compensation for overnight if needed'

      Reward: free dinners at the regal cafe and 30,000 urd


      [BCOLOR=#993366]Lost Purse[/BCOLOR]

      Hey I lost wallet and the last time I remember seeing it was 3 days ago. However I didn't need it until now. 3 days ago I was in north central, 2 days ago south central, yesterday i was in east central, and today I'm in west central.

      Reward: Contents of wallet. Which include all expense paid trip for 4 and 50,000 urd.

      Stipulation: Return purse back in one piece with all items inside.
      Full squad
      Has to go with you

    • [​IMG]

      In this Rp all assassins will be able to use a type of spells called Konsido. There are multiple types: Healing, Attack, Restraint/barrier, and Forbidden. This is taught to you as you grow as an assassin. At the beginning you are to choose 1 Konsido to start with, and they will start at level one. Forbidden spells can only be taught. Check

      [BCOLOR=#993366](Restraint Spells)[/BCOLOR]

      Konservi Delta: Blindiga Lumo (Esperanto)
      This translates to blinding light. This Konsido uses the light around the user to quickly flash, disorienting the opponent. This can be used on regular folk as well if you need to hinder their vision for a bit. This Konsido is in no way harmful. If the user doesn't protect their eyes they could temporarily blind or disoriented themselves. No gesture is needed for this Konsido. Just saying the incantation and name will activate the Konsido. Experienced Assassins can used this without incantation.

      Incantation: Coming Soon

      Konservi Zeta: i̱ maïmoú sakáti̱s (Greek)
      This translates to the crippling monkey. This Konsido causes the user to temporarily disable the motor skills of an opponent. The user will have to be in close range when using this Konsido.The users hand will be facing the individual, at the end of saying it's name the user will close their hand into a fist, causing a swift spike in soul essence. The user will have to be in close range when using this Konsido. This Konsido requires precision and accuracy. Using this Konsido can leave the user wide open so it's best used when at an advantage.

      Incantation: Coming Soon

      Konservi Theta: aspída kathréfti̱,
      This translates to mirror shield. This Konsido takes the soul essence from the user and creates a shield that blocks some lower level Konsido except Chreosi Gamma. When using this consider the user can either be facing or turned back to the opponent. This Konsido has to be used while the feet are on the ground. This Konsido can weaken the user depending on the extent of the attack. This Konsido is at its strongest when used with an incantation. If at a higher level, it will use the opponent’s soul essence making the opponents abilities null and void so only melee makes contact but it can be shattered or dispersed with a few Konsido and if shattered will cut the user.

      Incantation: Magic not work, powers shall fail. These words are pain, welcome to hell.

      Konservi Mu: To mavro fidi (Greek)
      This translates to the black serpent. This Konsido is used to trap or restrain an enemy. When activated, a chain emitting a black energy is sent at the enemy an wraps around the enemy. If the enemy is caught any movements within the chains causes the chains to tighten its grip. The grip can cause the enemy to suffocate if they're not careful. It takes a strategy to break the chains also the enemy can send them back the user if he strong enough. This Konsido can be combined with a Chreosi Konsido and it can also be altered. This can be used in the air or on the ground. This takes precision and accuracy in order to work.

      Incantation: Thrive in the darkness, Grind the gears of hell. Stricken thy enemy under venom's spell.

      Konservi Chi: fylakízoun (Greek)
      This translates to Imprison. This Konsido can be used to trap an individual and with each minute depletes the victim's soul essence depending on the strength of the user and opponent. When said, titanium steel rails will form and fall surrounding the opponent. Depending on the user, the rails could shock the individual touching them. This Konsido requires precision and focus. The user will also have to create a unique gesture to activate it.

      Incantation: Static of the heavens I call you to fall, Minerals of the earth rise above, all lucanic pressure be here and now, harmony and order shall lock down.

      [BCOLOR=#ff0000](Attack Spells)[/BCOLOR]

      Chreosi Gamma: Ptó̱si̱ pentál tou lo̱toú,
      This translates to falling pedals of the lotus. This Konsido emits a poisonous fragrance that puts an enemy to sleep, cause hallucinations, temporarily suspend the use of their abilities, or cause temporary memory loss also straight up poison the opponent. This all depends on the environment, you are in. Also the downside to this Konsido is the things that happen to the opponent can happen to the user if not used properly. So skill is needed for this even if it's a second level Konsido.

      Incantation: Bloom and blossom with great strength, show my enemy ways to weep. Perfume, cologne, fragrant power, thy enemy's will shall be devoured.

      Chreosi Nu: Grí̱gori̱ ámmo

      This translates to quick sand. This Konsido can be used for multiple purposes, such as blinding some one, surrounding them in a sandstorm like vortex, create a dust cloud, or harming some one. This requires the user create a fist near their chest reciting the incantation. After finishing the incantation, the user would throw their fist out as if throwing dirt in someone's eyes. Finishing with their palm facing their opponent and all five fingers stretched out. As they throw their fist dirt begans to fly from it, once the motion is finished the dirt flows along the wind like a wisp and does a random action. This Konsido has to be used strategically, loss of concentration could cause the Konsido to back fire and create a bad situation for both the user and the opponent. This Konsido can be used whilst in the air, or on solid ground. If surrounded by water this Konsido cannot be used.​

      Incantation: Desert spirits here my cry, inflict thy will and plea. Come to me I call you now, strike down thine enemy.

      Chreosi Epsilon: Potαmos Tou F.L.A.M.E.S (Greek),
      This translates to River of flames. This Konsido requires the user to extend his hand to control its direction. When activated, the user will be able to gain or spray flames toward their opponent. Anything that it comes in contacts with becomes engulfed in flames. This Konsido can be used as a tactic to create a division between character and opponent or for an extended reach. This Konsido can be used in the air or on the ground.

      Incantation: Rain shall fall but power not whither. Heat ablaze, snake a slither. Flick a match but none was needed, low and behold power has seated.

      Chreosi Eta: Viro de mil glavoj (Greek) ,
      This translates to Man of a thousand swords. This Konsido takes the character's soul essence or and turns it into swords that can be thrown at the opponent in projectile style. This can be used as an attack or a distraction to buy some time. This Konsido can be used if you're at an elevation or in the air.

      Incantation: Open the clouds of heaven, head my beckons call. Halo of heavens fury, rain of wrath now fall.

      Chreosi Iota: O Chiros (Greek),
      This translates to the widower. This Konsido requires the user to point 2 fingers in the direction of the opponent. When activated a quick like beam will be produced striking the opponent. This Konsido can be used in close range or long range, on the ground or in the air. This Konsido can be altered, for example, you can keep it simple and produce a spark to stun the opponent (has to be in close range), or go big and try a knock the opponent out (long range), all up to the user. This Konsido has to be taught to you. Continued use of this Konsido could be potentially harmful to the user in terms of burns and energy depletion. Strategy is required for this Konsido. The power of this Konsido decreases each use unless there is a 10 min break.

      Incantation: Blood like plasma, cut to thin. Heat like magma, does not burn skin. Sparks shall fly from within, exploit thy enemy from the outside in.

      Chreosi Lambda: Selí̱ni̱ vráchos (Greek), *Can be taught at next rank*
      This translates to the moon rock. This Konsido requires the user to concentrate. This can't be used in an on the fly moment. This Konsido has to be said with incantation, no other way. When activated 5 pillars made of moon rock..... The incantation will cause the soul essence of the opponent to split into fives and surrounds the opponent. The pillars will then fall in orderly fashion, falling on each essence. It will then drain the opponent’s soul essence rendering them weak. Once the pillars glow they will explode, sending shards of soul essence, at the opponent. The tearing away of the soul essence damages the opponent. With melee the opponent can knock down the pillars, but they would have to do it in order once the pillar falls to the ground, it will crash blasting that portion back at the opponent with damages them more, but gives them back more of their soul essence making them be able to use more of their abilities. This of course would be more damaging the more powerful the opponent or at least the stronger the soul. This Konsido will be hard to master. The council wanted to put this on the forbidden Konsido list, but their request was denied. This Konsido can only be read about in the Assassins library and after using this Konsido, if not careful the user could very likely sustain moon poisoning.

      Incantation: Coming Soon.

      [BCOLOR=#008000](Healing Spells)[/BCOLOR]

      Ta chéria ti̱s cháritos

      This translates to hands of grace.This konsido is a healing konsido. The use rubs their hands together while saying the incantation. Once the incantation in finished the palms of their hands begins to slightly glow a green color. They place their hands upon the person they are heading and it heals internal injuries. At the beginning, it will stop internal bleeding, heal minor breaks, and some soul essence. Once mastered, it could heal an individual to 100% including soul essence. This konsido does take time, so it is suggested to do it in a safe area. It will also take more soul essence to use at the beginning.

      Incantation: Touch of healing, touch of faith, heal thy ally pure and haste.

      [BCOLOR=#0000ff](Forbidden Spells)[/BCOLOR]

      Yperfórto̱si̱ (Greek)
      This translates to overload. This Konsido overloads the brains functions causing an individual to temporarily pass out. If over done it will kill the individual. This Konsido takes precision and delicacy. An inexperienced user will end up harming someone. This Konsido can cause short to long term effects. Ie. Temporary blindness, temporary paralysis. Etc. This Konsido can be used with or without incantation, depending on the user. The user will have to have made eye contact in order for this to work.

      Incantation: Coming Soon
      [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Please note:[/BCOLOR] Your character is has graduated from the assassins academy. So you only know one Konsido. If you are going to gain other Konsidos, tell a Gm so I can approve you to Rp the training of this Konsido. [BCOLOR=#0000ff]You can not magically know a Konsido.[/BCOLOR]

      *[BCOLOR=#ff0000]Please Check this Tab faithfully for updates. We will add more as the Rp progresses.[/BCOLOR]*

    • [​IMG]

      Promotions occur in this Rp. As stated in your Cs you will start out as a Apprentice. For more info please refer to the bottom of this tab.

      [BCOLOR=#333399]First Tier[/BCOLOR]: Mark, Apprentice, and Bandit Ranks: Entry Level Positions.

      Tier Description: This Tier is reserved for nonmembers and accepted new members.
      Requirements: Join. Abide by the League Code of Conduct. Participate.
      Staff or Leadership Members will coordinate introductions with Pledge Members and identify League compatibility.

      Mark – Academy Student.
      Rank Equivalent: Recruit
      Apprentice - Pledge. Unproven Member accepted by Staff or Leadership Member.
      Rank Equivalent: Academy Graduate
      Bandit - Assassin. Proven Pledge who has obtained the status of League Assassin.
      Rank Equivalent: Newbie

      [BCOLOR=#666699]Second Tier[/BCOLOR]: Footpad, Shadowfoot, and Prowler Ranks: League Journeyman Positions.

      Tier Description: The "Journeyman Tier" is reserved for new members pursuing an active, established status within the League
      Requirement: Continued involvement in discussions and events. Organize and Facilitate League Activities. Display leadership qualities

      Footpad - Journeyman Assassin I
      Rank Equivalent: Team member
      Shadowfoot - Journeyman Assassin II
      Rank Equivalent: Officer
      Prowler - Journeyman Assassin III
      Rank Equivalent: Scout

      [BCOLOR=#800080]Third Tier[/BCOLOR]: Stalker, Slayer, and Speaker Ranks: League Chapter (Staff) Positions.

      Tier Description: This Tier is reserved for Staff Members.
      Requirement: Mentor and Support new and existing League Members. Obtain working knowledge of League mechanics. Promotes Directives as set forth by Leadership. Recruit, Identify, and Form intra-League Chapters.

      Stalker - Adept Assassin. Member has obtained a Staff Position within the League Community and has a working knowledge of League Mechanics. Promotes the Vision of the League as directed by League Speaker.
      Rank Equivalent: Assistant
      Slayer - Chancellor. Recruit. Identify and Form intra-League Chapter in conjunction with Speaker's Directive. Facilitate League Maintenance.
      Rank Equivalent: Lieutenant
      Speaker - Chapter Leader. Identify and Lead Intra-League Chapter within the Community. Delegate League Directives as set forth by League Leadership.
      Rank Equivalent: Captain
      [BCOLOR=#993366]Fourth Tier[/BCOLOR]: Harbinger, League Adept, League Master, and League Grand Master Ranks: League Leadership Positions.

      Tier Description: This Tier is the Ranking Officials of Our Community.
      Requirement: Identify and Initiate short and long term League Goals. Communicate League Directives to Community.

      Harbinger - Master Assassin. Facilitate all requests as directed by League Master.
      Rank Equivalent: Jester
      League Adept - League Adept Assassin. Proof all League communications to ensure COC compliance. Facilitate Document Retention Standards as set forth by League Grand Master. League Treasurer.
      Rank Equivalent: Colonel
      League Master - League Master Assassin. Create Action Plan to facilitate League and Community needs. Identify and Delegate League Directives and Initiatives to League Speaker
      Rank Equivalent: Prince
      King Grand Master - King Grand Master. Oversee all League Activity.
      Rank Equivalent: King

      - Unique
      Rank Equivalent: Blacklisted
      Requirement: A member who Violates the League COC, or commits an Act in direct violation of the Principles or Spirit of The League will forfeit League Status and Rank until reparations have been made, and the member's status deemed reinstated by League Leadership.

      [BCOLOR=#0000ff]How to promote[/BCOLOR]: You promote by doing missions and showing teamwork with your squad.
      There are 13 seats per league. You must be in 4th tier to hold one of the top 4 seats. The 5-9th seats must be in third tier. 10-13th seats must be at least 2nd tier. If you would like to become a seated member, Pm a Gm so they could arrange a seat battle. If you lose the seated battle you must wait 3 rp days before requesting a new seated battle. The victor will take said seat.

    • [​IMG]

      [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Death in Nobility[/BCOLOR]

      No character is immune from death.
      While it is not entirely common, death can and will happen throughout the course of the
      role-play. Not everybody in Nobility is a friendly person. Antagonists with the desire to kill, exist, and it is up to your own observation and reactions to survive through the days.

      • If your character is killed, you are to pm the gm and to make a new character to rejoin the role-play.

      [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Please Note[/BCOLOR]: If your character is killed, he/she was killed for a reason and under a fair manner. Please do not create drama in an attempt to revive your character. Accept your fate and move on

      [BCOLOR=#333300]Trading in Nobility[/BCOLOR]

      Trading, this means trading other rpers. Trading can mean between you and other squad members or other league squad members for items you own league may not have. Trading can even go as far as squads trading members. This must be set up with the Gm. The Gm must approve the trade and both parties will then negotiate. If a trade for a member is taking place, a pm to the Gm and both league member will need to be implemented. This does not apply to betrayals. . You can use Member for member etc.


      In this Rp we will be using fieldsets. This will help us keep track of the people in our group and see whats what.

      • Socio Sango will utilize the color red for its fieldset.
      • Komenco will utilize purple for its fieldset.
      • Unio Humoj will utilize blue for its fieldset.
      BBCode for fieldset: [feildset=Title, color] [/feildset] *[BCOLOR=#ff6600]Switch i and e to activate the code.[/BCOLOR]*

      *If you have any question please pm me. I hope you enjoy this Rp!*
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  • Character sheets should be completed within 48 hours of your reserve time.

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  • I'm Reserving umbrakinetic combat.
  • I'll take illusory combat.
  • I have a few questions.
    What's the technological level of the world our characters are in?
    In the appearance tab did you want a description, image or a combination of both?
    The URL you gave for the superpower wiki didn't work, did you have a specific site in mind or would any wiki page about a super power work (or did you mean something else entirely)?
    Do you have any kind of limitation on powers?
    Where in the CS did you want us to put known Konsido?
    Finally, why are people reserving powers?
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  • First off thank you for your interest.
    1. Phyrra is technologically ready, in terms of that, some areas may not be as advanced as others.
    2. You can do either or, however you feel does your character justice.
    3. I would like for users to choose from this>>> but if you have alternative site then by all means let us know.
    4. I'm glad you said that I didn't think of putting know Konsido on the Cs. So you can put it in the tab with abilities and skills.
    5. Because they may see an ability they would like to have And may not be able to get a CS up right then. That's fine because they're are no duplicate ababilities. Hope this helps!
  • By technologically ready do you mean modern day?

    If there are no duplicates I'm going to choose Madness Combat.
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  • I would like to reserve Piezokinetic Combat
  • I'm having a bit of trouble with the formatting (working on my CS and hit preview) the tabs just come out written as "
  • Yes I do.
  • Hmmm ok, that's weird ok you can pm me your Cs and what I'll do is fix for you. Is the writing in side of the tabs?
  • Yeah, I haven't changed anything other than what you said. I'll send it to you once I'm done.
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  • Cool, that will work sorry about that.
  • I'm not so sure about the skills though, this is what is have so far.

    Skills (open)

    -Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Ok that's fine if your good at hand to hand then you will have to either give up being skilled in Konsido and weaponry. Just to even it out.
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  • Hey I think I see the issue with the tab, when I looked at it I noticed it coded the highlight with the tab. So what you may have to do is delete the highlight code, where it would just say tab then add the / inside it so it would look like [/tab]
  • Alright I'll do that.
  • That's not it, the highlight code isn't showing up and when I previewed without adding the / it added a bunch of [/tab] at the end.
  • Did you preview it with adding the /?
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  • Yeah because I noticed the bunch at the end and laughed at myself a bit. It seems like I'm missing some part of the code, but based on what you said I'm not.
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